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Chapter Seven:

"Shopping with my sister." Chuck grinned when the two were finally getting ready to go. "What are the odds, Agent Walker?"

"Shut up. Unlike you, she's actually a nice person." Sarah retorted, but the meaning was lost behind it. They were empty teases.

"Me? Mean? I wasn't the one who cuffed you to a bed post and then rubbed myself against you." He pointed out, laughing uncontrollably.

Sarah threw the cuff at him. He caught it with one swift motion, flipping it around his finger. "It'd be really awkward if someone saw these…" he remarked.

"If I'm recalling correctly, you almost forgot you were even wearing them last night." Sarah interrupted, smirking.

"In all fairness, you are the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen in my life." Chuck replied, but the swagger and smart ass elements were gone. He was being genuine.

Sarah felt her heart flutter, then pound in her chest. Her cheeks burned red. "Thank you….Chuck."

Chuck gave her what she soon learned was the Bartowski grin. She loved his smile. It made her feel warm and fuzzy and- Oh Hell. She was too professional for his damn good looks.

"Where are we going today?" She finally asked, once she felt that her cheeks returned to something of a normal color.

"The mall, then I think Ellie has a surprise." Chuck chuckled.

"What? What is it?"

"You'll see. For now, you'll have to live with buying lingerie….I'm looking forward to it." He teased as he grabbed his keys, leaving her to gape past the open door.


"Chuck was always a nerd." Ellie continued, as the group of four continued their trek down the main stretch of the mall, Ellie and Sarah stopping to pull them into the stores every five minutes or so.

"I saw his room." Sarah replied with a smirk. She and Ellie found that the most entertaining talk was of Chuck. And it wasn't all flattering either.

"That Tron poster isn't exactly a chick magnet, Chuck." Ellie replied sharply.

"Hey! Dad gave that to me, El." Chuck reminded gently.

Sarah felt her heart drop as she eyed Chuck sympathetically. She'd heard of their father. Best analyst that ever was. And now, he was gone, as a result of twenty hard years of fighting Fulcrum and designing an intersect. It was a pretty screwed up system.

"Chuck, have you taken Sarah to your place, yet?" Ellie asked, eyeing the window of Victoria's Secret critically, pausing the entire group as she did so.

"Um, no….We haven't had time." He replied, biting his lip. Ellie wasn't…..but she was.

"Place?" Sarah asked innocently.

Ellie smiled. "Make a beautiful night out of it, Chuck."

"Yes Ma'am." Anything to stop Sarah from finding out right at that moment was key.

"Good….Sarah, come on." Ellie smirked, taking her hand. "You guys go off and eat something. No previews today."

Devon watched the two leave, turning to Chuck. "Tough break, dude." He grinned.

Chuck laughed, walking down to the food court with him. "Yeah, I guess."

"So man…" Devon looked as if he'd been holding the question all day.

Chuck watched amusedly, standing in line to order a soda. "Yeah?"

"Are things with you and her….are you guys serious, dude?" Devon asked, smirking.

"Uh….oh….well, you know…..I'm not too sure….at this particular point, but uh….maybe?" Chuck stammered, not quite ready.

Devon nodded, seeming to know. "I chased your sister all the way through med school."

Chuck nodded, smiling fondly.

"Actually, we had a fling in the supply closet on our first day." He grinned.

Chuck's smile faded ad Devon laughed at his reaction. "Awesome! That's my sister! We're talking about Ellie Bartowski...Brain bleach! Oh god!"

At his sudden outburst, someone two heads in front of them turned around. Chuck glanced up at the opportune moment to find Jill Roberts, his old ex.

"Chuck?" She looked shock, as they both stepped out of line. Devon's eyes widened, watching the exchange.

"Oh…wow….ah, Jill?" He asked astounded, meeting her gaze awkwardly.

"Long time no see, Chuck…" she sighed, watching him.

"Yeah…ah….how've you been?" He asked, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

"Me? Oh, science and all that old stuff….I got my doctorate…." She admitted.

"Oh wow, congrats…" He smiled.

"How about you, Chuck?" She remembered their sad departing when he went to become a full fledged agent, following in his father's footsteps. She didn't support it….one of the main reasons why they broke up….among a few others.

"I uh….I-"

"Hey baby." He heard a smooth angelic voice behind him. He blinked hard, hoping it was a dream.

"Huh?" He turned, seeing Sarah. She had an amused smile on her lips. That was never good news.

"Hey…Sarah." Chuck replied awkwardly. Sarah completely made up for it. Chuck knew Devon had slipped away and told Ellie, who was no doubt watching from a distance.

She stepped beside him, as his arms wrapped around her. Jill watched in confusion, as if somebody had slapped her.

"Oh….a…who's this, Chuck?" Jill asked, not sure what to think.

"This…..is Sarah…" He smiled down at her, finally getting the courage. Sarah's eyes prompted him, wanting him to finally get his revenge for cheating on her. "She's my….my…."

"Girlfriend." Sarah supplied, shaking her hand.

Immediately when Jill extended her wrist, Sarah saw the scar. That was a very tell tale, dangerous scar. Immediately her agent mode was on, though it made no difference to Jill, who was oblivious. Chuck, on the other hand, felt her tense up against him.

She couldn't seem to get Jill away. The two kept talking, catching up, the like. Sarah knew what she had to do….hopefully Chuck would forgive her.

"Chuck…" with the simple call, all his attention was on her. There was no damn comparison. Leaning up, she pulled him to her lips as the two suddenly lost track of the world, as if time spun backwards.

Somewhere in the far distance, they swore they could hear Ellie's squeal of joy, but they didn't part. It was a good thing that the food court was virtually empty.

For some time, they remained like that. Lips swelling, fighting for dominance in an unending war. It sent sparks through Sarah, and It shook the two of them to their very cores.

"Ahem…" Jill's cough sounded something along those lines.

The two pulled apart, as Sarah finally turned, and shot Jill one of her CIA death glares. Jill actually took a step back as Chuck's breathing evened.

"Nice meeting you, bye!" Sarah called as she pulled a completely willing Chuck out of the open and into a corner.

Chuck just stared at her, then her lips. "Sarah, I-"

"Chuck." She shook her head reluctantly, interrupting him. "She's Fulcrum."

Chuck felt his heart drop, though it wasn't for the right reasons. "So the kiss was-"

"Sorry, I had to." She admitted, cheeks burning red. "Protocol."

"Right, of course…" Chuck shrugged. "So what do we do?"

"Now? Nothing. I can report it later…" she sighed. "But watch out for your family Chuck."

"Hmm? Of course…." He replied.

"Because if you won't, I will…" she told him truthfully.

"Thank you, Sarah…" he sighed, taking her hand as they returned to Ellie, who was still squealing.

"My job, Chuck." She replied, feeling nervous at simply holding his hand.


The day's shopping continued, and Chuck hauled all of Sarah's bags like a gentleman…not that he and Devon had much of a choice anyway. They stayed for about two hours, fulfilling lingerie, bath, and regular clothing needs. By the time they unloaded everything at home and got a bite to eat, it was almost six.

"Okay Chuck…" Ellie prompted him with a gentle pat on the back. She glanced over at Sarah, who was having an animated conversation with Devon about UCLA.

"El, that's pretty private…"

"You're telling me, after that kiss, you don't think you two will be serious…?" she snapped.

"No, I'm just….maybe?"

"Charles Irving Bartowski." She sighed, taking a breath. "I never thought I'd say this to you but…..If you don't get lucky, don't bother coming home." She smirked, watching as Sarah rose. Chuck gaped as she handed Chuck the key, pushing the two out the door.

"Have fun, kids!"

Chuck just watched as she shut the door.

Sarah laughed. "I think she's being supportive."

"Of what?" Chuck sighed. "It's lies, Sarah…"

Sarah frowned. "Well….where's this place?"

Chuck smirked as he took a seat beside her in the car, handing her a bandana.

"Seriously? A blindfold?" She grinned.

"I'm a man of surprises." He chuckled.

"I'll say." She tied it on though, leaving no room to peek. She trusted Chuck Bartowski. That was the problem and solution all at once, and it made her head hurt to think of it.

The ride was only twenty five minutes long, and Chuck kept Sarah laughing the entire way there. Once they parked, he got out, coming over to pen her door for her.

She gently peeled the bandana off to reveal a gorgeous view of the sun just beginning to set on a absolutely deserted beach.

"Oh my god…" she breathed as she stepped out of the car, following Chuck as he found the perfect spot on the sand.

"What do you think….?" He asked as he took a seat beside her, only inches away.

"It's so beautiful…" she admitted, watching the waves slowly rise and crash, seeming to slowly envelope the sun.

"Ellie was really killing me to get you out here…"

"Chuck, this is probably for someone you really care about and like…" Sarah told him gently.

"It is. And that's why I brought you here." He admitted, glancing away then back at her.

"Chuck…" she let the words sink in, heart desperately pleading for more. Her agent side could only take so much.

"I know you probably think I'm your next pathetic mark." He admitted. "So maybe we shouldn't have come-"

"Chuck..." Sarah shook her head. "Shut up." She smirked.

He glanced up questioningly at her. She smiled gently, causing him to do the same.

"I probably shouldn't have kissed you…" Sarah admitted in what was now a whisper.

"And I probably shouldn't kiss you right now…" Chuck murmured.

"Probably not…." Sarah agreed.

Chuck put his arms around her, pulling her close as he placed a soft, gentle kiss on her lips. Sarah felt the wonderful shock as she put her arms around him this time, blushing all the while. She felt like a real girl…..for the first time in years. The kiss held no competitiveness, like the other one. This was sweet, slow, and passionate. It was almost as if Chuck was telling her that it was okay to like him, and to trust him….through kissing her. It was the most amazing feeling Sarah had ever felt.

Chuck pulled away, grinning almost stupidly. "Probably shouldn't have done that…."

"Chuck…" she sighed, taking a breath.

Chuck did the same, preparing himself for the rejection.

"Shut up and kiss me." She grinned, pulling him back as they forgot the world around them, the sun sinking into the depths of the ocean before them.

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