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"Who are you people? What do you want from me?" I asked frightened, with a raised voice, as a splitting headache suddenly struck me.

I quickly got up from wherever I was laying and stepped back as fast as I could. My back met one of the corners of the, seeming to be, one-roomed shabby house in my desperate attempt to keep myself as far away as possible from the three strangers before me. The elderly woman, with curly and messy brown hair, very plump frame, covered in dusty rags and a much wrinkled face, placed one hand over her mouth in shock while a tear formed in one of her already reddened eyes. The silver-haired man next to her, who had a short grey beard and a corpulent frame, grabbed the woman's shoulder and squeezed it gently as she began to sob, also looking at me with a concerned yet skeptical look.

"Josephine…" the woman said slowly "My sweet…"

"How do you know my name?" I yelled as goose-bumps took over my skin and I felt a rough lump in my stomach "Don't come near me!" I commanded, extending one of my arms to guard myself as the woman made a step forward.

"Josephine…" the man whispered in a slow, yet deep voice "We are your parents".

"You're not my parents!" I yelled out intrigued "I know fair-well who my parents are!"

The woman let out a deep cry of sadness and began crying loudly on her husband's shoulder.

"Hush Maggie…" he whispered to comfort her, patting her head gently.

A long moment of silence kicked in. What was going on? Where was I and why were these people claiming to be my family? The silent atmosphere made my brain remember of the awful headache I had awoken with, for the awkward situation made me forget of any other detail around or inside me.

As I rubbed my head with both hands, I looked around the house. It truly was a very small home with just one room. The floor was wooden, with stains of mildew here and there, and placed on it were four filthy mats with small scrapes from which the content of straws popped out a little. A stack of thick blankets could also be spotted there. The walls were old, smelly and yellowy, also with a couple of mildew spots. Inside the house were only a table, surrounded by four chairs, one which was almost lame, a few small cupboards, which contained plates and chipped bowls, a wardrobe with a broken door and an antic-looking stove with pots of some kind of stew. I took one more look around and noticed a big piece of mirror hung on one of the walls, while on the opposite one there were some more pots of different sizes.

"The doctor was right…" the little boy, who was till then silent, spoke softly to his mother and made me face once again the peculiar trio.

The middle-aged woman nodded her head powerfully, against her husband's chest, crying very loudly.

"What…?" I asked puzzled "Little boy…what are you talking about?" I asked once again in a shaky tone of voice.

He didn't reply. He just looked up at me in a way that made know for sure that he was scared. I thought for a little and then bent my knees to lower at his level while motioning with my trembling hand for him to come closer. After a moment of hesitation, he came closer and our eyes were locked at the same level.

"What's your name?" I asked in a soft voice, still feeling a lump in my neck, as I placed both hands on his tiny shoulders.

"Anthony…" he answered sadly, his big black eyes looking deeply in mine before adding "I'm your little brother"

The extra information shook me to my core. I shut my eyes and pressed my lips together tightly, trying to fight back some tears. After a few moments I breathed in sharply and asked again, looking him in his honest, innocent eyes.

"Anthony…about what doctor were you talking about there?"

"You really don't remember anything?" he asked in a sweet, yet sad tone "Earlier today you and mommy were cooking. The nail from which one of the pots on the wall was hung broke and the pot fell right when you walked underneath it. It fell on your head and you fell down and wouldn't wake up. Mommy was afraid you might die and she started crying, so daddy brought the only doctor around just to see you. He said you will wake up but there were chances you couldn't remember things quite well when you do…"

Then he silenced. He looked at me one more time and then looked sadly down, at the floor, giving signs of weeping. I was speechless for a few moments because I couldn't possibly put together what this little boy, of about seven, told me. No! That was impossible! It was simply no way for that to have ever happened. So after a few moments in which I recovered from my shock and contemplated, I rose back up and said out loud:

"This is just a dream! Of course it is because this is practically impossible and incoherent" I let out beginning to walk around as the three persons around me watched in surprise "I'll just shut my eyes and wake up now!"

I quickly shut my eyes tightly. I squeezed them a little and then rubbed them roughly with both hands. But when I opened my eyes again I found myself standing in the very same wrecked house with the very same strangers claiming to be my relatives. I tried the exact same thing again…no result. Then I started to pinch myself. With two fingers from my right hand I pinched the side of my left arm. Harder, harder, harder…

"Ouch.." I finally let out in pain.

It hurt and I was still there. Maybe it was one of these dreams in which you had to literally step out of the place you're in so you can get out of the dream as well? It was worth trying; after all it was my last option. I ran to the shabby-looking door and barged out of the house. I froze.

Outside were dozens and dozens of other poor, small houses with broken windows or doors, and most looked like they were ready to fall to the ground. The earth under my feet was muddy and irregular. I also saw people…people who were as primitive-looking as the people I had met inside and who were also wearing rags. Some of them were walking around with different sorts of animals such as donkeys or sheep. It looked just like an antic village.

That was the drop that filled my cup. That was the moment in which I knew it was real…somehow. I burst into tears of desperation and collapsed on the threshold. I don't know how much I cried but I am certain that quite a few minutes passes until I finally lifted up my head and looked back in the house, tears still running out of my eyes like crazy. I saw the old woman and the man looking at me with deep sorrow in their eyes. I breathed in heavily and asked in a whisper:

"Where am I?"

"Nottingham…" the man said taking a step forward.

"What country is this?"


I faced the floor for a few moments and pressed my lips together. Something told me I didn't want to know what was next, but I had to ask

"What year is this?"

"1194" he answered.

I gasped and tears rolled out even more.

"And you.." I began eyeing them all "You are my…family?"

"Yes, Josephine…" the woman said softly "We are your family…"

After hearing her answer, my brain couldn't possibly think of anything else to say…so I silenced with my eyes stuck on the three. After a few moments, I looked around the house and saw a certain object…the object which was the last thing I saw before I woke up there…the object which, I thought, was the only one to blame for my situation.

"Ok…I had enough of this now take me back!" I said getting up and heading to the mirror hung on one of the walls.

"I had enough of this. I don't want this stupid wish anymore! Take me back. Take me back NOW!" I yelled out at my own reflection in the mirror.

I began to bang my head on the surface of the mirror, crying even harder and probably looking like a maniac to the people around me.

"I wanna go back! Take me back home!" I yelled out continuing to bang my head on the mirror, even though it began hurting me badly "2012! 2012! Denver! DENVER! COLORADO!" I kept on yelling and eventually began saying as well "2012! Obama! Lady Gaga! GAGA! 2012!"

I began crying hysterically and shouting things even I couldn't understand. After a few more moments, I felt somebody's arms wrapping themselves around me from my back. I looked behind me and saw the old woman, who claimed to be my mother, hugging me tightly and also crying. It was obvious that she thought I had lost my mind. I tried to calm down but my body was still shaking and twitching. I turned around and hugged her as well. After a few minutes of holding me close, I lost all energy and was all limp in her arms.

"Josephine…my sweetheart!" she whispered in my ear between sobs.

"M…Mo…Mother…" I let out in a tired whisper, as if I had finally accepted my twisted fate "Mother…"

After a few more moments a soft voice of a young woman could be heard.


I turned and saw a figure standing in the threshold and looking at me with curious eyes.