This is my first Legend of Korra fic and I hope you enjoy it.

When they broke through the surface, he caught a glimpse of his saviour.

"Avatar Korra," he breathed. "You saved my life. Thank you."

She smiled. "You're welcome." With a swift motion of her arm, she began propelling them toward the shore. Unable to do anything to help, Iroh's attention fell on a burn wound on his left arm. He shifted to assess it.

The girl behind him gasped. "You're hurt."

"I'm fine," he said.

The Avatar shot them out of the water and onto the deserted harbor. She was at his side the minute he regained his footing. Her eyebrows knitted together when she saw the angry, burnt flesh on his arm.

Iroh clapped his hand unthinkingly over the wound, gritting his teeth to play off the shot of pain that seared his skin. The Avatar crossed her arms and watched him. He thought she looked rather smug.

"I got burned," he mumbled.

Her smirk deepened. "I can see that," she said, causing his cheeks to flame.

"I'll take you back to our hideout and heal you there," she said, gesturing him to follow her. They made their way down an alleyway and Iroh was determined to extinguish the unfamiliarity between them. After all, his grandfather was once friends with her…sort of.

"So you're a healer?" he said.

"Yep. I learnt from Master Katara."

Of course.

"You probably know her quite well, don't you? With your grandfather and her being old friends and all?" the girl asked.

"I've met her a few times," he said. The first time Iroh's grandfather brought him down to the South Pole to visit Katara was also the first time he met the new Avatar. Iroh watched the girl closely to see if she remembered. Probably not, she was very young back then, only seven years of age.

"She's incredible, isn't she? She used to tell me so many stories of their adventures. I bet your grandfather does too," the girl said, beaming.

He tried to hide his disappointment at her lack of recognition. "Yes, he told me a lot about Avatar Aang."

The girl halted in her step. Her smile was pained when she turned to face him. "So did Master Katara."

Iroh didn't think Katara's loss was the only thing that plagued the girl. As the man who was once worried that he would be a disappointment to his family, he understood. Avatar Korra was burdened with the shadow of her great past lives. She was worried that she wouldn't live up to Aang's legacy. She was worried that she would fail to end the war.

"Avatar Korra-" Iroh began. But she was already running ahead.

"We're here," she said, shifting a slab of concrete away to reveal an underground passageway. She started climbing down the ladder. The concrete slab was moved back into position as Iroh climbed after her.

"You can call me Korra, you know," the girl said after a few beats. "How would you like it if I called you General Iroh all the time?"

"But people do call me that all the time," said Iroh.

A pause. "Good point."

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