Author's Note: Well I was thinking that I should do a biography for my OC. So tada! If you just want to read the story then go right ahead. Hope this gives you some background info! I might be adding more later on if I come up with anything.

Say Hello to Scarlet

Full Name: Scarlet Victoria Lovelace Montgomery

Lives in: London, England

Appearance: Dark brown and black hair. Shoulder length, with angle bangs going to the right. Tannish skin tone, not too light but not too dark practically without a blemish. Dark brown eyes, with long black eyelashes. Very skinny. Even though she's a good fighter, she barely has any muscle. and what she does have is barely visible

Interests: Ballet or any type of dance, flute, piccolo, violin, piano, sewing, sword fighting, reading, writing, pulling pranks, and spending time with her brother.

Dislikes: People calling her a sissy because she does ballet. math, cooking, not improving on something she's been working on.

Siblings: One older sister (four years older), named Violet, and one brother (Two years older), named Andrew

Mother: Rose Annaliese Lovelace Montgomery (Lovelace is her maiden name, she passed it on to her children)

Father: Walter Horace Montgomery

background of her and her family: Her mother was a ballerina, and before her father enlisted in the war his job was unknown. Scarlet's sister, Violet, was sent off to a boarding school at age seven, and she hasn't heard from her since. Scarlet and Andrew are very very close. They do almost everything together. He taught her everything she knows... that is her physical ability. Scarlet's brother also taught her to be independent and to be a tomboy, but still sometimes be a girl. During the air raids, Scarlet's mother died, thus the only family near by was her brother. He sent them both to be evacuated, but in different places. He thought if you have more than one child go to the same home it might be more run down etc. Scarlet and her brother went to a very strict, run down school a block from their house. And as far as anyone knows they've lived slightly above or in poverty.

If you wish not to know the ages I've given the characters and want to just use your imagination than I suggest you don't read this last part.

Peter's age: 16

Susan's age: 15

Edmund's age: 14

Scarlet's age: 14

Lucy's age: 10