A/N: Bonus chapter time. Yes, I am writing "Believeshipping"—aka Yuma x Kotori x Astral, because as much as I didn't think I'd like a three-way pairing, this is the only one that I can really see working, canonically speaking. Plus, Astral is pretty much my all-time favorite character, and I don't want to leave him out...but don't worry Skyshippers, there's something for you too~

"O-oy, Yu-Yuma, what are you—"

"What does it look like I'm doing..."

"—I don't care what you think, this is not the time to be—ahh!"

"—but at least it's private, right?"

"Y-you...are...the biggest...moron...I've EVER met—!"

And Tori had to stop there, because her mind literally stopped functioning about halfway through that sentence. Scattered all over the desk were a couple of flashdrives, two d-pads, and a random smattering of post-it notes.

Which were soon joined by a necktie and a pink hair ribbon.

"I think you're just angry that I'm right..." Yuma whispered huskily, causing the girl in his lap to shudder violently.

How was this happening, anyway? Whatever happened to 'sit down, get out notes and study'? Oh wait, it did happen—at least, until Yuma's attention span started wavering—again—and he'd begged and whined until Tori had relented and reluctantly agreed to a ten minute break, if only to stop him from complaining any longer.

To her, breaks were a short time period used for refreshing and preparing, and to be used sparingly; to him, breaks were apparently an excuse to let out pent-up frustrations via one's method of choice.

Which in this case, involved pulling her onto his lap and removing unnecessary clothing items.

"I'm not—" Tori jerked away as his lips attempted to capture hers again, "—stop it, Yuma, I mean it! We're never going to finish studying at this rate!" Frustrated, she forcibly pushed him back so he could get the message. "You were the one who asked for my help in the first place; do you or do you not want to pass this test?!"

"I-I do! It's just...well..." Yuma looked down in embarrassment, squirming slightly in his seat. It was true, he really did need her help and admittedly he felt guilty that Tori was trying so hard, despite his distractions. "...I can't help it if I'm attracted to you..." he muttered under his breath, trying to avoid looking directly into her eyes. Of course Tori was pretty—slim figure, wide eyes and a cute pout whenever she was upset—but somehow it all seemed more noticeable now that they were "established" in his mindset. Yuma was no stranger to the crazy hormones of a teenage boy, but sometimes, they could be very, very troublesome. Like now, how even though he knew they should be reviewing, the only thing he could think of was how nice it felt to have her sitting warmly in his lap.

Tori was quiet for a moment, a little taken aback by Yuma's sudden boldness but also flattered that he found her attractive. How many times had she wished for him to complement her, even if it was just a minor detail, to tell her she was "cute" or looked good? After years of being content in the role of best-female-friend, it still surprised her when she received such compliments. "Um...that's...good to know, I suppose..." For some reason, words always failed her when Yuma caught her off-guard like this. It was exasperating, really; every time she attempted to lecture him, he would inevitably say something that made her forgive him before she even began. Now that they were both awkwardly silent, she shifted around uneasily, only to feel something stiff poking into her.

Wait. It couldn't be.

"...Yuma? Is that...what I think it is?" She blushed, already knowing his answer.

Yuma couldn't bring himself to face her, his own face as red as hers. "...Yeah...s-sorry...it just, y'know, happens..." God, this was going down as one of the most awkward-slash-embarrassing moments between them ever. "That's why I...kinda needed a break..."

"N-now?! You can't be serious...can't you, like, hold it until we're done?" Tori gaped at him in disbelief, despite the fact that her own body was starting to react similarly. It always happened, no matter how hard she tried to fight it—in fact, the harder she denied it the more turned on she got.

"Don't you think I tried? It's not that easy, okay?! I'm a guy, you're my girlfriend, so forgive me if I can't help but be attracted to you and want to kiss you senseless every time we're alone together," he confessed, absently running his fingers down her arms.

"...If I'd have known you were this horny today, I wouldn't have suggested this in the first place..."

"Well, nobody said you had to do anything about it..."

Tori raised an eyebrow at Yuma's implication. "Uh huh...right, well, as much as I appreciate your concern, I'd rather you not get yourself off in my bathroom; that's just awkward."

At Tori's comment, Yuma turned even redder, if that was possible. "H-hey, I didn't mean I was going to...do...that..."

"Spare me the excuses, Yuma. How else are you going to relieve yourself?"

"Tori!" Yuma squeaked uncharacteristically, but sometimes, the words that came out of that girl's mouth...

"What? Stop making such a big deal out of everything, Yuma. It's not like either of us are strangers to touching ourselves..." she muttered, grimacing a bit as she recalled last Monday night's events. Without missing a beat, she reached down and started unhooking his belt buckle.

"...Are we really doing this?" Yuma blinked in disbelief, despite the fact that Tori was already making the first move. Just when he thought he had her all figured out, she'd pull another surprise on him. Or maybe girls were just unpredictable when it came to love. He jumped slightly as she reached a hand inside his pants.

Or maybe she was really just horny, too.

She simply gave him the look, which clearly read 'are you kidding me', before sliding off his lap in one smooth motion. "We might as well get this 'problem' taken care of now, instead of wasting anymore time." As she talked, she continued stroking his stiffening member, causing Yuma to jerk around in his chair, breathing hard.

"S-sorry...about this—ah!" He bit back a moan as Tori abruptly took him into her mouth, savoring the hot wetness of her tongue. "Oh, g-god...pleasedontstop...don't stop..." The words come out as an unintelligible mix of sounds, as if he would just die if she didn't keep going. Unconsciously his hands dug into her hair, though he was careful to not hurt her. His mind was a mess of thoughts, ranging from d-wheels to Tori but mostly they were about how amazing it was inside her mouth and that tongue. That tongue would probably be the death of him one day, especially—oh fuck, especially when she curled it around his length just so, the euphoria driving into his very core, his arms shaking as he gripped the edge of the seat with white-knuckled tension. His back arched stiffly towards her as she increased her pace slightly, causing him to almost come right there and then. "Gah—d-don't suck so hard, you'll...uuhhnnn...make me come..." As if on cue, she stopped and stood up, leaving Yuma gasping at the sudden ending, especially when he was so close.

"I can't let you have all the fun now, can I?" Tori whispered in an almost-seductive manner, peeling off her wet panties and lowering herself onto his lap, taking him in one swift motion. "Ahh...! If we're doing this...I don't want to be...left out..." she panted, trying not to squeeze him too hard. The two of them simply sat in each others' embrace for a few minutes, as their bodies adjusted to the position.

"At it again, are we?" Astral very suddenly materialized in front of the two teens, a peeved expression on his usually calm face.

"GYAH! A-Astral...you scared the hell out of me!" Yuma was too shocked about his appearance to even realize that rather than being his usual, invisible self, the alien was quite visibly and physically present.

"I-is that...ASTRAL?!" Tori couldn't decide between being shocked or offended—hadn't they run into this situation once already? "How—I thought—you couldn't become a corporeal form?"

Oh no. This was bad, very bad. In fact, this was officially the worst, most awkward moment of his life—even topping the first time Astral had asked him about sex. Yuma's brain promptly short-circuited at the realization of Tori's comment, leaving him gawking wordlessly at his partner, who was still standing there. "Guh...you...Astral...what?"

"You might want to close your mouth, Yuma, before any bugs fly into it." Astral commented dryly, completely unaware (or perhaps uncaring) of the incredibly tense situation the three were in. He usually didn't mind when Yuma spent intimate time alone with Tori, but two times in one day...enough was enough. Emotions were still a relatively new aspect for him to understand, but after seeing the two of them go at it yet again, Astral was surprised to feel a prickle of discontent in his chest.

"Never mind that, how the hell are you solid?! Did you use the power of the key, or Numbers, or something?" Yuma snapped out of his trance, his embarrassment temporarily forgotten by this new development.

Now that Yuma had brought it up, it suddenly occurred to Astral that he was not aware of how exactly he had become corporeal. "I...don't know the specifics. But this is not the first time I have become visible to people other than you, Yuma."

"I don't remember anyone else seeing you..."

For the first few minutes, Tori was simply in too much shock to process exactly what was going on, but after staring at the blue figure for a while, she remembered that indeed, she (and the rest of the Numbers Club) had seen him before. "No, wait Yuma, we have seen Astral before! Remember that creepy duel you had with Fortuno, or whoever that freaky fortune teller was? Astral appeared for a bit, and then you were able to summon C39: Utopia Ray!"

"But that was only for a few moments! How...how can you possibly muster the energy to be like this?" That had been a rare case, one triggered in the most desperate of situations; they were hardly in any danger now (except maybe death-by-embarrassment), so how could Astral possibly have activated the change?

"The first time was because you desperately wanted to save your friends, at any cost; the strength of your emotions allowed me to access the key's powers, and through that I became temporarily visible." Astral tilted his head to one side, contemplating his own explanation. "Although...I do not think you are currently experiencing any extreme emotional duress?

"Unless you count having the crap scared out of you, no..." Yuma snorted under his breath, wondering just how exactly they were going to resolve this situation. "What if you were the one being all emotional? I mean, you're the one who can use the key's power, right?"

"Me? Become emotional?" Astral stilled for a moment, pondering his own feelings. "I hardly think my own feelings are enough to trigger such a response."

"Are you sure you aren't feeling left out?" Yuma jabbed, remembering Astral's admission of enjoying their activities.

"I do not require multiple mating sessions to satisfy my own needs, unlike you." The alien scoffed, though guiltily, there was a small voice whispering in the back of his mind, reminding him of the time he experienced such pleasure through the ZEXAL morph...

He may have not known Astral for very long, but being around him for 24/7 had given Yuma a decent insight into his partner's psyche. "Hmm, that's funny, because if I didn't know any better, I'd say you sound a bit...jealous, I think." His lips curved upward into a smirk, especially after Astral turned his head slightly, his face becoming an interesting shade of blue.

"J-jealous? I have no reason to be jealous of you two..." Astral tried to hid the waver in his voice, but judging from Yuma's grin, he knew he'd failed. "The two of you mutually share a special bond, and I am glad for that. Why would that make me resentful?"

"Because I think we might have spoiled you from the last time we did this..." Yuma shot him a wry look, and judging from Astral's reaction, he knew he'd hit a nerve.

"Spoiled? I simply do not think that is the case—"

"Then what're you getting so upset about? I already told you about me and Tori's relationship, you've even experienced it, so what else is there to understand?" Honestly, Yuma was seriously considering just putting the key away next time, but then they would run the risk of having one of the Numbers get loose, or some other unfortunate consequence. Why was it that he could never win?

"Yuma, don't be so mean to Astral...after all, part of the blame lies with me, too..." Tori ventured quietly, speaking for the first time since Astral appeared. "I can kind of understand why he would be upset..."

Both Yuma and Astral turned and stared at Tori, surprised at her response. "Your fault? What'dya mean by that?" Yuma asked, furrowing his brows at her.

"I think he feels slightly left out, now that we're together all the time, and...occasionally—okay, often—we do...things that don't involve him. He's been around you all the time ever since you discovered the Number cards, and now all of a sudden, he's alone again..." Her eyes darted around the corner, trying to catch a glimpse of Astral.

"..." The alien was silent, unsure of how to respond to Tori's spot-on deductions. He had been unable to put his exact feelings into words, but after hearing her reasoning, it all made sense to Astral. Sure, there had been occasions where Yuma forbade him from appearing (going into the bathroom), but for the most part he was free to come and go as he pleased. It was unsettling to not be able to connect with Yuma all of a sudden, especially since it seemed that mating rituals tended to happen spontaneously with these two.

"Is...that right, Astral? Are you jealous that I don't spend as much time with you anymore?" Yuma frowned, worried that he had been inadvertently hurting Astral's feelings this entire time. It wasn't that he was purposely ignorant, but Astral hardly ever spoke about personal subjects, and so Yuma could only guess what he was truly thinking at times. "I'm sorry Astral, I didn't mean to—"

"I know you are not doing this on purpose, Yuma. Still, maybe next time, you can...restrain yourself a little; given what I have seen on television, having sex so often may lead to negative consequences." Astral said stiffly, though he was surprised by his own agitation over such a subject. Was he really jealous of the physical contact that Tori was able to have with Yuma, whereas he could only stand by and watch? 'Perhaps spending so much time around humans has caused me to develop feelings towards even petty issues...' Mulling over the topic, he sat down on the desk behind Yuma and Tori, much to their dismay.

Gingerly, Tori separated herself from Yuma and picked up her underwear, although she loathed the idea of putting it back on. Nonetheless, the mood wasn't exactly conducive for any more activities, and she did feel guilty for upsetting Astral, even if it wasn't on purpose. She liked her new friendship with the alien being, and proceeding would only be rubbing salt into the wound.

His continued corporeality had not gone unnoticed, however, and curiosity prompted her to gently poke the glowing blue gem on his shoulder. "Whoa, you really are solid!"

"Yes, it appears that this state has not yet—" Astral began trying to explain the flow of energy required to maintain his form, but was cut off by Yuma, per usual.

"—Wow, I didn't think it was possible for you to do this..." Yuma marveled, taking the rare opportunity to ruffle Astral's hair, not noticing the tic mark forming on his forehead. "It's...kinda weird, I mean, like, it feels like hair, but...it's not. Like, if hair were made of electricity or something—"

"Electricity? It's probably the different energy he's made up of; it kind of tingles if you touch his skin—"

"—really? Let me try—whoa, it's so different!" Despite his humanoid appearance, Astral's skin felt cool and perfectly smooth to the touch, with an odd sensation that Yuma couldn't pinpoint; he imagined it would probably be what electricity felt like, if you could touch electricity without shocking yourself. Slowly he traced a finger down the torso, feeling the smoothness of the...muscles? Did Astral even have the same body parts as humans? As he skimmed lower, Yuma's cheeks turn a bit pink as he realized where his fingers were going. They had always referred to Astral as 'male', and the alien didn't seem to object, but now that he thought about it, Astral didn't really have any features that clearly identified as male or female; maybe his race didn't have genders at all. Veering away before his mind got into dangerous territory, he lightly fingered the jewels that seemed to be embedded all over Astral's body. The gems had a similar feeling, only they were hard and glassy, like actual stones. "Are these gems actually part of your body Astral, or are they kind of like decorations? ...Astral?" Yuma pulled back slightly as he noticed Astral's irritated expression.

"...Are you two done groping me yet?" Astral glowered at them through slitted eyes, unamused by their explorative touches. It was one thing to feel the warmth of their fingertips and hands, but being poked and prodded like some sort of specimen was not appreciated. Inwardly, he had started to feel strange, being caressed so gently, but he wasn't about to admit that to Yuma.

Tori and Yuma shrank back slightly, a guilty expression across both their faces. "S-sorry Astral, we didn't mean to..." Tori bowed her head in apology, but Yuma simply poked Astral in the ribs, causing him to seize his sides, gasping.

"Ah! What are you doing, Yuma?" The feeling was different than the earlier, comforting warmth; this sharpness wasn't painful, but it gave Astral the strangest urge to burst out laughing.

A wicked grin appeared on Yuma's face, causing Astral to be slightly worried. "Oh ho ho...Astral, you wouldn't happen to be...ticklish, would you?" As he said this, the boy gave another poke, creating that strange itching feeling again.

"A-ah! Yu-Yuma...what is this 'ticklish'? Is that what this feeling is?" Astral gasped out between breaths, fighting the impulse to laugh. Aside from the ticklish feeling, another more familiar, pleasant heat was starting to make its way known... 'Impossible...this sensation...is just like the last time...'

"Ticklish is the adjective form of the verb tickle: 'to touch or prod a person or a part of the body in a way that causes itching and often laughter'; that's what it says in the New Oxford American Dictionary, anyway," Yuma continued grinning, closing the dictionary app on his d-gazer. "And judging from the looks of things, I'd say your answer is 'yes'."

As this comprehension dawned onto everyone, both Yuma and Tori suddenly seemed to have developed a rather predatory gleam in their eyes. Wary now, Astral gradually began backing up, until he hit the edge of the table. "Yuma...Tori...what are you two doing...?" He did not like admitting to being nervous, but given how the two were closing in, he had a sinking feeling about this.

"Nothing...well, nothing bad, anyway..." Yuma flashed an all-too-cheerful smile, which did nothing to reassure Astral. "Don't worry, it won't hurt..."

"...Somehow, I find that hard to believe..." Astral muttered sarcastically, but he trusted the two of them, and besides, he was running out of places to hide.

"Relax Astral, I promise I won't let Yuma get carried away," Tori reassured him gently, although given how her hands were hovering just above his shoulders, he wasn't sure if he could believe her, either. Astral's eyes darted nervously from Tori to Yuma, unsure of whom to focus on.

"Ready Tori? On three...one—"

—Astral wanted to make a run for the door but they were in his way—


—no no no, this could not be happening to him right now, why was the space under the desk so small—

"—three! TICKLE ATTACK!" Both teens shouted at the top of their lungs and charged straight at Astral, who tried to shield himself (in vain) against their...attack? He wasn't exactly quite sure what to expect until he felt their fingers lightly scrabbling against his sides, both sides.

'I knew I should have returned to the key when I had the chan—' It was too late for regrets by the time Astral thought of that solution, as the strangely laughter-inducing sensations came back at full-force, and this time, he couldn't hold it back. "Aah! Yu-Yuma, T-Tori, wha—ah ha ha—s-stop it, I—ha ha ha—do n-not under—ah—stand, hah—" Astral wheezed, squirming uncontrollably from their assault. Although he didn't need to breathe, words and thoughts were much more difficult to form when being driven to near-insanity by such simple actions. He wanted to swat their hands away, to tell them to stop teasing him, but the sensations were so overwhelming it was all he could do to stay upright. It was strange to hear his own voice in such a silly tone, laughter ringing out constantly, and those light touches that were now straying all over his body... Somebody's hand had slipped, either unknowingly or on purpose, down his stomach, and the feelings quickly switched from ticklish to pleasurable. Unconsciously, he let out a short moan, causing Yuma and Tori to stop momentarily.

"Are you okay, Astral?" Tori peered at him worriedly, afraid that they'd hurt or overwhelmed him. He was now sprawled backwards on her desk, attempting to catch his breath and wiping tears(?) from his eyes. "It didn't...hurt, did it?"

Raising himself on his arms, Astral managed to give the two a small smile. "I'm fine, Tori. Although...I must admit it was quite overwhelming at times. It was...an interesting experience."

"Why'd you cry out like that then?" Yuma questioned, unconvinced. Tori shot him a dirty look, but he ignored her.

"Oh. Well, for the most part I think I experienced this 'ticklish' feeling, but when you touched certain...places, it felt more similar to that time when we were in ZEXAL morph... I moaned because it felt good. Is that not what you two do?" He blinked twice, unsure as to why both of their faces were now tinged pink. "Yuma? Tori?"

"O-oh...err, whoops...my bad...that might've been me..." Yuma whispered, although truthfully, he had been so focused on teasing Astral that he hadn't paid much attention to exactly where his hands were going...

"Why are you apologizing? It did not hurt, in fact, I liked it. It was quite pleasurable." Astral stated matter-of-factly, wondering if they would continue.

Yuma suddenly found the carpet to be very interesting. "U-uh, well, th-that's good, I gues—"

"—Why don't you consider this our apology, then?" Tori cut in, before Yuma could make the situation any more uncomfortable than it already was. She could see Yuma mouthing 'what are you talking about' out of the corner of her eye but before he could voice his concerns, she walked up to Astral and softly rubbed the gem on his shoulder, causing him to close his eyes, a humming sound almost like a purr coming from his throat. "I mean...since we were just shamelessly displaying ourselves like that—" she glared briefly at Yuma, who huffed and turned the other way, "—I guess it's only fair we return the favor..." She continued her ministrations, her hands sliding along his torso before signaling to Yuma to get his butt over.

This was...this was different. Yuma wasn't sure which was more bizarre—feeling up his best friend/partner, or the fact that his girlfriend was telling him to do it. Regardless, he did want to make it up to Astral, and, well, it couldn't be any crazier than some of the other things they'd gone through...right? Hesitantly, he touched the jewel embedded near Astral's neck. His partner responded immediately, tilting his neck in the other direction and emitting low hums. "Is...does it feel good, Astral?"

"Mmm...yes, it feels nice..." Astral murmured distractedly, too engrossed in the heat that was pooling in the center of his body. Being caressed so gently reminded him of the pleasure of sex, only not so intense; rather, there was a gradual building of warmth, and the stronger it grew the more he needed. Moaning slightly under his breath, he curled against the windowsill as Yuma's fingers traced loops on his back. "Hnn...Yuma, I feel...strange..." Eyes closed, he quivered as the pressure increased.

"Would that be strange-good or strange-bad?" Astral didn't appear to be in pain, but Yuma backed off slightly just in case.

"Ah...I'm not sure...but please don't stop..." He was fairly panting now, but in all honesty, it felt very good; his entire body was tingling and each stroke was better than the last.

"I'm thinking it's strange-good, from the looks of things..." Tori observed Astral's increased reactions as she moved further and further southward, stopping right above the junction between his legs. Astral's gender was fairly ambiguous, despite their referral to him as a male, and he didn't really possess any obvious physical disparities... 'I'm going to hazard a guess here and say this is a good thing...' Tentatively, she slid one finger down and lightly stroked the area between his legs. The reaction was instantaneous.

"O-oh...! T-Tori...this feeling...ah..." Astral couldn't help but thrust his hips slightly upward, towards the direction of Tori's hand. He remembered the same pool of heat in his stomach when he was bonded with Yuma, but this was slightly different; in ZEXAL morph with Yuma, he could only experience what Yuma felt. Now, it was just his own pleasure flooding through his body. "U-uhnn...s-something's...aahh...ha-happening...i-is this the—aahh—orgasm you mention l-last time, Yuma?" Astral had a feeling he currently looked and sounded ridiculous, panting out the words between shallow breaths while grinding himself against Tori's hand, yet he couldn't stop—more than ever, he wanted to reach the peak of this feeling.

"It—probably—maybe?" Yuma could only shrug helplessly—what did he know about alien physiology, anyway? He sort of wished he could block out Astral's moans though; it was highly awkward seeing and hearing Astral, the cool, logical duelist of another world, being reduced to little more than a trembling, mewling form. Even worse, however, was that this entire spectacle was somehow strangely erotic; he mentally slapped himself for even thinking of such thoughts towards Astral. Yuma almost felt embarrassed for him, despite the fact that he himself was contributing to the process, stroking his back and the gems embedded in it. "Uh, are you okay?" His partner looked like he was going into spasms.

Astral barely heard Yuma's concern in his hazy mind. "Yes...I'm better than...f-fine..." Was it just his imagination, or were Tori's fingers moving a little more persistently now? And then there was Yuma, rubbing soothing circles around the nape of his neck... In any case, the tension had built to a feverish peak, and he was soo close... "Yu-Yuma, that—aahh—feeling, i-it—!" Words died as his entire body went rigid and he was overcome with an intense flood of pleasure, so great that he swore he could see shiny bright lights, before momentarily blacking out; when he came to he was lying on his back, a fuzzy image of Yuma and Tori hovering over him.

"Astral? Astral, can you hear me? Are you all right?" Tori nervously chewed her lip, wondering if she had overloaded the poor alien. She hadn't meant to, but it seemed like a low blow to tease him so, only to leave him unfulfilled.

"Hey, Astral! Are you feeling better?" Yuma peered down, a worried expression on his face. "You're not hurt, are you?"

Groaning, Astral managed to sit up, only to discover that he was now no longer solid. "Yes, I am all right...it appears I was unconscious for a brief moment..." He examined his arms, which were transparent again, "and now it seems I am no longer corporeal."

"Eh? How come you turned back?"

"Perhaps that 'release' I experienced used up all the excess energy necessary to keep that form." Astral theorized, floating above the desk.

"Oh. Well, now we know there's a way to make you solid! You should try it more often," Yuma joked, but Astral shook his head silently.

"I do not know if it is possible for me to purposely trigger such a change; in any case, the energy required is quite large, and I am...quite tired." Despite no longer having any mass, his body suddenly felt heavy, as if it was a chore to keep himself aloft.

"Hey, Yuma, is Astral still there? He disappeared again..." Tori was slightly disappointed, but she figured Astral wouldn't be able to keep up the form forever.

"Yeah, he's fine. Don't worry, he's just going to rest for a bit." Yuma reassured her. "Hey, Astral!"

"Yes, Yuma?"

"Was that good enough for you? Are we 'forgiven' now?"

"...It was very good. Still, I stand by my words—please take care to exercise some restraint next time." With that, Astral dissolved into a strand of light and retired back into the key.

Yuma made a face, not liking being chastised all the time. "Who does he think he is, Kari or something? 'Use some restraint next time', yeah, like he knows what he's—ow!" He yelled as Tori pinched his cheek, a miffed look across her features.

"Yuma, don't go blaming other people for your problems—if it weren't for you, we wouldn't have gotten in that situation in the first place!" Tori folded her arms across her chest, pouting. Looking back, she wasn't sure what possessed her to...please Astral like that, but everything worked out in the end and the three of them had bonded over the process, if in an unorthodox manner.

"Say, Tori?"


"...Can we just have normal sex now?" Without even waiting for a reply, Yuma pulled her onto his lap, earning a squeal of surprise from the girl. He'd already been horny even before the whole 'getting-Astral-off' situation occurred, and he'd be damned if he was going to be denied twice in one day.

"Wha—when did you take off your shirt—but—studying—!" Her mind couldn't quite comprehend just what exactly was happening at the moment, but one thing was certain: they were probably going to fail that test.

And the worst part was, she no longer cared very much.

"So much for listening to Astral's advice, I see..." She sighed into the kiss, tilting her head so he could have more access to the pale expanse of her nape.

"Heh...you're one to talk...blaming my hormones, but...I'd say you want it just as bad..." Yuma breathed, teasing her with feathery kisses all along her neck.

"Shut up Yuma, you're terrible..." Tori mumbled against his neck, fingers entangling in his messy hair. Rocking slightly, she kissed him deeply as the heat in her stomach burned stronger and stronger, using her tongue to coax his lips apart. Slipping inside, both of them battled for dominance against the other, their moans muffled in each others' mouths. The harder they kissed, the faster her hips seemed to be moving; Tori could hardly pay attention to anything else, between the kisses and surfacing for air. She shuddered as Yuma's hands slid under her blouse and rubbed against her breasts, serving to increase the tension even more. "Ah, ah...Yu-Yuma..." Speaking was now something she couldn't even focus on, even though a voice in the back of her mind was whispering about how ridiculous she sounded, moaning and panting like a hot mess. Not that it mattered much, since half the time, her lips were either occupied with Yuma's or latching onto somewhere else on his body. Hard to believe that only a few minutes ago, the two of them were worried about a unit test, and now the only thing she was worried about was when her mom would be back home. Briefly, she thought about warning Yuma, but a series of aggressive tongue battles pushed that thought out of her mind. As much as she ragged on his behavior, Tori enjoyed being with Yuma just as much; selfishly, she was glad that Yuma had chosen her, that he had finally noticed her in the way she'd wanted for so many years. "Ah, ah, hahh...I-I'm getting close..." she barely managed to exhale the words with each breath, her second orgasm in less than an hour threatening to spill over the edge.

"Uh huh..." Yuma could only give the barest of replies, himself too occupied with kissing every inch of bare skin he could reach (and caressing the places he couldn't). His uniform was undoubtedly a mess at this point, the shirt lying on the ground and probably missing a few buttons, and his pants scrunched around his waist, but he could care less. He groaned as Tori ground a little harder against him, the spikes of heat electrifying every nerve in his body. He really needed to learn how to rein in his impulsiveness, in case karma decided to come back and bite him in the butt one day. Sighing, he parted from her momentarily for some much-needed air, before engaging in another round of hot, wet kisses. "Uhnn...I'm getting pretty—aahh—close myself," he whispered, clutching her tightly in his embrace. "Nngg...T-Tori, what are you—hhnnggg—!" The tension increased tenfold as he felt her tongue working its way down his collarbone, before sliding down his chest. Moaning helplessly, he could only cling to her as she rode him, before it all became too much and he released deeply into her, vaguely aware of her cries as she came, too.

Exhausted from the incredible orgasm that had just ripped through her body, Tori barely had the strength left to keep herself from falling backwards onto the floor; instead, she collapsed against Yuma, feeling his heart pounding against hers, almost like they were in sync. She wondered briefly how bad it would be to take a nap, before sluggishly propping herself up, only to slump back on his chest. "Ughh...I swear Yuma, you're going to wear me out at this rate..." She heard him chuckling slightly at the comment, the vibrations feeling rather soothing to her tired body.

"And vice versa," Yuma replied, too tired to move. In fact, he would be content if they spent the rest of the afternoon in that chair. Alas, having Tori sitting half-naked in his lap was probably not the best sight to present to her mom when she got home; reluctantly, he helped her onto her feet and pulled his now-wrinkled shirt back on, frowning slightly as he fingered the loose threads from the missing buttons. "Damn, how am I going to explain this one..."

"That's not my problem; but if it helps any, here's a button," Tori said and dropped one into his palm before zipping her skirt up. "And before you ask, no, I'm not sewing it back on for you."

"But Tori—"

"Here's a needle and some thread; you can do it yourself." Smirking, she sauntered into the bathroom to make herself presentable again, leaving Yuma staring haplessly at the sewing kit.

"...I hate it when she does that."

"Well class, I'm pleased to say that the results of the unit test were quite spectacular; you obviously all worked hard and paid close attention," Mr. Kay announced as he handed back their scores. "Especially you Yuma, I'm impressed with your effort. Keep this up, and you'll be a duel champ in no time!" Mr. Kay smiled kindly at the student as he returned the test, before turning to Tori. "Miss Meadows, you performed solidly as always, just make sure you pay attention to the details next time."

Yuma looked down at his score, grinning gleefully at the shiny red "96" that marked the corner of the paper. "Yes! Yes! I got an A, booyah! Now Kari won't have an excuse to make me stop dueling! What'd you get, Tori?" Leaning over, he attempted to look at her score but to his surprise, she covered it with her arm.

"I did fine, that's all that matters," she tried putting the test away, but Yuma grabbed it before she had the chance. "Hey—"

"—Whoa, what! You got an 89? I can't remember the last time I scored higher than you!" Yuma gasped, surprised that she hadn't done as well as he had.

"That's because you haven't, Yuma." Astral commented from above.

"Quiet you, that's besides the point," Yuma shushed him quietly. "You got most of it...hey, why is the section on Jack Atlas' cards blank?"

"Be-cause, Yuma, you were distracting me when I was trying to pay attention," she seethed, glaring daggers at him. "Remember how I said I'd make you pay if I didn't do well on this test?"

Yuma turned pale, hoping she wouldn't actually hold him to that. "U-uh, wa-wait, but you still got a B+? That's, that's good, right?" Eh hehe he..." He backed away slowly, bumping into Bronk in the process. "Oof—oh hey Bronk, good timing!"

"That's my line, Yuma—you still up for that duel you promised?" The stocky boy adjusted the cap on his head, ready to make the most of their recess.

"Ready? I'm more than ready, 'cause right now I'm feelin' the flow!" Grabbing his deck, he raced out the classroom before Tori could collar him and mete out whatever punishment she had in mind.

Tori could only watch as the two friends synched up their d-gazers, going into a lightning-round duel. She gave a resigned sigh, before joining the rest of the gang to watch.

After all, there were plenty of opportunities in the future.

A/N: ...And that's it. I think my mind froze up about every other sentence when writing this chapter, partly because I didn't want to make it too keyshipping heavy and I wanted it to work with the show canon. Luckily, I managed to get over that roadblock after I re-watched episode 17 and realized that the others have seen Astral before, so I just nudged that concept a little further. I love skyshipping, and I love Astral, so of course the logical solution would be to combine all three into believeshipping.

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