Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Harry Potter Edition

The sequel to "Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?"

Original idea by Prongs

HP Edition by Moony

Disclaimer: We do not own Harry Potter. Or Chickens.

Chapter One

Once upon a time, there was a young chick named Feathery Potter. He was forced to live in the cupboard because his Aunt Hen and Uncle Cock didn't love him. They only loved their fat little chicken wing, who's name was. . . Chicken Wing.

Ever since Feathery was young, he had a strange scar on his forehead that looked like a skillet, which he'd supposedly received when his parents had been eaten alive in a car accident. Feathery was strange for other reasons, as well. Sometimes, he'd have the biggest urge to cross the road, but his Aunt Hen and Uncle Cock would never let him. In fact, they'd lock him in his nest under the stairs without any bird-feed if he ever even talked about it, or said something that might suggest he was thinking about it. Or said something that might suggest he was thinking about thinking about it.

So Feathery never crossed the road.

Chapter Two

And Feathery's nasty relatives were happy, until Feathery's eleventh birthday approached, and he received a strange letter in the mail. It was from a strange bird named Al B. Aduck, inviting young Feathery to attend Poultrysalmonela school for young road-crossers. Feathery was overjoyed! All his years of dreaming of escaping the evil Hen, Cock, and Chicken Wing would finally become a reality!

Chapter Two Again

But it didn't.

Chapter Three

The evil Hen and Cock wouldn't allow Feathery to go to Poultrysalmonela because they thought road-crossers were weird, and they didn't want any of the fellow birds on Pecking Drive to know that they were related to one. So they decided that they'd pluck all of Feathery's feathers so that no one would recognize him. But it didn't work, for a great, giant Owl by the name of Spammy Spam-Spam came and took Feathery away. Away to meet Al B. Aduck, to learn about road-crossing, and to have the greatest adventures of his life. . .

Chapter Four Hundred

And so, Feathery said goodbye to Ninny-bird Grummy and Robin Finchley, already anticipating the next time he'd see them at Poultrysalmonela's school of Road Crossing.

. . . .

We would like to apologize for the skip in the story line. The chapter order has now been fixed. We now return you to Chapter Four.

Chapter Four

When Spammy Spam-Spam took Feathery to Poultrysalmonella, he soon met a young chick named Ninny-bird Grummy. Ninny-bird had bushy brown feathers and a large beak, and she used that large beak to peck and complain and boss everyone around. Robin Finchley was also one of the students of Poultrysalmonella, but he – and all his siblings, had chests of flaming red, rather than Ninny-bird's plain brown feathers. They were all very nice, and Feathery found himself liking them right away.

"I wonder what mischievous things we'll all get into – and what dangers we'll inadvertently uncover in the process." He thought to himself.

We shall see, Feathery. We shall see.