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Mending the Broken

Chapter 1 – The End is Only the Beginning

As evening fell over the small village nestled at the base of the mountains a lone woman sat within a hut on the edge of the village recalling memories of days passed. Just a week ago her wounds from the final battle with Naraku had stopped aching and she'd been able to return to her village to pay her respects to the dead once more. She had hardly been conscious when the boys left with her brother's body to put him to rest next to their father. Her broken arm and leg had taken over three months to heal and it shamed her that she hadn't been there to bury her brother. However, what was done could not be undone and she was content knowing that they had finally killed Naraku.

Kohaku had not been their only loss though. Her heart still ached when she visited Shippo's grave beneath the Goshinboku. It had shocked her that Kagome, who had been like a mother to the young fox demon, had shed no tears as they buried him in the pouring rain. She had merely clenched the now complete Shikon Jewel tightly in her fist and stared blankly at his small grave. Since then the young priestess had been acting strangely. She rarely smiled and she seemed consumed with the swirling shadows within the jewel. After a few weeks of her strange actions Sango had broken down and asked the priestess what she was looking at. Kagome had merely looked up at her and told her that the souls were warring again and she was waiting to see the outcome.

Shortly after that she seemed to go back to normal except that the priestess no longer held the optimistic attitude about the world that she used to. Sango assumed it was her own way of grieving for Shippo's death and that soon she would go back to normal but as time passed the two women in the group grew further apart. Neither of the men noticed but Kagome just wasn't the same anymore. She seemed to enjoy the stares and whistles of random village men whereas before she simply ignored them and the two girls would joke about how pathetic lustful men could be. Now Sango even caught her throwing lustful glances back at them. Before she could question the priestess on her actions or ask her why she had changed so much Kagome had left through the well saying simply that she'd "be back." None of them knew when she would be back and Inuyasha had raged about it for days but seeing as they had killed Naraku and the hunt was over he could not demand that she return. That had marked the end of the first month after the final battle.

Pausing in her recollection the woman stood and exited the hut. Staring out into Inuyasha's forest made her thoughts drift from her once close friend to the half-demon who she had grown close to. It saddened her that Inuyasha had not noticed the change in Kagome because he was so consumed with his own grief for Shippo. Perhaps if the young fox had not given his life to save him, Inuyasha would not have blamed himself so much. Of course the hanyou tried to put on a brave face in front of his friends. Kagome, as disconnected from her own emotions as she was, didn't notice that he was even more withdrawn and short-tempered than usual. Miroku was too caught up in helping Kaede with the village that he didn't have time to pay attention to his friends and was only in the hut to eat dinner and sleep. Sango though, who had nothing but time to watch and observe as her injuries healed, she could see the darkness in her friend's golden eyes. When Kagome left she had taken it upon herself to lend her hanyou friend emotional support. She would not leave him as the others had. It was the end of the second month, as she and Inuyasha grew closer, that she realized that Kagome had never been able to truly understand him; only the broken could heal the broken.

The memories of the third and final month of her healing, both physical and emotional, had been the hardest for both her and Inuyasha. The two warriors had shared the things that haunted them the most one night over a dwindling fire on the night of the new moon. Things that they had never told anyone else they shared with the trust of their warrior's bond that neither would ever use those secrets against them. He told her about his mother and she told him about hers, they spoke of their fathers and their brothers but it wasn't until he spoke of Shippo that she saw him shed a tear. He told her that after the young fox and thrown his body in front of Naraku's tentacle to save him, as he lay dying in Inuyasha's arms, that Shippo had told him that he loved him like a father but he was going to join his real parents now. After that the tears fell from his now dark human eyes in rivulets and he turned away from her. She had stood slowly due to the stiffness caused by her injury and wrapped her arms around her friend for the first time. As they cried together over the loss of their friend a bond was formed that brought them closer than they had been in the whole two years they had traveled as a team.

Now, a week into the fourth month after the battle with Naraku, her injuries were healed and she was waiting for her friends to return so that she could begin cooking supper. Miroku had said he was going for water to boil hours ago and since she could not start the stew without it she decided to go search for him. The sun was beginning to set as she wandered through the village streets in search of her fiancé. Her talks with Inuyasha had enlightened her on many things the monk had done that freed her from her obligation to marry him but she still held some sort of love for him that she wasn't quite willing to let go of yet. In the last three months the monk had been the perfect gentleman and had been an integral part in helping Kaede with the injured villagers. That had earned him some kind of trust from her and now that she was recovered she decided it was time to talk about where their relationship was headed.

After walking around the village once she decided to head back to Kaede's hut and see if the monk had finally returned with the water. Cutting through a narrow alley between two large huts she passed by a window with thin stream of candlelight leaking into the bleak alley. As the passed the window she heard moaning and quickened her pace to avoid eavesdropping when a female voice cried out.

"Oh Miroku of course I'll bear your children."

The name the woman moaned froze her in her tracks. Inuyasha had told her that the monk had come back to the hut stinking of other women in ways that were "dishonorable" as he'd put it, but her mind had not accepted it as reality until that very moment. As much as her mind was screaming at her to run away, not to look, her body refused to listen. Slowly her body turned and she peered through the opening in the cloth that covered the window to see her supposed fiancé lying naked with some unknown village woman. As Miroku moved toward the woman who was more than willing to "bear his children" she could not bear to watch and without another thought she ran.

Weaving through streets and alleys that she had come to know from her extended time in Kaede's village the slayer did not even care that her eyes were dripping with tears. She wasn't even entirely sure where she was going until she ran into something hard in a dark alley on the back edge of the village and fell to the ground. Looking up she saw one of the drifters that had come into the village a few weeks prior and his band of thugs. Thus far they had not done anything for Inuyasha to kick them out of the village but they had been causing trouble and she had a sneaking suspicion that she would be the one to deal with them.

"Well, well if it isn't the little princess slayer. Where's your half-demon bodyguard?"

The fierce glare she sent him was lost in the darkness but her sharp eyes didn't miss the way the four other men were attempting to circle around behind her. Her hand settled onto the hilt of her wakizashi that she had strapped into her obi and she prepared herself for a nice stress relief. The tears were still streaming down her face and she hadn't been able to fight in over three months but she was more than ready to take down these men if they tried what they were planning.

"What's wrong princess? Nothing to say without your demon to protect you."

As he started walking towards her she took a deep breath and stuck. Whipping out her wakizashi she swiped the short sword toward him and stopped just short of his throat. The thug froze mid step and put his hands up in surrender.

"Whoa, whoa princess hold on now. There's no problem here. Right fellas?"

At that the four men around her struck. Two pulled out daggers while the other two circled around to try to grab her from behind. Lightly jumping forward toward the leader she slammed the hilt of her sword into his face knocking him unconscious immediately. Swinging her sword around in a circle she disarmed two of the thugs. The last two she struck with a powerful kick that knocked one into the other and sent them both crashing into the wall. The two that remained standing were backing away with their hands raised in submission.

"Now I want you to leave this village. Take your pathetic friends and never return or next time I will not be so merciful."

Her voice was hard as stone and sharp as a blade. The thugs scrambled to gather their friends and then ran away down the alley like scared rats. As soon as they were gone she allowed her mask of calm to crack and she sank to the ground with her back to the hut behind her. Images of Miroku lying with the naked woman were haunting her and flashing before her eyes. Sobs wracked her body as she pulled her knees to her chest. In her grief she didn't hear the voices approaching the alley she was in until they were nearly upon her.

Looking up she saw a figure dressed in purple and black robes and another figure dressed in what could hardly be considered a kimono. The female was stumbling as if drunk while the male held a firm grip on her hips.

"Miroku why don't you just stay the night in my hut? I'll make it worth your while."

"I can't sweet one though the offer is very tempting. I told someone I would be back tonight and I am already very late."

She already knew from the robes who the couple was but she didn't think her night could have possibly gotten any worse than it already was. Apparently she was wrong. Standing without a word she turned to make her way out the other end of the alley when his voice called out to address her.

"Stop! Who are you to be walking the streets so late at night?"

That froze her in her steps. Who was she to him? Standing with her back to him and her head hung low in sadness she wasn't sure. She did know one thing though, she wasn't his fiancé anymore nor would she be ever again.

"No one…," she said in a voice just above a whisper.

With that she vanished into the night so quickly that the monk questioned if she was even there. For a moment he thought that it had been Sango but he knew she wouldn't be out so late by herself. Besides, he had a woman with him that he needed to take care of. He'd think of Sango when he returned to Kaede's.

By the time she returned to Kaede's hut the old woman was already asleep. The slayer slipped into the hut without a sound and gathered her things. She quickly donned her slayer's suit and tucked her kimono into a "satchel" bag that Kagome had given her once during their travels. Tears still rolled down her face but she was no longer sobbing. Her expression was now completely blank and the only sign of sadness was the stream of salty tears that continued to fall against her will. Kirara mewed quietly in question as her mistress scooped her up and exited the hut in full slaying gear with Hiraikotsu on her back.

"Let's go home Kirara. I can't stay here anymore. Not now, not with him…"

Without question her tiny companion leapt from her arms and transformed into her large fire cat form. Climbing on her back she urged her companion onwards never giving thought to what Inuyasha would think upon his return from Kagome's time or what he would say about her running away from her problems. The only thing she could think of at that moment was getting as far away from the cheating monk as she could and building a new life even if it meant completely abandoning her old one.

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