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Fiona sat at one side of the table, with her hands shackled in their usual place. She had no idea why the room was being swept for listening devices, why there were CIA agents outside the door and why Agent Pearce wanted to see her. Her mind began to race but she refused to think the worst.

Agent Pearce walked into the room. She sat down at the table and started to speak, not wanting to keep Fiona waiting.

"Fiona, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we don't know where Anson is. We know he's underground but don't know where. Without capturing Anson, there is no proof for your case. So when the case goes to trial, you would be tried for a terrorist attack. Most likely you'd be convicted and sentenced to death. You wouldn't be able to see Michael, unless there was glass between you both and you'll be lucky if you get three visits tops before you die."

Fiona started to cry. She thought for sure Michael would have caught Anson and brought him to justice, freeing her in the the process. She shouted "That can't be it! There has to be something else. This can't be how it ends!"

"I'm sorry Fiona. Michael would have come but he's not in any shape to do this. I need you to sign this paper. Read it carefully and once you understand everything about the process and what will happen to your body if you were die in prison, you can sign the paper."


Please sign the paper and follow what Pearce tells you to do. Don't ask any questions. Please do it for me. You went to prison to save me, now its my turn to save you. I will see you soon.


Fiona looked at Pearce and asked for a pen. With her hand shaking, she signed her name to the document. The document under Michael's brief note was a release for the prison to only use dental charts to identify the body.

"What's next? What do I do?" Fiona asked, trying to compose herself.

"There is going to be a fire in the prison. You get trapped in a closet by an inmate and they find your charred remains. Michael got me a set of your dental records which we will use to identify your body." Pearce explained.

Softening her tone, she continued "We will send in an extraction team to get you out. It will be fast and they'll tell you what to do as you go along. Do as they say and you'll be safe."

Fiona took a moment to process everything Pearce had told her. She leaned forward and asked in a soft tone "Am I going into the witness relocation program? Is Michael going with me?"

Pearce did not answer her questions. Instead she got up and said to Fiona "Trust the plan. Michael put a lot of thought into it and it will work." Pearce left Fiona sitting alone at the table, waiting for the guard to return her to her cell.

A few weeks later a new guard was assigned to Fiona's section. The guard at night would make rounds and pass by her cell, dropping brief notes as to what was going to happen and when. Fiona would then flush them down the toilet so they would not be found.

Finally, she had all the details of when the extraction team was coming for her and what was expected of herself during the extraction. Before she knew it, Fiona was out of prison and whisked off to an abandoned warehouse outside of Miami.

In the warehouse, there was a cot, some food, clothes and magazines. On top of the magazines, Fiona saw a note.


We are almost at the end. Please be patient and wait for me.


She spent a week in the warehouse. Mostly sleeping or making sure no one was coming for her to either take or to prison again or kill her. Finally at the end of the seventh day, She heard two sets of footsteps. Not sure who was coming, she grabbed a pipe that she kept nearby.

A familiar voice called out to her. "Fi? Fiona? Where are you?"

It was Michael. She ran out of the room she was in and saw Michael standing in the middle of the warehouse. She leapt into his arms and he spun her around while she kissed him.

"I hate to break up your reunion, but I am going to give you your new identities and information. Then I have to leave."

Fiona looked at Michael with shock. He could tell she was confused and not processing everything that had been happening. "Can I have a minute alone with her?"

Pearce shook her head and waved her hand. "Take all the time in the world. I haven't slept in three months, so let's just take a little more time."

Michael took Fiona's hand and took her into the first office he could find. He leaned on the desk in the room and now held both her hands. "Before you say anything, I know this a shock for you. I know this is moving fast..."

"Michael, everything is moving at light speed right now. I don't which end is up!"

Michael stopped speaking when he felt tears quickly come to his eyes. He closed his eyes and let the tears roll down his face. Taking a deep breath he spoke again. "I had to do this quickly or else I was afraid I'd lose you forever. I can't lose you forever."

"So you faked my death and put me in a relocation program?"

"This was the only way to get you out of prison. Everything else we did failed."

"So I am dead. What about you?" Fiona asked, putting her hand on Michael's cheek. It was so long since she touched cheek. He immediately tilted his hand and leaned into her caress.

"As far as anyone knows, you died in the fire. I became severely depressed, put a gun to my head and pulled the trigger. I had orders that if I was to die, I didn't want an autopsy."

Fiona's eyes filled with tears. "Does your mother know you aren't dead? What about Nate and Jesse? Sam?"

Michael shook his head at each name, stopping at Sam. "Sam is the only one who knows what we are doing. He 'found' my body in the loft. Sam will take care of my mom for me." Tears fell freely from Michael's eyes.

Fiona took Michael into her arms. It was the first embrace they shared since he left her alone in the loft all those months ago. He broke free from her arms and took her face in his hands.

"We have a chance at a real life together. Tell me you'll take the chance and just let it be you and me? I love you and need you by my side. I owe you a life free from what we've had up until now." Michael choked out.

"So all I had to do get you to say 'I love you' was to be imprisoned and face possible death?" Fiona said, laughing through her tears. "I've always been by your side and always will be."

Pearce called out from the other room. "Guys we are on a schedule, can we get back to taking care of business?"

Fiona and Michael took a moment and kissed. She took his hand and led him out of the office. They sat down with Pearce and she laid out the details of their new life together. Once everything was completed and they had their new identities, Pearce handed both of them envelopes. She said "I was told to give these to you both."

Michael opened his first and pulled out a large wad of cash. He read the letter inside.


I knew that someday we'd have to separate, but I always thought it'd be death that took one of us.

I am glad that it's not death, but instead its Fiona. Protect and love that Irish girl and give her a life she deserves away from all this ugliness.

Don't worry about mom. I'll take care of her.

Someday we'll meet again. Don't know where, but we will. Until that day comes, I wish you and Fiona nothing but love and happiness.

No one deserves a happy life more than you Brother.


Michael wiped away the tears from his eyes. "Open yours, I want to see what he said."

Fiona opened her envelope and pulled out another wad of cash. She read her letter out loud.


Dammit you little Irish wacko! I thought I'd be the one who got to run off with Mikey!

Wish I could have been there to be the first person, after you guys of course, to hold your babies and see them grow up. I won't get that privildge to be 'Uncle Sam' and I'll always be a little sad about that. Love your children as much as, if not more, than you do Mikey.

Protect him as he has protected you. Keep him safe and sane. He has a good heart that loves you more than anything else in this world...even more than yogurt and me!

Stay safe sister and we'll meet up again soon.



PS...I touched your snow-globes.

They hadn't realized that Pearce had left. Michael looked at Fiona and asked "Cassandra O'Conner, are you ready to go?"

"Robert O'Conner, you wouldn't believe how ready I am to get out of here." Fiona said, wiping her tear stained face.

Michael and Fiona walked toward the exit. Right before the door, Michael stopped and pulled two rings out of his pocket. He slipped an Asscher cut diamond engagement ring, followed by a simple silver wedding band on her hand.

"I know it's not as big as the one you had before on the mission and I promise someday we'll have a proper wedding ceremony..." Michael stammered.

"It could have come from a gumball machine and I wouldn't care. I love it. I don't need a wedding. Our souls have been married since we met. The only thing I need is you."

Michael pulled Fiona close to him and kissed her long and slow. He ended the kiss first and whispered into her ear "I love you." He felt her squeeze him even harder than she was already.

"Let's get out here. We have a new life to figure out. Together."

The two of them walked out into the bright sunlight and drove off to their new destination.