Juliet walked down the halls of her school totally invisible. No one even noticed she was alive and it has been like that since she was a child. Nothing about her was extraordinary, except for one aspect. What she lacked in physical appearance she made up with talent. She could do something no one else could. Juliet could fly and destroy or heal things with her voice. Her parents have always known and they have always told her to hide it. They weren't afraid of her but more amazed. They couldn't brag about her because her grades were average as were her looks and the only thing they could brag about they couldn't tell anyone. Juliet walked into the girl's washroom at the end of school and looked at herself in the mirror. Her brown hair was painfully straight, her eyes boring brown and her skin was uncommonly pale. People often thought she was sick when she didn't look up or talk to anyone but really she was just too shy to. Today was going to be different though; her parents were taking her to area 52 after being scouted by a secret service agent. They said there was a program being made in the government for children just like Juliet and that after her audition they would tell her if she made it or not. If she didn't make it something was truly wrong with her that she wasn't even weird enough to fit in with the freaks.

The trip to area 52 was way too long for Juliet and her mother who was bouncing off the seats for most of the ride but became almost comatose in the last hour out of boredom. When they pulled up her parents kissed her head and sent her in. They weren't allowed in with her and this could be their last time seeing each other in a long time. If she did get into the project group, which they call the Zenith project, then she would be living at area 52. All the kids were brought into a room and told to wait before they one by one disappeared into the audition room and never came out. One of the people in the room Juliet recognised as Dylan West who she went to school with. She never talked to him because he was the bad boy of the school but rumors about him turning invisible in the middle of math class sent the whole school into a panic mode and he hadn't been back since. Juliet wanted to go and talk to him but he was called up and went into the audition room. A very pretty red haired girl went next and then it was Juliet's turn.

Sitting at the table were three people. An older man with large glasses and a white lab coat, a beautiful woman with thick glasses and a man with grey hair and a very carefree attitude that Juliet could see from the second she stepped into the room. It took her a second but she recognized him as Zoom and almost lost her mind. She was a huge fan of the comics and thought that was all made up, but seeing Zoom sitting in front of her confirmed all of her dreams.

"Name?" The older man in a lab coat said and Juliet shook herself back to reality.

"Juliet Castor."



"Power?" Zoom said and grabbed her file from the woman and looked at it closely.

"Flight." She didn't feel the need to tell her about her voice yet, she didn't know how to explain how it could kill or heal. Juliet was afraid to try it because she didn't have total control over it yet.

"Okay show us." They all watched intently and Juliet felt nervous. She has never really been too fond of her powers and never had people ask to see it before. She slowly levitated off the ground and watched at the two in lab coats were impressed but Zoom looked bored.

"That's it? You're not flying, you're levitating. Two totally different things." Zoom said and grabbed the stamp that would reject her from the group. She couldn't do that and flew over and grabbed the stamp.

"I have more." Juliet said and Zoom let go of it. She flew around the room and stopped in mid air to look at the three of them. Once again Zoom didn't look impressed.

"In your file it says you have two powers. What's the other one?" Juliet slowly came back to the front of the table and landed on the ground. She shifted her weight back and forth and watched as they waited in anticipation.

"My voice can heal...or kill." She watched their faces change from delight to fear as she said the last part.

"Kill or hurt?" Zoom said and Juliet was a little taken back. No one had ever questioned her powers like this before.

"It hurts them but it can get to the point where it can kill or destroy something."

"So it works on inanimate objects as well?" The older man asked and Juliet nodded. Zoom told her to try it out on the apply he set down on the table. He and the two doctors put on heavy duty head phones to block out her voice and everyone else was told to evacuate. Juliet had never tried anything like this before but she had done it in the past by accident. She sang a low note and as she raised the volume of it and the apple started to shake, it got to the point where the apple exploded and Juliet quickly shut her mouth and calmed herself down. Zoom gave a looked at her cautiously and she gave a thumb up to show it was safe. They took off the head phones and looked at the exploded apple all over the table and the walls.

"That was impressive." The female doctor said and Juliet brushed the hair out of her face and gave a shy smile. It was weird hearing anyone talk about her powers besides her parents. "Can it do the opposite? Like bring the apple back together?" Juliet wondered if it could and she told them to put the head phones back on. She sang the note again and the apple came mostly back together, they all looked impressed but Juliet was disappointed. She wasn't able to bring the apple back fully since it was missing about a quarter of it and almost all of the red skin on the outside.

"Welcome to the Zenith project." They said and stamped a green mark on her file and she was led into another waiting room and her parents showed up a few minutes later and they all embraced each other lovingly. It wasn't that Juliet disliked her parents; it was just that she was a teenager and felt that she didn't need them to watch over her all the time. But right now she didn't want them to leave her here. They said their goodbyes and Juliet was showed to her sleeping compartment. There were four other sleeping places with name tags on them. Tucker, Sally, Summer and Dylan. Juliet wondered if it was the Dylan she knew and she figured it was because in Dylan's room was a leather jacket and some huge headphones that she has seen him wearing around school. She sat on her bed and looked around trying to take in everything that had happened. She was one of them now. A real freak. She couldn't hide her powers anymore, she had to train them, perfect them and use them however the government wanted. Juliet felt used and accepted at the same time and it made her very confused.