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Better news is that I will have a chapter out for you by the end of my spring break, which is in a few weeks so stay posted.

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Anyways... I know many of you had hoped this was going to be an update, but because it's just a note, I will leave you with a preview of whats to come! This next chapter is going to be mainly Dumbledore and the Dursley's, a couple scenes of Bella and her father and one small scene of Harry. After this chapter Dumbledore and the rest become rather sparse for while as it focuses on Harry and Bella.

So here you go...


"Yes, I saw them myself. Cold and horrible feelings they brought me. Their tattered and rotting cloaks following after them as the left. What about them?"

"Did you perhaps investigate the area of which they had come from."

"I did, but there was no one there. I had thought perhaps young Harry might have been hanging out in the park where they were so I check. There was no sign of Harry, not even a sign of any muggle either, sir."

"Hmmm... Well that does seem like a problem. I believe I must be off, thank you Arabella. I must go see the Dursley's about Mister Potters sudden disappearance, maybe they might have the answers we seek."

"I do hope you find the boy soon sir. I worry about him. Much to small for his age, that family of his is horrible, worst sort of muggles really."

"Now my dear Mrs. Figg I am sure that they are very good people. Now good day."

A bit of the interactions between Mrs. Figg and Dumbledore. Just the dialog, don't want to give too much away!

"What is the meaning of barging in on us like this?! First you don't send us the money you promised, then you sent those two freaks and now you? What other information do you need? We have no idea where that lazy useless freak went. Its been three days and there has been no sign of him."

"Why didn't you contact me when he first left! These are things I need to be notified of!"

"I didn't know he had lied when he said that his friend was picking him up, what else was I to think? That family of red headed freaks got him last year, why wouldn't they have picked him up again this year?"

"I told you to keep him here and out of the house as much as possible. When he was in the house to do as you wish as long as he wasn't harmed to badly. I needed the boy to depend on me when the time is right, to turn to me and only me!"

And that was a bit from the Dursley's and Dumbledore. There is a lot more to both conversations but I can't tell you all of my secrets, especially with the dursley's, hint hint major information about Dumbledore will be revealed.

I know that wasn't very long but as I said, I don't want to give away to much information. Then you won't read the real chapter. :P

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