"Under a sky, no one sees,

Waiting, watching it happening.

Don't hurry give it time,

Things are the way they have to be.

Slow down, give it time,

Still life, you know I'm listening.

The moment that you want is coming if you give it time"
"Still Life"
~The Horrors~

The wind whipped through my hair as I drove down the 110 toward La Push. The top was down on my '68 Camaro to celebrate this amazingly sunny day in Washington. My baby! She was fully restored and cherry red with two black racing stripes. I had updated the stereo to accommodate my iPod. I was too picky about my music to leave myself at the mercy of local radio stations.
I was headed down to see my favorite mechanic, Jacob Black. He's the one who helped me revive and add life to my baby. I needed to change the oil and one of the headlights had gone out, he was letting me steal some space and tools to get everything done.
Jake and I had met when he was twelve and I was ten. I had just moved to Forks and we were introduced through our parents. My dad, Charlie, was on the police force and Jacob's dad was part of the Tribal Council in La Push, so they spoke often via phone and ended up the best of friends.

As Jake and I grew, my feelings for him changed. By the time he was 19 and I was 17, he was in every fantasy I owned. He was absolutely gorgeous. Dark, thick hair, that was always mussed. Eyes so brown they were almost black, tanned skin and his body. Holy shit. His body knew no limits. Playing football and being on the wrestling team in high school had definitely done wonderful things for him. Every inch of his six foot three frame made me weak in the knees.
On my twentieth birthday he kissed me and erased every other kiss that I had ever had. We dated on and off for a year and then he moved to Seattle after accepting an apprenticing position for a tattoo shop.

He would visit me. At first it was all the time and then as the months passed, he came home less and less. It bothered me at first, but I got over it. I missed him dearly, not only as a boyfriend, but as a friend in general.
I kept myself plenty busy though. My partner in crime, Alice Brandon, and I had opened our own coffee shop slash wine bar in town. We were actually pretty damn successful, which says a lot seeing as how we live in the worlds smallest town. Between her happy go lucky, girl next door, demeanor and my.. go take a flying leap ideals, we were a match made in heaven.
Jacob was home for a few weeks to help around the house. His dad had been in a bad car accident about a year back and was paralyzed from the waist down. Charlie and I came down to the reservation a few times a week to see Billy and have dinner with him and a few other guys from the area.

I pulled into the dirt drive of the Black's small, dilapidated house, not being able to stop the familiar tug that my heart gave. It was like my second home. I stopped on the side of the house and threw the car into park and dropped my keys in the passenger seat.
Before I had a chance to open the door, a pair of gigantic hands pulled me over the door and into the most delicious arms. Hot lips met mine in a searing, toe curling welcome. I wrapped my legs around Jake's waist as my hands made their way up his bare, sun warmed shoulders.

It dawned on me that I shouldn't just let this happen every time he came home. Lord knows he's got plenty of ass lined up in Seattle, I just couldn't help myself. He was fuck hot and he wanted me. And besides, it's not like I was all innocent when he was gone. I have needs too. And it's not like we said we were going to be monogamous. I was hardly able to chastise his behavior when mine was comparable.

The kiss left me light headed and woozy.

"Hey, Jake." I grinned and took in his handsome features through slitted eyes.

"Hey, Bells." Even his breath was delicious. Like cinnamon. I wanted to lick his lips again.

His hand gripped my hair into a ponytail and he gave it a firm tug causing my head to tilt back slightly. An evil gleam in his eye and a gloriously wicked smile fell upon his lips. I was going to end up screwing him right here if he didn't knock it off.

I took a moment to ogle his bare chest. Bare of clothing, covered in ink. Holy fuck he was hot. I watched as my hand moved from his right shoulder over his pecs and down toward his rock hard abs. He was beautifully sculpted and covered in swirls of black tribal lines. Winding from his shoulder and down his arm, over his chest. I wanted to trace every pattern with my tongue.

"Baby Swan, if you don't want to cause a scene, I'd suggest you stop." I heard him, but I just couldn't stop touching. It had been over a month since I'd last seen him.

Jacob grabbed both of my wrists, raising my hands up and away from our bodies. He took three giant steps and my back made contact with the side of the house. His hands pinned my arms tightly against the wood siding. He was hard between my legs and I couldn't help but rock my hips against his.

"You want me to fuck you right here, baby?" His lips tickled at my ear and my panties absolutely disintegrated at the words.

In a whimpered voice, I heard myself answer, "Yes."

"Look at me Baby Swan." His voice was rough and firm.

I opened my eyes and looked into the dark pools of black gazing down at me.

"I'm not going to fuck you against a house in broad daylight where any mother fucker can see your gorgeous body. But I will fuck you." His lips touched mine. "Soon."

He slowly lowered me until my feet touched the earth and a sigh blew out of my trembling lips. His hand swatted my ass and I moaned.

"Knock it off, Jake." I seethed quietly. "If you aren't going to give it up, don't touch it." Jackass.

Now I was a grumpy horny bitch. Damn him. And he laughed. I turned back to look at him once more, his arms were folded across his broad chest, dark hair standing up in messy spikes all over his head.

I smacked his arm.

"You think this is funny?" I cocked a brow at him. "You're so damn cocky, Jake. Maybe I won't be around later for that good fuck you promised."

I watched him frown but didn't say anything. I spun and quickly made my way around to the front of the house before he could grab me.
Cocky asshat.
But I couldn't really blame him. I was a sure thing. I'd always been a sure thing when it came to Jacob Black. I'd never been ashamed of it before, but for some reason, it was bothering me today. Maybe it's good that I didn't let him in my panties.
As I reached for the doorknob, I heard my car start up and ran to peek around the corner in time to Jake driving her to the back garage.

Good. You do the work, asshole.

I grumbled under my breath and walked into Billy's house.


"But Bellllla! Look at him! Oh my god, I'm gonna DIEEEEEEEE!" Alice wailed in a pitch I couldn't match with any instrument if I tried.

"Yes, Alice. I know all about your fan-girl crush. If you're done with your little Edward Cullen eyegasm party, can you please come help me with these invoices and receipts?"

Alice huffed at me, turned the tv toward the small table I was working at and came to sit next to me.

"God, his eyes. Bella, look at the hair." She nudged her shoulder into mine. "He's just so perfect and pretty and wonderful."

Gag. I think I may have puked a little in my mouth.

"Alice, you are twenty four years old. Don't you think it's time to lay off the heartthrob of the month club? And look at him." I waved my pen at the tv. "His nose is crooked, his hair looks dirty and when he smiles he looks like an absolute dork."

Alice's eyes were wide as saucers.

"Those are fighting words, Swan. That is pure one hundred and twenty percent hot fucking man. Look at his jaw. It's so angled. I wonder what his skin tastes like right there..."

I watched her lids fall and eyes glaze over.

"Earth to Alice." I waved a hand in front of her face. "We have real work to do. Unlike the mega millionaire you're staring at on the tv." It was the same damn crap over and over again lately. All she wanted to watch was Edward Cullen. When I walked passed her the other day while she was laying on the couch, I noticed her laptop was open and she was googling him! Good lord. She had pictures of him all over her desktop and was reading the latest dirt from the paparazzi and fan sites.
That poor man. I didn't have any feelings toward him one way or the other, I didn't know him, I couldn't really judge, but he was such a nerd. The few times I sat with Alice, I had seen the most insanely ridiculous photos of this guy. I think I may have even laughed out loud and pointed at a few. In one, he was winking, though I'm quite certain it was just a picture taken at an inopportune moment, because if that's how he winked, he wasn't getting laid.

I picked up my wine glass and took a big swallow.

"Just because you didn't get laid today doesn't mean you have to be a total bitch to me, Swan." Alice turned her scorching gaze on me. "Jake is not worth it. He's never here, he's never asked for a commitment and he never asks you to come visit him anymore. Drop him, Bella."

Holy fuck. Who let the bitch out of Alice? For a tiny thing, she's got some spunk. She was a 5" ball of romantic notions. She spent her time with her head in the clouds, waiting for Prince Charming and planning her imaginary wedding. Apparently, Edward Cullen was her Prince Charming this month.
She twirled a long strand of her inky black hair around a pencil and jabbed it into the back of her head to hold it out of her wide blue eyes.

"I'm serious, Bella. I used to think he was going to be it for you. But I just don't see it anymore. You deserve more than a quick fuck here and there."

I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat.

"I know, Alice. I know." I picked up my legal pad and went back to adding and multiplying numbers.


I was awakened the next morning to shaking and loud urges.

"Wake up! Bella! WAKE UP!"

With my eyes still shut tight I tried to hit her. I failed and only made contact with air before my hand came back down.

"Alice. Is there a fire?"


"Are you dying?"


"Did anyone die?"

"No! Bella, wake up!"

"Alice. I don't want to."

My pillow was pulled out from under my head and slammed into my face.

"Get out of bed, Swan. I need your help." Her voice was just the tiniest on the serious side. Meaning, there wasn't any reason that I couldn't be sleeping in on this wonderful Saturday morning. I didn't have a shift until later tonight when the wine bar opened.

"This had better be good, Brandon." I snickered. God how Alice hated when I called her by her last name.

I sat up, opened my eyes and was greeted by a large cup of coffee. Oh god, she wanted something. I looked at her face and saw the pretty little puppy face she liked to give when she needed a favor. It was going to be awful.

"Dear lord, Alice. It is too damn early for you to start with your pretty pleases." I looked around the room, dim grey light bounced off the walls, as always. "What time is it?"

"It's ten. I let you sleep in, but now I need your help. Becauuuuuuuuuse!" She flopped onto the end of my bed, staring up at the ceiling. "Edward Cullen is coming to Forks! I saw it on the internet this morning. I guess he's going to be filming a new movie out here and in Port Angeles." She pulled in a sharp breath. "Bella! I need to meet him. We know this area like the back of our hands. This is our turf. We should be able to sneak in anywhere!"


"Woah woah woah, Alice. Back the eff up. What do you mean, We? Don't you mean, you? I have no urge to meet Dur Face Cullen. And I certainly won't be caught sneaking around town trying to get a glimpse of him." I shook my head. "Are you serious? Alice. We aren't thirteen. This isn't The Backstreet Boys. We could get arrested. By my dad!" I snorted at the thought of my dad having to haul Alice and I off to a tiny jail cell to rot for an afternoon because Alice wants to be a peeping tom.

"You're crazy."

"Please, Bella. Pleaaaase. It's all I want. You don't have to open for a month. I'll take over every opening at the shop. I promise. And you don't have to buy me a birthday gift either. This is it. This is what I want. Will you help me?"

She rolled over to look at me from the spot she had taken over on the bed.

Oh god. I was going to say yes. Because it's what I did.

"Alright, Alice. I'll do it for you. But listen to me. I will NOT go to jail for you or Edward Cullen. I won't."

A huge thank you to Mustlovertp, for listening to my crazy thoughts and ideas and pushing me to go just go with it. You are my sunshine.

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