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At Heartland Junior High, there is a certain room that is exclusively reserved for a certain group of people, for a certain purpose, at a certain time, on a certain day of the week. It just so happened that on this certain day, and at this certain time, only two members of this certain group were present. Also known as, when your club has six members who all have different commitments to other academic (or not) causes, scheduling will inevitably become an issue.

"Hey, where is everyone?" Yuma glanced around the empty classroom in confusion, before shrugging off his bag onto the nearest empty desk and settling down in a chair.

"I swear, even when you're not sleeping your attention span is atrocious." Shaking her head in disapproval, Tori walked in just as the automatic doors were sliding shut. "Don't you remember what Bronk and Caswell were telling us during lunch?"

"Uuhh...something about dueling?"

"I do not recall dueling being part of their conversation earlier." Astral, ever the detail-oriented observer, had to put his two cents in. Yuma flushed hotly at this correction.

"Be quiet, Astral!"

Tori resisted the urge to smack him upside the head. "No, Yuma, Bronk's helping out Caswell in planning for the school festival, remember? They have to meet with Mr. Kay for a bit after class."

The boy laughed sheepishly and tried not to look embarrassed. "O-oh yeah, I-I knew that."

"And I don't know when Cathy and Flip are going to finish with their cleaning duties for today..." The two fell silent as they tried to imagine their friends sweeping up the floor and putting supplies away. One was a shy, quiet girl raised to be a lady in the lap of luxury, while the other was a sly trickster who was...vertically challenged, to put it lightly. A grimace settled on Tori's face as an image of Cathy clumsily emptying the dustbin popped up, while Yuma frowned as he thought about all the tricks Flip was probably trying to get out of cleaning.

It was starting to shape up into a long afternoon.

Heaving a sigh, Yuma sprawled himself over a desk, wishing he was doing something else that didn't involve waiting in a room for who-knows how long. "Tori, I'm booorred...maybe we should just cancel today's meeting and wait until next week." Patience had never been one of Yuma's strengths, especially on a nice day like this.

"Yuma. You realize that we formed this club for your benefit, right? The least you can do is wait for everyone and see what they have to say." Tori replied airily, already utilizing the time to start on tonight's homework. "Why don't you take a nap or something, I can't ever remember you not being sleepy in school."

"Nah. I already caught up on my sleep after lunch."

Tori sighed with exasperation—"I don't know why I even bother"—and bent over her screen again, determined to finish at least one assignment before the meeting started.

"If you wish, we can use this time to go over dueling strategies." Astral offered, noting his partner's perturbed expression. "And Tori has a good point, you know. Your friends are offering their own time to help you with our mission—you should show a little gratitude."

"Yeah yeah, I get it already, all right? Jeez, why are you always taking her side?" Yuma grumbled and tried not to feel too resentful, especially since Tori had overheard and couldn't help snickering a bit. Ever since he and Tori started, well, dating (he still felt kind of embarrassed every time he thought about it), she had started taking a greater interest in the Number cards and Astral himself; more than once, Yuma found himself to be the middle-man, relaying Astral's words to Tori as the two carried on a lively conversation about human social behaviors.

"I am not 'taking sides', as you put it—Tori makes good suggestions, so wouldn't it be logical for you to follow them once in a while?" He hovered behind Yuma, fingers still curled into air-quotes position. It had taken Astral some time to understand what "dating" was, but gradually, he had come to enjoy Tori's company as much as Yuma did, particularly when she explained human oddities to him. The only unfortunate part was his inability to communicate directly with anyone other than Yuma, meaning the boy was often dragged into somewhat awkward situations. 'Like that time I found out about sex...' Astral mused silently, a small smile gracing his lips as he remembered that particular conversation; the outcome had been more than satisfying, to say the least.

"What are you so happy about?" Yuma mumbled, raising an eyebrow as he noticed Astral's expression.

"Oh, nothing really. I was just thinking about some things." The alien replied smoothly, although he avoided looking directly at Yuma.

"Sure you are..." He was about to press Astral for details when his bag starting flashing faintly, accompanied by three chimes. "Huh, must be a message—wonder who it's from?" Rummaging through his school things, he picked up his d-gazer and clicked open the file.

Hey Yuma, sorry we're taking so long, hope this helps pass the time...heheh...:D


He suddenly had a bad feeling about this file, but curiosity was stronger than caution, and he opened the attached image. At first he couldn't make out what it was supposed to be (some kind of clothing?), but as the file finished loading, his eyes grew wide and he hurriedly closed the image, his face turning a bright red. 'Shit! What was Flip thinking, sending me a PANTY SHOT? Of Cat, no less!' No doubt Flip must've caught an "opportunity" when they were putting supplies away, but still, what was the point? It was no secret that Cathy had a massive crush on Yuma, but he was already with Tori... Then again, he wouldn't put it past Flip to play pranks like this just to mess with them.

"Interesting. I thought showing off underwear is a grave offense in human societies?"

Yuma flinched, realizing too late that Astral had seen everything. [It...is...uh, just pretend you didn't see that.] Still trying to calm his thoughts, he threw it back into his bag as if it was a diseased rodent.

The motion caught Tori's attention. Out of the corner of her eye, she could've sworn she saw Yuma's expression change from confused, to shock, and then to embarrassment in the span of a minute. 'I wonder what that message was about?' Closing her screen, she casually slid over to his desk, where Yuma sat with his head between his arms. "Hey, what's gotten into you?" She reached into his bag for the d-gazer, but it was snatched out of her hands before she could even open the text.

"It's nothing! They, uh, Flip and C-Cat said they'd be done soon." Crapcrapcrap, why didn't he delete that image as soon as he saw it? Fate must be out to get him today, or something. Surreptitiously, he tried to erase the file, but Tori was quicker and the d-gazer was gone before he knew what was happening.

"Really Yuma, you're a terrible liar. You're going to need to work on your poker face first if you want to fool me." Clicking through the text, she mumbled the message to herself—"'sorry we're taking so long'"—before reaching the attachment. "Hmm, I wonder, whatever could this be..." Before she could view the image however, Yuma had grabbed her hands, looking scared and embarrassed.

"W-wait, Tori, uh, before you...open it...ummmm..." His expression showed that he was clearly distraught about something, which only confused Tori more. "I...just want to tell you..." He squirmed, not quite sure of how to word himself in a way that would (hopefully) save his ass.

This whole 'it-was-nothing-but-don't-look' business was starting to get on Tori's nerves, not to mention raise her suspicions about its content. "What is it Yuma, just spit out! Did Flip send you some naughty image or something?" She had only been half-joking about that last comment, but when Yuma blushed red and turned away slightly, she felt her own face grow warm.

"U-um, we-well, not exactly...but..."

"'Not exactly'? What do you mean by that..."

"I-I mean, it's...well...Iloveyoutori!"

She blinked a couple of times before staring hard at him. "...Um, I love you too?" This was getting seriously weird; was it or was it not a dirty picture? She might've let it slide if he hadn't reacted so strangely—now there was no way she could not see that picture. "Well, I'm mature enough to handle anything, so..." Holding her hand out expectantly, Yuma had no choice but to surrender his d-gazer before going back to his cowering pose. "Seriously, you guys can be so immatur..." her voice died as the image came into focus. Clearly, it was a panty shot—it wasn't that bad, really—but the photo had been angled such that she could catch a glimpse of the owner's long, silvery hair and cat-tail accessory.

Oh goodness. 'Okay Tori, just breathe, relax, it's not like he told Flip to take this or anything, it's just a prank, it's...' Her eyebrow twitched slightly, the calming thoughts having no effect whatsoever. "YUMA! What the hell is this?"

"How should I know? Flip just sent it to me, I swear to god I didn't tell him to do anything!" Shit, shit, he was in trouble now. Tori and Cathy were good friends and got along most of the time, except when it came to him. Yuma had hoped that there would be less jealousy issues now that he'd made it clear who he wanted to be with, but apparently forgive-and-forget was not part of a junior high girl's vocabulary. Slowly he backed out of his chair and inched away, in case she decided to get physical...

Astral watched with amusement from his perch above the whiteboard. Understanding the relationships between those three had been difficult to say the least, but he had to admit, it was more entertaining than Yuma's TV at times. It was quite obvious that Tori was still not fully over her jealousy of Cathy's open affections towards Yuma, not to mention his admiration of her dueling skills. He would have tried to help Yuma, except that his suggestions usually made things more problematic. Besides, it was more fun to watch the two try and resolve it themselves.

It was illogical of her to blame Yuma for this, but logic never comes into play when you're jealous. All sorts of (mostly) untrue thoughts were floating through Tori's head, further fueled by her own insecurities. True, she couldn't duel, but hadn't she been the one who had been with him through everything? Hadn't she supported him the best she could, tried to help him, no matter the danger? But then again, she wasn't graceful like Cathy, nor could she ask animals for help (what was it with her and cats anyway). Hell, Cathy had even confessed before she did, and that was even before they really knew her.

"Why would Flip send you something like that?"

Yuma snorted. "Like I would know. He probably thought I'd enjoy it or something..." His stomach turned as he suddenly registered the words that just flew out of his mouth. "U-uh, I-I mean, not that I liked it or anything—" Jesus, he really needed to learn to think before just blurting out the first thing on his mind.

"He thought you would 'like it'." Tori's bangs were covering most of her face, but Yuma had a nasty suspicion her expression was not one of peace.

"I didn't enjoy it!"

"Oh please, you're a guy."

"Yeah, so?"

"So? Guys are always thinking about sex—don't tell you weren't even a little turned on by that?"

"Wha—oh come on, Tori, don't you trust me?" Great, he could feel a headache coming on behind his temples. He would be lying if he said that he felt nothing, but it had come as more of a shock than anything else. If he was going to sneak a peak at someone's underwear, it would definitely be the girl currently in this room and not the one in the photo.

'Hmm, Tori in her underwear...no, wait, stop! This isn't the time to be fantasizing!'

Okay, so Tori admitted that she was still a little jealous. Or maybe it was the fact that Yuma had a naughty picture of Cathy on his d-gazer instead of her. "Oh, I do trust you, Yuma. But I also know you very well." Sauntering over to him, she leaned over his back, using his neck to prop herself up.

"W-what's that supposed to mean?" He tried to remain calm, but on the inside he was screaming at himself to stop picturing Tori in various states of undress; which was harder now that she was pressed against him and he could distinctly feel her soft breasts through his shirt. Something stirred inside his chest and to his horror, he could feel his pants starting to tighten.

'No, nononono, stop, stop! Quick, think un-sexy thoughts...'

[Yuma? Are you all right?]

[Astral, help me! Tell me something, anything—]

"What I mean is...what is this?" Yuma's entire body tensed up and he let out an indigent squeak as Tori brushed her palm against his stiffening length. "My, I haven't even done anything yet and you're already this hard." She gripped him a little more firmly and he couldn't stop the moan that escaped his mouth.

"Th-that's...all...your fault..." He was starting to feel hot all over and his pants were only getting tighter. Oh damn, if she didn't stop her hands soon he was going to come and make a mess all over his clothes. Not that he really wanted her to stop...

"My fault? How?" Tori was enjoying her revenge, feeling him squirm and twitch under her hand. A dull ache was forming between her legs, but she ignored it—even though she was tempted to just stick her hand under her skirt and relieve herself. "You were like this even before I touched you."

A bead of sweat was forming on Yuma's forehead, and it was getting increasingly difficult to breathe. "S-stupid...I-I was thinking...about you...n-not Cathy..." Shit, her hands were amazing and he could feel himself reaching his limit soon, but he had to hold it, otherwise there would be a lot of explaining to do when everyone else arrived.

Tori felt her heart flutter a little at his confession. Even though she knew he had no interest in Cathy in that sense, it was still nice to hear it from him. "Aww, really Yuma? That makes me feel a lot better...and thanks for being honest." She pecked him lightly on the cheek, and (much to Yuma's disappointment) removed her hand. Her lower regions were tingling all over now, and she was planning on taking a quick "bathroom break" before the meeting started.

To say that Yuma was frustrated was an understatement; he had been that close to climaxing, and all of a sudden she just leaves him there? He had half a mind to just finish himself off right there and then, but a better idea came to mind... He noticed Tori walking towards the door, and before she could activate the sensor he had her leaning over a desk, his erection prodding against her thighs. "And where do you think you're going? Everyone else should be arriving sometime within the next, oh, 15 minutes or so." His hips pushed forward just a few inches, but it was enough to earn a moan from the girl and have her push back.

"I-I was...going to the bathroom...ah..." Her panties were completely soaked now, but there wasn't much she could do in this position. "Yuma, wh-what are you doing?"

"Isn't it obvious?" A finger reached underneath and caressed her damp underwear, causing Tori to jump and let out another cry. "I'm not that clueless, Tori—you weren't really going to use the bathroom, were you? Especially since you're this wet." Two fingers were down there now, rubbing through the cloth. She tried jerking away, but Yuma held her firmly in place.

"You idiot...we-we can't...here..." Being jerked off by his fingers was one thing, but Tori drew the line at doing it in public places, much less a school. Still, she wasn't putting in much of an effort to stop him.

The fingers withdrew and she moaned involuntarily at the loss. Turning around to face him, Yuma could tell from her flushed expression that she was just as close as he was. "Well, why not? I mean, let's face it—you're horny, I'm horny, and we still have a little time..." He glanced at the door in front of them, half expecting someone to burst in and catch them in this awkward position. "Besides, the door locks from the inside, and no one else has the card key."

"Uhhnn..." Damn. As much as Tori hated to admit it, he had a point; she was so hot and bothered at this point that if she didn't get some sort of relief soon, the meeting would be torturous. Regardless, it seemed kind of sacrilege to defile a place like the school with such activities. Another thrust towards her core pushed such thoughts out of her mind, however, and she unconsciously arched back, needing the contact.

"Well...what's it gonna be?" Yuma whispered huskily. He was already practically humping against her leg, but he was hoping there would be a better solution than him coming in his pants. She was pushing back against him, which meant that she wanted it just as badly, but a classroom and his attic were two very different locations. Luckily, her answer was all he needed.

"Just...be quick about it." Her cheeks burned with embarrassment, but at this moment the needs of her body far outweighed the risk. Absently, her mind noted that this would be the first time they attempted doing it with her bent over a table.

Not wasting anymore time, Yuma unzipped his pants and freed his aching member. Below him, Tori had shifted her panties to one side, thighs already slick with fluids.

"I'm, uh, going to put it in then."

Tori nodded slightly in response, gripping the desk tightly in anticipation. She heard an intake of breath, and then all of a sudden something incredibly hot was thrust inside, making her unbearably full. "A-ahh! Yu-Yuma...don't be so rough...ahh..." Her mind was fogging up, making it difficult to keep her voice down. Wet or not, this new position made it harder for her to spread her legs wider, making it seem tighter than usual.

"Sorry, but we're in a bit of a hurry, remember?" Yuma did not relent his pace, but rather, picked it up slightly. Even though the door was locked, if someone came knocking and they weren't able to answer, things were bound to get awkward. "Uhnn...you're so tight like this, Tori...it feels so good..." He moaned hotly in her ear, causing the girl to blush even redder, if possible. 'Whoa, she got even tighter!' As he continued to thrust into her, one hand moved around her waist to support and pull her closer, while the other gently fondled her breast.

"Ahhnnn...ahh, Yumaa...!" She wanted to cover her mouth so her cries wouldn't be heard, but her body was so unsteady at this point that Tori was afraid she'd fall over if she took her hands off the desk. Gritting her teeth, she tried her best to keep from crying out so loudly, praying silently that nobody would be passing by any time soon. "Y-you know, I'm—ahh—still mad—hahhnnn—at you...really...we're doing this b-because of that text..."

He chuckled a little at her comment, the vibrations sending tingles down her back. "Oh really? Your voice is awfully cute for someone who's angry. Anyways, how was I supposed to know what Flip was going to send?"

"Th-that's not...aahhnnn...the point..." The upper half of her body was all but sprawled on top of the desk, arms barely holding her up. The pit of her stomach was heating up intensely, and she could start feeling the pinpricks of her impending orgasm become stronger. As if sensing this, Yuma began pushing a little harder, close to reaching his limit as well. "Ahhh, Yuma! Y-you'll tear me...inside...hnnnngg..." Sweat was dripping down her body, causing her clothes to stick to her skin, but the pleasure was so great Tori didn't care how disheveled she looked.

"I-I'm close...Tori, can I...come inside you? I can't hold back much longer..."

"It's f-fine...g-go ahead Yuma...I'm close too..." Panting helplessly, she could feel Yuma twitching slightly inside her, signaling his imminent climax. They weren't using a condom, but she'd just take a pill when she got back home.

– – – – – –

"Hmm, I hope we're not the last ones there." Cathy frowned worriedly as she and Flip power-walked down the hallway. Although this wasn't her first time on cleaning duty, dustpans and her didn't exactly get along. In the end, she had to ask Flip to help her when they were emptied.

"Naah, I don't think they'll care too much..." Flip tilted his head slightly so the sun reflected off his glasses, giving him a slightly sinister look, but Cathy didn't notice. 'Hehehee, I wonder how they liked my surprise...'

– – – – – –

"Well Caswell, Bronk, it seems like the two of you know what you're doing. I won't keep you guys any longer; in fact, I believe you're late for your club meeting, no?" Mr. Kay began shuffling away the paperwork that was required from each class planning for the school festival.

"Oh no, sir, we really appreciate your help. Isn't that right, Bronk?" Caswell elbowed the larger boy next to him, who was stifling a yawn.

"Ow—I mean, yeah, thanks Mr. Kay!" The two hurried out the door, hoping to make up for lost time.

– – – – – –

"Hey, isn't that Caswell and Bronk? Over here!" Flip waved to the two boys, who were coming towards them in the opposite direction.

"Perfect! In the end, all four of us can show up together." Caswell nodded smartly. The group then moved on towards the designated classroom, chatting all the while.

– – – – – –

Astral, who had been rather enjoying this little "show", suddenly perked up as he heard a gaggle of footsteps and voices approaching the door. "Yuma! I think someone's coming!"

[What! Are you serious?] A wave a panic washed over him—what kind of bad timing was this!

"Yes, I'm sure of it. Cathy, Flip, Bronk and Caswell are almost at the door! You and Tori need to finish quickly!" Not for the first time, Astral wished he was more than just a floating energy mass, but truthfully there was little he could do. The only piece of luck they had on their side was the fact that there was only one card key, and it was currently in their possession.

"Oh man...we need finish, and I mean like, now..." But the two of them were already pushed to the limit; it all came down to how fast it would take for them to break.

"Wha—what do you mean?" Tori was breathless, but she could sense the urgency in Yuma's voice. "D-don't tell me—" Her worst fears were realized by an unexpected knocking.

"Heelloo? Yuma? Tori? Are you guys in there?" Cathy's voice floated through the door, followed by some more knocking.

– – – – – –

"That's strange, they're not answering. Maybe we're at the wrong classroom?" Pressing an ear to the door, Cathy could hear some sort of noise inside, but it didn't sound like talking...

"I don't think so, if we were changing classrooms I would've known about it." Caswell puffed his chest out in pride—being the class rep had certain perks.

"Maybe they went out for a walk. After all, we did take a long time..." Bronk suggested, shrugging his shoulders.

"Mmm, but, I swear I can hear something going on inside the room..." Cathy furrowed her brows, trying to discern just what could be going on. Meanwhile, Flip knocked on the door again.

– – – – – –

"Oh no! It's Cat and the others!" Tori whispered in alarm, not wanting to give away their actions to the outside group. "Yuma..."

"I know I know, shit..." Of all the times to be caught with their pants down—literally. Yuma needed to do something, anything, to bring both of them to their peak. Desperately, he stretched one hand down and roughly thumbed her clit, in the way he knew would make her explode.

"AAH—Yuma! I'm...coming...!" She convulsed tightly around Yuma, setting off his orgasm as well. The knocking started again, accompanied by Cathy's voice, asking if anyone was in there. "Wait, Cathy...I'm coming...stop...I'm commmiiingg...ahhnnn..." Tori purposely raised her voice, one to let everyone know they were here and two, she honestly couldn't hold it in anymore.

"I can't stop...hnnngg...I'm coming too!" Yuma cried hoarsely into her shoulder to muffle the sound, his entire body stiffening as his orgasm hit with the subtly of a freight truck.

The two of them spent all of three seconds catching their breath, before Tori wobbled her way over unsteadily to unlock the door. Yuma barely had enough time to zip his pants back up and straighten out his shirt before the door opened with a "whoosh" and the remaining club members piled in.

"Eh, so you two were here after all. I thought you were gone or something." Bronk commented as they were finally let in.

"I'm so sorry you guys! I must've forgotten to leave the door unlocked." Tori smiled in apology, hoping nobody would notice and/or question her unkempt state. As she walked back towards the group, she felt a slimy sensation dripping down her thigh, and realized (to her horror) that the excess fluids were...leaking, so to speak. 'Crap, it's dripping! I need to get this cleaned up!'

"Oh Tori, where are you going?" Cathy questioned as Tori brushed past her, making a beeline for the door.

"Ah, I just need to use the bathroom real quick. You guys can start without me, I'll be right back!" With that, Tori walked out as quickly as she could without making things worse.

Meanwhile, Caswell had noticed Yuma's rather disorderly appearance. "Is everything all right, Yuma? You look beat."

"O-oh yeah, no worries, I'm fine! Ha ha ha..." Yuma forced out a laugh, hoping Caswell wouldn't notice the puddle that was right next to his foot.

"Were you guys...doing something? Cathy and I knocked for over a minute before you guys came." Flip shot him a sly look, wondering just exactly what his message had caused.

Yuma flinched slightly at the question. 'Gee, wouldn't you like to know Flip, you were the cause of all this...' Telling the truth was not an option, however. "Oh well, when Tori and I first got here, the desks...were all arranged messily, so we were putting them back...yeah."

"You know Yuma, you could've waited for us to help you guys." Despite being best friends with both Yuma and Tori, Bronk was still clueless to any and all kinds of innuendo undertones.

"Ah, nah, don't worry about it...oh hey, Tori's back, so I guess we can finally get this meeting underway!"

"Goodness Tori, did something happen today? You're being awfully aggressive with that steak." Mrs. Meadows raised an eyebrow as she watched Tori continue to stab her meat with her knife. Unbeknownst to her mom, the word "aggressive" meant something very different to Tori at the moment.

'Oh god, why am I thinking about this during dinner?' She blushed slightly as her mind couldn't help but recall every single sensation of when Yuma was roughly thrusting into her, bringing both of them to a quick completion. Her nether regions began throbbing just thinking about it. 'Damn, no, not now...!'

After that little incident in the classroom, the rest of the meeting had seemed very dull by comparison, even though both Cathy and Caswell had brought up some potential Number holders. She walked home with Yuma and Bronk as usual, pretending that it had been a normal day. As soon as she stepped foot inside her home, she immediately swallowed a morning-after pill—there was enough on their plates as it was with the Number cards, they didn't need to add "pregnancy" to that list as well. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she quickly finished the rest of her dinner, eager to return to her room for some "private time".

"Oh Tori, could you take this trash bag out first? Thanks dear." Groaning mentally, she hefted the plastic bag outside, all the while noting how damp her underwear was getting. Stupid Yuma, it wasn't that she didn't love him, but she hated the way he could get her so unraveled at times. Like now. She didn't touch herself often, but tonight was definitely going to be one of those nights. She hastily threw the trash into the bin and rushed back to her room, making sure to close the door. Her mom usually knocked, figuring she was concentrating on homework or something, so she hoped she wouldn't regret her decision of not locking it. As an afterthought, she put on some music, which she normally did when doing homework. It would also double as a sound barrier to (hopefully) muffle her voice.

Sighing, she flopped onto her bed, feeling a little embarrassed and tingly as she slowly took off her outer clothes. Yeah, masturbating wasn't evil and it was supposed to be "healthy and normal" and all that, but she still had some reservations about whether she should. 'Maybe I should just take a hot bath and go to sleep early tonight.' Another throb in her loins demanded her attention, however, and she quickly abandoned that train of thought. 'Or not.' Gingerly, she snuck a hand between her legs, stroking the outside of her underwear with her finger and taking notice of the wetness down there. Immediately, a surge of heat shot through her core, causing her to moan slightly and curl into a fetal position. 'Aah, Yu-Yuma...you idiot...' Shivering, she moved her fingers a little faster, until she worked up her nerve and slid her hand inside her panties. "Oohh...Yuma..." Simultaneously, her free hand had moved to her breast, massaging it. "Hnngg...nnnn..." Biting her lip, Tori buried her face in her pillow, afraid that her voice would carry beyond the door.

'Somehow, when I do it by myself it's never quite as good as Yuma...' Still, her own hands weren't a bad substitute; writhing against the sheets, she easily inserted a finger into her folds and pumped slowly, moaning in ecstasy. Another digit soon joined, until a total of three were working inside her, thrusting in and out at a fairly quick pace. Somewhere along the way, her fingers had become Yuma's fingers, and she panted breathlessly as she fervently worked towards her release. "Yuumaa...a-aahnnn...Yuma..." Chanting his name under her breath, Tori rubbed the pad of her thumb against her clit, feeling the rush of pleasure flood her body as her walls tightened considerably around her fingers. "Aahh~" The other hand groped her breasts a little harder, as she stroked the nub faster. 'Damn, I'm s-so close...' Her climax was coming soon, she could tell by the way her fingers were getting sucked tighter and tighter each time she slid them in. Granted, this was her second orgasm of the day, and she was still a little sensitive from earlier.

Well, why not? I mean, let's face it—you're horny, I'm horny, and we still have a little time...

"Yuumaaa...!" Tori cried out his name as she came hard, coating her fingers (and bedsheets) with her hot juices. Struggling to catch her breath, she remained lying on her side, too exhausted to move. 'Man...when did I become so horny? Stupid Yuma; if it weren't for him I wouldn't be spending my Monday nights pleasuring myself with my own fingers.' Smirking a little, she was about to pull her clothes back on when the door flew open, her mom walking in with a piece of cake.

"I forgot to tell you, there's cake for dessert if you—" Mrs. Meadows froze as she suddenly realized her daughter was laying on the bed, clothes scattered, wearing nothing but her underwear and a mortified expression on her face with her hands between her legs. For a second, neither mother nor daughter seemed to know what to do, just staring at each other while trying to discern the best way to defuse the situation. "...ah, I'm sorry Tori, I didn't mean to interrupt—"

"Mom I—"

"—oh, don't don't be so ashamed, it's perfectly normal—"


"—healthy way of exploring your sexual—"

"MOM! Please, a little privacy...?" Bad enough her own mother caught her teasing herself, she didn't need the lecture to go with it.

"Oh. Yes, sorry, dear. Your cake's on your desk if you want it." Without another word, Mrs. Meadows put down the plate and swept right out, closing the door behind her. Tori remained motionless for a while longer, too shocked to react.

That's it. She was locking the door next time, even if it meant giving her mom a clue of what she was doing.

Sighing with relief, Tori finally put her clothes back on, face still burning from sheer humiliation. She was never going to live this down, especially now that she was going out with Yuma. And all this was because Yuma got a dirty picture of Cathy's panties, which lead to him screwing her brains out, which lead to her getting caught by her mom masturbating.

Oh, he was going to pay big time for this. 'Just you wait, Yuma Tsukumo, let's see how you like it when the tables are turned...' Tori grinned widely, a plan beginning to form in her head.

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