Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or its characters...Stephenie Meyer gets that distinction.

At this time, I have no plans for a sequel to Heroes...in my mind it's already a completed storyline. Ya never know though...I might hear a song or see my grandson playing basketball again...and a whole new story about CJ in high school or CJ in college or CJ playing pro ball could be born. Hmmm...

This is a 25 chapter drabble in Edwards POV and it's complete..It was inspired by a conversation with a co-worker about knowing someone is "the one". Will shoot for daily updates.

Rated M for what happens eventually...


Chapter 1: The One With Freckles

My name is Edward Cullen and today is my first day of elementary school. I picked the best desk to sit at in the back of the classroom. A girl with freckles and teeth like a bunny rabbit sat in the desk next to me. She cried when her mother dropped her off. Her name is Bella Swan and her mom asked me to be her friend and cheer her up. Everyone knows you can't be friends with girls. I ignore her and stick my wad of gum under my desk before teacher sees.

Author Notes: I can just picture that adorable little stinker having no use at all for girls. So, are you intrigued at all to see where this goes?