Santana's Request

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: End of Season 2 Through Season 3. May or May Not Use

Summary: Santana runs to Kurt in a time of need and makes one request of him.

Pairings: Kurt/Santana!Friendship

Santana's Request

Kurt shut the water off and stepped out of his shower feeling great.

Finn was sleeping at Puck's. Carole and his dad were at some aunt's house. He had the place to himself. A perfect day. A perfect night. Until . . .


Kurt looked to his bedroom door as he slipped his shirt on.

Who could that be?


Kurt growled.

Finn probably forgot his phone. Again. And probably lost his key to get in. Again.

"I'm coming. I'm coming." Kurt muttered as he ascended the staircase onto the main floor.

Kurt sped quickly down the hallway and flung open the front door.


Kurt quickly scanned her. She was sopping wet from the rain. Her make-up ran down her face. And for once, she wasn't wearing her usual snobby mask. In her hand, hangs a backpack.

"Hey Kurt." She shuffles her feet. "Can I . . . can we talk?"

Kurt breaks out of the overall shock and quickly nods. "Sure. Come in."

He quickly ushers her inside and shuts the door. He takes in her shaking body. He quickly places an arm around her, ignoring the fact that his clothes are getting wet.

"We need to get you warm. How about a nice bath?" Kurt offers.

She hesitantly nods before allowing Kurt to guide her into his basement.

Kurt quickly turns on the bath. He makes sure the water is welcoming, comfortable warm before guiding Santana into the room.

Kurt sighs as he slowly helps her take off her clothes. She bites his lip every time he see's her emotionless, blank face.

Kurt steps back when she's down to her bra and panties.

"Umm Santana." She slowly raises her gaze to meet his. "The bath's ready for you. I'll just be outside."

She grabs his arm as he turns to walk away. "Don't. Please." She takes a breath. "Please . . . don't leave me."

Kurt sighs as he takes his place back in front of her. He carefully helps her out of her undergarments. He blushes slightly at her nude form. He ignores his blush and helps lower her into the tub.

What do I do?

Kurt lets out a deep breath before taking a hand towel and soaking it. He brings the towel up and gently wipes the Latina's face. The make-up is removed with ease. His concentration breaks when he realizes that of the area he has to wash next.

"Santana. Do you want to wash yourself, or would you rather I do it?" Kurt asks softly.

Santana slowly looks up at him. "I . . . I can do it."

Kurt nods and quickly gives her the hand towel.

He motions for her to scoot forward a bit so he can work on her hair while she works on her body. He tilts her head gently back, soaking the long dark hair. He runs his fingers through it, loosening all possible knots before pouring a suitable amount of shampoo into his hand.

He lathers up the girls hair before lowering her back into the water. He quickly scrubs her scalp and pulls her back up. He tilts her head back, takes a cup and pours water through her hair, removing all of the chemicals.

He's about to start conditioning when he realizes that her hand hasn't moved. The rag is still in her hair. Her body, un-scrubbed.

What's happened to you?

Kurt sighs before standing up. He quickly strips down, folding his clothes and placing them on the edge of the sink.

He kneels down by Santana. "Can you stand up?" He asks softly.

She slowly nods before pulling herself up. Kurt pulls the plug on the drain and switches on the shower.

He steps into the shower and sighs as the warm water hits him and the Latina. He grabs the hand towel and quickly scrubs the girl down. He looks away and scrubs carefully, but quickly around her personal areas.

Kurt gladly moves back to her hair. He lets the conditioner soak into her hair. He carefully runs his hand across her scalp, soothingly.

He turns her around to face him. He eyes lock on his. Her lip quivers before she folds herself into his chest, crying.

"Shh.' Kurt whispers as he holds onto her.

He pulls them both closer to the spray. Santana clings onto him while he rinses the chemicals out of her hair.


Kurt wraps his arms around her naked body and holds her close. She cries into his neck.

"Come on. Let's get dry. Then we can go lay down." Kurt whispers quietly.

Santana nods and slowly pulls back. Kurt reaches out and grabs a towel from the towel rack.

Kurt is very hesitant, yet quick, as he dries off the distant Latina. He grabs another towel to dry himself off before stepping out of the tub. He grabs hold of Santana's hand and helps her out.

"Can you dress yourself?" He asks as he slides on his boxers.

Santana nods and slowly puts her bra and panties back on.

I guess that's as dressed as she's going to get. Good thing dad won't be here to see me wake up with a half-naked girl.

"Come on. Come lay down with me." He holds his hand out to her.

She grabs onto it and squeezes tight. Kurt bites his lip from the pain. He ignores the pain as he drags her into his room.

He peels back the blanket and guides her into the bed. She doesn't let go of his hand until he is right beside her. He takes her into his arms.

She shivers against his body. He quickly pulls up the blanket to cover their shoulders. She finally sinks into his hold.

"Can you . . . sing for me? Please.' Santana mutters.

What happened to you?

"Sure." Kurt mutters.

You were standing in the wake of devastation

And you were waiting on the edge of the unknown

And with the cataclysm raining down

Insides crying "Save me now"

You were there, impossibly alone

Kurt holds her tighter as his voice wavers on the last few words. He takes a breath. He looks down at the Latina. She's looking up into his eyes.

"Do you want me to continue?"

She slowly nods.

Kurt takes a deep breath.

Do you feel cold and lost in desperation?

You build up hope, but failure's all you've known

Remember all the sadness and frustration

And let it go. Let it go

Let it go

Let it go

Let it go

Let it go

Kurt belts this note out as strong, and quietly as he can. He lets out a shaky breath.

Do you feel cold and lost in desperation?

You build up hope, but failure's all you've known

Remember all the sadness and frustration

And let it go. Let it go

Santana shifts in his arms. "I didn't know your voice could go that deep."

Kurt shrugs. "I've been working on my ranges."

She slowly nods. "You sing great."

"Thank you."

"And I love the sound of your voice. I always want to remember it. No matter where I am." She whispers softly.

Kurt smiles as he places a kiss on top of her head.

Santana lets out a deep breath. "I'm pregnant."

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