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Chapter 3.

'Santana, pay attention', mister Schuester said in Spanish class.
She just rolled her eyes. Why didn't anyone in this school understand that she was fluent in Spanish. Many others were too, why were they wasting time in Spanish class? She didn't get it. She sighed and ignored her teacher's orders and continued drawing doodles in her notepad, occasionally staring out the window. It had started to rain now. She sighed again. That would make her hair curl and she decided that she'd stay inside the building for the remainder of the school day and then she would hurry home and don't care anymore.
Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted as she heard the door to the classroom open and as she turned her attention to the intruder, her jaw almost dropped. By mister Schuester stood an amazingly beautiful blonde girl. She was tall, thin but looked muscular, golden hair and delicate features. She was the most beautiful girl Santana had ever laid eyes on. She suddenly snapped out of it and felt her cheeks start to burn as she had finally realised what she was doing.

'Alright class, please welcome Brittany Pierce to the class. She just transfered here. Brittany you can take the empty desk right over there.' Mister Schuester pointed towards an empty desk and seat next to Santana. She nodded slowly and sadly and walked over to the desk that he was pointing to. She sat down, not looking in any direction at anyone. She just wanted the day to be over with. She hated first day of school, first day of dance class, first day of everything really. Most of all she hated first day without her mom in her life. She almost started crying again, but managed to stop the tears from spilling over. Suddenly she felt eyes on her and she glanced to her left. There sat a brunette girl with chocolate brown eyes and latina looks. She was beautiful and Brittany smiled a faint smile, causing the other girl to smile back.

As the girl got closer to her and the empty desk, Santana could see something was up with this girl. The way her body language spoke told her something was wrong. The girl looked sad, the way she moved was sad. She got curious and wanted to know the girl better. As the girl sat down, she continued to watch her, throwing glances at her, and as the blonde girl turned her head and made eye contact with the latina, she noticed piercing crystal blue eyes. She could drown in those eyes, however right now they were very sad and she could see tears glisten in them, threatening to fall over. She wanted to comfort the girl, but didn't know how to, or what was wrong. She just knew she wanted to, so she smiled. When she was rewarded with a smile in return, yet a faint smile but still a smile, she felt better but she knew nothing about this girl and she wanted to now. She intrigued her.

Finally the class ended and the other students and mister Schuester hurried out of the classroom, leaving Santana and Brittany behind. Santana because she wanted to get to know the blonde, and Brittany because she didn't want to be in school. She felt so alone and lonely, that feeling was the worst when you felt both of those things.
'Hey, I'm Santana' the latina tried to start conversation and brought her out of her thoughts.
'Brittany' she replied quietly.
'Are you okay?' Santana asked abruptedly.
Brittany started to slowly nod, but gradually went to shaking her head instead.
'I just .. I want the day to be over' she said so quiet she almost whispered.
'Don't we all' Santana said, as she rolled her eyes, trying to sound funny so the blonde would at least giggle, but got no response.
The blonde stood up, gathering her things as she sighed.
'Sorry, I just ..I don't know' she said and started walking out of the classroom, leaving a surprised and somewhat disappointed Santana behind her.
'Wait' Santana called after her, making her stop in her tracks, but her back still facing Santana.
'Wait' Santana quickly gathered her things and hurried after the taller blonde girl.
Brittany turned around slowly, and faced Santana with a sad, questioning look.
'I just want to get to know you, and you need friends in this school' Santana said, starting to feel a bit uneasy with the girl for the first time. Not that they knew each other or even spent more than five minutes together but still, she was uneasy with the blonde for the first time, and she didn't know why. She looked up into blue eyes and felt herself start to drown again before snapping out of it.
'Trust me, you need friends in this school, and that's what I want to be. Your friend.' She smiled a crooked, faint smile up at the girl.
'Why?' came the question, throwing her off guard a little bit.
'Why? Well I .. uh ..' Santana didn't know how to respond to that. 'I just .. thought you needed a friend is all, but if you don't want to then fine. I'll leave you alone. Don't come and say I didn't try when you need a friend.'
Santana brushed past the blonde, almost fuming with anger. What the heck was up with her. All she did was offer her a hand and it felt like she cut off the entire arm.

Brittany sighed. That was not what she wanted to do on her first day of school, but she didn't want to do anything about it right now. She understood that school was about friends as well, not just homework and learning things. She should get some friends. The latina girl was just offering friendship, and she had put her off completely.
She sighed again, unsure of what to do now. The day was not over yet, in fact lunch hadn't even happened yet. More than half the day was left. She held her things in a tight grip, and exited the room heading towards her locker to install herself in it.

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