The next day we are sitting at home relaxing. I'm reading one of my favorite books, Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce (go check it out, it's really good). Niall is watching whatever sports are on. All of a sudden, I hear a knock on the door.

"Come in," I yell, too lazy to get up. The other boys walk in and sit around the room. "Since when have you ever knocked?"

"Liam got to the door first," Louis complains, as I giggle a little.

"Anyways, we have an interview coming up. We should probably tell them about Cori," Liam says once everyone has settled down.

"Wait, what are we talking about?" I ask, setting down my book.

"We planned to have another interview with Alan Carr before we met you," Zayn says.

"Now you've screwed everything up!" Louis yells jokingly. I kick him, laughing.

"When is it?" I ask.

"On Friday," Liam informs me.

"Let's do it! Just make sure they know there are six of us now, not five," I say.

Three days later, I wake up to a beautiful, sunny day. It's the day of our Alan Carr interview. My first interview, I think to myself. This should be fun. I get dressed and meet the boys down at the van. I pull out my camera and turn it on.

"So Niall," I say, pointing the camera at him. "Where are we headed?"

"Alan Carr. Chatty Man," he says in his announcer's voice. I laugh, record a little more, then turn the camera off and enjoy the rest of the ride.

We get there and I turn the camera back on. "Well, we are here and we really want to come say hi to all of you but we are running late. This is normal for us apparently. Sorry!" I say pointing the camera at myself.

We go inside and get ready. Alan stops by to say hello. All this time I'm filming random things here and there. Finally it's time for the show.

They announce us and we walk in down the stairs. We sit down on the couch and start the interview. Alan offers us drinks and we take them. Then he turns to me.

"I had to get a bigger couch because of you."

"Sorry!" I say acting slightly offended. "But you didn't have to do that; I could have sat on top of someone or on the floor."

"Well, It's too late now isn't it?" we all laugh and then get back to the interview. "So, last time the boys were here only two of you had girlfriends," Alan says, setting up his first question. "Are you two still with your lovely ladies?"

"Yep," they both say.

"But now Zayn has a girl, too," Liam says, turning all the attention to Zayn.

"Oh, really? What's her name?" Alan asks.

"Perri," Zayn says, smiling.

"And the three of you? Still single?" Harry, Niall, and I nod. "Do you hear that, ladies and gentleman? There are still three members single! There is still a chance!"

We continue with jokes and witty banter. Towards the end of the interview Alan gets up and says, "So as it is tradition for us, we must have our dance off."

The six of us get up and line up on one side of the carpet. We have and epic battle in which, if you ask me, we beasted. Alan, though, thinks he won.

We finish that, and then get back in the van and go to get some food. Once we finish eating, we head back home.

"So next week, they want us on The Late Late Show," Liam tells us, looking at a message he just received.

"In Ireland?" I ask. I remember seeing a video of them on the show.

"I can see if my mom will come up and make us food," Niall says, ignoring my question completely, but at the same time answering it.

After that we stop talking. Zayn falls asleep against the window and I'm trying my hardest to stay awake. We get home; I edit my videos together and post it on YouTube. Then, I literally fall into bed and pass out.