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Summary- Haley James as a freshmen at Duke had it all. She was cheerleader, a tutor, and she had the guy. What people didn't know that Haley was keeping a secret that could potentially hurt her.

Cause and Effect

Chapter One

She had done it. She, Haley James, had made it into Duke University on a full scholarship. To top it off she was a Duke Blue Devil cheerleader, and was accepted in the Tutor center program has a freshmen. She had it all, or at least she felt like she did. She was going to one of the best schools in the country, she was going to be a cheerleader, and apparently she was smart enough to tutor fellow students.

The empty feeling she had was still there, the one that she tried to fill with various accomplishment and achievements throughout high school. She had thought coming to Duke would fill the void. Haley thought maybe it was because she had just gotten there, her room was freshly unpacked. Her sparse belongings were put away neatly; luckily, her roommate had decided not to attend Duke at the last minute. So by pure luck she had gotten a dorm room all to herself. She didn't mind. It would make her life a lot less complicated if she didn't have any one breathing down her neck.

Haley tugged on a grey Duke Cheer shirt and pair of blue running shorts, as someone began pounding at her door. "Tutor girl open up!" A cheerful voice yelled from the other side of the dark brown door. It shook from the pounding, as the person continue to beat it. Haley quickly opened her door, fearing that it would break if she waited a moment longer.

"Finally," a perky brunette, dressed in the same Duke Cheer shirt and shorts as, Haley said. "I thought I was going to have to wait forever."

Haley rolled her eyes as Brooke walked in cheer bag in hand, "I missed you too, Brooke." Brooke, a junior, was also a cheerleader and the captain of the squad. The older girl had taken Haley under her wing at cheer camp, even giving her the nickname tutor girl, after finding out Haley loved to tutor. The captain had come to walk with Haley to the first day of practice like she promised back at camp. Haley had feared that after her first day of classes that she would need Brooke to drag her to practice, and she was right. The two classes she had today were grueling, and she really had no desire to dance and be tossed in the air.

"Where is your room mate?" The captain asked, as she plopped down on the spare twin bed. Haley could tell that Brooke was expecting her room as her eyes dashed from each of the plain white walls. Haley hadn't put much time into decorating her room figuring she wouldn't be there that much. She did manage to move each bed and desk against opposites walls so that the middle of the room was left open. She also laid down a purple rug that matched her bed's comforter in the open floor space.

Haley shrugged, "She decided not to come to Duke. I have the dorm room all to myself."

"Well you're welcome to visit me and P. Sawyer's suite anytime you get lonely." Brooke offered.

Of course the infamous Peyton Sawyer would be Brooke's roommate. Haley had heard all about the mysterious blonde artist all at cheer camp. Apparently Brooke and Peyton had been best friends since they were kids, and had cheered together in high school. Peyton though had not pursued collegiate cheer at Duke, instead she commit herself to her artwork. Brook was still upset that her best friend no longer cheered, but she finally was getting over it now that Haley had joined the squad.

"Well it would be nice to finally meet Peyton," Haley sighed as she slipped her socks and white cheer shoes on.

"Well I would suggest you come meet her after practice but she's with Jake and Jenny at UNC right now." Brooke said.

Haley nodded. She knew that Peyton's boyfriend went to UNC ten miles away. He lived off campus with his daughter Jenny, and Peyton spent more time there then at Duke some weeks. "It's okay, Brooke," Haley replied.

"Well, let's get to practice I can't be late." Brooke smiled, her eyes twinkling. "I am captain you know." Haley grabbed her cheer bag before following Brooke out the door.

The two arrived at the Coach K Basketball facility, twenty minutes early. Haley wasn't surprised; Brooke to her role as captain very seriously, a little too serious sometimes even.

"So what are we going to do for twenty minutes?" Haley asked as they walked inside the practice building that housed the basketball court that was solely used by the cheerleaders and the Duke's men basketball team.

Brooke rolled her eyes as the sound of whistles and basketballs pounding reached their ears. "Sit there and wait, since it sounds like the basketball team is still here."

"Then why did we get here twenty minutes early? I could have started on reading for tomorrow's classes." Haley complained.

Brooke just smiled as she opened the door to the gym, reveling the Duke Blue Devil basketball team. "Watch," Brook said with a smile and a mischievous glint in her green eyes.

"Brooke you have a boyfriend," Haley reminded the brunette as they made their way to the bleachers. "Lucas remember him, the really nice, not a jerk, or a jock blonde guy?"

"I know," Brooke shrugged as she sat down her cheer bag. "But that doesn't mean I can't help you look."

Haley rolled her eyes as she sat down on the blue bleacher seat, "The last thing I need is a boyfriend Brooke." Haley shuddered at the thought her last boyfriend had been a disaster, and so had the one before that.

"Whatever, let's go get the mats out of storage." Brooke replied.

Haley nodded, before setting off with Brooke to get the mats. She figured that meant they would be either stunting or tumbling tonight. Haley groaned, she should have known Brooke wouldn't take it easy just because school started. The brunette junior was determined for the squad to look better than ever.

"Brooke," Haley whined as they dragged a rolled up mat along the sidelines of the court. Neither had realized exactly how heavy one of the mats was. "Why didn't we wait until the others got here?"

"Stop complaining," Brooke more or less demanded as they continued to push the mat across the floor. "I want to get practice started as soon as everyone gets here. Seven o'clock means seven o'clock." Haley just sighed; there was no point in arguing with Brooke.

Haley and Brooke dropped the mat on the ground, earning stares from some of the basketball players and coaches as the sound of the heavy mat being dropped filled the room. "One down, two to go." Brooke said putting her hands on her hips.

"Is one not an enough?" Haley asked desperate not to carry another mat.

Brooke shook her head, "No, I want people stunting and tumbling and jumping all during practice. Next week we have to start on choreography and I want to try some new tricks."

"I am flying aren't I?" Haley asked knowing Brooke would make her be tossed in the air by one of the guys on the team.

"Haley you're like the smallest girl on the team! Your what five one, and weigh maybe a hundred pounds?" The captain asked.

Haley just nodded, "Yes but-"

"Nothing I have plenty of girls that can tumble and plenty of girls that can dance. I only have a couple that can stunt." Brooke explained. "You're my best flyer, so whatever reservations you have you're going to have deal with it."

She didn't hate flying; actually she used to enjoy being thrown in the air in High school. Her senior year things changed. Haley had an accident at one of her school's basketball games which caused her to be hospitalized. After that, she promised her parents that she would never stunt or cheer again.

Haley grumbled, "Fine." She knew was breaking a promise, but her parents would never find out. The James didn't even know their daughter was a member of the Duke Cheer squad. Haley had never told them, fearing they would make her quit.

"Good now let's go get the other mats," Brooke said.

By the time they had gotten the last mat out, fellow cheerleaders started to show up. Unfortunately basketball practice was running a few minutes later, so that meant the squad of twenty was mainly stretching and going over cheers instead of practicing their stunts and tumbles.

"Finally," Brooke muttered as the basketball team ended practice and headed to the locker room to shower. "Okay girls and boys roll out the mats it's time to get down to business." The squad was coed this year. The team was lucky enough to have five boys and fifteen girls. The guys mostly were there for the stunts and tumbling not so much the dancing the girls did at halftime. Brooke though thought by adding guys to halftime shows it would add some excitement.

Five minutes later Haley was being hoisted up in the air by Mark, a senior cheerleader. She stood straight up on his hands her balance never wavering. "That's great Haley!" Brooke yelled. "Can you do a heel stretch?"

"Yeah," she replied hesitantly, before grabbing her right foot and raising straight to the side. She now stood on only Mark's left hand, the honey blonde girl bit her lip. Stunting always made her nervous. The only thing that calmed her was the fact that Dean, another male cheerleader, was standing beside Mark spotting her.

Haley felt a smile grew on her lips as she heard hoots, hollers, and sounds of total and utter amazement. She looked down and saw it was coming from the basketball team as they made their way out of locker room and back into the gym. Her smile disappeared, the hoots and hollers now seemed more like cat calls then praise.

Brooke scrunched her nose as she heard one of the boys whistle, "Mark cradle Haley now!" Haley gulped, she was about to feel very sorry for the basketball player that crossed Brook Davis's path.

"Cradle on three," Mark instructed. "One, two, three." Haley felt the air underneath her feet for few feet before having Mark's and Dean's arms on her back and knees.

Haley smiled as the boys placed her feet on the ground, "Good job guys."

The boys nodded, more focused on the rampage that Brooke was on. She was currently yelling at several members of the basketball team for being disrespectful and interrupting her practice. The boys, who all were buff and over six foot, had fears in their eyes. They now knew never to mess with the cheerleaders or at least as long as Brooke Davis was captain.

"Haley let's get back to work," Mark suggested. Haley nodded not paying full attention to Mark as she saw another basketball player emerge from the locker room. He just smirked as he saw Brooke yelling at the boys, and shook his head as he walked to Brooke. Haley figured he was being brave and trying to help his teammates. She knew though it was a lost cause.

"I think you should try going straight up into a heel stretch," Dean said. "Haley is balanced enough, it shouldn't be too difficult."

"You think you can do that Haley?" Mark asked.

Haley nodded, "I'll be fine. If I fall you or Dean will catch me."

"Okay, up on three." Mark placed his hands on Haley's hips. Dean stood to the left of them hands out and ready to catch Haley. "One, two, three," Marked counted. On three Haley bent her knees and jumped, Mark lifted her up into the air, catching the sole of her left foot and pressing his arm straight. As soon as Mark's arm was straight Haley lifted her right foot grabbing her heel and straightening in it. Her left arm was in perfect v. A feeling of relief that she hadn't fallen spread through her body, as she felt a pair of eyes staring at her.

She looked down to see the basketball player that emerge earlier from the locker room staring at her with his intense blue eyes. He stood next to Brooke who was obviously still mad about the other players, who were gone. She figured he must be their captain or something of the sort and was talking to Brooke about what had happened. He was tall like any other basketball player, his black hair contrasted greatly with his stunning blue eyes, any even from her height she still see his strong arm muscles that were not hidden thanks to his sleeves shirt.

Dean asked.

Haley blushed as she saw the blue eye basketball player smirk; he must have realized she was staring back at him. "What Dean?"

"You think you can do a full down?" The blonde male cheerleader asked.

"Why not?" Haley replied.

Dean stepped in closer to Mark, ready to help cradle Haley. "Full down on three, one, two, and three." Mark yelled before tossing Hale in the air. Haley crossed her legs together as she wrapped one arm in front of her and one arm behind her as she rotated completely around herself horizontally. She felt gravity pushed her down as she landed in Mark's and Dean's arms. They placed her carefully on her feet.

"Good job you guys," Brooke said with a big smile on her face. The basketball player Haley noticed was now gone. She wondered who he was, but before she could ask Brooke she was being hoisted back into the air. It was going to be a long Cheer season with Brooke Davis as captain.

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