Set after the Goblet of Fire and right after Edward leaves in New Moon. Harry has had enough, he turns away from the wizarding world after growing tired of being manipulated by Dumbledore over and over again. Bella has just had her heart crushed by Edward when he leaves her, telling her that he never really loved her to begin with. When the two meet, what secrets will they both find out? What is the connection that seems to be drawing the two towards each other? And what kind of trouble will they get into with their habit of attracting danger to them.

Warning: Will be bashing of Dumbledore. All Canon Pairings.

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The Turning Point: The Change


-_*_-Smallest Bedroom of #4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey-_*_-

"Who would miss me?" thought Harry as he paced his room, back and forth, over and over again. He had been thinking about so many things ever since he had returned from school last year. His life for the last 14 years just seem to become clear to him, as he stepped back from the picture to analyse it with a different opinion. The more he looked at it, the more he wanted to run away and never return.

It was just so many things just seemed to set Harry off as of late. First off, Harry had realized how manipulating Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was. His first clue should of been that annoying twinkle in his headmaster's eye, the one that always ended up with trouble in store for himself and his friends. Then, there was always the fact that Dumbledore always seemed to get what he wants in the end, no matter what. Sure Dumbledore has always been manipulating, but why did it seem like it was getting worse. So much worse now that he didn't care who he hurt to achieve his goals in life?

Harry had to look at his own life at that point, Dumbledore had left him with the Dursley's. Harry was beginning to believe that maybe, just maybe that was another step in his headmasters plan, 'make the boy who lived the saviour of us all plan'. The plan where Harry was nothing more than a mere tool, growing up in an abused home, then being shown kindness, making friends and a new family. Wanting to do anything in his power to keep his new found family safe. Harry was now beginning to see exactly how Dumbledore was trying to mould him. And to be honest, for awhile... it had been working. Then there was this feeling that Dumbledore didn't truly value his life as much as he had originally thought.

The more Harry kept thinking about it, the more he came to one conclusion. Get out of there and get out now, before it's too late. So once more he asks himself, "Exactly who would miss me?"

Surely not the Dursley's! Harry had had enough of them. He was sick and tired of the punishments, the beatings, the starvation. Even though he should be used to it by now considering he had put up with it for the last 14 years, he now knew that what his so called family did to him, was labelled as abuse. He was no longer that small kid anymore, the one who excepted his punishments because he was made to believe he deserved them, but now he knows better.

His aunt, though never putting one of her boney hands on him, was abusive in an emotional way. She was also neglectful and always turned a blind eye to the actions of her husband. His uncle on the other hand...well that was another story. It was safe to say by this point over half the bruises and scars he had accumulated in his life, had all come from that man (another fourth came from his cousin, the last fourth coming from his adventures at Hogwarts).

His friends, yeah they might miss him, but they would get over it. Besides, Ron and Hermione had each other, they didn't need him. Sirius? Well, his godfather was still on the run from the Ministry, there would be no way they could have a true relationship besides the occasional letter, until Wormtail was caught once more.

Dumbledore? Yeah...he might miss him...but Harry truly didn't care at that point. With the amount of meddling the man had already done in his life, he didn't even count him. Dumbledore could easily go out and train somebody else to replace him as the "chosen one" or better yet, go and kill Voldemort himself.

Harry knew at that moment that his decision was made. He was leaving and he wasn't going to look back. Going around his room, he furiously packed all of his belongings into his trunk. When everything was packed he headed downstairs, seeing his aunts confused expression as he headed out the door, he said, "I'm leaving early this year, my friends dad is picking me up shortly. And yes he is using normal transportation, not the fireplace." With that said he rushed outside, and never looked back.

-_*_-Across the world in the small town of Forks, Washington-_*_-

A small house on the edge of the forest, its occupants both wide awake. One who sat at the kitchen table, staring into his glass with a lost look in his eye. His mind was on the second occupant of the house, who was upstairs creating, what was sure to be, a large mess.

"He's gone..." was whispered over and over again. The second occupant, sat blankly in the middle of her room. Her magic was not being controlled, books were flying in circles, pictures were falling off the walls. She took no notice to the power she was unconsciously unleashing in her room. The only thing she could focus on was the fact that the love of her life was gone.

Something suddenly changed, all the magic in the room stopped. Her whispering became more of a strangled cry. The tears that had been threatening to fall, broke their barrier and slid down her cheek. She started to sob, gasping for breath, she threw herself onto her bed and cried herself to sleep.

At her door stood her father, looking on, knowing there was nothing he could do to help his daughter. Wishing that something or someone, would come along and do what he couldn't, and that was save his daughter from drowning within herself.

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