They Went Home

Ten months, and Bra was wearing her own clothes again. She had thrown herself into the quest of getting Pan to wear more fashionable clothing, and the challenge was helping her attitude so much that Vegeta, for once, didn't mind taking her shopping. Besides, now that she had a shopping partner that wasn't him, he was free to sit on a bench outside the food court while the girls mall crawled.

Ten months after Bulma's death, and Vegeta finally had the courage to enter her workroom, only to find Bra already there. She looked up from the capsule case she had open on the table in front of her and gave him a wan smile.

"I don't know what this one is," she said, holding it out. He read the serial number, and shook his head, not recognizing it.

"It's T class," he said. "You should open it in the yard."

She smiled again, and took his hand as she headed out the door. Once they were outside she took a deep breath and threw it. Once the smoke cleared her brow wrinkled in confusion, but Vegeta's eyes widened in recognition.

"Do you know what it is?" she asked him, looking at him curiously. He didn't answer for a moment.

"It's a time machine," he said in a low rumble.

"Wow, really?" Bra skipped over to it, running her hands along one of the metal struts. "I didn't know mom built one. I mean… our mom. You know."

"She built one soon after the other Trunks left, but she gave it away. I did not know she built another one." Vegeta joined his daughter, and floated up to look inside the cockpit. It looked brand new and unused. Bra didn't answer, and he looked down at her. She was looking nervously at the ground.

"What?" he said, landing next to her. She fidgeted, and then curled her hands into fists and looked at him resolutely.

"Dad," she said. "I think we should—"

"No," he said immediately. "There is nothing we can do to save her. Besides, even if we could, it would not bring her back in our timeline."

"I—dad!" his daughter ran a hand through her hair, eyes tearing up, though she ignored them. "That's not what I was going to say."


They both took a moment to compose themselves, and then she continued, nervous again.

"I was going to say… we could go back and… maybe… rescue you from Frieza. As a kid, I mean. Maybe even save Vegetasei. You're so much more powerful than him now—you could take him out before you were even born! We could—"

"Bra." He was bewildered. Such an idea seemed so logical, and yet… he had no desire to revisit those days. He had left that part of his past behind him a long time ago. "Bra," he said again, pulling her in for a rare hug. "As… undesirable as my past is, it is what brought me to…this. My family. My home here. I do not regret that."

She hugged him back, and they stayed that way for a long time.

One year. One year since her passing. The reporters had long since learned to stay out of Vegeta's way, and so the small family was undisturbed as they lay flowers on her grave. Most of their friends had left before it got dark, but the three of them stayed until long after the sun went down, saying little, not looking at each other, Bra's head on Vegeta's shoulder and her arm around her brother's neck.

"Do you think they have labs in heaven?" Trunks mused at one point. There was a heavy moment, and then Vegeta said with morbid amusement,

"If they didn't a year ago, they do now."

They laughed harder than the joke deserved, but when the laughter died down they finally turned and went home.