Ok, so I've been looking around my currently continued stories... Between school and extracurricular, and trying to actually get my butt onto my novels... I am hiatusing EVERYTHING except Son of the Snake. I actually have some inspiration for SotS and am working on it slowly, there may be some very far and few between updates on a few other things, and should I finish any of my backburner stories I'll post those and keep a schedule. I'll make a once a month guarantee on SotS starting this month, so I will do my very super-uber best to update once a month and try to finish soon. HOWEVER, next month is one of three exceptions to this guarantee, unless I prewrite, because I'm doing Camp NaNo which happens in April and July, there is also NaNoWriMo in November, at which points I will be working on my book series, and I will ONLY be working on a SINGLE STORYduring that time, and that story will be a novel. FOR THIS REASON those three months of the year will not have updates UNLESS I PREWRITE A CHAPTER THE MONTH BEFORE.

(NOTE:: PLEASE DON'T REVIEW! I'll replace this note with a chapter as soon as I get around to posting again! If you review now you won't be able to review later! Thank you! ^.^ (If you have any comments, questions, rants, ect. you can PM me.)