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`Shh!' said Bella, putting a hand on Edward's arm, `I think she's asleep at last'.

Six year old Hope, lay looking angelic in her Barbie pyjamas and bedspread, her long bronze hair, so much like her Daddy's, spread out over the pillow. Three year old Josh had fallen asleep over an hour before in his room across the hallway. While Hope's room was a Barbie fan's heaven, all pink and frilly, Josh's room was floor to ceiling dinosaurs. Dinosaur wallpaper, dinosaur toys, dinosaur quilt cover...

It had taken Edward and Bella a year to decorate their new house in the wilds of Surrey, but it had been worth it.

They crept out of Hope's room, careful not to wake her, leaving the little night-light on.

Edward grinned at Bella as he took her by the hand and led her down the stairs, treading quietly.

`I didn't think she'd ever fall asleep' whispered Edward.

`She absolutely refused to fall asleep until her Daddy came home to read her a story'.

`Well of course, she's Daddy's little princess'.

Bella stuck her tongue out at him. `I seem to remember a time when I was your only princess'.

Edward hugged her tightly `Baby, you know you're the only one for me'.

Bella hugged him back and kissed him lightly. `Come on, I'll warm up your dinner for you'. They walked into the kitchen `You were home late, babe. Problems with Jellybean again?' she asked, referring to the new group that had signed with his record label, CCB Records, standing for Cullen, Cullen and Black Records.

Jacob had rejoined Eclipsed shortly after Bella and Edward had returned from their honeymoon. The band had been a huge success for another four years. It had broken millions of hearts when they announced their retirement.

Edward, Jasper and Jacob had started their own record company, and it was already the third largest in England. Alice, now married to Jasper, ran the accounts side of things, while Bella continued her song-writing, although she wrote solely for those signed with CCB now. She still wrote privately, and her freelance magazine pieces were always a hit. Her first novel, entitled `Amethyst' had just been published and was due to hit the stands any day.

Emmett had decided to go into music management, and he was doing incredibly well with all his clients, one of them actually being Bella's own little sister, Rosalie. Then twenty, Rosalie demonstrated that she not only shared Bella's amazing vocal talent, as well as her writing and choreography skills, but that her personality was one that absolutely blossomed in the limelight. Now twenty-one, she'd already had nine top ten hits, five of those at number one.

Bella was so proud of her; she thought some day's that she would just burst. Being in the limelight would never have suited Bella, but with Rosalie's outrageous personality, she devoured the attention.

After Edward had eaten, they curled up in front of the television. A smile touched Bella's face as the Letterman show began.

`What's up?' asked Edward.

`I was just remembering that day in Spain, when I told you I would do anything to watch what I wanted on telly'.

Edward laughed `I remember. You flirted, flaunted and chased me that day, until I caught you!'

Bella grinned `Do you mind?'

Edward squeezed her. `Baby, I couldn't be happier. A beautiful sexy wife, two adorable kids. What more could I want?'

`How about one more adorable kid?' asked Bella, rubbing her stomach, a knowing look in her eye.

`You mean...?'

Bella nodded, grinning `Do you remember the night we celebrated the publishers accepting my book?'

`Do I ever!' laughed Edward, his face flushing with desire at the memory.

`Well, let's just say you gave me more than just a good time!'

Edward laughed delightedly, and pulled her over so she lay on top of him on the sofa. `When?' he asked.

`Oh, about seven and a half months time'.

Edward grinned mischievously. `Think if we keep trying we can make it twins?'

Bella laughed `Let's try it and find out'.

Edward kissed her deeply, and she groaned, the flames of desire licking at her. The inferno had never diminished over the years, in fact each day as they grew closer; the lovemaking became even more special.

Bella lifted her head and ran a finger down his cheek. `I love you' she whispered.

Edward smiled softly, his eyes glazed with passion. `I love you too, baby, always and forever'.







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