Spirited Away

Ch 1 :What Was Lost:

It was a perfectly normal day when Chihiro found out that her parents had passed away in a drunk driving accident.

Chihiro had woken up from the same dream she often had. However, as time passed, it came less and less and Chihiro found herself either losing hope or not caring that much anymore.

Now at the age of sixteen, she had matured greatly. Her appearance changed into one of a beautiful young lady and her personality was admired by many of her classmates.

When she had went downstairs, her parents had been reading newspapers. They had greeted Chihiro and asked if she wanted anything, seeing that there were no groceries to use for breakfast. And being Chihiro's caring parents, they waited for her to wake up before they could go shopping and then eat together.

Chihiro wasn't really fully awake though, so she politely declined. Instead, she requested that they buy some groceries without her. With a playful wink, she also added that they go on a small date for a change. They shouldn't spend all their time just staying home.

With blushes on their faces, they laughed a little and wrote a lit of what they were going to buy.

As Chihiro watched them banter, she smiled and went back upstairs. She got dressed and tied the all familiar hair tie in her now long, straight hair.

Seeing that they might be take a while because of her suggestions, she decided to go out by herself to walk around and wait until they come back.

After an hour, she had walked back home to see police cars in front of her house.

Trying to stay calm, she briskly walked to an officer. When she asked what was wrong, the man first asked if her name was Ogino Chihiro.

When Chihiro had nodded, the man sympathetically told her that her parents were victims in an unexpected accident. There was a drunk man driving home and it was still quite early in the morning so the only car that was hit was the one with her parents in it.

Chihiro didn't want to cry in front of some strangers so she just swallowed and nodded again. She was panicking so much inside though, that she did not hear the officer's next words.

When she had to ask him to repeat them, the officer had replied that since she wasn't an adult yet, she needed a legal guardian to take care of her.

The officer beckoned another officer with a stack of papers. The other officer had read out loud that Chihiro's only guardian around was her Aunt Yami. They told Chihiro her age and that she was on her mother's side and all the other unnecessary details. Chihiro had interrupted them and asked when her aunt was going to arrive. When they had said that she was on her way, Chihiro bowed respectfully and asked if they could leave.

Seeing that this was a young girl in shock after losing her parents, they politely obliged to her request.

Chihiro waved after the cars as they drove away.

When they were out of sight, then Chihiro mentally collapsed. She squatted down into a position she hasn't used since she was ten years old. This was when she was truly unsure of what to do.

Her Aunt Yami was the older sister of Chihiro's mother. Chihiro's grandmother had apparently named her aunt with a name that haunted her for years. After a little while, her aunt started getting mentally ill. There were rumors that she almost killed two people. One had bullied her of her name since she was a kid and the other had loved, cheated, and then humiliated her for the other half of her years.

Seeing that her younger sister named her child with such a pure, pretty name, that had made her aunt unreasonably hate Chihiro and her fortunate younger sister as well.

Chihiro had been squatting down for almost half an hour, remembering the solemn story her mother had told her. Her mother had warned her about her when Chihiro was young, wondering why she never got to see her other relatives. That was because they were all either ashamed or afraid, moving to other far away cities to stay away from Yami.

A slam echoed through her thoughts and Chihiro quickly looked up.


Chihiro stood slowly as she heard her name being called. That sounded so much like her mother but that was impossible.

Cautiously peeking through the picket fence, she looked downhill from her house and saw a broken down car. A woman stepped out of it and Chihiro's heart beat faster.

What was her only option left? Panicking and not thinking straight, she quickly ran inside. As she passed the kitchen, she saw a note on the table. Next to it were the groceries that managed to get saved from the car accident.

She read the note out loud. "Have fun looking around? We'll be back soon with food! We're coming back in a bit to go out on a little date together. Let's pick out your birthday present, ne?"

Throughout the whole note, Chihiro's hands trembled and it finally got through to her that her parents were gone. And it was all her fault.

Hearing footsteps, she quickly ran upstairs, remembering that she had to leave. Her tears trailed down her face and made her vision blurry, resulting in her tripping a lot as she ran.

Slamming the door open to her room, she stuffed some spare clothes into a sack bag. She then ran back downstairs and stuffed some snacks and groceries into the bag as well. Snatching the note off the table, she stuffed it into her pockets. As she was zipping her back, the door slammed open.

"Ara ara, why are you crying, Chihiro-chan? That doesn't suit your name~"

Chihiro stiffened and looked at her aunt. Seeing the smirk on her aunt's face, Chihiro pivoted and sprinted back up the stairs.

Running back into her room, she saw her only chance. Forcing her window open, she threw the bag down and jumped down with it.

She landed in a crouch, thanks to years of gymnastics. That had helped her grow in the physical department, making her stronger and less scrawny.

Quickly getting up, she stumbled and cried as she ran. Her parents were gone. No one was there to protect her. Those thoughts of fear and mourning just kept repeating. After a good ten minutes of sprinting, she had stopped to rest beside a huge tree. Bent over, she caught her breath. When she looked up, she came to a realization. Her tears had stopped.

What was crying going to do? That's only weakness, isn't it? Will anyone come save you if you cry? You're not a child anymore.

Readjusting the strap of her bag, she straightened. Eyes now cold and blank of emotion, she took a deep breath and continued running. Whether the spirits liked it or not, she was going to go back there. She could save her parents and if that was just a naive thought, then she was going to work and live the life her parent should have continued.

With those last thoughts, she ran faster and didn't look back.

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