Santana's Request

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: End of Season 2 Through Season 3. May or May Not Use

Summary: Santana runs to Kurt in a time of need and makes one request of him.

Pairings: Kurt/Santana!Friendship

Santana's Request

Prologue Part 2

McKinley High 2012 Ten-Year High School Reunion

Kurt stares up at the banner with disgust. "Glitter, gemstones, bad color choices." He turns to Sam with a smirk. "I guess Rachel is here."

Sam chuckles and wraps his arms around Kurt's waist. "Be nice. We haven't seen her in a while. Maybe she's less annoying now."

Kurt snorts. "Any maybe I'm straight and using you for money?" Kurt looks up at Sam with a smirk. "What do you think?"

Sam chuckles. "Considering how much we use each other, you're definitely not straight." Sam leans down and presses a soft kiss to Kurt's lips. "And you make more money than I do."

"Of course I do. I wear the pants in our relationship." Kurt smiles.

"You can wear whatever you want as long as I'm there to take it off at the end of every single day." Sam presses another kiss to Kurt's mouth.

"Easy boys. Don't want to be exciting the ladies." Puck comes up and pats Sam on the shoulder. "That's my job."

Kurt snorts and pulls out of Sam's hold, choosing to take his hand instead. "Come on. If Rachel is still the same as always, we don't want to be any more late than we already are."

"She'll be fine if we're a few minutes late." Santana adds in as she steps out of the bathroom.

She's wearing a tight dress that only goes down the tops of her knees. Puck whistles.

"Too much?" Santana asks, unsure. "I know I'm not as hot as I was back in high school."

"Well from my professional point-of-view, particularly since I'm involved in the fashion world . . . you look smoking hot." Kurt smiles.


"Yeah. I felt my cock twitch a little when I saw you." Kurt says with a straight face.

Santana can't help it and laughs. She goes to Kurt and pats him on the shoulder."Thanks Kurt. I really needed that."

Kurt mock bows. "And where's Miss Brittany at?"

Santana smiles. "Getting back into her dress."

Kurt rolls his eyes. "It's really inappropriate to do that in a school.

Santana shrugs and Puck grins.

Sam leans down to whisper into Kurt's ears. "Don't tell me that you don't want to meet me in the janitor's closet."

Kurt shivers before looking back to Santana. "Come on. Lets get the show on the road."

"Who knew that the Kurt Hummel would be a sex addict?" Puck chuckles.

Kurt glares at him and hits him on the arm. "Like you're not the same?"

"Hey." Puck mock pouts. "I've been a few relationships. My longest one was six months."

"It was a surprise for all of us." Kurt mutters before reaching out and taking Santana's hand. "We'll see you in there. I want to flash my success in some Neanderthal faces before I eat."

Santana laughs and squeezes his hand before letting go. "Alright."

Kurt wraps an arm around Sam's waist and grabs Puck by the arm. "Come on boys."

Puck chuckles as he moves Kurt's hand down so their fingers are intertwined. Sam throws an arm across Kurt's shoulders.

"So what song do you think Rachel's going to sing?" Kurt asks as he spots the gym doors at the end of the hallway.

Puck shrugs. "Don't care. I'd actually prefer if we don't sing. We shouldn't have to sing at every event because Rachel wants to."

The gym doors suddenly open and Rachel stands there glaring at them.

"Hey Rachel." Kurt forces a smile as he presses himself closer into Sam's side.

"Why are you-" Her eyes suddenly narrow on Kurt and Puck's intertwined hands. "Why are you and Noah holding hands?" She asks as all of her rage seems to disappear.

"Because Kurt's my boy and it make him happy. Plus he has soft hands." Puck adds with a smile.

Kurt smiles and kisses Puck on the cheek. "And I like having two hot guys on either side of me."

Puck smirks.

Sam leans down and puts his lips next to Kurt's ear. "But I'm hotter right?"

"Of course." Kurt turns his head slightly and kisses Sam.

"Anyways." Rachel continues, making Sam and Kurt reluctantly break apart. "We are all set to perform. Five minutes ago. Now why are you late?"

"Shut it Rachel. This is a party for everyone, not just you." Puck points at her before motioning himself, Sam, and Kurt. "We already said we weren't singing. We just want to have fun while we're back."

"You're going back to New York? All three of you?" Rachel sounds confused.

"All five of us." Santana answers as her and Brittany join the trio that's facing Rachel. "It's our home."

"Oh I know . . . I was just hoping you guys would stay out here." Rachel says quietly.

Kurt sighs. "This is your home Rachel. We have our lives in New York."

"Of course." Rachel nods, her tone returning with her rage. "Now get in here. I want at least one New Directions picture before everyone leaves


Sam gives in. "Come on Kurt." He starts walking Kurt towards the gym.

Rachel holds the door open while the five of them enter the gym. The place is decorated with glitter and bedazzled table mats. The place is also packed.

"There's something I wanted to show you Kurt." Rachel says quietly.

Kurt narrows his eyes at her, but nods. He gives Sam a quick kiss before pulling out of his hold. He gives Puck a smile before letting go of his hand.

"What is it?" Kurt asks as he moves to Rachel's side.

She starts walking him around the edge of the gym. "Well the committee and I decided to make a speech about all the successes of the former students. We also wanted to pay tribute to the few students that unfortunately died for various reasons over the past ten years."

"Okay." Kurt says slowly. "But what does this have to do with me?"

"Well each of the deceased will have a close friend speak about them. I was kind of hoping that you would speak for . . . him." Her voice goes quiet.

Kurt gulps. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. You're the only one besides Santana that acknowledged him after graduation. The rest of us . . . we were still angry." Rachel says with a frown.

Kurt nods. "I'll do it. Just let me know when."

Rachel laughs awkwardly. "Well here is part two. I picked out a song that I thought Noah could sing, and then do the introductions."

"Why Noah? I figured you would have wanted to sing." Kurt points out.

"Well seeing as Noah is a famous celebrity with eleven Grammy Awards and two platinum albums . . . I figured he'd be able to keep people here longer." Rachel explains. "I was just hoping that you could convince him to sing since you two seem so close."

"He's my best friend." Kurt explains. "And I'll see what I can do. What song?"

Rachel pulls some music sheets from her purse and hands them over. "He'll sing then we'll talk about the glee club,-" Kurt rolls his eyes. "And then let the other students share their success. Then we'll need you to come back up for . . . him."

Kurt slowly nods and pats her shoulder. "Just . . . get the band ready. I'll being Noah back in a second."

Rachel nods and turns to walk behind the curtains set up around the raised stage on the edge of the gym. Kurt takes a deep breath and starts walking back towards his family. He watches out for familiar jocks. He spots Karofsky in the corner with a tall brunette. They are smiling happy and whispering to each other, laughing. Kurt smiles.

He reaches Puck, standing alone. "Where's everyone else?"

"Brittany wanted to talk to some old cheerios so she drug Santana along. Sam went to look for Mike and Artie." Puck explains.

Kurt nods and moves to stand by Puck. Puck tosses an arm around Kurt's shoulder.

"So what's up little dude? It looks like you want something." Puck guesses.

Kurt chuckles softly. "You know me so well."

"Of course I do." Puck smirks. "Now what do you want?"

"Well . . . Rachel wants you to sing." Kurt says slowly.

Puck's eyes narrow. "But I thought we weren't going to sing."

"It's part of this whole process she set up." Kurt explains. "Sing the song to get attention, and then start talking about everyone's achievements and stuff."

Puck slowly nods. "Fine. But only because you asked."

"Thank you Noah." Kurt says with a sweet voice.

"Yeah, yeah." Puck waves him off as he takes off into the crowd.

He runs and jumps onto the stage. He reaches to the stand and takes a mic.

"Hello McKinley." He yells. "I am the one and only Noah Puckerman." He gives sexy grins to the many ladies that are watching along with everyone else. "Now I figured I could take time out of my busy rock star schedule and perform for my fellow peers." A cheer goes up in the crowd. "Now may I ask for my former glee club friends to join me up on stage."

The music starts. Kurt starts clapping along to the beat as he moves to the stage. He runs into Tina along the way. He pulls her into a hug as Puck starts singing.


Four years you think for sure

That's all you've got to endure

All the total dicks

All the stuck up chicks

So superficial, so immature

Kurt gets on the stage with Tina. Quinn and Mercedes pull him into a hug. He watches Sam roll Artie onto the stage with Mike behind him. Brittany, Santana, and Rachel come up from behind the stage.


Then when you graduate

You take a look around and you say

(New Directions)



This is the same as where I just came from

I thought it was over

Aw that's just great

Sam joins Puck with a second mic.

(Puck and Sam)

The whole damn world is just as obsessed

With who's the best dressed and who's having sex,

Who's got the money, who gets the honeys,

Who's kinda cute and who's just a mess

Kurt starts to dance with the girls and Mike while Artie grabs a guitar.

(Puck and Sam)

And you still don't have the right look

And you don't have the right friends

Nothing changes but the faces, the names, and the trends

High school never ends

Puck moves up next to Quinn.


Check out the popular kids

He points to Rachel.


You'll never guess what Jessica did

He moves over and rubs Mercedes's stomach.


How did Mary Kate lose all that weight

He nudges Kurt with his hip and Kurt laughs.


And Katie had a baby so I guess Tom's straight

Santana snorts and wraps her arms around Kurt.


And the only thing that matters

Is climbing up that social ladder

He starts weaving in between his friends.


Still care about your hair and the car you drive

Doesn't matter if you're sixteen or thirty-five

He moves over to Brittany.


Reese Witherspoon,

She's the prom queen

He pats Artie on the head.


Bill Gates,

Captain of the chess team

He throws his arm around Mike's shoulder.


Jack Black, the clown

He chest bumps with Sam.


Brad Pitt, the quarterback

Puck moves to the front of the stage.


I've seen it all before

I want my money back

All the boys start head banging as Puck dances wildly in front of them. The girls dance around the boys.


The whole damn world is just as obsessed

With who's the best dressed and who's having sex,

Puck starts grinding with Kurt against Santana.


Who's in the clubs and who's on the drugs,

Who's throwing up before they digest

And you still don't have the right look

And you don't have the right friends

He gestures to the New Directions.


And you're still listen to the same shit you did back then

High school never ends

Kurt moves to dance with Sam. Mike and Tina also dance together. Santana pulls Brittany into a soft kiss. Rachel, Quinn, and Mercedes dance around Artie. Puck is dancing around like an idiot.


High school never ends

Puck throws an arm of Kurt and Santana's shoulders and they all sing together.


The whole damn world is just as obsessed

(Puck and Kurt)

With who's the best dressed and who's having sex,


Who's got the money, who gets the honeys,

(Puck and Santana)

Who's kinda cute and who's just a mess

(Puck, Kurt, and Santana)

And I still don't have the right look

And I still have the same three friends

And I'm pretty much the same as I was back then

(New Directions)

High school never ends

(New Directions)

High school never ends

(New Directions)

High school never ends


Here we go again

Kurt pulls Puck into a hug as their audience starts applauding. "You were great."

"I know." Puck shrugs before pulling back.

Kurt rolls his eyes as he moves to hug Santana and Sam.

"Alright everyone." Rachel yanks the microphone from Puck and moves to the stage. "I hope you liked our performance that I picked out to sing."

Kurt rolls his eyes again. "Get on with it Berry."

He raises his eyebrows when he hears snorts come from a group of former jocks.

"Now we will have each member come up and tell you about their success." Rachel moves and hands the microphone to the nearest person, Mike.

"Umm." Mike scratches his head. "I own my dance studio." He blushes.

Tina moves and take the mic from him. "And he is an excellent teacher." She gives Mike a wink. "I am his wife and now, I am working on expanding his studio."

Tina hands the mic to Artie as they receive light applause.

"I'm now working at NASA." Artie says with a proud smile.

"Go Abrams." Someone shouts from the crowd.

Artie smiles and rolls back, handing the mic to Kurt.

Kurt steps up to the front of the stage with a presence. "Hello former colleagues." He says in a sickly sweet voice. "I am Kurt Hummel. I own my very own fashion line, magazine, and I am legally married to a guy." He gives Sam a smile before glaring at the group of jocks. "So much for your dumpster tossing. I'm richer and more powerful than you'll ever be." He passes the mic to Sam with a smirk.

"Sorry about that." Sam apologizes for Kurt. He gets a few laughs. "Well I am a teacher. I teach special education and a glee club in New York. Also-" He looks to the jocks as well. "I'm married to Kurt Hummel."

"That's right." Kurt says as he pulls Sam into a kiss.

Puck chuckles and takes the mic. "I'm from New York as well. And those two are my boys-" He points to Sam and Kurt before motioning at Santana and Brittany. "And these two are my girls. I'm also a famous rock star." He smirks before passing the mic to Rachel.

"I'm Rachel Berry. Most of you know me as former Glee Club star, but now I am principal of McKinley High where most of your children go to. It is my job to make sure the safety and-"

"Shut it Berry." Santana snaps before taking the mic from Rachel my force. "You all know me. I, like a few others, live in New York. I love with my wife Brittany," She smiles at the blonde. "and with my best friend Kurt and our children. Also Sam." She looks at Sam. "I always forget he lives there. Maybe it's because Kurt uses the gag and-"

"Okay Santana." Kurt rushes forward and takes the mic. he looks down at Santana. "How much have you had to drink?"

"Nothing." She whispers. "Just a bit nervous, so I ramble."

"I know." Kurt says before putting the mic to his mouth. "Sorry about that." He blushes when he sees many smirks.

Mercedes comes to his rescue and takes the mic. "My name is Mercedes Jones and I am the proud owner of recording studio: Jones Records." She gives them a peace sign before handing the mic to Quinn.

"There's nothing really special about me. I'm just a housewife and mother." Quinn backs away and hands the mic to Brittany.

"Hi everyone." Brittany says with a smile. "I am Brittany S. Lopez and I love Santana."

"I love you too." Santana says as she pulls Brittany into a soft kiss.

Rachel takes the mic again. "Now we will allow each of you to come up here and talk about your achievements."

Kurt nods and moves backstage.

"What are you doing?" Sam asks as he follows him.

"Rachel's going to need me when this is all done." Kurt says quietly.

"Why?" Sam asks.

Kurt sits down in one of the chairs. "You'll see."

Sam nods and sits down by Kurt. Kurt leans his head onto Sam's shoulders and they listen to the success of their former schoolmates. They hear of jobs such as teaching, or being a police officer. Only one jock made it pro. None of the former students were as successful as the glee club. Most still lived in town.

"Now it's time for our memorial ceremony." Rachel says from the stage.

Kurt sits up and tenses.

"Unfortunately, in the past ten years, we have lost three from our graduating class. So in their honor, we have someone close to them to speak about their life. First up-"

Kurt lays his head back down on Sam's shoulder.

"Is this what you're waiting for?" Sam asks.

Kurt nods. "Yeah."

"You're . . . Finn?" Sam sounds unsure.

Kurt gulps. "Rachel said that I knew him best. And it's kind of sad. Only Santana and I talked to him. Why'd you stop?"

Sam tenses. "I couldn't forgive. I tried, but . . . that's not right. I understand that you guys did, I just couldn't."

Kurt nods and it returns to silence, until-

"And to talk about Finn Hudson, his brother Kurt Hummel."

Kurt takes a deep breath and stands up. Sam gives him a soft kiss before letting him go. Kurt walks nervously onto the stage. Rachel gives him a small smile before handing him the microphone.

"Hey." Kurt breathes into the mic. "So . . . my brother Finn." Kurt takes a deep breath as the memories return. "Finn . . . Finn was Finn. He was the goofy boy. He was the not so smart boy." Kurt chuckles with everyone else. "But best of all, Finn was a friend. He always tried to do the right thing. He hated conflict and would try to find the least violent way out." Kurt takes a deep breath before looking out into the audience. He sees Santana squeezing the life out of Puck's hand while Brittany rubs her back. "About eight years ago, Finn died." Kurt lets out a shaky breath. "I couldn't believe it. I mean, he was my brother, my only brother." Kurt's breath hitches. "I remember being at his funeral, and you know what . . ." He scans the crowd. "Many of you were there. To this day, it shocks me about how many friends that Finn really had, how many people he helped, all the lives that he affected." Kurt's eyes stop on Santana. "I miss him."

Kurt takes a deep breath before putting the mic back on it's stand. He stops when he hears a clap. Then another. And another. He turns to the front of the stage and watches as he receives full on applause. He smiles at them before stepping off the stage and into Sam's open arms.

"Are you okay?" Sam asks as he squeezes Kurt.

Kurt nods.

"Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone." Rachel says from the stage before music fills the air.

Kurt pulls back and takes Sam's hand. "Come on. Lets go be with everyone."

Sam nods and follows Kurt as his boy leads them to Santana. Puck is flexing his hand as they come up.

"How are you doing?" Kurt asks.

"My hands a little bruised, but fine. Thanks for asking." Puck says as he looks up at Kurt.

"Not you." Kurt rolls his eyes and looks to Santana. "You?"

"I'm good." She says with a strong voice. "It's been a long time."

"Good. Now come and dance with me." Kurt offers a hand out to her.

Santana takes his hand eagerly and pulls him towards the dance floor. He spots Sam pulling Brittany along.

Santana lays her head on Kurt's shoulder as they start to slow dance to the fast-paced music.

"I never though I'd say this, but . . . I don't regret coming back here." Santana whispers.

Kurt smiles. "Please don't tell me you want to move back."

"No. I'd just be nice to visit every now and then." She responds softly.

Kurt smiles. "Yeah."

Santana chuckles. "Who knew our lives would have turned out this way? It can't get any better.

Kurt nods before grinning deviously.

Santana pulls back and her eyes narrow. "What?"

"So when do you want another kid?" Kurt asks.

Santana chuckles and leans close. "Janitor's closet, five minutes."

Kurt chuckles before composing his face. "Of course."

"Good." Santana looks to Sam and Brittany. The two are dancing with Puck. "Hey guys."

"Yeah." Sam answers.

"Kurt and I are going to have sex." Santana says with a smile as she starts to drag Kurt away.

"What?" Sam looks confused.

"I wanna watch." Brittany comments to no one.

Puck chuckles. "Looks like you're going to be a baby daddy again."

Sam's eyes go wide.

"Love you Sam." Kurt yells. "But she wants more."


"This isn't a request Samuel." Santana says. "We're having more kids."

Kurt and Santana burst into laughter and hold onto each other to stay up.

Maybe we will have more.


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