Light typed furiously on his computer, KIRA, whoever Kira was- had killed his father. His ex-chief of police of police father. Anyone who read the reports of what happened that day could see he was falsely accused, Kira hadn't even wait 'till the trial was OVER! Light hacked onto the federal website, that until last week his father had complete and utter access to. They were finally, finally bringing L on the case. I want to help with THIS case. Previously I was allowed to help because of my connections with my father but, Matsuda appears to be on the case as well as Mogi, I might be able to join.

CHANGE SCENE *summary of events please don't hate me for being... accurate

L turned to the taskforce "I believe kira is one of the family members of the higher police force."

"How?" they asked in unison.

"Whoever it is has full access to the system, and from the times, it appears to be an adolescent in high school."

"Oh noooo, what will we do?" (It was Matsuda alright, it's not important)

"Install cameras into these homes, including the one with teh sexayy teenager here."

Light walked down to the police station, he had some of his father's works in progress in hand if he saw Matsuda he would pretend to run into him. He's not here... Matsuda's scheduale must have been altered due to my father's absence. I might as well drop these of and head back, it'll seem suspicious if I don't.

Back at the house Light looked at his door handle, someone's been here. Light checked the door hinges it wasn't his mom or Sayu who had been in here whoever it was, had replaced the paper slip that had been there previously, his eyes darted around the room. The cameras are well hidden but, if I can spot two this easily there must be more. They suspect ME of being KIRA, like I'd ever be like that bastard... Light just walked to his desk and started his homework. This is gonna be interesting for the least.


"Mrs. Johnson, please send Light Yagami to the front office, repeat send Light yagami to the front office." Light got up slinging his bag over his shoulder, I don't remember doing anything that would get me in trouble...

Light stared at the raven-haired man, shoeless, slouched, this guy looks like a bum. He departed the office ladies out of the room, and walked towards Light, which he didn't particularly enjoy "I am L" he whispered, a crazy look caught in his eyes. What if he is, I doubt it but, there must be some reason he had so much authority over those ladies.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Light Yagami."

"You give out your real name without any concern?"

"It was already announced on the loud speakers, I'm sure everyone heard it."

"Would you join our investigation team to find kira?"