Doctor Holloway came to Juliet's sleeping chamber later that night but she pretended to be asleep so she didn't have to meet the other members of the Zenith project because she was afraid she would have the lamest power of all. She felt she was a glorified bird. When Doctor Holloway softly called out her name and Juliet ignored her the doctor left and Juliet let out a relaxed sigh. She had gone many nights without dinner just because she didn't want to talk to anyone. Her parents often said it was depression or social anxiety disorder but they were afraid to take her to the doctor in case her powers were ever found out. Now Juliet just had to wonder if she wasn't just superhuman but also just generally unbalanced. She often wondered if she were in a sick dream and one day she would just wake up and figure out the last ten years of her life was just a figment of her imagination. Juliet turned on the small light by her bed and pulled out Pride and Prejudice from her suitcase. The pages were bent and yellow while the spine had almost split down the middle. Juliet had read this story maybe a million times and the book showed it but every time she read the lines that Jane Austen had so effortlessly written and brought two very different people together into a passionate love, Juliet still cried and cheered for the characters like it was her first time. She got so pulled into the book she didn't notice the person hanging around her door

"Hey." A head popped into the room and Juliet bolted up but slightly relaxed it was Dylan. "I knew I recognised you. I didn't know you had powers." Dylan walked into her room and Juliet shrugged not knowing what to say. Social anxiety sucks. "So...what is it?" He started looking through her things and as he touched a small wooden box on her bed side table Juliet jumped up and ripped it out of his hands.

"I fly. Now if you don't mind I'm busy." Juliet tried to push him out of the room but he was much sneakier than she thought.

"I can see that. What are you reading?" He grabbed the book off her bed and read the worn-out title and had to repress his laughter. "Pride and prejudice? Isn't that the movie about those British dudes with funny hats?" Dylan tried using a terrible English accent and although he had insulted one of her most prized possessions, she couldn't help but giggle.

"The book came first doofus." They both laughed and Dylan finally let her get back to her book but now that she looked at it now all she could think of were men with bad English accents and funny hats. "Maybe tomorrow." She said to herself and went to bed feeling a little less anxious about meeting the rest of the Zenith team. When the morning finally came Doctor Holloway came banging on their doors and everyone peeked out of their doors to see who it was. Dylan was in a loose band tee-shirt and baggy sweat pants, Summer had a tight tank top and shorts, Tucker was in boxers and a loose tee-shirt while Cindy was in a cat costume. Juliet felt a little stupid for wearing a pink night gown that stopped mid-thigh. Juliet looked to Dylan and noticed his eyes were darting from Summer back to her with a grin on his face and Juliet could feel her face heating up. "Pervert." Juliet said and when Summer saw Dylan looking at them as well she rolled her eyes and locked herself in her chamber and Juliet did the same. Dylan sighed and closed the door while Tucker who was twelve and Cindy who was six were left looking at each other very confused.

"Okay now that we are all together we are going to get some training done." Doctor Grant and Holloway looked very excited while Zoom stood beside them picking his breakfast out of his teeth. Even during breakfast Juliet barely talked and just stared at her food hoping that it would just disappear. It wasn't that Juliet didn't like food, it's just she was so nervous that she had lost any appetite she might have had after not eating for almost twelve hours.

"Is Captain Peppy over there going to help us?" Dylan said sarcastically nodding to Zoom and the elder just laughed. Dylan and Zoom didn't really seem to get along well from what Juliet had seen. They were always mocking each other and calling each other names but maybe it was just a guy thing.

"I'm supervising." Zoom replied.

"So that's a no." Dylan said under his breath and all the kids laughed. Juliet even let out a little chuckle and Doctor Holloway signalled for them to zip their lips. Dylan rolled his eyes and finally stopped talking so they could finally explain what was going on with the training.

"First we're going to work one-on-one with each of you to see where your full potential is and how we can bring out the deeper power inside of you that even you didn't know about." Juliet had no idea what Holloway was talking about with 'Deeper power' so she looked to the reflective glass around the top of the large room. She couldn't help looking at herself compared to Summer. She had soft curve, long red hair with beautiful eyes and amazing body. Juliet on the other hand was pale, long legs, boring straight hair and boring brown eyes. The yellowish orange jumpsuit they gave all of them didn't hide how skinny she was, if anything it made it most apparent as she barely filled it out. "So that's what we're going to be doing okay?" Holloway stopped talking and the Zenith droned back a yes. "So first we'll start with Dylan. Everyone else has some free time to head to the class room or the practice room." Dylan looked to Juliet and pretended to shoot himself before being pulled away by Zoom.

"STRANGER DANGER!" Dylan yelled out and got slapped upside the head from Zoom. The girls giggled and looked to each other awkwardly.

"Come on guys lets head to the class room. Juliet you coming along?" Summer had taken on some sort of older sister role to the two already and she felt like she would be interrupting them. Too shy to say anything back Juliet just shook her head and headed to the practice rooms which looked like a squash court with the lines on the floor badly buffed out. Instead of practicing Juliet sat up against the wall and stared at the remnants of what use to be a fun exercise room filled with sweat and laughter. Now it was to be used by a child trying out their new found super freakness and somehow they were supposed to be proud of their achievement when they reached a new level of this freakness that put them above the other freaks. Juliet hated thinking of the others as freaks but that was what they all were. Freaks in stupid yellowish orange jumpsuits.