The Sultana and The Desert Tiger – Chapter 1

(All of the original Aladdin characters belong to Disney. The new ones are mine. )

The Sultana was angry. She didn't show it because it wasn't a proper thing for the sultana to show but under slick façade her court and the messenger could feel her anger.

"What do you mean by "he escaped"?" The Sultana asked coolly.

The messenger from Gethestan swallowed the lump in his throat and answered. "The former prince escaped from our dungeon and has not been seen in a week."

"Tell your lord that he should make sure that finding him is his top priority unless he wants to have my assistance in the matter." She replied.

"Yes your majesty."

Her dark eyes narrowed on the trembling man, "Also tell your lord that he should try to make sure The Desert Tiger doesn't find him first since I want the pleasure of welcoming him on his return."

"Yes Queen Jasmine."

It was night in the desert. The wind wrapped around the lone rider who was approaching the camp.

The camp was bustling to welcome the stranger into their camp. Hospitality was the difference between life and death in the desert. This applied to the stranger and to the group.

The land of the Seven Deserts was more of a dangerous place since the disappearance and supposed death of Aladdin, the hero of Agrabah. The only breath of relief for the common people and wandering tribes was the appearance of The Desert Tiger. Rumors said that he was a demon of the desert seeking revenge. The desert people revered him as a guardian because nobody bothered your camp if they heard that you had helped The Desert Tiger.

"Welcome my friend!" The patriarch said as the lone man entered the camp. The children popped their heads out of their tents to catch a glimpse of the man.

"Why is he called The Desert Tiger anyway?" one little girl asked her brother.

"He is fierce and travels alone I guess." said her brother.

"I heard he has stripes." the little girl whispered as the man walked past.