This has got to be one of the longest—if not the longest—lemon I've ever written. Enjoy. :)

Juushiro's body was pleasantly warm in his embrace, serving as a hot water bottle in the otherwise cold room. They were both sweaty, and the sheets stuck to their body, but neither cared. Their clumsy, slightly awkward attempt at pleasuring each other for the first time left them giddy with a sense of triumph.

"Did you like it?" Shunsui asked, running his fingers through the shock of slightly damp white hair nestled against his cheek.

Juushiro nodded. "Did you?"

Shunsui chuckled, burying his mouth and nose into his friend's hair. "Are you kidding?" he asked in a muffled voice. "I've never felt so good." Yeah, so good that I want some more. But he bit his tongue—he can't have Juushiro thinking that he was a horny teenager now, can he?

Juushiro sighed happily, secretly feeling proud of himself.

"What did you like the most?" Shunsui asked, sliding his palm up and down the pale body pressed against him. The feeling of Juushiro pulsing in his fist lingered in that hand—just the thought of it sent a course of renewed desire through his veins. Yeah, want more. Now.

"Mmm...I like..." Juushiro thought for a bit. "I like how you kissed my neck, especially below the ear."

" this?" Shunsui murmured, rolling Juushiro over to expose the side of his neck. He ducked down and took Juushiro's earlobe between his lips, nibbled on it gently, then slid his tongue below it, feeling the slightly salty taste of Juushiro's skin. Remembering what he'd done earlier, he began to suck gently, tugging at the sensitive skin with his lips.

Not a good idea, old boy, Shunsui's inner voice commented casually. Unless, of course, you don't mind him calling you a horny teenager.

Juushiro let out a low hiss. "Mmm hmm."

Ignoring the kind reminder from his subconscious mind, Shunsui continued to kiss down the length of the pale neck, leaving the same wet trail as he had done not half an hour ago.

"Mmm..." Juushiro mumbled softly, shivering under Shunsui's touch. "Mmm...what are you doing?" He glanced sideways, searching for Shunsui's face.

Shunsui was too busy leaving his mark on the junction between Juushiro's shoulder and neck to respond. The soft slurping sounds from Shunsui's mouth made Juushiro squirm, and despite himself, he felt a familiar stir deep in his belly. His eyes widened in surprise at his own reaction—but I just...!

"Shunsui?" he muttered, hands fumbling for Shunsui's waist.

Shunsui felt the ticklish sensation of Juushiro's fingers, and with a small moan, grabbed it and wrapped the man's hand around his own waist, pulling Juushiro closer in the process. Guided by natural instincts, Juushiro hooked one leg over Shunsui's leg and tugged, urging his friend to climb on top of him.

"Mmm..." Shunsui's palm searched for a firm spot next to Juushiro's body to rest on, then with a grunt, he hoisted his leg over Juushiro's body and straddled the narrow hips below him.

"Are you tired?" Shunsui asked in a breathy whisper, his eyes hooded and glassy. Whatever concern he had about being teased by Juushiro was lost, washed away by the delicious warmth of the body against the bottom of his thighs.

Juushiro frowned at the question. "Oh no...oh no you don't," he said in a warning tone. "Why'd you even bother asking if you've already started?" When Shunsui gave him a lopsided grin, he gave the man a playful swat on the head, earning an exaggerated cry of pain from Shunsui.

Propping himself up on his elbow, Juushiro held Shunsui's chin in a firm grip and pulled the man closer, crushing their lips together. Just before he broke the kiss, Juushiro gave his friend's lower lip a quick nip with his teeth. "Don't you dare do...this," he gestured to his re-awakened arousal. "And then leave it like that."

Grinding down on Juushiro's hips, Shunsui bent down and pushed Juushiro onto the bed, then said in a teasing tone, "Guess I'll have to finish what I started, huh?"

Heart hammering in his chest, Juushiro looked up at the man towering over him. Shunsui's shaggy brown hair spilled over his eyes when he leaned down, but it did not hide the hunger on his face. If anything, it gave him an aggressive, untamed look, adding a touch of danger to his normally open, friendly face. Juushiro felt a shudder of arousal through his body as he lay there in Shunsui's shadow, his mind already imagining the things that Shunsui would do to him.

Speaking of which...what was Shunsui going to do to him? They'd just done the hand-thing...were they going to...

"Can I try it?" Shunsui asked, echoing Juushiro's unspoken question.

Juushiro's face turned a deep pink as he recalled the feeling of Shunsui in his hand—he had serious doubts about whether it could fit, yet he couldn't help feeling a rush of excitement. Not trusting himself to speak without stuttering, he nodded.

Shunsui's face immediately lit up. "Hang on," he said, then—much to Juushiro's surprise—he hopped off the bed and went to the messy pile on the floor that was his robe. After rummaging around for a bit, he stood up holding a tiny bottle.

Juushiro recognized his own massage oil at once—the one he had lent to Shunsui almost a year ago. "Hey!" he said indignantly, sitting up. "You planned this all along!"

Shunsui's mouth fell open. "I swear I didn't! I brought it along so that I could return it to you!" He climbed back onto the bed and knelt with his legs on his friend's sides. "It's true!"

Juushiro snaked an arm behind Shunsui's head and yanked him closer by his hair. "Right," he murmured, pressing his lips against Shunsui's. "You've been meaning to return it to me for one whole year, hmm? Pervert."

"Mmm hmm," Shunsui replied into Juushiro's mouth. Then, slowly, he once again guided Juushiro onto his back. Shifting to the side, he coaxed Juushiro to spread his legs and bend his knees, then he carefully positioned himself in between.

"You know what you're doing, right?" Juushiro couldn't resist taking a jab at his friend, who was frowning and peering intently between his legs.

Shunsui shot him a dirty look. "It's not like there are a lot of options down here," he retorted, fumbling with the bottle cap. Carefully, he tipped the very expensive bottle of oil and let a small amount pool in his palm. Then, hands trembling ever-so-slightly with anticipation, he slicked up his fingers and reached for Juushiro.

The jarring coldness from the slippery liquid sent a jolt through Juushiro's body, and he hissed in surprise. If it were not for his pride that prevented him from showing his nervousness in front of Shunsui, he would be a blabbering mess right now. As it was, he held his breath and waited...and waited...and waited...then, just as he was going to ask if Shunsui had fallen asleep, he felt a burning pressure at his entrance. His hips twitched involuntarily.

"Sorry, sorry..." Shunsui said, holding Juushiro's knee with one hand for support as he concentrated on sliding his finger in as gently as he could.

"Is it supposed to hurt like this?" Juushiro asked between his teeth, frowning as his muscles protested. If a finger felt so was he supposed to take in...?

"Umm, from what I heard, yes?" Shunsui replied with a worried frown. "In the beginning, at least. Just...gimme a few more minutes, then if it still hurts like this, we'll stop, okay?"

"Mmm..." Juushiro groaned, forcing himself to keep still. Just as he began to adjust to the one finger, the burning pain returned along with the sensation of the addition of another finger. His fists tightened on the sheets unconsciously, tugging the ends of the sheets out from underneath the mattress.

Shunsui's hand trembled as he slowly stretched his fingers, twisting them around the way he'd heard people say he should. Already he could feel Juushiro beginning to relax around him, and he added another finger. Immediately, Juushiro tensed up again, his body instinctively working to expel the invasion.

"Relax, shhhh..." Shunsui whispered. He could feel sweat sliding down the side of his head along his hairline. His groin tingled, fanned by his imagination, which had run wild ever since he felt Juushiro tight heat around his fingers. With his free hand, he slowly ran his palm along the length of his partner's arousal. He immediately heard a sharp intake of breath, a slight tightening around his fingers, then, ever so slowly, Juushiro began to relax.

It felt like a long time, but as Shunsui's hand continued to stroke him, the pain gradually receded and in its place came a wave of steady, throbbing pleasure with every thrust of Shunsui's fingers. Heart thumping wildly in nervousness, Juushiro arched his back and pushed down onto Shunsui's hand in a silent signal that it was okay to proceed.

Keeping up the pumping motion of his hand, Shunsui withdrew his fingers and gently nudged Juushiro's knees apart. "We'll take it slow," he whispered, gliding his palm reassuringly along the smooth skin on Juushiro's inner thigh. "If it hurts, we stop."

Juushiro nodded.

Hands trembling slightly, Shunsui drizzled more oil onto his palm and coated himself. Finally, finally, he positioned himself between Juushiro's legs and pushed forward.

Juushiro immediately winced, but he kept his hips still, and with another gentle thrust, he felt Shunsui enter him. He let out an involuntary moan at the renewed pain, but somewhere inside the pain was that throbbing pleasure that he had felt earlier.

Shunsui's arms came up to rest on the elbows next to Juushiro's head. His lower body pressed firmly against Juushiro's hips, trapping the slighter man beneath him. Rocking his hips in small, tender movements, Shunsui slowly slid deeper and deeper.

"How are you doing?" Shunsui asked softly.

"Better," came the barely audible reply. The combination of the warm friction from Shunsui's stomach on his erection and the feeling of Shunsui throbbing inside of him was beginning to overwhelm Juushiro's senses, and he had to struggle to remain coherent.

"Am I doing this right? Do you feel good?" Shunsui asked again, anxious to pleasure his partner. He was in heaven himself, reveling in the smooth, velvety heat that held him in a tight embrace.

Why is he trying to hold a conversation now, of all times? Juushiro groaned as his eyes rolled back into his head.

"Do you like it?" Shunsui panted, unconsciously picking up speed as tension began to build. He felt a little worried—he had promised to finish what he started, he mustn't come before Juushiro did. But—oh god—he clenched his fists, this felt so good, Juushiro was so tight...he bit his lower lip and forced himself to slow down. Okay, much better.

"Faster," Juushiro whispered, digging his nails into Shunsui's back.

Shunsui moaned. Not good. He snapped his hips, thrusting deeper but maintained his speed, hoping that depth could appease Juushiro's need.

"Faster," Juushiro repeated, his voice broken but loud. "Fast...I...almost..." The rest of his sentence dissolved into nonsensical noises, and he raised his hips, grinding himself against Shunsui, increasing the hot, delicious friction, pushing himself closer, closer...

The command, and the knowledge that Juushiro was nearing his climax, sent Shunsui into a feverish pace, and he rolled his hips, the muscles in his arms straining under his weight. The moans spilling from Juushiro's lips were the only things he knew now, and they were like a physical force, urging him further and further towards the edge.

Juushiro's cries became louder, faster, more breathless, and then finally, with a hoarse scream of Shunsui's name, he arched his back and stiffened against Shunsui's body, spilling himself between their bodies. Hearing his own name like this was all Shunsui needed to tumble off the edge, and he came violently, pulsing and throbbing inside his lover as the tight muscles clamped down on him.

It was a long time before either one of them stirred, and that was only after Shunsui mumbled "the healers will be coming to check on you soon".

"Ugh," Juushiro muttered, feeling the sheets stick to his body as he sat up. "I need another bath."

Shunsui snickered, thinking back of Juushiro's previous bath. "Try not to fall," he said with a lazy grin, rolling onto his back. "Otherwise we might not finish in time before the healers arrive."

Juushiro rolled his eyes as he stood up on wobbly legs. Walking around the crumpled lumps of clothes on the floor, he made his way to the bathroom.

Once again, the sight of his newly-white hair brought him to a halt in front of the mirror. Feeling slightly wistful, he ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. A large hand rested on his shoulder and squeezed.

"White suits you, Shiro-chan," Shunsui said, ruffling his lover's hair. "And..." He wasn't done. "Think of how well it would go with your captain's haori!"

Juushiro snorted in amusement. "You sure think very highly of me," he said, poking Shunsui in the ribs.

"Well of course you won't be the only one here wearing a haori!" Shunsui said, his grin widening. "I think it will go very nicely with my grey eyes, no?"

Juushiro smiled back. "Of course it will."

Their eyes met, and in that brief moment, a silent promise was made. Yes, they would both wear captain's haori one day and stand side-by-side as comrades and friends. And lovers, Juushiro thought happily, reaching out to wrap an arm around Shunsui's waist.

Comrades, friends, and lovers.

Phew! It's much, much harder than I expected to write a lemon between two "noobs", especially when they're Shunsui and Juushiro!

I've had fun writing this, thank you all my readers, especially all of you who reviewed. I cherish every comment, every fav, and I hope you like the ending of "Black and White"! :)