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Mending the Broken

Chapter 2- Truth Beyond the Well

The sun was beginning to set on the first day of the fourth month since the final battle with Naraku and a certain silver haired hanyou was finally coming to the limit of his patience. Kagome had been gone for two months and it was time that she came back to him. He had needed time to himself to deal with Shippo's death and he assumed that's what Kagome was still doing in her time which is why he had not gone there to get her back before now. However, enough was enough. He had come to terms with Shippo's death, with Sango's help, and surely Kagome had been given enough time to grieve.

As he leapt from tree to tree on his way to the Bone Eater's well his thoughts flew over his experiences in the last few months. The loss of Shippo had hit him hard. It was only the combined grief of hiss loss of Shippo and Sango's loss of Kohaku that had allowed the two warriors to overcome their injuries and put an end to Naraku at last. Miroku and Kagome had been sad because of their losses but neither could understand true grief like he and Sango could. He could still remember collapsing onto the rain soaked ground after Naraku had been defeated and as he lay there with his consciousness fading the last thing he saw was Sango's bleeding and broken form desperately crawling toward the lifeless body of her younger brother, the one he had sworn to get back for her. Her sobs had been the last thing he heard before he woke up bound in bandages in Kaede's hut.

It had taken him two months to work up the courage to tell Sango that he was sorry for not keeping his promise to her and when he finally did on the night of the new moon she had slapped him and told him not to be stupid, that no one could have saved him. She had even thanked him for taking Kohaku's body back to the slayer's village and burying him next to her father when she had been unable to do so herself. He had to admit that if it wasn't for Sango being there for him in his time of grieving that he wasn't sure where he would be now.

As he landed lightly on the ground in front of the Bone Eater's well he paused for a moment. Sango really had been the only one there for him; Kagome had left him to go back to her time and Miroku had been too busy sweet talking the village girls. Did he really need Kagome to come back after all? His mind told him no but his heart urged him forward. Despite Kagome not being there for him his heart told him that he still loved her and that she had just needed time to grieve herself. Assuring himself that that was the truth he leapt into the well and fell lightly into the future.

The strange smells of her time hit him hard as soon as he landed in the soft dirt. It had been quite some time since he had traveled through the well and what Kagome called "pollution" still made his stomach churn. Leaping up and out of the well he could tell by the shadows that the sun was setting here as well. He thought about turning back and allowing her one more night in her time but decided he could at least tell her that this was her last night before he was going to drag her back himself. Shutting the door of the small house built to protect the well behind him he looked up and saw a dim light from the small lamp she kept on her desk was on so he guessed she was in her room studying like she used to do for her strange "tests." Jumping up to the tree next to her room he was about to slide the window open when he heard moaning. It was then that the scent of pheromones hit his nose and the smell of humans pre-mating ritual washed over him like a wave of miasma. His mind was swimming with the scent and he could not stop his body from moving to look into the window until it was too late.

The sight of the second woman he loved rutting with a skinny human male was like a katana to the heart. Both humans had scarce amounts of clothing on but the hanyou could smell the want and lust coming from both of them as well as see the male's reaction to their activities. An old wound was ripped open inside him and he half fell half jumped from the tree to get away from the sight and the scent of her betrayal. In his rush back to the well he did not see Mrs. Higurashi standing at her front door nor did he hear her as she called out to him asking what was wrong he merely flew to the well and jumped in without pausing in stride.

As soon as his feet hit dirt in the Feudal Era he jumped from the well and started sprinting off into the woods. No tears fell from his eyes but the wound within him felt as if someone was slicing at it with a flaming sword. For a brief moment he thought about going back to Kaede's but he needed to be alone to sort out where he was going to go with his life without Kagome in it and so he veered north west and headed into the forest at a dead sprint. He didn't care that darkness had fallen or that there was a storm sweeping in from the north and bearing down upon him. The only thing on his mind was getting as far away from the priestess that had broken his heart as he possibly could.

~~~~~~~~~ 4 hours later ~~~~~~~~~~

The storm was fully upon him now. Trees with branches big enough to support his weight were becoming scarce and in the torrential rain it was becoming hard for even his half demon senses to make out where he was going so he jumped down to the ground and continued forward on foot. The rain seemed fitting to him as he made his way through the storm. This was not the kind of soft, sad rain that had fallen on the day of Shippo's funeral. This rain was hard and strong, stinging his skin as it threatened to push him down. The lightning flashing above shot light through the darkness like the anger building within him was lighting up the darkness in his soul.

He didn't need that whiney priestess in his life, he was fine before her and he would be fine now that she was gone from his life as well. He was a warrior and the only thing he needed was his trusty Tetsaiga that was currently slapping against his wet haori leg and he ran through the night. He had no friends anymore and he told himself he would do better without them anyway. It was then that an image of Sango flashed though his mind and a spark of guilt began to grow within him. It wasn't true that he no longer had friends, Sango was still there for him and he had left her alone in Kaede's village with the cheating monk without so much as a goodbye. He thought about turning back as he made his way across a small clearing but his thoughts were interrupted when a dark figure slammed into him and both were sent spinning off in different directions. Without thinking he drew Tetsaiga and the small scratched blade transformed into a huge fang just in time to block the huge bone boomerang that was sent flying his way from the dark figure. It took him less than a second to recognize the Hiraikotsu but a tad longer to register that the figure he'd just slammed into was actually Sango.


As Hiraikotsu returned to its master the slayer spun and caught it with ease despite the rain soaked ground that was quickly turning into a muddy mess. Sango paused for a moment and pushed her drenched bangs out of her face to try to get a better look at him through the blackness of the night and the storm.

"Inuyasha? What are you doing all the way out here?"

The question reminded him that they were indeed deep within an unknown forest in the middle of the night far away from Kaede's village where she was supposed to be sleeping safe beside a campfire like he'd imagined when he remembered that he had left her.

"I could ask you the same question Sango. I thought you were at Kaede's long asleep by now."

At that he noticed her body sag and her head drop as she avoided his eyes. He just knew that the stupid monk had done something to hurt her again. Why else would she be all the way out her in the middle of the night?

"Miroku… Let's just say that he found someone willing to give him what I wasn't…"

With that she trailed off and turned and started to walk in the direction that he had been heading before pausing with her back turned towards him. He knew that she was crying and he knew she didn't want him to know.

"Why are you all the way out here Inuyasha? I thought you were going to get Kagome."

Her name sent a shot of sadness through him but he mentally pushed it aside and reminded himself that he didn't need her anymore.

"Kagome found herself a new mate in her own time…" he paused for a moment to keep the emotion in his voice in check, "Feh. Like I need her anyway, I'm fine on my own."

At that Sango turned back to him her eyes wide in astonishment. After a moment of her looking him over he began to feel like his slayer friend could see right through him. He wished she would stop looking at him like that but upon taking a glance at her eyes he could tell she was feeling the same thing he was.

"You caught her in the act didn't you Inuyasha?"

It was not a question really but a statement of a fact that she knew to be true so he didn't answer just continued to stare at her through the rain. She shook her head and then sank to a crouch with the palm of her hand to her forehead. Perched on the balls of her feet she was only a few inches from the ever-thickening mud and he worried that she was going to break down right there in the middle of the forest.

"What have we become Inuyasha? What happened to our group?"

It was a question that he wished he knew the answer to. He wished he could understand why Miroku could never be satisfied with just Sango, he wished he knew why Shippo had to die in order for them to win their battle with Naraku, and he wished he knew why Kagome would betray him the way she had but he didn't. The only thing he did know was that everything changed after the final battle.

"It died with Shippo Sango."

That was the only way he could explain it. He would liked to have phrased it better, for her sake, but he couldn't. He hated to see how this was hurting her. He knew that their group had been like a second family to her and now it was like she had lost her family all over again.


"Come with me Inuyasha."


Her statement had surprised him. He thought that he would have to console her and then carry her back to Kaede's like he had done Kikyou when she would bear her soul to him in the middle of the forest. Then he remembered that this was Sango and she was stronger than either of the two priestesses that he had loved.

"I said come with me Inuyasha. I am returning to my village to rebuild and return the slayer's legacy to its former glory. You could stay as long as you wished and you would be free to leave at any time. That way neither of us would be alone…"

As she trialed off he was reminded that she was returning to her empty village not only to rebuild but also to attend to the graves of her father and the young boy that he had promised to bring back to her and failed to. Any thoughts of refusing her offer left him as he thought of her being alone to grieve in her ruined village. She had been there for him in his time of grief and thus he would be there until she told him to leave.

"Okay Sango I'll help you rebuild your village. Plus, I could really use a good battle right now so the next demon we face is mine ok?"

With a smile and a laugh she accepted his terms and then walked straight up to him and wrapped her arms around him. Her warmth spread through him and the wound in his chest seemed to heal slightly.

"Thank you Inuyasha for being there for me."

Slowly he brought his arms up and wrapped them around her and held her to him for a second before she backed away slightly. She looked around them at the rain that was still drenching the forest; the storm's ferocity seeming to have eased though it showed no signs of letting up soon. When she turned back to him she now looked determined whereas before she had only looked lost.

"There's a cave not too far from here that the slayer's used to use as an emergency store house Inuyasha. We can stay there until the storm passes and then head to the village tomorrow. Sound ok with you?"

He merely nodded and watched as she motioned for Kirara to transform; to be honest he'd completely forgotten about the tiny neko as he and Sango had talked in the rain. He was glad she was here though because Sango looked absolutely exhausted and he was very tired from his long run as well. As he slid onto Kirara's back behind Sango he couldn't help but feel relieved that he wouldn't have to be alone after all.

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