"Nice day out today, 'ey?" said a man in his thirties staring out the glossy glass walls of the Diurnal. His name was Jericho, a Hoenn native and a security guard of the Diurnal. He was currently leaning over his counter watching the city life outside. People were hustling about outside going on their merry way. "Perfect for a bank robbery."

Behind him a sat an overweight man in his late forties in a swivel chair, legs propped up against the counter eating a glazed donut with a steaming cup of coffee besides him. He has an impressive curled mustache and wore the traditional security guard uniform. He paused chewing his treat looking at his co-worker.

"The hell is wrong with you."

Jericho shrugged. "Just sayin', Todd, just sayin'."

Todd and Jericho were the front door guards of the Diurnal Delibird. Jericho had recently gotten the job as an internship, and Todd was there to make sure he gets the job done, which was simply to monitor people being scanned. The Diurnal had an automatic full body scanner that stretched up to fifteen feet. It scanned the human body with multiple rays; UV, thermal, metal detection, radiation, the list goes on. If any employee walks in with the least amount of anything deficit they'll immediately be arrested, innocent or not. Anyone who showed any signs of resistance faced security, and no one wanted that with Todd and Jericho on the job. They'll mess you up.

"Hey Jerry," Todd called, raising his mug. "You forgot the splenda."

Jericho stared at the man. "Didn't you make that?"

"That's beside the point," he shoved the mug in Jericho's hands, spilling some of the steaming coffee onto his own hands. "God-fucking-dammit... now look what you did!"

Jericho scoffed, walking away from the man. Todd had a habit of using his authority to bully the younger man to do his bidding. It was annoying, and didn't increase his pay anymore or less. But Jericho needed the job so he would put up with it. Jericho walked to the other side of the main floor where a counter mounted to the wall held a pot of coffee and its necessities.

"Still don't see why he can't get his own coffee..." Jericho mumbled haughtily to himself, grabbing the container of sugar. "... let's see how your blood pressure can handle a little sugar then, fat stubborn..." He continued muttering himself, pouring in measured amounts of white sugar. As he poured in the last spoon of sugar a white pill slipped from his sleeves into the hot drink, unnoticed by anyone. He scowled to himself, stirring in the sugar. "Hope you die of diabetes..."

"Here's your cup of Koffing," Jericho spat, sliding the man his caffeine drink. "Hope you like it sweet."

"Took you long enough." Todd grasped his cup, bringing it to his lips before taking a slow decisive sip. He sighed contentedly, falling back into his seat. "Much better. Good job, Jear-Bear." Jericho rolled his eyes at the condensing nickname, flopping onto his chair as well. The floor was empty except for them, no one was entering and no one was leaving. It wasn't unusual since it was morning. Jericho came to learn that it became a mess when lunch breaks came in.

Speaking of lunch breaks, Jericho checked his wristwatch to see what time it was. 9:17 A.M. He shrugged and leaned back in his chair grabbing a Poké Trainers comic from his bag, he flipped open the book to where he last left off. He had plenty of time before lunch hour.






A tall man stepped out a white cargo van standing in front of the building known as Global Bank. Global Bank was the center of where all currency is exchanged and debuted among the Capital and traded worldwide. It stood three stories high with a large golden globe slowly spinning on its roof that was just as big as the building itself.

The man sniffed in slight disappointment. He expected that such an important federal bank would be... bigger. Nonetheless, it made everything easier for them. He turned around to make sure the others were with him as well; he didn't need a bunch of no good sissies for the job. Much to his liking, he saw all three of them right behind him; two of them being male and the other was obviously a woman- due to her body curves.

The men were all wearing the same set of clothing he was; jet black military pants with matching heavy combat boots. They wore a thick vest over black long sleeve shirt that could almost be mistaken for a sweater. Lastly, the things that would catch the public's eyes, the collars of their shirt were stretched out to shield their nose and mouth like some sort of mask. They had thick black gloves, dark linen beanies, and slick black sunglasses.

However for the girl, the only difference was instead of pants, she wore a relatively short black skirt that barely reached mid-thigh over long, thick, gray leg stockings. However, on all of their uniforms there was a brand symbol on their left shoulders. It was the letters U and N, but the N was conjugated with the U as if they were a single unit, not two.

The man nodded once and knocked on the cargo van thrice. The driver, a woman in the same uniform, nodded and proceeded to pull away and accelerating down the street, blending into traffic to a certain destination. Once she was gone, the man turned to face his team.

"You ready, MC?" the shortest of them asked, tugging on his glove in anticipation. "Or do you need a real man to show you wha-"

"Alright team," the man, known as MC, declared to his group placing two fists on his hips as if striking some sort of heroic leadership pose. "You all know what to do, so let's go give them hell."

"Yeah, yeah," the lady grumbled, and began following MC as he walked up to the bank doors. "Just stick to the-"

"EVERY-FUCKING-BODY PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP IN THE FUCKING AIR!" the short one, known as Mr. T, violently vociferated at the top of his lungs, jumping through the glass door and shattering it into millions of pieces. The bank clerks and civilians both jumped from the outburst in confusion.

"WHERE'S THE FUCKING MONEY!" MC roared, breaking open the other glass door. He and Mr. T simultaneously threw out three Poké Balls, releasing a Typhlosion, Braviary, Electivire and Ampharos, Blastoise and a Skarmory. The Pokémon, upon immediate release, instantly cried out as they ran across the floor, smashing furniture and destroying decorates.

It was then did panic start to settle in within the peoples minds. The federal bank was under siege! The civilians screamed and cried out ducking for cover as the Pokémon fired their specific attacks overhead. The Ampharos charged up its power before unleashing a surging charge beam at the cashiers behind the windowed wall. The majority ducked under just in time as the beam blasted through the windows and walls. However some were caught by the aftershock and were electrocuted, slumping to the floor paralyzed. The employees were frozen in fear while others then got up and immediately made a run for it.

"Brave!" Mr. T called out to his Braviary, pointing at the fleeing clerks. "Stop them Beh-zitches!"

The Braviary screeched in acknowledgement and instantly flew across the lobby and landed right in front of the clerks, before screeching loudly that shook them to their core, stopping them in their tracks. Growl didn't only work for Pokémon.

"Wh-what's going on here?" one of them asked, taking a shaky step back from the growling Pokémon. While the bird Pokémon forced them back, the Skarmory screeched at them from behind, trapping them between the two large beasts.

"We're robbing this joint dry, dumbass!" MC roared at the clerks as they were forced into being cornered. "Now where's the money!" Meanwhile, some civilians who went for cover began running for the exit.

"Run for it!"

"They have Pokémon!"


"Boss!" the woman of the group called out pointing to the civilians. She and JC, the other member of their group, were at the door on the far end of the building, heading into the back. "Don't let them out!"

"Focus on your job, Minnie!" he barked at her before facing the fleeing customers. "Ampharos! Power Gem!"

"Amph..!" The yellow Pokémon ran towards the civilians before firing a barrage of the attack. The gems hit all of them in the back, head and legs, causing them to cry out and fall. "Ampharos~!"

"Typhlosion!" the Fire starter roared before spewing out a blazing Fire Blast. It soared directly over the injured people and shattered the glass doors and windows. A small explosion was created, completely obliterating the exit and leaving a wide gaping hole in the building engulfed in flames.

"WHAT THE HELL!" MC yelled at Mr. T who was currently ordering his Electivire to destroy the furniture. "I didn't give you orders to do that!"

"I ain't did nothing wrong, Burnit is making sure they don't try to escaped."

"Burnit my ass!" MC retorted. "You did that intentionally. You best not screw this up, Mr. T."

"Look man, even if you are in charge you don't have to worry," Mr. T growled, stomping up to the man, glaring through his glasses. "I don't screw everything."

MC easily returned the glare. "You trying to say something?"

"What do you think I'm trying to say, dumbass?"

While the two robbers began their quarrel, their Pokémon- minus the Braviary and Skarmory- rounded up the hostages against a wall and stood over them with glaring eyes. However, unknown to any of them, a hidden door slowly creaked open from the opposite side of the lobby.

Two heavy set security guards slowly walked into the room and towards the two disputing robbers. One of the civilians, a young lady wearing sunglasses with auburn hair that goes down to being black, noticed this. The two robbers were so caught up in their argument that they didn't even notice the guards walk up right behind them with a strange weapon in their hands and with a swing of the arm...

Both guards were kicked up towards the ceiling, the weapon slipping from their hands. It was from their surprised choke out cry did the robbers finally notice them. The auburn haired hostage was on her bare hands with the heels of her shoes jabbed in their throats.

"What the chuck..." Mr. T swore as the guards fell unconscious, causing a cry of panic from the other hostages. He eyes the woman up and down as she stood up, wiping her hands. "...are you doing?"

"Saving your asses," she growled glaring at the two, knowing fully that they couldn't see it. "Only been ten minutes and you already blew my cover."

"Don't be blaming this on us," MC growled, shaking his head. "You're the one who just came up and-"

"What's JC and Minnie's status?" she interrupted, going into her purse, pulling out the same gloves as they wore.

"I'll check." Mr. T volunteered. He pinched the side of his clothed mask. "JC, status report."

"Security cams disabled. However, a line call had already been made to the police. I'd expect them to be here soon."

"Don't worry, I'll find the snitch and make sure he'll get stitches." said Mr. T, cracking his knuckles.

"That won't make any difference; I wouldn't put it past them if they're calling them in now." MC said, looking towards the hostages. He glanced at the brunette. "You better change too, Yuri."

"The virus is being uploaded now," JC continued. "At its current rate I'd estimate it'll be completed in ten minutes or so."

"I see. Minnie, status?" MC switched the call to the other member.

While MC, and Mr. T were making mischeif within the lobby, the other members had slipped by to the back room where security was stationed as well as the money was vaulted. Minnie was observing the vault.

"I found the vault," she replied. The vault was from floor to ceiling tall and as wide as the length of a car. She touched the cool metal. "Just as he said, we'll need a different decryption key for it. It's a separate security from the bank's."

"I see, we'll continue to Phase 2 then. Yuri is heading over now."

"Shouldn't we wait a little more?" It was JC who spoke. "The police are nowhere nearby right now."

"Point taken." MC replied. "Yuri and Minnie will continue to Phase 2, we'll be on standby 'til then."

"Got it," Minnie replied. The transmission ended and she looked over the vault again. Even when they unlock it, it may still be difficult to pry it open.

Minnie shook her head and glanced out the window, waiting for Yuri to arrive. Across the street was the Diurnal Delibird, standing proud as always. From behind her glossed lens, her forest green eyes were simmering with a wavering emotion.


"ALRIIIIIIIGHT!" Neo roared at the top of his lungs, fist clenched, and in an intense sloppy horse stance, causing all eyes to stare his way. He took a moment to catch his breath. "Lets... you know."

"Geez, Neo..." Brinna muttered, shielding her eyes with a hand from sheer embarrassment. To think they were such close friends.

"Okay everyone, you all were chosen because you are believed to be the best suitable for this mission." Eden stated, setting his bulky folder on a coffee table besides the hologram projector. Almost as soon as he set it down did a pale hand pick it up. Mesi held the file open, scanning over the papers. Eden paid her no mind.

His eyes were hard and weren't tolerating any outbursts. Neo and Ava simultaneously flinched.

"Our mission..." Eden pressed a button and the projector beamed a virtual Diurnal Delibird and its environment. "Is to subdue the Diurnal. Our top priority is to ensure Dex Holder Green delivers his message without interference.

"The police, security, and S.W.A.T. will be involved." Eden continued, taking the time to gaze into everyone's eyes. "You will be injured no matter the circumstances may be and they will aim to exterminate the threat that will be us. At the very least, imprison us. If anyone has anything to say before I continue, do so now."

Throughout the group no one said anything. Neo continuously shifted his eyes to everyone. Everyone seemed to have hard gazes to meet Eden's. Even Marshall and Marcus of all people had a seren gleam in their eyes. He couldn't understand it. Then he noticed Ava. Her eyes were still soft and looked unsure. She made a move to raise her hand, but Adam swiftly caught her wrist before she could do anything.

"Okay then," Eden said. "You all are official associates of project D.I.U.R.N.A.L., I will be heading this mission and you'll do exactly as I say, how I say it."

Both Terra and Aidan narrowed their eyes, but said nothing.

"So," it was Aeryn who spoke. "What's the game plan?"

"The plan will be this," The hologram dispersed, shattering into millions of atoms. Two seconds later, multiple orbs of various colors appeared lined up into groups. "We'll be divided into three teams; A team, B team, and C team."

"Dibs on A team," Marshall called. Tai sweat dropped.

"C team will be split into two units; Unit 1, and Unit 2. Unit 1 will-"

"I'm sorry," Ava interrupted, raising a hand. "But, could you give them names instead of letters? It can get confusing."

She stared at the teen who simply stared back. When his eyes started to become colder her gaze began to waver, and thoughts of why she'd ask such a question began to sink in her mind. Her trail of thoughts was soon cut off when Tai spoke up.

"I second that." he said, also raising a hand.

"Getting off topic," Eden then pointed at the group of six blue holographic spheres. "Unit 1 will infiltrate the Diurnal from its entrance, disabling all security and exonerate all employees from the building."

"How the hell are six people are going to do that?" Marshall interrupted, crossing his arms. "I mean, I would be able to do so no problem, but I'm in the A team."

"Once Unit 1 has secured the perimeter Unit 2 will then enter via rooftop." Eden continued, pointing to five cyan spheres classified as the E Unit. "Thanks to Neo, we have the blueprints to the Diurnal. It has a total of sixty-seven floors; the broadcast room on the sixtieth."

He actually got them...? Terra thought, casting a quick glance at Neo. He gave Eden thumbs up as if it was nothing.

"The objective of Unit 1 is to control the first fifty-nine floors and prevent S.W.A.T., or any other national securities from reaching the sixtieth floor. Unit 2 is to be considered as Green's bodyguards. They bring him in and stay on watch."

"Six people to cover fifty-nine floors and five to guard a single person," Seishiro repeated, becoming uncomfortable with where Eden was going. "That's a lot, considering there will be a lot of men coming in."

"Stole the words right from my mouth," Quy agreed, the two exchanged a look. "Six people won't be enough to hold out a hundred, at the least, troops. Seems the same as the last plan, just with a different strategy."

"It's the same plan, but with some improvements." Eden shot back with a smug smirk. He then pointed to six red spheres. "Six people against the entirety of the national defense would be suicide- which is why they will busy with something else to keep the majority of them occupied."

Aidan, Terra, Quy, Adam and Seishiro simultaneously narrowed their eyes. "Occupied?"

"Right. Before C Team can begin, A and B Team has to fulfill their duties- which is to distract the national defense."

Eden paused, expecting another question or outburst. Much to his demise no one said anything, waiting for him to continue. He flipped the hologram and the Diurnal appeared again, however there was another large building across from it. Eden turned back to his comrades.

"And they are going to do that by robbing the Global Bank."




"Arceus," A young maid swore to herself, staring out the window to the field down below. She had a light cocoa skin complex and dark hair tied into a French braid. It fitted lovely with her maiden clothes. Outside there was people screaming and running away from the Global Bank. She could see the windows and doors were destroyed, replaced by a huge gaping hole. "What in the world..."

"Marian!" the maid turned to the caller of her name spotting her coworker, and friend, running down to her. "Did you see that explosion?"

"Y-yes." she nodded, looking out at the scene again, worry shadowed her face. "I think there's a robbery happening..."

"They must be really bold then..." the maid shook her blonde hair. "No one's ever been able to do that."

"True..." Marian blinked, hearing sirens in the distance, and felt her heart grew heavy. "I hope no one's hurt down there."

"Hey, you two!" the two ladies turned to see a man walking out of a room. "I'm heading out, and need room service."

"Okay, sir. We'll get right to it." the blonde said walking back. "Come on, Marian. The police will take care of it, and we need to keep our jobs."

"Right..." she replied lamely, continuing to look out the window. However, her eyes weren't on the bank, but on the building across the street beside the Diurnal. It was a Social Security building. A second later, she turned away to aid her co worker. "Here I come."


It was only a mere five minutes later did the police arrive. There were bystanders that stood outside the restricted area, fearing the outcome of the event. The entire street was filled with federal cars and a few heavy armored vans. The block was marked off limits with cones, officers, and restriction tape. The majority of them were hidden behind their insulated car doors with a weapon in hand and an Arcanine be their side.

From inside the bank, MC and Mr. T stood arms crossed watching the troops hustle into their positions barking out orders. The civilians and clerks were all tied up and mouths were taped shut. Their eyes gazed outside with a glint of hope, anxiety, and relief.

From the corner of his eye, MC noticed how relaxed they were now; as if everything was already settled. It made him a bit miffed. They were supposed to be trembling in fear and worry like good hostages.

"Hey look, its Captain what's-his-name." Mr. T remarked, regaining MC's attention.

In the center of the government was a bigger than average automobile, where a large man with an immense beer gut that was impossible not to notice stepped out. He had a broad face with an impressive mustache and fair skin. An officer handed him a megaphone which he snatched with little effort. His face was weary, as if he just woken from slumber.

"I think it was Buggort," MC says, sighing a little. He wasn't too sure of the man's name. He knew he was well known, but forgot the reason why.

"Okay guys, come on out! We have you surrounded and stuff...!" He took a moment to yawn before lifting the megaphone again. "...You're outnumbered, out-powered, outgunned, and outmatched! If you release the hostages now then maybe we can work out a deal."

"Doesn't look like a Buzzard to me," Mr. T observed, twitching his nose. "Maybe a Flaggio..."

"A Flaggio?" MC stared at his companion. "Now you're just making words up."

"MC, we're still bypassing the encryption," it was Yuri, speaking via transmission. "We can hear Duiermbienk from back here. You'd best proceed to Phase 2."

"Ahh, Duiermbienk!" the two echoed, grasping onto the Captain's name. MC nodded in remembrance before pinching the side of his mask to reply. "You worry about getting that vault open, Yuri. We'll handle the cops-"

"Fuds." Mr. T corrected.

"Whatever," MC muttered, rolling his eyes. He cut off the call and turned to face his adversaries. "Either way, this is going to be fun."

"Please, allow me.." Mr. T proposed, walking towards the police, cracking his knuckles. "SoarWing, Shocks, Burnit... let's go."

"You know, I didn't exactly give you permission to go ahead and do what you like." MC remarked as the Braviary, Electivire and Typhlosion responded to their master's call proceeding to walk past him, following behind Mr. T's footsteps. He clenched his teeth before running up, besides his ignorant companion.

"I don't see you trying to stop me," Mr. T shot back.

"I don't try, I do." MC retorted, smacking the shortster upside his head. "You stay back and watch the hostages. Steel, Ampharos, Mach, and I can handle this."

"Oi, I don't need your help taking out these buzzards!"

"See? You don't even remember what we're supposed to do!"

"Yeah? Well I know what I can do- kick your sorry ass!"

"Oh, so now you want to go at it and jeopardize the mission? Definitely putting this on my report."

"Who said anything about jeopardizing anything!?"

The two continued to argue as they made their way out the building to meet their opponents face to face. The Skarmory, Ampharos and Blastoise guarding the hostages, exchanged skeptical looks at one another before shrugging and followed after their master. It left the hostages a large opportunity to flee and escape, but nonetheless they followed his orders. They believed he knew what he was doing, otherwise he wouldn't be head of the job.

Said hostages watched as the powerful Pokémon left one by one, following their masters step by step. They couldn't have actually left them to run? Could they?

"O-oye," one particular hostage said to another. "Did they really just... leave us, like that?"

"N-no way..." another replied, shaking his head. "There's no way they'd do that- it must be some sort of trap."

A woman gulped, bringing her knees up to her chest. She was trembling with her eyes shut, willing herself not to cry. "What monsters..."


"How long until its hacked?" Yuri asked, standing besides her companion kneeling before the vault.

Minnie didn't budge from her position, in her hands she held was a small device emitting a series of bleeps and whirring noises. It was connected to the vault's security system downloading and updating data at various speeds. The handheld device had a small bar showed, partially red and black. It will notify her when it had completed its objective once the bar is pure red.

"As of right now, it's a little less from being halfway finished," she stood up and faced her companion with the device still in hand. "Assuming everything goes according to plan, it should finish in fifteen minutes."

"That's more than what we were promised," Yuri replied, sighing to herself. "Never mind that, we should be alright until then."

Minnie nodded in agreement. It was quiet between the two for a moment.

"Still..." Yuri spoke up, sitting on the edge of a work desk. Her voice was softer, and hidden behind her dark sunglasses her eyes were somewhat contemplating. Minnie didn't say anything, patiently waiting for what she had to say. After a moment, did she continued. "It's a little hard to believe we're actually doing this, isn't it?"

Minnie slightly narrowed her eyes, unsure where that came from. "Not really. It was only a matter of time."

"Hn." Yuri mumbled incoherently. "I guess that's true."

"Hey guys, I think we may have more trouble coming our way sooner than planned."

Minnie pinched the side of her mask. "What is it, JC?"

"S.W.A.T. already made their move?" Yuri asked, standing up alert.

From inside the security room, JC stood over the computer screens. He had complete control over the cameras and had blocked the government from tapping in. Behind him standing guard besides the door was Cobalt; his trustworthy Empoleon.

Each screen showed a different location inside and outside the bank. He saw the police forces and the hostages huddled up into corners. However on one particular screen he saw his two teammates heading out with their Pokémon towards the armed policemen.

"What on earth are they doing..." he muttered in disbelief.

"JC, respond," it was Yuri. "What's happening? Are they taking action?"

"They're taking action alright," he responded, his fingers were tightly clenching the security desk. "But it's not Duiermbienk making the first move."


"I know this is a stupid question to ask," said Joel. "But are you serious?"

A small chortle of laughter escaped from Mesi's lips. When she looked up, her eyes met his glare. She smiled some. "You were right, it was a stupid question."

"Eden, I know we've been thick and through together for as long as I remember, but robbing a bank?" Michka spoke with a tone of disbelief. "Let alone the Bank Global. Even if we are fighting against Dusk, that doesn't mean we should involve the innocents into our affairs!"

"But that's the point of this mission," Quy countered, shooting a hard look at Michka. "To get them involved. To let them know the reality of what's truly happening in this world."

Michka shot a low glare at her. "That's different. We're talking about actually harming them, purposely or not. Assuming we even succeed, we may drive thousands of people bankrupt- homeless even."

"All is fair in love and war," Terra said, looking at Michka before at Eden.

"If it comes to that then it would be in our favor." Eden said, nodding. "We'll just house and feed them."

"And could possible have an increase of UnVeRsE members," Terra included.

"Yes, but still..." Michka argued, shaking her head. It was shady- if not deceitful and she didn't like it. Not one bit.

"So what's your whole master plan to rob the wealthiest building in the world?" Seishiro asked, catching Michka off guard.

"You can't honestly be thinking of taking part of th-!"

"The Bank Global has the highest security in the Capital. It's nearly impossible to sneak inside- unlike the Diurnal- and have cameras at every angle." Eden interrupted, getting back on track. "Even if we were to sneak inside, there'd be a second set of security solely for protecting the valuables. And of course, the Dusk will send its members to apprehend the situation. It's happened before, it'll happen again," he grinned some. "This is why we're going to go old school."

Aidan frowned. "Old school...?"

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Marcus and Neo raised theirs hands jumping up and down. "You mean like in the movies- just busting up all in there like...Pikachow~!"

"An open attack?" Joel asked, looking back at the two then at Eden who gave a small nod.

"From what I've researched; all attempts on robbing the Bank Global were mostly stealth-wise. False identifications, accounts, businesses, etcetera. They were all caught and imprisoned."

"So instead, we're going to be 'flashy' with this robbery." Mesi promptly continued. "A Team's objective is to cause an uproar at the bank and to rob it dry. It will serve as a distracted long enough for Unit 1 to infiltrate and secure the Diurnal- or the first twenty floors that is."

Eden looked over his attendance, eyeing each person carefully. There were a total of twenty persons; eleven girls and nine males. Most of which he know personally, if not by reputation.

Exactly the amount he said would come, Eden thought, casting a shallow glance at Neo, who was currently scuffling with Marcus of some sort. He narrowed his eyes at the teen suspiciously before easing up. He then pointed at specific persons, calling each by their individual names. "Joel Corbett, Marcus Tribes, Minami-"

"-Hishinota, Ava Gallagher, Euronome Snow and... you..." Mesi interrupted, pointing at Marshall, while reading a list from Eden's folder.

"What, my name too good for you to say?" Marshall etched, somewhat disappointedly. Mesi simply ignored him and handed out a folder to each of whom she'd just called out, reading from another folder.

"...will be known as the A Team. Marshall, you'll be leading the team."

"I object." Euronome stated immediately. "I refuse to follow this... idiot. He's reckless and solely acts on instinct."

"Only because I'm awesome enough to pull it off."

"Marshall has been in multiple teams that successfully completed their mission with zero to none causalities." Eden calmly responded. "He's even been nominated for leader in twice before. He's a candidate for this position. You, Euronome," he spoke more quickly, facing the raven haired. "Have done more than sixty-seven percent of missions by yourself. You don't specialize in team errands and wouldn't be fitted for a leadership po-."

"I never said I wanted to lead this team," she cut him off. "I said I refuse to be led by an idiot."

"Then in that case, Marshall will not be an 'idiot' during this mission." Mesi answered. She looked over at the said teen. "Isn't that right, Marshall?"

"Like I said, Awesometacular." he grinned.

"You never said anything like that," Neo corrected. "And what the hay-hay? Why am I not in the A Team?"

"Because you'll be needed for Unit 1's mission," answered Mesi, simply lifting a page up to browse through the plan's layouts.

Ava blinked, "Wait, I'll be robbing the bank? The Bank Global?"

"I don't like the sound of that," Aidan muttered, hands crossed and eyes slightly narrowed. "She's inexperienced, new and could get hurt."

A vein bulged on Ava's forehead, but before she could remark on that comment Eden intercepted her.

"My sources say otherwise." Eden simply stated, exchanging stares with Aiden. "She's proven to show some skill and that's all that matters..." he sighed, breaking eye contact with the man. "...but to be on the safe side she can play the chauffeur."

"The chauffeur." Aidan sounded skeptical.

"Ah, we will need a getaway driver." Euronome muttered. Marshall and Marcus nodding in agreement, snickering to themselves.

Ava contended. "You have got to be joking."

"Everyone plays an important role in this mission, especially the chauffeur." Eden had almost grinned a little, mocking her. Walking over to Mesi, he took a file of papers and tossed it over to her. Ava caught it perfectly, and opened it curiously. Some others peeped over to see what was inside. "That will be A Team's course of action. I want you guys to commit it to memory."

"Hold on, Eden." Minami stepped up with a tone of defiance. "Why am I stuck with the bank? I want to help in the Diurnal, not rob a bank!"

"Because the bank will be more dangerous than the Diurnal." Eden countered with steel eyes, making the young blonde halt in her steps. He kept his gaze steady, looking over each A Team member. "If all goes according to plan, stealing the money will be easy. The Bank Global has two guards inside, however it's not the security inside that makes it impossible to steal.

"It's the outside forces that wait for your escape."


Duiermbienk stood behind an armored car with a megaphone in hand waiting for feedback. It's been over a minute since he spoke with the crooks and he has yet to receive a reply. He had twenty armored cruisers blocking off the road in front of the Bank Global to prevent any sort of escape. Surrounding the front side of the bank were a total of forty-three policemen; each with enhanced Arcanine by their sides.

He tugged on his perfect mustache, impatiently tapping his finger against the megaphone's handle. It shouldn't take so long for a bunch of failed robbers to make up their decision. They're first mistake was that they thought robbing a bank on television was the same as in real life. They could have at least thought out a plan instead of just busting inside.

"Honestly..." Duiermbienk muttered, shaking his head before yawning softly. He was having such a nice nap too. All he wanted to do was lock up these no good for brains in Dusk penitentiary and go home to his loving wife. She'll be due to have her baby in a month or so and he was anxious enough as it was.

Why couldn't they 'rob' the bank some other month? It's not like they got anything to prove, no one's ever stolen a single dime from the bank uncaught, what makes them and other thieves think they're special enough to do so? The mind of a criminal... is something the average person could never articulate.

"Captain Duiermbienk!" an officer called running up to the man. He pointed towards the large busted entrance to the bank. "We've spotted two figures approaching the entrance, highly likely that it's the thieves."

"Hn," Duiermbienk twitched his nose, spotting two approaching shadows. "Only two?"

"E-eh yes, sir," the officer replied. "Most likely to negotiate."

"We'll see about that, tell the others to stand alert," Duiermbienk said, referring to his policemen. "We'll see what they have to say."

"Understood," the officer nodded, giving a salute before leaving to follow his orders. "Ready your weapons! Pokémon stand by! Stay in your positions!"

Let's get this over with, Duiermbienk thought grimly. Before those S.W.A.T. bastards arrive.

The troops steadied their weapons and the Arcanine's stood alert bending low; ready to pounce at any given moment. Bystanders, watching from the sidelines mutters became more silent; noticing the policemen's change of posture. Something was happening. For the next ten seconds everything was silent, then footsteps were heard walking over the rubble of the bank's former entrance. Not long after that, did they hear the two criminals.

"I told you before; I've got this!"

"I'm not going to let you screw this up- that's what your dad's is for."

"It's your mom, dumbass- and look who's talking!"

"There they are," an officer muttered to his partner, narrowing his eyes and raising his weapon a little higher. Out of the shadows of the bank walked out two men, clad in dark clothes. One was relatively tall while the other was about a head or shorter. As they stepped out, he noticed the large Pokémon that stood behind them. "And they brought Pokémon..."

"Now look, no one's guarding the hostages," MC scowled, standing up straight and cracking his right knuckles. His Ampharos and Skarmory named Steel, standing by his sides and his Blastoise, Mach, stood over him. "It won't be my fault if they run."

Mr. T stomped a foot down and a large piece of the stone wall with a scowl of his own. His Electivire, and Typhlosion stood behind him on his right and left sides while SoarWing, his Braviary, flapped overhead. He pounded his fist into his palm and grew a sly smirk. "Not like we'll need them anyways."

"Humph," MC snorted, viewing the large force of policemen and Arcanine. "Well that's one thing we agree on."

The two did not budge a muscle as the police force steadied aimed their weapons directly at them. Arcanine lowered themselves into pouncing positions, lowly growling. Duiermbienk raised an eyebrow. He wasn't expecting them to fight. They either were stalling for time, or were just very stupid.

"Oye!" Mr. T shouted, pointing directly at the leading officer. "Duiermbienk! The bank said they want their sperm back!"

Most likely very stupid. Duiermbienk raised the megaphone to his lips once more. "Return your Pokémon and come quietly, I don't want things to get messy here."

"I ain't gay, dumbass!" Mr. T roared, stomping his foot like a child. "Arceus..."

MC shook his head, and shouted over to the captain. "I would advise you run like hell! I don't want to hurt anyone!"

Mr. T scoffed, "Liar."

"He doesn't have to know that."

From the other side the officer besides Duiermbienk frowned, peering at the assailants more closely. "They... sound like children."

"Their masks are most likely manipulating their vocal cords." Duiermbienk reassured, unimpressed. He sighed, a little agitated. He dealt with their kind before. And it certainly will not catch him off guard again. "We don't negotiate with terrorists or thieves. Turn yourselves in now or force will be used."

"Terrorists? Now I feel insulted." MC sneered, cracking his knuckles. His Ampharos took a step ahead of him growling angrily; electricity sparking off his cheeks. "Let's teach them some respect, Ampharos."

"No need," Mr. T intervened, stepping up straight with his Typhlosion. "Burnit will show 'em a thing or two."

"Men!" the officer commanded, raising an arm. "Take aim!"

"I said I got this!" MC growled, shoving Mr. T aside and pointed directly at Duiermbienk. "Ampharos, shock 'em with Thunderbolt!"

As all men took aim at the two human males, the officer then threw down his arm screaming, "Fire!"

Mr. T lost his footing from the sudden shove and fell back while ordering, "Blast Burn!"

Attacks from both sides were fired simultaneously. Ampharos charged up before releasing massive amounts of electricity while Burnit instantly cleared up before erupting a large volley of searing flames. As the two attacks aimed at the policemen, said men fired a barrage of shots from their weapons at the two. The ammunition wasn't bullets though; but a raw energy condemned into a bullet like beam.

MC was hit directly into the chest, legs, and shoulders. The force so strong that it knocked the breath out of him as it sent him flying back into the bank. Since Mr. T was shoved down, the barrage of the fire rate was shot overhead. He was saved from being hit.

The two attacks simultaneously made their way at the enemies, but at the last possible moment the direction changed. The Blast Burn and Thunderbolt were fired closely that two merged into a single attack. A searing beam of soaring flames crackling with electricity was created. The combined attack soared directly over the policemen's heads and up directly into the building behind.

Which coincidentally turns out to be the Diurnal.

The attack hit the third floor, obliterating the windows and outer wall. Glass and rubble began raining down on the officers. Some shrieked as they covered their heads diverging amongst themselves to safer ground. Duiermbienk frowned, narrowing his eyes as he guarded himself from any fatal head injuries. But he did not move from his position.

Mr. T blinked, as he sat up seeing the damaged done to the Diurnal. As smoke and dust cleared he could see that the attack had destroyed three or so rooms side to side from ceiling to floor. It was a lot more powerful than he had expected.

"I got to remember that one," he muttered to himself, standing up. MC wasn't with him anymore, but his Pokémon were. They didn't seem too fazed by the shots fired. Then again, it seemed more like a Pokémon's attacked weaponized. Mr. T decided not to put too much thought into it. He had to find the group leader, if he was still alive.

"Oi, are you alive?" Mr. T called out into the bank before making his way inside, their Pokémon following behind his footsteps. He took that time to find his comrade while the fuds were in disarray. The hostages were all bundled up in their corner shocked, some even crying. Mr. T paid them no mind before noticing a recently made pile of office material. "Hey if you're dead, I dibs your women."

"Just shut up already..." a voice growled from beneath the pile before it began falling over. MC hissed as he climbed out, grasping his chest, hacking some. He pulled his hand from his chest expecting to see blood, but to his mild surprise there wasn't. His gloved hand was blood-free. His shirt wasn't torn or ripped in anyway possible either.

"So you really are alive... shame..."

MC ignored his subordinate, panting hoarsely. Even though he wasn't pierce by the barrage of hits, the force behind them hurt like hell. He could barely catch his breath and to be honest, he almost thought that he was dying himself. He inhaled deeply, regulating his breath before checking his pained torso for any fatal injuries. He found none. Just a raging stinging pain through his body.

This stuff is really... he thought to himself. Did Neo really... made this?


"I think I'll butt in before the topic changes anymore than needed," Mesi announced, flipping a few pages scanning its contents. "So as a brief summary, A Team's objective is to attract and distract the police for a set amount of time. This brings up the B Team's-"

"Okay, I second Ava's suggestion," Neo interrupted, raising a hand. He had a small frown of distaste. "These names have no sense of creativity at all."

"I know, right?" Ava perked up, gratified that she was not alone in the topic. "It feels awkward just to listen to them say it..."

"Is that all the comments from the peanut gallery? Yes? Alright then," Mesi rolled her eyes as the two sent glares of steel her way. "The B Team will be in action several weeks before the A and B Team, and will be our reconnaissance. They will be working undercover in the surrounding companies of the Diurnal and bank. Each member will assimilate into the area and become familiar with the area. They are to report every and any aspect that could be a benefit or hindrance to the mission at hand; alleyways, backdoors, monopolies- whatever they find that's worth investigated is to be reported back.

"Sound's like an all Ranger errand." Seishiro said, furrowing his eyes. Mesi nodded.

"Practically, yes. B Team will consist of Seishiro Tokugawa, Devin Powell, Michka Morré, Quy Nguyen and myself."

"Whoa," Michka blurted, caught off guard by the announcement. "I don't think I should be involved with Ranger's affairs in this one. Gathering intel and writing reports? Not exactly my thing."

"Quite the contrary," Eden rejoined. "From what I've read about you- and from personal witnessing- I believe you're capable of pulling off as a Ranger. Is that correct, Seishiro?"

"True," he answered, nodding. He gave her a light admirable smile. "She definitely has the potential of one."

Michka blinked and lightly scowled to herself as a small blush blossomed across her cheeks. "I don't know.. Geez."

Mesi handed out a file to Michka, disrupting her thoughts, before passing one to Seishiro as well as Devin and Quy. Michka opened her file and began reading its contents. There was a small ID photograph of her in the upper left corner as well as some information- false information of her and her occupation.

"The four of you will pose as employees for different faculties," Mesi continued, flipping over the page. "Michka, you will incognito as a maid at the Grande Hotel; you'll have a birds eye view of the Bank Global. Devin, you'll be stationed at the Delibird's Café, you'll have a ground's perspective from there. Seishiro, you and Quy will work as accountants in the Terminal, you'll be a little further from the rest of us, but can forewarn us from any incoming threats."

"And you?" Michka asked, looking up from her papers. "Where will you be?"

"In my pants, that's where." Marcus boomed, raising a hand just in time for Marshall to give him a high-five.

"Nice, bro."

"Your mom's nice."

"Do you two always have some sort remark?" Joel barked, clearly disgusted. The two scoffed before simultaneously flipping him off. He paid them no mind, knowing that they'd want a retort. Eden sighed, aggravated already by how long the conference was prolonging.

"Mes, go on." Eden said, pinching his eyebrows together.

"I'll be incognito in the Diurnal as a guard. I'll come to know of the building's security and come to aid Team Three with their objective. When a misfire is shot from the bank attack hits the Diurnal many people will flee from the building causing C Team to do their part."

"'Misfire'? Devin echoed, raising an eyebrow.

"It's in their files," she replied. Hearing that, Marshall, Marcus and even Minami all opened up their files scanning through its contents in search of that specific act. "How it happens isn't important."

"So then, Team One acts as an distraction by robbing the Bank Global and Team Two will be our eyes and ears," Terra summarized, glancing at Mesi before staring over at Eden in particular. "So why is Team Three the only team divided into two separate units? What's their goal... or goals?"


"Hurry! The fire's spreading!"

"G-gye!- I can't breathe! I c-can't..!"

"What's happening?!"

"The fire alarms aren't working!"

"Quick! Get everyone out!"

"Evacuate the building!"

Smoke swelled out from the third floor of the Diurnal. The misfire from the robbery had obliterated the safety glass of the building and destroyed multiple rooms of the specific floor. Screams and shouts could be heard from below as the employees struggled to escape the flames.

Inside there were flames growing at a rapid rate, consuming anything and everything it its path. Currents of electricity crackled to life, surging through the flames, as if empowering them. The persons within that section were hurt, caught off guard from the sudden explosion. Some injuries were severely fatal, sharp debris pierced through organs, and some were paralyzed and others had broken arms or cracked ribs.

As the workers fled from the sight the fire grew fiercer, as if coming to life just exploding with new profound energy. Smaller explosions emitted from inside from the hectic energy being sprawled about burning away the offices, walls, floor, roof, and furniture. From below the policemen ducked, shielding themselves as the flames roared out from the floor causing more shards of glass to breaks and scatter down. The screams and hollers could be heard from below. They were shocked from the result of what had happened. For the Diurnal to be hit- damaged- was never done this bad before.

Duiermbienk gaped at the large hole in the third floor as the flames spewed out menacingly. Those flames were anything but ordinary, there's no way fire could cause that much damage in such a short amount of time. Quickly snapping from his thoughts his eyes shot towards one of his lieutenants.

"You- Frelik! Take your team and evacuate the building!"

"I'm on it, sir!"

"This is Dusk police! All pedestrians leave the area at once, it is no longer safe for bystanders!"

"Everyone, evacuate the building! Casualties are rising...!"

Orders were being spat everywhere, one voice straining to be over the other and so on. Officer Frelik had taken his team and entered the Diurnal's lobby. Already, it was packed with people racing to get out the door. Workers shoving each other aside in a panicked matter to escape the danger that represented to them. Smoke was leaking out from the emergency stairs as Frelik struggled to keep the chaos in a controllable order, guiding the people out and helping those injured by the sudden attack.

"Damn it, how many got caught in the fire?" Frelik swore, as he helped a swarm of workers out the staircase. Beside him was the security guard Jericho, helping a burned woman from being trampled on. The raven haired lad shook his head in dismay.

"I'm not sure, I'd say about fifty were actually hit by the blast. The amount injured from the fire is probably thrice as much, to say at the least," he shook his head then turned around to see the elevator open up, freeing more pedestrians to flee into the crowd, desperate to escape. He turned back to look at Frelik. "Todd was up there at the time, and must have gotten hit; he's out like a rock. I thought he was dead..."

Frelik bit his lip, eyeing the security desk where an unconscious guard sat limp in his chair. His eyes were still open and showed no hint of realization of what was happening around him. Above he heard a loud crackle and a roar before a fierce heat wave blasted down the staircase, smacking the two right in their faces.

It was hot, and Frelik was sure he just had that tan he always wanted.

"We have to evacuate the entire building," he said shaking his head in attempt to shake off the heat. "The fire department won't arrive soon enough- five minutes tops. And this fire doesn't seem to be normal..."

Another heat wave exhausted from the staircase. This time there was a small crackle of electricity amongst it.

"I never would have guessed it...!" Jericho growled wiping his face. He was really starting to hate his choice of career.

"Chief, this is Frelik. Situation is worse than we assumed..." the man said, speaking into his interphone walkie-talkie.

From outside Duiermbienk stood watching as the workers fled from the building. Black smoke now galloped from the gaping hole in large quantities. He couldn't see the flames but he could tell that they were spreading fast- much faster than wildfire.

"...by the time the fire department arrives we'd have lost a few floors."

"That doesn't matter right now," he replied. "Make sure the building is evacuated, that's the top priority."


The transmission ended and Duiermbienk found himself staring back towards the bank. His eyes were narrowed to a sharp stare, but not quite a glare. They had retreated back inside during the confusion and as much as he hated to admit it, it was pretty much their safe haven. He could care less about the property damage, but if he sent his men inside, he'll risk the hostages' lives. Something he'd never find himself do.

Don't be hasty, Duiermbienk, he thought to himself. His arms were crossed, left fingers tapping his shoulder. He couldn't see the robbers inside the bank, but he knew they were there. Just wait it out.

As the police struggled getting everyone out of the burning building to safety, the thieves themselves were planning their next move.

"What the hell is wrong with you two!?" JC practically roared, storming out the latter half of the building towards them. "That was completely unnecessary! You practically just sent the police to them!"

"Your mom's unnecessary!" Mr. T shot back at the first insult, as their companion walked up to them. "So chill the hell out."

"If you two girls are done bitching..." MC groaned, straightening out his back, rubbing his stiff neck. He was more than sure he had a crook now. " Dammit.. What's the status on the vault?"

JC let out a hefty sigh, these two were something to deal with. "...It's nearly cracked, a few more minutes and we will be ready to advance to phase three. That is..."

MC nodded shallowly, knowing what he meant exactly. They have bought enough time as it was with that stunt, albeit it went a little 'better' than expected. All they needed now was the clearance to proceed.

MC then asked him. "Have you heard from them yet?"

His reply was a small head shake. "No, not of yet anyways. I'm assuming that they're setting up- assuming that they got inside."

"I would be surprised if they didn't," MC mumbled, staring out past Duiermbienk and at the smoking Diurnal. Heavy crowds were flowing out like a school of hectic Remoraids. "Otherwise they'll be in for a world of hurt."


"I know they were to cause a distraction, but I think they're pushing it to the extreme." said a Tai Ishihara staring out the window wall onto the hectic city street. Judging from how much smoke was heftily rising from the fire a few floors below he could assume that a considerable amount of destruction was caused. "There are a lot of cops coming inside..."

The teen was in an office large enough to be a lobby and, of course, was not speaking to himself, but to his comrades. Terra was sitting on a jet black sofa with her legs and arms crossed, with Brinna sitting across from her. Besides the exit door Adam Ryuken was pacing with unease, frequently checking his watch beneath his dark sleeves. They all were wearing the same set of clothing as the criminals robbing the federal bank.

He turned around to his accomplices, frowning. "I didn't sign up to hurt the innocent."

"We're in a high class Dusk building," Terra sharply replied. "I doubt any of the employees here are innocent."

The cold reply almost made him wince. For as long as he knew Terra she never spoke to him gratingly before. But in his defense, this would be his first mission working with UnVeRsE. Perhaps, he supposed, that he should keep his personal opinions to himself.

Tai's silence did not go on unnoticed. Terra casted a short glance at the teenager, wondering what was going through his mind. He had to learn the difference between reason and truth, and not to miscalculate his personal feelings in the matter.

"Dammit to hell," Adam swore, stopping in his tracks. He roughly pulled his sleeve over his watch, glaring at the door. "Where the hell are they?"

"It's pretty noisy down there," said Terra, lifting her sunglasses above head. "Mesi must still be held up."

"An excusable excuse," Adam retorted. He wasn't one to lose his temper, but for something as important as this... "But where is he?"

They all knew exactly who he was referring to, and being the one out of the group to know who he implying to personally, Brinna felt obliged to answer. "I'm sure he wouldn't fall out on us, he's not that type of person."

"The fact is, that he's not here." Adam said agitatedly. "Nor is his communicator online... and he's the one who got us here in the first place?"

"Adam, calm down," Terra said standing up. "If he's not here then we'll just stick to the plan without him."

"Leave Neo behind?" Tai spoke, unsure of the alternative. "Is that alright? He has the codes!"

"I'm telling you he'll come," Brinna added, "As much of a nuisance he is, he wouldn't just chicken out. Perhaps something happ-"

"No matter how you look at it, he's clearly not in the building." Terra interjected casting a firm stare at the two before settling her sunglasses back into place. "And since you two are so keen on keeping him within the group, you can split his responsibilities."

"What?" The two exclaimed.

"Fair enough," Adam said before opening the door. "We're already behind schedule as it is. Eden's team will be here in approximately three minutes. We need to get to our positions. Now."

"This is ridiculous..." Tai muttered incoherently, as he and the others stepped out the room, while Brinna only wiggled her nose.

"We're sticking to the plan, rather you like it or not is not up to you," Adam stated firmly, turning to face the teens. "Tai, go down to the tenth floor and wait Mesi before proceeding to Phase Two. Brinna, make preparations on the twentieth floor and hold your position there until further orders."

"...Sir yes, sir." she responded half-heartedly before walking down the hall. Tai opened his mouth to say something, but then caught himself. He knew Terra was watching, and he didn't want to cause any more friction than there already were. He hurried in the same direction as Brinna.

Adam sighed as they left, leaving only himself and Terra. "Kids..."

"Mm," she hummed before walking past the older man in the opposite direction. "There's another elevator down the hall, you can take it to floor fifty."

"Uh-huh," he stared at the young adult. He knew Terra was a soldier at heart, and knew- memorized the plans until they were ingrained into her skull, and part of her well being. He felt no need to remind her of her part. Nonetheless, as leader, he had to know how she would get there. "I take it you won't be taking the same way."

"Stairs will get me there faster." She didn't even turn to reply.


"Everything will revolve around C Team. They carry the most important task- the original task of this entire mission. If this team fails, the entirety of the mission fails." The tone of his voice was more than enough to stress the importance to the group. He was not glaring, but his eyes were fixed, stern and unwavering.- more so than usual. Eden continued with a clear, strong voice. "C Team will be segregated into two units; Unit One, and Unit Two.

"A single member in Unit One will take action six months before Team One and Two and will infiltrate the Diurnal's staff. They will work for the Diurnal and become familiar with the environment; know what stations are broadcasted on each floor, how diligent is the security, and how the employers work."

"Sounds like a position for a Ranger," said Terra. "If it's a reconnaissance then-"

"It's not a reconnaissance," Eden interjected, taking a glance at the brunette. Her gaze never faltered when their eyes connected. As if an understanding came between the two, Eden tossed the folder onto her lap before continuing as she opened it. "It's an invasion, and Mesi will be taking this position."

"Invasion is such a big word.." Brinna commented, bringing her fingers to her lips. Her eyes were furrowed as she was deep in thought. If they were to invade the Diurnal that would not only mean they'd have to take control of the building and the employees, but to keep others out. All while doing it secretly?

"Once they have reached the deadline and the plan will be brought into full effect." Mesi continued before handing out a folder to each particular individual as he called out their name. "Adam Ryuken, Tai Ishihara, Terra White, Brinna Davis, Geneosis Licentia, and myself will be Unit One. Adam Ryuken will lead this Unit."

"Boo." Marcus and Marshall groaned, jerking their thumbs down.

"You two aren't even part of my team." Adam muttered, irked by their incompetence.

"Wouldn't it have been easier to just say our first names?" Neo whispered discreetly to Tai. The teen only ignored the bluenette as he scanned through the folder's contents before asking a question of his own.

"So, all you're going to do is know the layout and environment of the building?" asked Tai, looking up at Mesi.

"That's a prerequisite of the plan," she answered. "You priority is to secure the perimeter you're stationed at. Be sure to read your files thoroughly. You actions determines the success of Unit Two, or more importantly, the heart of this entire mission." acknowledging the teen's nod, Mesi continued to pass the remaining folders to the rest, starting with Aidan. "Unit Two will consist of Aidan Cooper, Rayne Ivy, Setrea Revelis, Aeryn Harlow, and Eden." She finished, giving the last folder to the chocolate skinned lad before standing next to him. "As Unit One will secure the building, Unit Two will guide Dex Holder Greenard Oak towards the international broadcast station. Their top priority is to endure his safety."

"Protect a Dex Holder?" Aeryn spluttered, pressing her folder against her forehead. "Us?"

"And didn't we already cover this?" Neo asked, raising a hand only for Tai to bring it back down.

"It never hurts to review with a little more detail, Neo." he replied.

"I will be leading this unit personally," Eden proclaimed. "If Unit One was unable to secure the perimeters then we'll be the final line of defense."

"Yeah, that makes me feel so much better." Aidan muttered to himself, catching his friend's attention. His eyes were furrowed as he carefully read through a page of his objectives. Ava watched him for a moment before gazing back at her sheets.

"What is being said here and now is just a fraction of what we will be doing." Mesi said, folding her arms behind her back."We will be putting this plan into effect six months prior before the conquest."

"Now it's a conquest," Marcus muttered. "What is she his secretary?" Neo stifled a snort.

"We cannot afford to
fail this mission." Eden continued. "The stakes are too high for any mistakes. If we fail, the future UnVeRsE will fall. This is why I've chosen you," he gestured towards the group with a wave of a hand and stern eyes. "The best of UnVeRsE. Rather in skill, tactics, or combat you were chosen here for a reason." He paused, no, hesitated. "...and by here I don't mean
here by me. You're chosen here, to be part of something greater, to fight for what's right. To fight for, and with UnVeRsE. And if I'm wrong then you have no right to be here in this room. So if anyone is having a fraction of a second thought, leave now."

That being said, as Eden stared into the eyes of his crowd, no one said anything. Michka had a glowing smile, greatly impressed by his speech, and that it was her friend who even gave it. She felt proud that Eden was given this chance- no, that they all were given this chance. Not just to be part of something great, but in her eyes to be part of change. A change that will no doubt create ripples that will distort the way how things are viewed as of now. And for better or worse, she was ready for it.

They all were.






The Diurnal Delibird was a massive skyscraper that held exactly a hundred floors. Each tens of floors broadcasted different channels with different frequencies. The higher the floors are the broader the broadcast is. On the roof was a five story steel lattice radio tower. So, theoretically speaking, the top ten floors have the capability of broadcasting world wide.

Of course, no one has done it before because there was no need. There was no emergency within the Capital. And with the Diurnal soon to be in flames, the workers had fled from the building, leaving it empty. And in the wrong hands, vulnerable.

While the street was filled with scurrying workers, policemen, and soon firemen to put out the flames, no one paid any attention to the Diurnal at top. Or rather, there was nothing to see that would have grabbed your attention. Unless you had a keen eye, you would not be able to see it.

It was something that seemed invisible, yet visible at the same time. Like a mirage moving within the air in a shape of a distorted large bird. It was high in the sky, within the clouds before it descended. Down towards the Diurnal roof before it stopped, floating right above it.

Then something dropped from it, landing on the rooftop. It was quiet so high up, not another sound was heard. There were five more thumps onto ground. Six in all, and all unseen. And all began to walk. To walk past the immense radio tower and to the door that led inside the building.

The door opened, or rather; it was opened. And footsteps were apparent, varying to different weight and rhythm. One by one they entered the building, and then the bird-like mirage faded away. The door was closed, and it was like no one was there.

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Chapter VIII:

THE D.I.U.R.N.A.L. (Part II)