Soooo this is a random idea I had based off the CW episodes "Kidnapped" and "Slaves of the Republic." Basically it starts out in Kidnapped, then jumps immediately to Slaves of the Republic, then straight past the whole arc and into my own story :)


(Asoka Tano)

"Why is he so upset?" I asked Obiwan as we watched Anakin stalk off.

"Anakin's never told you about his past…has he?" Obiwan asked me.

"Only to tell me that he won't talk about it." I will admit, I've always been curious, but Anakin got a funny look whenever I asked him anything, so I kept my mouth shut about it.

Obiwan sighed. "As a child, Anakin and his mother were sold into slavery by the Hutt clans."

"Oh, and these Zygerrians…they're slavers…" Now I was beginning to understand why Anakin was acting strangely. I can't even imagine what being a slave would be like, much less the situation that Anakin was now in.

"Anakin's struggled to put his past behind him." Obiwan said sadly.

"Don't worry; I'll keep an eye on him." I promised Obiwan.

"Remind me why I'm the one playing the part of the slave?" I asked Anakin, Rex, and Obiwan as I adjusted the sleeves on my full-body cloak.

"I tried it once, but I wasn't any good at it." Anakin commented. "Besides, the roll of master comes easily to me." He smirked at me.

"Really? Well this time try to be convincing at it." I replied with just as much smugness.

Anakin just smiled as we began to walk towards the Queen's palace on Zygerria. I began thinking about what he had said…

"I tried it once, but I wasn't any good at it."

Was he being serious? I know Obiwan had said that he really was a slave, but somehow this sounded…different. Almost like he wasn't talking about the time spent as a slave. I shrugged it off and followed the three men into the streets of Zygerria.

(Anakin Skywalker)

I sat alone in the cockpit of the ship, heading back towards Coruscant and the Jedi Temple. Thank the Force that we were off the Force-forsaken planet of Zygerria and away from slavery.

I sighed deeply and leaned back in my chair as Ahsoka came up behind me and sat down in the copilot's chair next to mine.

"Master…" she started hesitantly. "Why did you never tell me that you were a slave?" The question was completely unexpected, and I all I did was stare at her before she explained quickly. "Obiwan told me back on Kiros."

I sighed and realized that I knew that one day it would come out. That day was now. "It wasn't important." I told Ahsoka.

"Not important? It seems pretty important to me."

I shrugged. "It wouldn't have changed anything even if I had told you. So like I said, it wasn't important."

We sat in silence for a few moments before Ahsoka spoke again. "What did you mean when you said that you tried being a slave once, but wasn't good at it?"

I closed my eyes as I remembered. "There was this mission that Obiwan, a good friend, and I went on right after I was Knighted…"

So this is just kinda like the prologue and it's REALLY REALLY short, I know that…but hopefully it will get better next chapter!