Sequel to Tortured

Luce's POV

'Til death do us apart, those were my last thoughts when I left Cam's funeral.

As I thought more about it, the words should've been, 'Til death do us apart, and even after death, since Cam was technically dead.

Now it was 3 months since the 1 year anniversary of Cam's death. Everything had pretty much gone back to normal. Except for my bad-ass, smoking hot, guardian angel best friend that I sort of still liked being around.

"Come on," Cam, who was sprawled on my bed, groaned, "Just pick out a damn outfit and we can GO."

I was trying to decide between a black maxi dress and a summer dress.

"Which do you like better?" I turned to Cam.

Cam groaned and threw a pillow at me, "If I choose one will you hurry up?"

"Yes" I grinned.

"The black one."

"Okay, now close your eyes", I threw the pillow back at Cam.

"Seriously Luce? I've seen you more or less naked before, I don't care"

"Cameron." I glared at him, although there was still a teasing glint in my eyes.

"Fine, Lucinda" he mocked me.

I quickly slipped off my pajamas and slid into the black maxi dress. I tied a brown belt around my waist and slid black wedges onto my feet. I brushed my hair once more and grabbed my bag.

"Ok, let's go", I walked over to Cam and grabbed his hand, dragging him down the stairs.

Daniel was waiting for me at the door. I let go of Cam's hand and ran into Daniel's arms.

I kissed him softly and he pulled me closer to his chest.

"You look great" Daniel grinned down at me.

"Thanks", I blushed faintly.

"Ready for school?" Daniel grabbed my hand and led me to his car.

"Ready as I'll ever be" I laughed softly.

Daniel opened my door and walked around the other side to get in the driver's side.

Before I closed my door, Cam stuck his head in, "Drive carefully, I'll see you in Spanish, senorita", Cam squeezed my hand once before walking down the road.

I let out a soft sigh as I watched my angel go.