My jaw dropped. Mate. I had a mate. "Yeah, I'm not too psyched about it either kid." Tsume growls; I stand and turn, limping to the door. "You aren't leaving." Kiba said. "Watch me." As soon as the words left my mouth I was hit from behind and fell to the floor snarling. "If you're supposed to be my mate, my mate you WILL be." Tsume growled from above me, his eyes had sheen of possessiveness. Not good. I shifted (painfully) back into my wolf form and bolted out the door. As a rounded the corner that would lead me out of this little 'wolves hut' zone I heard snarling on my heels and heard angry barks. I turned my head, still running and saw Tsume in his wolf form; and he was gaining quickly. I squeaked in surprise as his jaws closed around my ankle and he dragged me into an alley. I tried to claw at the ground for a purchase but my claws wouldn't hold. As he dragged me deeper and deeper into the alley I snarled and tried to snap at him; he didn't seem to like that because he shifted to human form (naked) and grabbed my wolf hips. Damn him! He's too strong, I thought, still trying desperately to get away from him. "Look at me!" his voice boomed as his hands grabbed at my newly shifted human face. This was it; Now or never. I jerked my hand forward and bit into his hand with my human teeth, hearing a satisfying crunch and scream. Tsume's free hand came around and hit me square in the face. As I fell onto my stomach in the dark alley I knew I was done for. Tsume was going to kill me. The nakedness of my human skin against the ground sent chills up my spine as well as Tsume's voice. "You need to learn your place girl. Quickly." He hissed in my ear as he grabbed my hips and thrust into me. I let out a squeak of surprise and humiliation at his thing inside of me. I wriggled around trying to get away but he held me there and kept pounding; ignoring my screams for him to stop. Once Tsume came he pulled out and I fell face first into the concrete, eyes glazed in pain and humiliation at the violating act he had just performed. "Be best to learn your place quickly. I don't want that to take over again." He said softly, something in his voice sounding like sadness as he reached to pick me up. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" I screeched, inching away from his hands. "RHEA!? Rhea where are you!?" a familiar voice howled into the night. I sighed in relief; it was Blue and not Kiba. I didn't want him to see me like this. Blue was a woman, she could see me like this; but no, not Kiba. "Here." I whined softly before letting the blackness consume me.