I'm gonna love you til the sun burns out
Love you til the sun burns out
And I'll chase away your clouds
Love you till the sun burns out
Wanna hold you till the moon shuts down
Til the stars are on the ground
Til the end of time is found

"Till The Sun Burns Out"

Blood rushed through my ears, a constant wooshing noise to the rhythm of my pounding heart. Edward's arm wrapped protectively around my waist as he handed over the car keys to whom I assumed was a valet. The backside of the hotel wasn't nearly as pretty as the front had been when we drove by, circled the block and then pulled in at the rear.

"Good evening Mr. Masen, Mrs. Masen, my name is Roland. It is a pleasure to have you here with us this evening. Please follow me and we will get you settled into your suite."

The wind blew bitter cold at our backs and I snuggled tighter into Edward's side. We walked quickly through a service entrance and into the back end of the lobby. The walls were marbled, matching the gleaming floors and the room was filled with overstuffed leather couches and chairs. The lobby itself was dead minus the lady working behind the long mahogany check in desk.

"We closed the front door until we can get you settled upstairs, Sir."

Wow. People really did some crazy shit for Edward Cullen, or maybe it was just for money.

"It is greatly appreciated, Roland." Edward smiled at the man as he lead us to the check in.

The woman who must have been maybe thirty years old or so, bright golden hair twisted at the top of her head and the bluest of blue eyes I'd ever seen, ogled the shit out of Edward as she was getting our room key. There was no doubt in my mind that she didn't know who he was.

"Here you are Mr. Masen. If you need anything at all, please, let me know." She gushed.

I wanted to choke the helpful right out of her.

We took an elevator designed to go only to our suite. You had to have the room key to get the door to even open up.

We said our thank you's and good evening's to Roland and I slumped against the back of the elevator when the doors slid quietly shut.

"Everything feels so out of control. Why on earth is this my life and how do I make this weirdness stop. I want off this ride. I don't want to sneak around, I don't want people following me, and I don't want to feel afraid of someone who was supposed to be my damn friend." Edward watched me silently, arms crossed over his chest. I pushed out the breath I had been holding. "Why is Jacob being like this? This is some shit from a movie or a soap opera, not real life."

In two steps, Edward was in front of me, warm hands holding my face.

"I don't know, Bella." His voice whispered, "I wish I could make it stop, baby, I want it to stop for you." His lips met mine briefly. "I love you, Bella."

"I love you, too."

The elevator door opened and we slowly made our way down a short hall with one large door at the end.


Bloody fracking hell. I couldn't get her alone for more than twenty-four hours before some shit hit the fan. Jacob was really starting to piss me off and not just because he was being a pain in the arse, but because he made Bella so miserable and upset. I wanted to shake the ever-loving piss out of him for what he'd done.

I watched from the large bed as Bella stripped down to panties, grabbed the shirt I'd been wearing, and tossed it over her head. She crawled under the covers next to me, wrapped her entire body around mine and proceeded to pass out.

I woke in the dark to Bella missing. I sat up, flipped on the small bed table lamp and looked at the clock, 3:56am. The light from the bathroom glowed under the closed door and I quietly made my way across the room to check on her. As I raised my hand to knock, she started speaking.

"Daddy? I know, sorry it's so late. No, I'm okay, I just needed to talk to you."

My heart thumped in my chest and I covered the spot with my hand. I knew she was about to spill to Charlie. I knew she was about to break her own heart when she admitted that her friend was off his rocker. I stood in the dim light of the room and listened like an asshole, hanging on to every word she said.

"I need to tell you something, Dad. I think Jake is on drugs or something and he's been acting really weird toward me and some of our friends."

"No, he's not here, I don't know where he is."

"I think he drugged me and few other people at Paul's birthday party."... "I know, I should have told you sooner, I know, but I wasn't sure what happened and I thought maybe it was just a fluke or someone playing a prank."... "No, Edward told me I should tell you a long time ago. Yes, Alice too." ... "I didn't want you to worry. I know you're mad, I'm sorry."

I knew there was no way in hell that man was going to mad at his daughter. But I still listened.

"I think he's been outside my house for the last few months and leaving me weird flowers. And I know that he's angry at me because of Edward." Her voice hitched and her breathing became heavy.

Hearing her so vulnerable and upset was starting to work me over. I wanted to destroy Jacob Black and at the same time I wanted to gather Bird up in my arms and never let her go again.

"I know Daddy. I know." ... "No. I didn't know that. No one told me." ... "I got a weird text message tonight, Edward took me to a hotel under a different name. I'm okay, just very weirded out. I'll call you again later. Tell Mom I love her. Love you too, Daddy. G'night."

I counted to thirty before I knocked quietly on the door. It opened slowly and there was an exhausted, sad faced Bird waiting.


"I guess you heard that."

"Yeh, I woke up and realized you were missing."

She nodded.

"My dad says that apparently Jake was pulled over a month ago for DWI. They found meth and pot in his car, he's on probation and because he's missing, he's got a warrant out for his ass now."

She looked so miserable and uncertain.

"I knew he was acting weird. I mean, beyond the weird shit happening at my house and the text message tonight. The way he grabbed me and got in my face at my parent's house that one night." She looked up at me her brown eyes killed me. "I knew something was off, he seemed manic and excitable. You think you know someone.."

"I truly am sorry, Bella."

"My dad is going to alert the correct people to the fact that Jake may be in Chicago."

I nodded. "That's probably a very wise thing to do." I was treading lightly. What I really wanted to say was, good, I hope they find the bastard and fuck his world up. Saying that would do neither one of us any good though, so I scooped her up off the side of the tub where she was sitting and carried her back to bed. Her arms circled my neck and she pressed her face into my neck as I flipped the light off and left the bathroom.

Bella shifted in the soft bed covers pulling at the sheets.

"Edward?" Her voice whispered and I could feel her breath on my arm.


She shifted again, sitting up briefly to remove the shirt that she was wearing, before her long hair tickled my chest.

"I hope you're not too sleepy." Her lips touched my neck, nipped at my shoulder. "After all, it is our wedding night." She straddled me in one quick move and pressed her bare breasts against my chest.

"Are you sure?" My fingers tangled into the long strands of her hair, pulling it away from her face. She sat up, grinding against my now very hard cock. I groaned and pulled her hair, her back arching.

"God yes. I want you."

She pulled free and ran her tongue down my throat.

"Bella." I nearly choked on her name as her hand wrapped around my boxer clad dick, pulling and squeezing.

I pulled her hand back into mine, holding her captive above me.

"We're gonna do this, but we're going to do it my way, sweetheart." I watched her dark eyes roam my body.

I knew she was looking for comfort in any way she could get it; I wouldn't let it be a quick fuck. Not this time.

Holding both of her wrists in the palm of my hand, I turned until we were both lying on our sides facing each other. Keeping her hands in mine, I reached them above our heads and used my free hand to trace the soft lines of her cheek and jaw.

"Edward, I want to touch you." Her body arched, pressing into mine.

"I know you do, Bella. But I'm going to touch you first."

Her lips pressed gently into mine, her naked skin burning straight through my own. I wanted to consume every inch of her, own her body and soul and love her in ways I didn't even come close to deserving.

Bella's fingers twisted around mine as I held her prisoner. She touched the silver band that now circled my finger, her chest rose and fell rapidly pressing into mine, her eyes like warm pools, open to me, showing me exactly how vulnerable she was. My heart lurched in my chest at the raw emotion she so willingly was sharing with me.

Rolling between her legs, I groaned when her hips pressed up into my own.


Her legs came up and wrapped around my hips, her hands still caught in my own.


Her bare foot hooked in the waistband of my underwear, pulling them down my thighs, a look of smug pride on her face.

Pulling, she extracted one hand and rolled slightly, reaching for the bedside table to grab a condom. Reaching between us she slowly covered my rock hard cock.

"Bella." I attempted to keep my voice as even as possible, but the words still came out more a growl than anything else.

"I love it when you lose control, Edward."

I shook my head, looking down at her.

Pushing the tiny scrap of lace aside, I entered her in one thrust, enjoying the arch of her neck and the soft mewling sounds as she stretched accommodate me. Both of her hands came up, scratching from my hips to my neck before pulling through my hair. Bella's lips opened at my throat, kissing and licking before her teeth bit into my shoulder causing me to buck harder into her.

"Yes. Yes, Edward, more. Don't stop." She was panting and I could feel her tighten around me.

I couldn't have stopped if someone had put a gun to my bloody head and threatened to end my life.

Cupping her face, I held her gaze, her hands gripping my wrists.

"I'll take care of you, if you let me. I won't let this bullshit hurt you anymore, Bird"

"I love you, Edward." Her body moved, sweet, soft, sweaty skin pressed against mine. "Oh my god, I love you."

And like the caveman I was, I pounded into her even harder as she came with my name on her lips.


Edward's body was heavy and warm against mine as we lay spent in the giant hotel bed. His hips involuntarily shuddered against me causing me to groan.

"Bella." He lifted up on one arm, staring down at me. "I love you, too. So damn bloody much, Bird."

He buried his face into the crook of my neck, his lips moving against the skin there.

"I don't want to lose you." Edward's voice was muffled, but he pulled away to look down at me again, inhaling deeply. "I almost lost you once for behaving like a complete twat, I won't do it again. I promise you."

His fingers caressed my cheek in short strokes.

"You're not going to lose me, Edward. I don't want to be with anyone else."

My heart felt like it was going to flip-flop right out of my chest. Being married to Edward, even just as a ruse, was far more appealing to me than it should have been. I liked the ring on his finger. I liked what it signified; that he loved me, that I loved him and that we didn't care if the whole world knew it.

"Just because you don't want to be with anyone else doesn't mean I'm not going to make mistakes and screw shit up and piss you right off in a big hurry."

I laughed quietly and pressed a hand to his chest above me.

"And you don't think that I'm not going to fuck up? You should know me better than that, Edward. I screw up a lot. I mean, I'm pretty fucking awesome most of the time, but I can't always be right." I grinned up at him and he just shook his head.

"Pardon me a moment, Bird." He rolled off of me, holding the condom between two fingers and disappeared into the bathroom. The man had a fine ass.

While he was gone, I scrambled for a hair clip and chapstick before diving back under the covers, propped up by a pillow against the headboard. Edward returned, fully naked, wandering toward the bed like a man without a care in the world. A sexy man without a care.

"You keep looking at me like that, Bird and we're never leaving this bed."

"Not a bad thing, Dur."

He laughed quietly and slid onto the bed beside me, pulling the sheet up to his waist.

"It's late, sweetheart, we should get some sleep."

I shrugged. "It's actually early, we should order some food and then work off the calories."


It was four in the afternoon before we came up for air. Mostly because my kitty was sore and there was no way in hell I'd be getting laid anytime soon without it shriveling it up and falling off. Edward had amazing stamina and a very creative imagination.

We were dressed and trying to figure out what we were going to order for dinner when my phone rang. I checked the caller ID and smiled when I saw it was my dad.

"Hey Dad."

"Bella, I wanted to let you know, we found Jake."

The tone in his voice made my heart stop.

"Is everything okay?"

"He was in a car accident, Bells. He's going to be okay. Toxicology will be back later today to rule out drugs or alcohol, he's pretty banged up but he'll live."

Even though Jake was a douche, I didn't wish him dead, so I was relieved when Charlie had said he was going to live.

"Where was he?"

My dad cleared his throat before he spoke again. "Best we can tell is that he was on the highway outside of Seattle. We aren't sure what he was doing. He swears up and down he hadn't left the state, he's just been depressed and hiding out."


Edward watched me, his warm emerald eyes held mine through the whole phone call.

"Okay, I'll call you later, Dad. I love you too."

I tossed the phone on the bed.

"Jacob was in a car accident. He swears he never left the state, he's been holed up for a few days, that's all."

Edward looked like he believed that as much as he believed the Easter Bunny was going to come shit jellybeans for dessert.

Just as I was about to comment on food, Edward's phone went off on the other side of the room.


He was quiet, his lips a thin line, eyes on the window.

"How in the bloody hell does this shit keep happening?" He stood and paced the plush carpet.

"No, we didn't really get married, it was a ruse." His hand went through his hair, pulling before he shoved his hand into the pocket of his dark jeans. "Yes, take care of it please. Not that I'm worried about people talking about myself being married to Bella. It bothers me not, other than it would be nice to save the cheerful headlines for the real day."

At that my head shot up from the game I had been playing with Alice on my phone and Edward stared down at me.

"Yes, Angela, whatever you need to do. Thank you."

Edward walked around the bed and kneeled in front of me. "I meant it, Bella. I want to marry you. When all of this fuckery is taken care of."

I sat, staring at him unable to move for fear I'd pass out. Apparently he took my hesitation the wrong way because he quickly amended his statement with, "If you want to. Whenever you want to."

"I want to. I want to a lot." I slid from the bed into his arms, wrapping myself around him in a full body hug. "I really do."