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Chapter 1: Simple Turned Difficult

The streets of the neighborhood were lined in pink streamers and hearts. People clad in hearts bustled the sidewalks and parks, some carrying large boxes, others fluffy teddy bears. All around, you could feel the love in the air.

It was the 2nd annual "Almost Valentines Day". It's a day on August 14th to celebrate love, and others. Just like Valentines Day, but in the summer. (Besides, you can get Valentines, and Valentine related items on clearance.) The Electric Diner was always the headquarters of this Holiday. They had all sorts of specials, and pink foods. They even had their waiter Shock handle all the music, and he was a great beat boxer. All in all, it was most neighbors' favorite Unofficial Holiday.

Lisa bounded down the street, a smile plastered on her face. This was her absolute favorite Holiday. It even beat Christmas. Though, it wasn't the real Valentines Day, it sure felt pretty darned close. She tightly held a rose pink envelope in her hands. She was humming to a son in her head, but stopped to smile and wave at everyone she met walking a different direction on the sidewalk.


Lisa shrieked. Behind her was her best friend, Jessica Ruiz, who started laughing, "Wow Lisa! You should have seen your face! Happy Almost Valentines Day!"

Lisa exhaled, "You almost gave me a heart attack! Do you want to send me into Cardiac Arrest?"

"You should have seen your face! If only Hector was here, then he could make it a picture…" Jessica looked at the letter gripped in Lisa's hands, "Hey, who's that for?"

Lisa blushed, "Uh, no one."

"Are you kidding? You're blushing!" Jessica snatched it away. "Aw, it's to my brother! A love letter! He'll love this!"

"Jessica!" she grabbed it and stuffed it into her messenger bag, "You're embarrassing me!"

"Oh, come on Lisa. I'm just teasing a bit." She grinned, "So you're finally going to tell him?"

"Yeah, so don't make it any more difficult!"

"Don't worry; I'll make sure you two are alone." Jessica linked her arm with Lisa's, "I'm on your side. Today, I'm your wingless cupid."

With that they skipped off to the Electric Diner, a new spring in Lisa's step. Little did they know, a certain Prankster had overheard some juicy news.

Francine Caruthers grinned mischievously, "Oh, I've got to tell Annie about this." She flipped her Bejeweled phone open and dialed her number, "Hey Scrambler, I know what we're going to do today."

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