Chocolate Eyes and the Wildcard Enforcer

When two world class agents are sent to hunt each other down, things go awry very quickly. Both Chuck Bartowski and Sarah Walker have a lot to lose, and the unexpected game of twists and turns will change everything. Romance and Humor ensue.

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Chapter One:

Chuck Bartowski, cover name Carmichael, was the best in the NSA. Bar none. He had completed every mission with flying colors, even his red test. He didn't enjoy killing, but he did it fearlessly, knowing he was protecting great people like his sister and her fiancee. He was the man. He'd gotten rid of his curls as Ellie had advised, and instead had a sexy, shorter cut. He was muscular and fit, requirements of the NSA of course...But more than that, he was funny, sweet, charismatic, caring, and loving...every girl's dream. His chocolate eyes captured many people's attention, but he'd never really cared for one. He'd worked with Beckman for a long time, and he'd never had to question her orders...until now.

"You want me to what?" Chuck sputtered, unable to comprehend what Beckman was asking of him. "Isn't that illegal?"

General Diane Beckman had one hell of a poker face. "We are the law, Agent Carmichael."

Chuck leaned back in his chair, taking a deep breath. "Let me get this straight…."

"Please do…" Beckman sarcastically jutted in, though he ignored it fully.

"You want me to kidnap a the CIA's best, Agent Sarah Walker, so you can complete a mission faster then the CIA…."

"Not just a mission, Chuck, there's a promotion on the line, and Langston wants it just a badly as any of us."

"Is he willing to cheat?" Chuck quipped, earning him a hard glare.

"You're the NSA's best, Carmichael. I'd hate to have that reputation soiled over a…..misunderstanding."

"Diane…" Chuck smirked, taking his tone to a calm façade.

The General narrowed her eyes, knowing where this was headed.

"You need me….." he continued, smiling.

"What do you want?" she snapped.

"A raise?" Chuck queried.

"Why on ear-"

"My sister's getting married soon." He justified his actions. "I want to help…."

Beckman's expression softened. "Fine…but I better get an invitation, Dammit."

"Consider Walker ours." Chuck grinned. "So, let's talk business. What are the specs?"

"You leave tonight." Beckman told him. "She's got a mission, busting some dealers in LA tomorrow."

Chuck nodded, absorbing in all the information.

"Let her finish her task, then grab her."

"Can I be humane about it?" Chuck sighed.

Beckman rolled her eyes. "Whatever you want, just don't shoot her. I want her completely out of the question for at least one week."

"Woah, one week?" Chuck cried. "What will I do with her for a week?"

"Make sure you're nowhere near any NSA resources. We don't want them to know we were involved at all."

Chuck's eyes widened. "Are you crazy? They'll report us!"

"Not if we can complete this mission before they do. Then we'll be too high up for them to even think of questioning us."

"What is this….mission, exactly?" Chuck asked.

Beckman took a breath. "Remember Fulcrum?"

"Yeah, they shot me….twice." Chuck pointed out wryly. "You tend to remember things like that."

Beckman ignored his smart ass quips.

"Well, they're working together with their inner organization called the ring. They've gathered all our Intel and made a chip out of it…..They call it the intersect. Our mission is to retrieve it."

"But that's also Walker and the CIA's mission." Chuck deduced immediately.

"Correct. Don't screw this up, Bartowski." She used his real name for extra seriousness.

Grinning, he stood. "Yes ma'am."


Sarah Walker was renowned in the CIA for her work, and not to mention her stunning beauty and finesse. She was gorgeous, tall and blonde, with an angelic face and stunning cerulean pools in her eyes. She was a smooth talker, and very much like Chuck. She'd coupled that and her skill to get her all the way to the top, and she was amazing at what she did. Unlike Chuck, however, she had little to no mercy when killing, though she never hurt an innocent. She was his Wildcard Enforcer, and she demanded respect and a high status.

"Kidnapping Carmichael…..that's genius." Sarah Walker smiled up at Langston Graham, her mentor and savior. "Though…'s kind of shady."

Graham nodded. "That's why you, the best of the best, will be on this mission. They know you'll be busting a dealer, I gave them that much." He winked, causing her to smirk.

"So my job is to get him before he gets me." Sarah nodded. "I like it."

"Precisely. Keep him off the grid for a week, while we send our teams to retrieve the intersect, like we spoke about earlier."

"A week?" Sarah raised a brow. "That's a long time….."

"Just make sure he has no way to contact his superiors for a week, got it? No call, emails, texts…..any form of communication is banned. Hell, I don't care if you stand over him and shoot him with a twilight tranq every minute for the next week, but he can't get back to the NSA, clear?"

Sarah smirked, nodding. "No problem, Director."

"Oh, and Walker…." Graham smiled wryly. "Don't kill the poor kid….NSA needs him."

"No promises." Sarah remarked, leaving his office. She had a plane to catch.

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