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Summary: Bella runs away from Forks to Texas where she finds a HEA just to have it stolen by another cold one she is turned and becomes worse than Jasper during his time in the Southern War. When she's reunited with the Cullen's it's under different circumstances will she give up everything she has to have her family back or is the new Cold Bella here to stay? Bella is more than just a simple vampire and when the supernatural world finds out Coven's from all over the world will fight to have her but who will she chose?

Bella's POV

I guess that little saying that the world is against you is true in the past 4 years I've lost The Cullen's, Jacob and my beautiful wife Selena was one if not the best thing that has ever happened to me if it weren't for her I don't think I would have made it this far but her death and ultimately the death of our son really did kill me I wished to no longer go on she always said if I died she'd follow me I never thought there would be a situation that put me in this type of scenario what do I do now that she is gone.

I remember the day I met her.


I was 18 I had ran away from Forks follow my confrontation with Jacob who basically called me pathetic for dating a leech and then called me a lost cause I had arrived in Austin, Texas I had been there maybe 3 weeks when I was walking down the street I had just turned the corner and saw some guy manhandling her now I wasn't the toughest looking person in the world but hey I couldn't let a girl get manhandled like that so of course I intervened.

"Is there a problem over here?" The girl looked at me like I was her saving grace and the man looked peeved that I was there.


"Ma'am?" I mean come on did he think I was going to take his word for it.

"Didn't I just say no?" He started walking towards me I ran with vampires does this guy honestly think he scares me.

"I could've sworn I was talking to the lady unless you're a ma'am as well? Then I guess I would have to ask you ma'am nicely to uh leave this beautiful woman alone." I know I was provoking him and I had no idea where the bravado came from but it felt good to be the cocky bastard for once in my life even if I didn't have anything to back it up with.

"Leave now!" He said through gritted teeth.

Looks like this guy really wants this girl but hey I've never been one to let shit like that slide even if I am just a weak human.

"I just can't do that I don't think you'll keep your hands to yourself." He punched me in the gut knocking the wind out of me and boy did that really hurt I grabbed my stomach.

"I warned you bitch!" He punched me in the face the girl screamed a guy ran over he grabbed the dude by the back of the shirt the guy looked like he was about to piss himself it was fucking hilarious.

"Now please Diego explain to me why you're over here harassing these 2 women?" The guy growled out I knew just by his attitude that no matter what 'Diego' said he wasn't going to like his answer.

"Well you see that bitch over there." He said pointing at me. "Interrupted my pitch to get this girl to come work for me."

The guy growled. "And do you know who the girl is?"

"Eh I don't know some bitch?" The guy punched Diego in the stomach hard.

"That girl is my baby sister now I don't respect you trying to 'pitch' her to come work for you I don't respect you coming on to my turf tryin to get young girls to sell their ass for you and I don't appreciate you putting your hands on girls that are under my care you get me you lazy ass motherfucker?" He shook him a few times.

"Yeah I was just passing through on my way back to Houston from a friend that lives here thought I'd uh try my hand at pitching."

"Why don't you keep to what you're good at Diego running errands for Fillip?" The girl spat angrily and might I say how hot she had just seemed?

The guy let Diego go and the poor bastard looked like he was about to piss himself. The guy checked his sister over then they both came over to me the girl grabbed my face and was rubbing her thumb over what I would assume was my bruised cheek.

"Awwww you're so hurt!" She kissed my cheek. "Thank you for coming to my aid even though you didn't have to."

"Yeah I'm in your debt Diego might have seemed harmless but he's quick to pull the strap out on you."

"Why do I feel like I just put myself between more than just a hands-y man and a very beautiful girl?" The girl blushed and the guy smiled with a booming laugh.

"Ah my names Mykell this is my sister Chameliah and uh how much do you know about the gang activity down here?"

I put 2 and 2 together Fillip Torres + gang activity+ Houston, Texas fucking Mafia bullshit why do I fucking attract the most fucking danger? This was supposed to be a simple vacation now it's turned into a life or death type of bullshit FUCK!

"Enough to know that I am fucking screwed."

"Ah well Fillip doesn't really come to Austin but I will admit getting a gun and learning how to use it wouldn't be a bad thing." He and his sister laughed it was kinda forced but it was a life nonetheless.

"Oh my dad was Chief of Police I know how to handle a gun to think I ran away from the bullshit at home to be thrown between a war with 2 gangs damn well I better be on my way nice meeting you."

"Wait…um since I sorta owe you maybe I can invite you to dinner my mother cooks a mean lasagna."

"Uh yeah sure I'm Bella by the way."

"Nice to meet you Bella."

Since I was walking I had gotten a ride with Mykell and Chameliah we pulled up in front an all white mansion I think I just fell in love all over again he put the code in and we pulled in after the gate opened we got out of the car and walked up to the front door Mykell opened it up then looked back at me.

"My dad can seem like an asshole but he really does mean well."

"Oh yeah cause that doesn't sound bad at all."

We walked in Chameliah grabbed my hand. "Mami we need the first aide kit right now."

A woman about 5ft 5 came out she was wearing an all white dress it fit her like a glove she had the same type of tan as Mykell and Chameliah her hair was black and curly and to be honest she didn't look a day over 30 even though she had that mom vibe to her she seemed like someone you didn't want to fuck with.

"And why is that Mija?"

She finally realized I was standing there she walked over to me she caressed my bruised cheek my breathin had sped up I know that and I am sure that she knew that but come on she was fuck hot. I wasn't a skirt chaser in Forks but wit all the bad guy luck that I had there I decided that maybe it was time I tried something different and this lady was oh so different if you catch my drift.

"And who might you be?" She said seductively.

"B-Bella Swan ma'am." I know my voice was probably squeaky but fuck me.

"And Bella Swan how do you know my children Mykell and Chameliah?"

"Took a beating for your beautiful daughter ma'am." I got my cool cocky mask back up.

"Is that right?" Something was a little off about this woman she went from hot to cold in seconds.

"That is ma'am." Next thing I know I'm being bitch slapped I thought Mykell said it was his dad that was the asshole not his ma.

"Mami what the hell?"

"Don't take lip with me young lady she's fine she can take it ain't that right Ms. Swan?"

"I guess I should agree with you if I don't wanna be bitch slapped again but I think you might have loosened my jaw a bit sweetie." I winked at her and rubbed my jaw I was kidding about my jaw either that hurt like a bitch.

"Mykell Carrera I do not wish to meet another one of your whores unless you're going to be putting a ring on her finger." A man that looked to be about 5 ft 10 said. He looked like he was probably 35 he had dark black hair that was slicked back his tan was a tad bit lighter than his kids his facial hair was groomed to perfection and I'm sure he was wearing Armani.

"Not my whore she saved Chameliah from one of Fillip's messengers." Mykell said in a bored tone.

"Why risk your life for some girl you never even met?" Their dad asked.

"To be honest I thought Diego as Mykell called him was simply a guy getting a little too hands-y with a beautiful girl I did what most would do did I know that he was a part of the mob? Fuck no but then again I would hope that, that wouldn't change my actions."

"Looks like he got you good on the cheek."

"Yeah well your wife hit harder than him think she might have broken my jaw."

"You got spunk kid you're hired."

"Hired? To do what?" I was confused.

"You just mad enemies with Fillip's younger brother that's not gonna be dropped that easily." Their mother said.

"Well isn't that a bitch so you're the other mob boss here in Texas then?"


"And what does your hiring me account for?"

"You will be protecting my daughters with your life."

"As long as my name is kept out of the media I'm cool with it." The fuck am I getting myself into? My dad is fuckin Chief of police I know it's only in a small town but the fuck?

"I can't make any promises."

"Then I can't take you up on your awesome offer." He looked at me with this look I don't know how you would describe it but its one of those don't fuck with me glares.

"And why not?"

"Well you see I was born and raised in a small town in Washington called Forks as Isabella Marie Swan now that means nothing to you I am sure but this is the thing my father is Charles Beckford Swan and I know that as well means shit to you but see he's Chief of police and I know small town cop don't scare big mafia boss like yourself but see the thing is I ran away from home sure its not really running away when your 18 but he doesn't know where I am and I'd like to keep it like that and if he finds out that I'm at all entangled in this mob stuff well he may be a small town cop but the mans got connections and I've done things to get where I am right now don't need my dad being nosey in my business especially stuff that can get me locked up so if you can try to at least keep me out of the media's eyes then hey I'm all yours ask your wife I can take a slap." I said with a cheeky smile.

"Huh daughter of a small town Chief willing to commit crimes just to pass the time I like you kid anyone that can take my wife's randomness is good in my books Mykell go get your siblings so I can introduce the new bodyguard and Bella tomorrow at 8 am we start your training."


Mykell walked up the stairs their mother went into the kitchen and came back with a bag of frozen peas and launched it at me when I barely caught it she chuckled.

"I would have caught it if I had some warning." I mumbled.

"What was that?" She growled.

"Nothing just said that I didn't catch you and your husband's name." I said quickly with a smirk on my face.

"And why would you need our name?" Their dad asked.

"Cause right now I'm calling both you their father and her their mother you know my name and basically my background and I know absolutely nothing about you except that your wife has random bouts of slap-happy moments and that you're a mob boss other than that I'm coming up with blanks."

"You're not the smartest crayon in the box are you?" Their dad asked glaring at me.

"Wow see now I didn't come here to be insulted you wanna insult someone do that to one of your other workers I ran away to get away from that type of shit I didn't come here to save no girl just to get slapped and insulted by her parents thank you very much if you think calling me Bella and not insulting me is too much for you then I'll happily leave and FYI when I was kid pretty sure my IQ was higher than yours so please don't insult my intelligence ya feel me?"

"Wow she drives a hard bargain but come on Mami Papi she has a point she hasn't done anything to deserve the horrible things you are doing and saying to her I think she's been a real trooper to deal with your bullshit so far." Chameliah said.

"Thank you beautiful."

"Now you've said your part time for me to say mine your fresh meat this is all new to you so you do what I say when I say it I'm only being this nice cause you saved my daughter I don't have to offer your protection from Fillip Torres and his people you try and screw my baby girl and I kill you." The father sneered.

"What you need to learn is I've had bigger and badder people threaten my life I've been thrown into mirrors had my leg broken and hunted down just for the hell of it I've been sent away well lets just say my life hasn't been the greatest so threaten me all you want Mr. Carrera but it ain't gonna do shit cause I've learned we all have to die sometime whether that's now or in 10 years don't make no fucking difference to me I'm speeding on the fastlane right now Fillip Torres means nothing to me nor does his brother and if I am correct I don't remember asking for your protection did I? Now I haven't made any moves on your daughter calling her beautiful is simply stating facts not me tryin to run lines on her plus she's what 15-16 I'd rather not catch as case even though I'm only 18 I like my women older so seriously fuck you and your threats if this is how this conversation is gonna continue I'll bounce I don't need to be takin shit from you or ya wife about who I am or how I live I'd lived a life like that and I ain't goin back to it so while I'm speeding on the fastlane to an early death just a warning sir I'd be a little more cautious about getting in front of me wouldn't wanna crash now would you?" I don't care who the fuck this guy is I had enough of people talking down to me and insulting me I will not let that shit happen again fuck that.

"Who's the little spitfire?" He looked like an older version of Mykell.

"Hey fuck you!"

"No thanks I don't fuck the help." He sneered.

"Right now my 'help' is up for debates and sorry sir you mistaken me when I said 'fuck you' I was meaning in the literal term of go fuck yourself plus I'm sorta done with the limp dicks I'd rather eat cat then fuck dog." I sneered right back.

He glared at me a guy probably a year or 2 older than me came downstairs laughing.

"Oh fuck she is hilarious if she gets hired I want her on rotations with me dad she's fucking riot hey my names Miguel and this old stick in the mud is my Uncle Javier don't worry about him he's as lethal as a pussy cat that's been de-clawed."

"A de-clawed pussy seems more dangerous than him." I hissed I saw him go for his gun I spotted the gun in the back of Miguel's pants since he was standing right beside me I yanked the gun and aimed it at Javier who was aiming his gun at me.

"Oh she's good." Says a girl about my age with a smile she must be Mykell and Miguel's sister.

"What can I say I'm good on my feet?" I leer handing the gun back to Miguel.

She looks me up and down and smiles.

"I'm Sophia the girl coming down the steps behind me is Alexia there's 10 of us so it might be harder to remember so let me hit you with a cheat sheet I give to all the other helps. José is the oldest he has a scar on his face always wearing a leather jacket or long sleeve black shirt, Selena is pretty cool but kinda bitchy, Enrique is usually shirtless even when cold out plus he has 1983 tattooed on his throat, Mykell well I believe you already met him he's Enrique's twin he has long shaggy hair and is tattoo free, then there is Cristian he is always wearing a suit and he has long straight hair it hits the center of his back and he wears reading glasses, Miguel is standing beside you he is the creeper that's always smiling or joking around doesn't have a serious bone in his body, I am Sophia I have chestnut brown hair, blue eyes and I have stars behind my ears, Maria is next really bitchy attitude she has red lips even without lipstick she has long wavy hair that seems to always be in a ponytail and she mainly only wear skirts, as I have also heard you've already met Chameliah and lets be honest you can't forget what a girl like that looks like then there is our baby sister Alexia and as you can tell you can't mistaken her for any of us not only because she almost looks like a white girl with really black hair but she's 11 years old and she has cute little freckles over her nose you won't be protecting her she already has 3 bodyguards don't wanna smother the poor thing you won't be protecting me either you only have 3 charges and that's the other girls Selena, Maria and Chameliah the only one you'll have problems with is Selena since she feels that she shouldn't have a bodyguard seeing as she's as she said it 'a grown as woman that can kill a man just as good as one of the pathetic guards daddy has' so good luck with that." She smiles I smile back.

A girl matching the description of Maria and a guy fitting the description of Enrique comes down they both look at me critically I am really not liking that.

"Got a problem?" I snarled I don't know where all this bravado is coming from seriously I don't but I fucking LOVE IT!

"Yeah actually I do what's pipsqueak like you gonna do to protect me and my sisters?" I turn to look at the girl that said it this must be Selena just fucking great the most beautiful-est one would have to be the biggest bitch wouldn't she?

"I can do plenty and with a little training I could do plenty more don't know me til you've seen me in action sweetie."

She sneers at me she still pretty even with the sneer.

"Looks like we have another Manny Ruiz on our hands here guys." An older guy with a scar of his face meaning he's José, coming down the steps with a smirk said the others laugh except the dad, mom and uncle.

"Don't know who the fuck Manny Ruiz is and don't give a fuck Scarface." I sneered at him he looked at me with a dangerous glint in his eyes I wonder if all of this family is all bite and no bark. He stalks toward me I lived with Renee who took any class she could and one that both of us took was fighting classes I might not be tough enough to beat a vampire but I'm sure I could take a human.

He swung as soon as he got close to me I ducked back he still nipped my chin before he could retract his fist fully I swung full force catching him on the jaw he grabbed his face anger showing on his features he swung too quick for me to see and caught me in the side knocking the air out of me fuck me that hurt I sent a haymaker that connected with his temple he staggered back see I'm all types of bad ass.

There was a loud pop then I felt something ripped through my shoulder and boy did that hurt I staggered back from the force I could smell the blood which made me want to puke I grabbed my shoulder Chameliah screamed something out in Spanish Miguel growled and stalked toward his uncle my shoulder was killing me.

"FUCK!" There was a lot of blood I was leaking everywhere from one gun shot wound it felt like it was from my shoulder but fuck it could have been anywhere. I fell to my knees trying to get my breath back. I felt Chameliah on my other side apologizing Mykell had come back down and had his uncle in a headlock. Their father grabbed my shirt trying to see where I was hit I lurched back getting back to my feet my entire left arm was shaking. "This is what you call protection Mr. Carrera I'd rather take Fillip on by myself I…I don't need to feel unsafe with my own protection so I'm gonna say fuck you and your offer for a job but you Javier better watch your back retribution is a bitch." I opened their front door walked out slamming it the other guards looked at me I walked to the gate I could hear Chameliah begging me to come back and let their doctors look at it yeah right so they can gut me no thanks.

End of Flashback

She was a bitch to me the first time I met her and it took us a lot to get to the place where I could even stand looking at her but once we got to the point of no return I was stuck she had my heart and she wasn't giving it back I just got back from her funeral her family wanted me to come to New York with them but I couldn't I wanted to but I couldn't Selena was here and I didn't want her to be alone she wanted to move to New York but I jus couldn't Miguel was still here and he wasn't planning on leaving I didn't want him to be alone either so I talked her into staying her just until he got his own crew and I knew he was safe she died the next week if I would have just let her go to New York she'd still be here if I didn't throw Miguel that party at the restaurant she'd still be here we were gonna leave and go to New York the next day because he had gotten his crew. We should have just left at least he didn't burn her body to get rid of the body I didn't even get a chance to tell her goodbye now everyone thinks it was one of Luca's boys that did it. I didn't care for the guy anyways so if they killed him so be it not my problem the only 2 people I loved was dead my wife and my unborn son.

Since I no longer wanted to be home I spend most of my time in bars bout time they close I make it home and pass out and start that process all over when I wake up I'm surprised that I haven't succumbed to alcohol poisoning the bar is pretty pack today I'm totally wasted and incoherent a woman that looks just like Selena comes over to me Oh my fuck how she looks like my Selena. She just smiles at me and pulls me onto the dance floor we dance through like 2 songs I realized she was fucking cold it felt good against my heated body she had the most beautiful ruby colored eyes something in my conscious was tugging at me to remember why that was such a important observation but I was took drunk to care. We end up leaving the bar and going back to her place.

She throws me on the bad it doesn't feel like someone sleeps in it much she yanks my pants down biting the side of my leg as she does I grab the back of her head trying to push her where I want her she gets what I'm trying and the next thing I feel is her cold tongue on my clit my entire body shakes from this simply touch she flicks my clit with her tongue my entire body is shaking I'm drunk and I'm pretty sure someone slipped me some x don't know don't care she slips a finger in me hitting my g-spot every time the combination of her licking, sucking and flicking my clit causes me to come hard not as hard as fucking Selena caused me to but close enough for me not to complain.

I roll us over pulling both me and her clothes off I kiss up and down her body licking her side I dip my tongue into her snatch she moans grabbing my hair I could feel her nails in my scalp I've always liked a little pain with my pleasure I bit her clit she moans wantonly I smirk then I start lapping at her cunt like I'm a man in the desert and this is my only liquid I could get I don't know but you know what I mean she's screaming she's gonna have the cops here if she keeps screaming like that I feel her go stiff I look up at her, her back is arched off the bed she's kneading her breast and biting her bottom lip and its one of the most sexiest visuals that I have ever seen.

I get back to business I shove 2 fingers in her without warning she screams like a banshee.

"Oh fuck baby right there! Fuck that pussy yeah baby right there oh fuck your so good baby right there." Her Spanish accent helping me to pretend she is someone else Selena did always like to talk dirty.

"You feel that baby? You like it? 2 of my fingers pounding your slick pussy while I suck your clit baby?"

She just moaned and groaned saying my name over and over again I don't remember giving her my name but fuck if I care.

"I'm gonna oh fuck I'm gonna…" She screamed so loud I swear I'm betting the police is gonna be here soon.

I kiss and lick my way back up I nip at her jaw she rolls us over so she's hovering over me.

"Your eyes are red." I say like it the most normal post-sex conversation to have.

"Yes they are."

"And you're really, really fuck cold."

"I am." She starts smirking.

"I know what you are."

She looks mildly surprised but still like she doesn't believe me.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah." I say in all seriousness.

"Then what am I?"


She looks honest to god shocked.

"How'd you…" She narrowed her eyes at me. "How'd you know that?"

"I met a coven of vampires actually 2."

"And you lived to tell the tale how?"

"The first coven I met was the Cullen's they're vegetarians only eat animals and the other James' Coven they tried to kill me but the Cullen's stopped James by killing him Laurent went to live with other veggies like the Cullen's then the Cullen's left calling me nothing but a pet so Ms…I don't think I caught her you name."


"Well Ms. Maria what are your plans? I mean your kind has taken so much from me the most recent thing was my heart."

"Your heart?" She looked confused.

"Yes my heart my Selena one of your kind killed her for no reason so I'm just saying I was hurt by the first coven and the second coven tried to kill me then a fucking nomad hurt me the most by killin my reason to live so what will you do to finish the job Ms. Maria?"

"Turn you." She said then she bit down on my jugular it hurt I can admit that it burnt 'Without you by my side Selena life isn't worth livin I knew when you died that I would not be seeing you when I died I was going to hell and you weren't hell was too bad for a person like you. So I burned and burned and burned I thought this must be hell I'm surrounded in darkness burning without you if this isn't hell I don't know what my parents were so worried about cause hell doesn't have shit on what I'm experiencing. After what felt like eternity of burning I woke from my hell to a world I had no recollection of a world that was too much. I turned to my left to see a woman standing there she looked like an angel I wanted her if I was going to live in this hell she would be by my side she was now mine and with that I lunged.

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