They're trying it again! They had promised me that they wouldn't, but they are; they lied to me. After all of these years, after living in fear that they would abandon me if I didn't do what they wanted, after all the pain and agony I have suffered for them; they lied to me!

These were Rhea's last thoughts before they pushed the needle into her forearm. Inside the needle was a serum that made her inner wolf come out, it made her illusion of her human self, disappear. These people who had found Rhea as a little girl wandering the streets alone, her adopted parents, were the ones who requested that Rhea be a test subject. They were the ones that had given her into the arms of for more tests, more experiments and more pain. Rhea lay on the lab table, stripped completely naked, with more IV'S hooked up to her than a man can count. stands nearby, examining her reactions to the different drugs and chemicals that they pump her full of. "She's not very lively today." mutters to herself before pulling out a syringe from her pocket, "Let's see if this will provide a change in pace." plunges the needle into a vein in Rhea's arm and shoots her full of the drug. And that is the moment, in which it all goes to hell.

I feel another pinprick in my arm and my veins feel flushed with fire. Opening my eyes I see standing over me with another needle embedded in my skin by her hand. The hand that after snarling at her, I bite not so cleanly off. She screams when she looks at the stump of her arm and her hand in my human jaws. I smile widely and spit her hand to the floor watching her fall after it. "Guards! Guards, help!" she screams, her blood creating a pool on the floor. I quickly pull all of the IV'S out of my body and let out a howl before jumping to the ground in my wolf form, running towards the door. Two guards came rushing in with guns and I hit the first one full speed, crushing his ribs with my weight and ripping his throat open. As he fell to the floor I focused on the other one; he had his gun focused on me and his finger slowly pulling on the trigger. I didn't care if I got shot; I just wanted to get out of this hell. I ran towards him and the bullet grazed my chest, burning like the blood in my veins burned at this very moment from the drug that had pumped into me. I took another bullet, this one to my leg, as I charged forwards. I ripped his throat out with my jaws and ran down the hallways as fast as I could, eager to get out of this place. As I ran, leaving everything behind me, I felt nothing. No guilt for killing those people even though…even though they had deserved it. Bursting forth from my captivity, the building in which I had bled so much blood, felt so much pain, withstood so much agony, I finally felt happy. Happy that I was going to leave this all behind me, never to return to this retched place again; never. I ran through the streets, running with all my might, the only thing slowing me was the bullet wound in my chest and the bullet embedded in my leg. I passed many humans on my way, none of them bothering me, just thinking that I was another stray dog that got caught up in a fight. And then I came to a cluster of tall warehouses; they were run-down and weathered, windows and doors boarded up, some having nothing over them at all; and in the midst of this was a fountain. It was beautiful and I felt immediately drawn to it by some force. I slowed my pace and headed towards the fountain, limping and panting. My vision started to go blurry as the pain of my wounds grew and my body felt heavy; too heavy to hold up. Too heavy to run anymore. I took a few more shaky steps towards the fountain and howled; before giving into the darkness and sinking to the ground.

"I have to admit. That she-wolf is a strong one." I said, looking out of the window from the warehouse that Tsume and our gang lived in. "Yes, she certainly is…" Tsume said, as I launched myself out of the window into the open night air. "Kiba! What the hell are you doing?" Tsume yelled, jumping out after me. I landed on the ground a few seconds before he did and started to stride towards the fallen she-wolf. Tsume grabbed my arm and yanked me back, growling. "Answer me, Kiba. What are you doing?" I looked Tsume in the eyes, "She's one of us, Tsume, and she's hurt." I said, pulling my arm from his grip and walking over to the wounded she-wolf. Tsume followed, stalking over and sniffing at the female. Even though we were both in our human forms our noses worked just as well. "She smells like death. And half of the blood covering her body isn't even hers." He said, examining her closely. Tsume growled slightly and sniffed some more. "She smells like humans and that lab on the far side of the marketplace." I bent down and sniffed, catching the foul stench as well. "Poor thing." I said, scooping her limp body into my arms and standing. Tsume snarled, regarding me. "She isn't staying here, Kiba. She's like us but she isn't part of the pack." He said. I rolled my eyes and brushed past him, the she-wolf light in my arms. "Just because I renounced my title as alpha and passed it to you doesn't mean you can order me around all the time, Tsume." I said, hopping up into the open window and gently laying the she-wolf on the floor of Tsume and my shared room. It was the biggest room so we shared it. I grabbed the first aid kit and walked to the bathroom, running warm water and laying the she-wolf in it. I washed all the blood and scent of the lab off of her and bandaged her wounds. The she-wolf moved once during her unconsciousness, and that was when I ran the washcloth over her front legs; what would have been her arms in human form. I made a nest of blankets in the corner of the room and laid her in them as Tsume came in. "You're letting her sleep in here? What if she kills us in our sleep?" he complained. I looked at him and laughed. "You and I both know that the moment she wakes up we'd know it. And I doubt she could ever kill us in that condition." Tsume shrugged and nodded, lying down in his bed on the opposite wall of mine. "Don't trust her, Kiba. No good can come from a female. Just look at Blue and Hige, their all lovey dovey and soft. Women are no good." He said, rolling over to look at me. I met his eyes and laughed, "Could it be that you've never been with a woman before?" Tsume's face was priceless. I laughed and rolled over "I thought so." Then I fell asleep.