This is just something quite light I'm writing mostly because writing my other one about Johanna Mason is so depressing. But I haven't stopped so feel free to check it out on my profile. The basic idea is an AU in which the characters' from the Hunger Games are senior year of high school and are going on a school trip to England. I am English not American so I may not get all the high school stuff right but I made the trip to England so at least I could be accurate about that. This means multiple pairings some F/F, some F/M and hell there may even be M/M for all I know, although the main focus is going to be Katniss/Clove. It's all going to be first person from Katniss' point of view. I'm trying to keep them in character but obviously I will be elaborating on characters' for the purpose of this fic and I can't make it perfect. All characters' belong to Suzanne Colin's not me.

I stepped out of my car clutching my large navy blue suitcase and gasping in the crisp early morning air. Very, very early morning air, five o'clock to be precise. It's completely unreasonable to expect a bunch of teenagers to be awake at this time, but our cheap skate high school found flying to England costs less at this ungodly hour. I wave away my mother's attempts to help me carry my bag and allow her to hug me goodbye. I normally dislike this kind of display of affection, my mum and I have never been close, but as I will be in a different continent for a week, I let her. I give her as much of a smile as I can muster this early and make my way over to the group of teens and teachers, who are mostly makeup less and in some cases look like there's still in there pj's. I haul my suitcase with difficulty over the dewy grass to where Miss. Trinket stood registering students.

"Good morning Katniss." She says brightly. She still seems as annoyingly chipper as ever, despite the early hour. She also must be the only one here who has a full face of make up on and not a hair out of place. I wonder if anyone has ever seen her looking untidy? I just give her a small nod in reply, too early for words, as I wait for her to find my name and tick me off the list.

"Everdeen, Everdeen...there you are! Lovely!" I go to give my suitcase to Mr. Abernathy. He at least seems suitably grumpy. His lank blonde hair lay on his cheeks in a style that I don't think was ever fashionable, and as I hand him my case to throw into the hold of the coach I can smell his bad coffee breath. He notices my expression.

"It wouldn't hurt to smile, sweetheart." I give him a sarcastic grimace. Mr. Abernathy can barely be counted as a real teacher. He has a mutual understanding with the students that he doesn't care what they do, as long as they don't comment on the constant stench of alcohol that follows him around. "Are you not super excited to be going to England?" He mimicked Miss. Trinket's signature over enthusiasm.

"Super excited." I mumble as I turn away to look for my friends, chewing on the end of my braid. The truth is, it isn't just the early start, I'm far too nervous to be excited. I haven't been out of the states before, and I haven't been on a school trip without my best friend Madge since I can remember. I have some other friends who are going, but no one I trust as much as Madge. Her not going was almost enough to make me pull out the trip, except that I really wanted to get away from everything at home for a while. There's this boy at school, Peeta, who keeps pressuring me to go out with him. He's sweet and handsome and practically perfect, and yet I have no desire to date him. It's partly because everyone seems to expect me to, and I dislike strongly doing what's expected of me, and partly because I've been struggling to feel what I'm supposed to feel about boys. That giddy excitement that everyone talks about is just not there. I kept thinking I just hadn't found the right guy yet, but I'm starting to question if there is a right guy for me. Perhaps it's more a case of the finding the right girl. But I really hope that's not the case, I already have enough trouble trying to fit in at school, I do not need this as well. I know running away from my feelings is not exactly going to help, but I just need some space so I can clear my head. I spot Glimmer, try and turn away but she's already caught my eye.

"Hey Katniss! Over here." I reluctantly make my over to where she's jumping up and down making her blonde hair shimmer in the early morning sun and some dorky looking boys stare at her jiggling breasts. She gives me an over friendly hug that I don't appreciate, I've never been one for huge displays of affection, and me and Glim aren't even that close.

"Hey Glimmer." I try to summon up a decent amount of enthusiasm but it's unnecessary for me to say anything much in the conversation as she's already off, prattling on with a level of excitement second only to Miss. Trinkets. It seems the main cause for her excitement is the idea of finding some cute British boys and the lower drinking age in England. I hide my general annoyance with her hyperactive attitude that I find hard to bear at the best of times, and hope I don't get stuck next to her on the plane. Soon enough though a sleepy Melissa comes to join us, her red hair looking like she hadn't brushed it since she woke up.

"Hey Katniss, Glim."

"Hey Foxy" I say referencing her cinnamon red hair.

"Hmmm, I'm not feeling very Foxy this morning. Is it really necessary to be up this early?" Complained Mellissa. She must be tired, she hadn't bothered to put in her contacts, just put on what she usually refers to as her 'nerd' glasses. The thick black lenses magnify her hazel eyes to twice there real size.

"It'll be worth it once we step out into the streets of London, so do you think we'll see the Queen?" Glimmer was using her most dramatic stage voice that she usually only reserved for school performances and trying to get into bars with her fake ID.

"Um, Glim we're not even staying in London. We're staying in Brighton." Corrected Melissa as her and I exchanged an exasperated look at Glimmer's stupidity. Glimmer was the reason people thought Americans knew nothing about the world, I mean like we were actually going to see the Queen?

"Oh. What's in Brighton?" Said Glimmer sounding as if she'd never heard of anywhere in England except London.

"Seaside, lots of great shopping, the royal pavilion and I hear great nightlife. Honestly, Glim, did you even read the booklet before signing up to this trip?" Melissa said exasperatedly.

"Nope. I saw England and then I just begged my daddy to go!" Glimmers parents are loaded and as stupid as Glimmer, so they were easily swayed to splash out on whatever Glimmer wanted. I on the other hand, could only afford this trip because of the prize money from recently winning a big archery competition. I'd begged my mum to take it to help with the bills, but she'd said it was mine and it was only fair I spend it.

"How do you not fall down more?" I said sarcastically making Melissa giggle and Glimmer look confused. "Come on."

I grabbed Melissa's arm and pulled her through the crowd who were now getting onto the couches, leaving Glimmer behind.

"Listen Mellissa, do you want to sit with me on the plane? I can't bear to be stuck with Glimmer for eight hours."

"Oh. I'm sorry Katniss, I've already said I'd sit with Clove." She looked like she felt terrible so I tried to brush over it quickly.

"It's fine." Of course, she was sitting with Clove. They were all in pairs our group of friends; Clove and Melissa; Rue and Delly; and usually me and Madge. Then there was Glimmer who no one wanted to be stuck with, but was kept in the group because she threw epic parties at her mansion of a house.

"You have to be in our room though. It's going to be you, Rue, Delly, Clove and me."

"I don't know." I really didn't want to room with Clove. For some reason I just feel uncomfortable around her, it's hard to explain. When she looked at you, she always had this little smirk like she knew exactly what she was thinking. Plus, she was an epic flirt. She had this flirty, bantering relationship with all her friends, male or female, that I'd never been able to get the hang off. Whenever she grabbed my hand or put her arm around my waist, I would just blush uncontrollably. I think most of all I was worried she would somehow read my mind, and find out I had once fantasised about kissing her.

"Oh you have to! It will be epic, the fabulous fivesome hit England." Melissa joked. "You wouldn't rather room with Glimmer, would you?"

I couldn't argue with that so I agreed and we didn't talk more, because she went to sit with Clove on the couch whilst I was ambushed by Glimmer. Glimmer immediately informed me we would be plane buddies too, and I couldn't find a polite way to say no. I was evasive when she asked about rooms though; I really didn't want to be the one to tell her we had decided on our rooms without her. She seemed satisfied with my 'um, I haven't decided yet', and started her usual self centred monologue informing me which outfits she had decided to bring, how much spending money she had been given and how she had had to pay for a second suitcase to be allowed on the flight for all her shoes. I put in my iPod, turned up the soothing tones of Ben Howard, and tried to zone out. It was going to be a long eight hours.

Thoughts anyone? I'm open for suggestions. Oh and sorry for stealing the friends joke, I actually wrote it before realising what I was quoting and I couldn't think of anything better. Just writing this for a bit of fun, sorry if it's not written that well, but I thought I may as well publish it rather than have it languishing in my files at home. Its rated T for now because I've never been particularly sure how to rate stuff and I don't know how the story will develop.