PLEASE READ: what you have to know first is that this story is written just for fun, I'm not really focusing at every detail like I always do (not that I don't like the film as much as others or anything, it's just that I have many other projects to take care of and when this little idea popped in my head, I couldn't help but write it!). I don't know if my character will turn out a Sue or not (I'll try not to, and if I think better, I won't give her any ways to become one at all).

I decided to write this thinking it's a pretty cute idea and very funny. This chapter won't be very hilarious, but I plan the next ones to be! As I said above, I'm writing so I can have a good time, so you can have a good time, for all of us to have a good time! So don't be very critic.

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"Cheer up, Jo! It's summer!"

"Yeah, right!" I replied her, putting my cell phone to the ear opposite to the one which I kept it at till then "Summer but nothing to do or with who to do it!".

I got up from my chair then. I was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a glass orange juice and talking on the phone wit my dear friend Sally. I exited the kitchen listening to other words of consolation from my friend, who was trying in vain to plaster a smile back on my face. Why? Well…I don't know how you guys would feel it were summer holiday, all your friends we're out of town for weeks and all there was left for you to do was just to stay home all day and be forced to learn how to knit from your grandmother, but in my case…it doesn't make me too happy!

"...there are lots of things to do around town, Jo! If you're alone it doesn't mean you can't have fun!" Sally added with her high-pitched voice which almost stings my ear through the phone.

"Aha, you bet'cha! I, walking around town all by myself like one of these forever-aloners!" I said before gasping deeply and sadly.

I had found my way back to my bedroom and began fixing my chocolate brown hair in the mirror, which was hung on the wall, with my free hand.

"You're at the beach" I began enumerating "Vicky's at a camp, Ellie is visiting her aunt in Milan, Ashley's on a trip with her boyfriend, Amber's got rehearsals for her play in the neighboring town, Middy's…wherever the hell is she? I don't know, whatever, she ain't here either!" I paused before adding in a joking tone "You lucky bitches!"

"Hey!" she let out before we both chuckled a little "We'll all be back soon, Jo! And do you think we don't miss you too?"

"I know you do, but still you guys are party-rocking and I'm stuck in here…not to mention I'm almost melting! Seriously, it's hotter indoors than outdoors! How's that even possible?"

"Umm, Jo? I gotta go, I have something to do!" Sally said rushed, seeming as if she wanted to end the conversation as soon as possible.

"Yeah, I know what you gotta do…you gotta go down the beach and look for guys!" I said sarcastically.

"Not if I'm not with you, babe!" she joked before we had a good laugh together "Anyways, I'll talk to you later! Oh, and I promise I'll get you something nice from one of the souvenirs shop!"

"Thanks! I love you, sweetheart!

"Me too! Bye!"

I hung up the phone and threw it on the bed of my room. As I took one more look at myself in the mirror, I thought sadly: "Why not go out on my own? Nothing to do home after all!". "But not to soon" I also said to myself "it's way too hot in the middle of the day".

I heard someone shout my name from the living room: my grandmother. I knew that meant she wanted me to do something for her really quick. I turned to step out of the room but, when I was one foot out, the mirror I looked at the entire time, for some unknown reason, fell from the wall to the floor. Frightened that it might have cracked into tiny, sharp pieces, I ran back to it and picked it up. Somehow, through a miracle probably, it didn't have a scratch!

"Ha!" I said victoriously as I began examining it from a few angles "No thirteen years of bad luck for me!"

I then went to my clothing wardrobe, stretched my arms and my legs and placed the mirror on it, supported by the wall. Before I left the room, I took one more look at the clear, unscratched surface and thought to myself: "No wonder it was over priced!".

"What is it granny?" I asked as I entered the living room.

My grandmother was sitting on the sofa, surrounded by balls of yarn and other knitwear, also knitting something which looked like a blouse big enough to fit my father. She looked up at me, over her glasses.

"If you want to teach me how to knit again…I don't wanna be rude, but let me tell you…" I began. She couldn't possibly think that I had nothing better to do.

"No, no, sweetie! I just want you to make a ball from all the yarn over there" she said pointing to many pieces of yarn tangled up in a uneven shape "It would help me a lot, you know…"

"Ok…" I whispered looking a bit terrified at the job I had been asked to do. She was my granny, I couldn't refuse her, and so I began looking around for something which would make my job seem a bit less hard.

"Do you mind if I turn on the TV while I…?" I asked after spotting probably the most beautiful invention ever made…at least that's what I thought then.

"No, no…please do!"

I quickly grabbed the remote from the table nearby. I turned the TV on, sat back on the sofa and began switching one channel after another, looking for something interesting to watch. After a few minutes, something caught my eye. On one channel, there was this big credit intro of a film, which looked kind of antique…in a way. Then the name suddenly appeared: Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves. Of course, I have heard of this guy Robin before…like, whoever didn't hear of him? The dude who lived in a forest and robbed the rich to give to the poor. I always thought it was a very sweet thing! But I didn't know the concrete story and that's what probably gripped my attention. I looked at my grandmother for approval, and after she nodded that it was ok to watch that film, I took the messed-up tangle of yarn in my hands, my eyes never leaving the screen.

My hands worked silently at untangling the strings, while my gaze was glued the entire time at the film. I wasn't even paying attention to what my grandmother was saying to me and I only caught a few snaps such as: "You should at least try to learn this" or "You will never know when you need it at some point in your life!". When mom arrived home from work, I welcomed her with a short greeting, tearing my eyes just for a few moments from the attack of the Sheriff on Robin's camp. The plot went on, my work was finished and, when the film was finished as well, I felt like somebody just grasped me out of a vivid and beautiful dream, back in the monotonous reality.

I don't think I had ever felt more blown away by a film before. The story, the places, the people, everything about it made me forget about my real life and all its stupid inconveniences. I complained about not having with whom to go out with while so many people, across history, dealt bravely with all that threatened their lives and prevailed. Even though it was a bit tragic at some points, so many times along the plot I wished I could just jump in the screen and in the story and be there, with them. To smell the air flooded with fresh grass and healthy trees, to feel the pour of the small waterfall across my face and to allow the clean breeze to run freely through my hair. For however long the film was, it made me wish I could just leave reality, to go look for something new. Perfect, that's how it was, no matter the fights, the anguish or the pain it also contained, but which were over till the end. It made me want to be part of a new world.

Later in the evening, when the weather turned a bit chillier, I decided to stick to my decision of going out alone. As usual, it took about half an hour to decide what to wear and what accessories to take. I looked around the room for my mascara and my lipstick, but I just couldn't find the second anywhere.

"Mom, do you know where my lipstick is?" I asked in a loud tone of voice, sticking my head through the open door.

"Yeah, sure I was it sweetheart! Some dog was running down the street with it in its mouth…" she replied to me sarcastically.

"You are a merciless woman!" I said dryly, upset of the fact that she made me hope for a few moments.

"You're seventeen, you should take care of your stuff and not ask…" my mother once again began speaking but I slammed the door shut before she could continue her so well-known speech about responsibility.

I thought for a little and remembered something. Some times, when I couldn't find a better place to put a thing, I simply threw it on the wardrobe. I quickly headed to it, stretched my limbs and allowed my fingers to search for the lipstick on the dusty surface of the wardrobe. I can't tell what I actually did or what I touched with my busy fingers, but one thing is sure: the last things I remember were the mirror I placed earlier that day there, falling directly towards my head, and an extremely terrible pain on the top of my head, before blacking out…

I woke up with a dizzy, blurry vision. I was on my back on a cold, irregular, yet soft, surface. My nose was flooded with a strange smell, a mixture between mildew, hay and natural fertilizer…a pretty repulsive smell. As my eyes finally returned to their normal vision I saw that above me was a wooden ceiling, from which small drops of water were dripping where it met with a decrepit, yellowy wall. It looked like I was inside an old, shabby house which seemed to be awfully small and nearly ready to fall on its owners, whoever they were.

"Mom, dad…she's up! She's up!" the voice of a little boy could be here somewhere very close to where I was.

I then saw three figures looking down at me concerned. Figures which we're not familiar at all!

Then I realized…the mirror must have cracked into pieces.