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"You don't care, do you?" he shouted, his face visibly angry.

"Don't think like that!" his mother yelled back, appalled at what she had just heard. "I care about you! I care about your sister! And I know you're still having a hard time adjusting to Jackson-!"

"He's adjusted to us…" He muttered under his breath.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"You don't know what he does to us!"

"Then tell me."

He looked up at her with the most pitiful face he could conjure. "Mom…..I can't." It had been forever since he called his mother 'Mom.' He had to be serious. "He told us not to. I don't want to put Lily in danger…."

"Your sister is not in danger! I don't know where you get these ideas from…"

"Well how do you think this happened?" He rolled up his sleeve, showing her a large bruise that spread up his arm.

"Jimmy, if you're accusing your stepfather of doing that, you're insane."

"Why don't you believe me?"

"Because I know you well enough, Jimmy." She just hissed at him, tired of hearing these complaints. "You can't accept change. And now you're gonna try everything to get it back to the way it was. Well, here's a newsflash for you. Nothing you do can bring your father back. He was a fucking coward and left!"

"Don't talk about my father like that…He was a good man."

"He was a fucking bastard. And you're just like him."

He just pushed her in a fit of rage and screamed, "SHUT THE FUCK UP! DON'T YOU FUCKING JUDGE ME!"

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" She yelled even louder, pointing to the door. "GET YOUR DISGRACEFUL FUCKING ASS OUT OF MY HOUSE!"


If Jimmy had to hear his name being shouted in anger one more time, he would explode. He had to get out of that house…away from everything. He was terrified to go back because he knew the same thing would happen. He was scared.

He rolled his own eyes at himself. Here he was, a fifteen year old boy who was shaking in fear like a three year old in the dark. In fact, the dark scared him. He knew it only happened when it was dark.

The pain everywhere. The screams. The rough hands seizing him, not letting go.

But he sighed and continued to walk, ashamed of himself.

He passed an old park, run down and abandoned. He remembered playing there as a child. All the memories he would have, playing pirates with his friends like it was their job. He smiled, walking closer to the swings that he would try to climb on when he was little. He sat down and began to rock back and forth, trying to remember a time when he didn't have to be afraid.

The hot breath against his neck. The hands on his body. The cruel whispering voice.

He heard a loud shout coming from a few buildings down. He wondered what was going on, curious. He got up from his safe perch and ventured out to find this voice. He could hear the scream more clearly now. It was a girl. No older than him. He had to run.

The screams would haunt him every night from his sister's room. The girl's shrieks of pain and disgust mixed with the same hissing threatening voice telling her to be quiet… He wondered why his mother never heard any of this, her children's desperate call for help.

The voice had led him to an alleyway a little while down from the park. From what he could see there was just a girl, or a body of a girl rather. She laid there, slumped on the ground like she was dead. His heart beat faster as he slowly went to examine the girl. He propped her up against the wall and took a good look at her. She had to be, at the most, his age. She looked somewhat pale, unconscious, blood dripping down her head. He looked over her body quickly to find more blood around her stomach, covering her legs. It was an awful sight to see. He couldn't just let her bleed to death there… So he decided against his better judgment and gently lifted the girl off the ground, not giving a fuck about what Jackson would say when he saw her.

He hears his sister's sobs after it's done. He knows what comes next. His door opens and the fiend stands right there.

Just the thought of going home so soon frightened him. He didn't want to go back ever. But he knew he had to. For his sister. That was all he had to live for. He decided to take the back way into the house so no one would see him with the still-unconscious body of that girl. He carried her up to his room, laying her on his bed, going to fetch a wet towel to put on her head.

He sat next to her, pressing the towel against her wound, cleaning the freshly spilled blood from her face. She seemed kind of pretty actually. Her face was soft and sweet. Her body was rather thin and her hair fell in perfect curls adorning her still-bleeding head. His eyes traveled down and remembered the rest of the blood.

He made sure to be gentle, hovering on top of her and lifting her shirt carefully. There were bruises and blood covering her stomach, not as much as he'd expected. But as he wondered where the rest of the blood had come from, he noticed even more trickling onto his sheets. He looked down to see where it could possibly be bleeding and then his eyes caught it, as guilty as he felt. He saw a majority of it had come from between her legs. He didn't know what was going on, but he still took pity on the girl. He grabbed the towel and began to slowly wipe down the insides of her legs, trying to get as much blood off as possible.

But before he knew it, his door flew open, revealing his still-pissed off mother. "Jimmy, I heard you…." But her voice trailed off as all she saw was her son's hand up some unconscious girl's skirt. "What the hell is going on?"

He quickly pulled his hand away, covered in blood. He looked up to her and grumbled, "She's hurt…"

She ran over to the girl and quickly checked for a pulse. "Who is she?"

"I don't know…I found her like this."

"You just took a girl off the street?"

"She needed help!"

She angrily sighed at him and dug her cell phone out of her pocket and called 911. He was too busy looking after this girl to care about the drama going on around him. He wanted to make sure she lived. He wanted to know her story. Who she was, why she was there, how this came to be.

But just as he thought that, he felt the body stirring slightly. The girl gave out a faint groan of pain, her eyes fluttering open. He just froze, staring into her perfect brown eyes that fretfully darted around the room.

"Wh-where am I?" she whispered, as loud as she could. But all she saw was the black tipped, cold hand in hers, the hauntingly expressive olive green eyes looking over her. Her face spelled out pure fear, not knowing where she was or who she was with.

"Don't worry…" he whispered, holding her hand closer to him. "You're safe…"

"M-my baby…what about my b-baby?"

Baby? What was this girl talking about? Was she…pregnant? "We're gonna get you to a hospital, ok?" he calmly told her, stroking her blood-stained hair. She whimpered and nodded, already terrified. She reminded him so much of himself. She had that look of permanent fear, like he did, only hers showing much more often.

He could hear the sirens as they approached the house. His mother practically pushed him aside and grabbed up the girl, making sure to be gentle with her. He didn't want to let go of her yet. He wanted to stay with her. What if she died? The he'd never know her.

He began to walk alongside of the two, grabbing onto the girl's hand once again. He could barely see her, but he knew she was smiling. She was carried outside and put into the ambulance, groaning in pain. He saw the paramedic about to close the doors of the vehicle and ran up to the man.

"Wait! Let me go with her!"

The paramedic sighed and said, "Sorry, kid…Can't let you in."

"Why not? She needs me!"

"Jimmy…" His mother grabbed onto him, trying to prevent him from getting into the way of the man's work.


But it was too late. They closed up the ambulance, quickly beginning to drive away. Jimmy still struggled in his mother's grasp, feeling so protective of the girl still. She was gone now. He would have to wait.

"I don't even know her name…" he whispered to himself, being dragged back into the hellhole he called home.