Author's Note: so I got this idea to just tell you about what my other stories are going to be about. Most of my stories will be based around well Four stories Because i like my OC. The titles for my four foundation stories are: The Third Daughter of Eve (Lion, Witch, Wardrobe rewrite, but you obviously knew that or you wouldn't be reading this. Progress: Finished), The Awaited Return (Prince Caspian rewrite. Progress: in progress), Summertime (original story. I'm not so sure about the name though... Any suggestions? Progress: Not started.) , The Unforgettable Voyage (Voyage of the Dawn Treader rewrite. Progress: not started). So I just wanted to tell you that! I want to make all my stories related to these four in to a series. I have no clue what to call it though... Boo!

Once I pick a name I will put it in the summary or Author's Note of the first chapter of whatever story you clicked on! If the name of the series is not in either of these options that means it is just a random story I wrote!

Okay umm let's see.. Oh yeah! I will be writing two one shots about Edmund falling in love with a girl named Aroub ( that's the name I think...) They will be in like the same story file so it will look like the story has two chapters but it just two OneShots. I decided to do that because someone requested it. Which brings me to another point! I will be taking requests! How fun, right? But it might take awhile because I'm in the middle of three other stories, but I would love to write a story just for you. I will even mention you! I you're a guest just put a random screen name!

Yeah this Author's Note is almost over... Okay so make sure to read my other stories! And let me see... uhh... If you have any idea for some Golden Age stories that would be cool. I will like update 'The Awaited Return' and 'How Do You Rule a Kingdom' and 'Christmas Narnia Edition' and put the name of the series in the stories once I get some suggestions.

One Last thing... I just want to thank you for reading this story! And reviewing! And Favoriting! And Following this story! I will love you 'til the end of the world! I wish I could thank anyone who was a guest that reviewed personally, but I can't... Oh and I want to read some stories! So give me a few suggestions! Even if the story is your own! Okay... Bye!

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*on Dec. 30 I made a slight change to chapter 13, The Night Before the Battle. Only a few sentences though, but its a little scene between Aslan and Scarlet.