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Summary- Minako breaks up with her boyfriend and goes to Usagi for help.

"Ruve-kun, he is horrible," Minako said as tears came down her face, her blue eyes not so perky. "Maybe I should go see Usagi-chan."

Minako got up and left her house...Ruve turned his back on her. Her curse to find a man was going go continue for a life time. The blond ran in the rain, soaking her; she ran too fast causing her to slip on the pavement getting cuts on her arms and legs...oh god they stung! But she kept going.

Usagi picked up the mail from her floor, electric bills, banking bills, intuition many! She put them on the wooden table in her kitchen. There was a sudden knock on the door.

"Coming!" Usagi shouted as she walked down the hall, she peered through the hole in the door seeing Minako. The blond opened the door revealing her soaked friend. "Minako-chan, you're soaked."

Minako sat on the blue coach in Usagi's house and said nothing, she was too cold to talk. Usagi went and got her a pair of her pajamas and a green towel to dry off.

"Here," Usagi said as Minako took the towel and Usagi made some hot chocolate. Usagi waited for Minako to warm up then looked at Usagi.

"Minako-chan, why did you come all the way here in the pouring rain?" Usagi questioned her friend.

"Ruve-kun broke up with me," Minako said as tears came down her face once again. "He's an idiot...I should just live alone!"

"Minako-chan..." Usagi said feeling sad for her friend.

"I should just adopt a bunch of cats and be a crazy cat lady," Minako said with a frown. "I could try option two...go gay."

Usagi only smiled. "Well, it's your life...Minako-chan," Usagi said as Minako hugged her.

"Usagi...can I try making out with you?" Minako muttered.


"Come on, just a tiny kiss," Minako begged.

"Uh sure," Usagi said not 100 percent how this was going to go.

Minako moved over to where Usagi was sitting and sat on her laptop. She placed a kiss on Usagi's lips and arms around her neck; Usagi didn't respond as quickly as Minako would've liked but her friend put her hands on her ass.

"Mmmmmm..." Minako moaned as she continued to kiss her friend. Minako slowly took it to Usagi's bedroom. She slid off Usagi's pink dress and bra, she put her mouth on Usagi's boob and the other girl moaned.

Usagi felt Minako do this forever...she participated in the sex and it was a new experince.

"Minako-chan," Usagi said. "That was fucking amazing."

Minako got up and buttoned her now dry shirt and skit. "You're welcome, you made me feel better Usagi-chan," Minako said giving Usagi a kiss on the cheek then leaving.

"" Usagi said.

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