"Yes, Light-kun, I am in fact kira." Light's eyes dilated and Deathnote tight in his fist, hurriedly made his way to the large wooden door.

"Light." L gave a good tug on the chain, pulling him close to the end of their bed. "I'm not going to keep quiet about this."

"Then the rest of the task force will die."


"So I don't end up killing one of my successors." L being exceptionally truthful at the moment, had moved to sit on the edge of the bed near Light, staring at the panting boy calmly and carefully. "Aren't you gonna try and kill me?"

"You can't keep the Death Note, but no I am not going to kill you."

"An insane mass murderer like you isn't going to try and kill one of the few things standing in his way?"

"Light, I could very easily have you sentenced as kira, you were never much of a threat." Light glared at L, trying to gouge out his eyes with his own.

"Why did you kill my father?" "The file makes it seems like he wasn't guilty, but I found information from more sources, to in fact prove he was."

"YOU THINK MY DAD KILLED HER?" "I know your dad did, but it may have been an accident, which he attempted to cover up- that much I am unsure-"

"L..." "Light-?" "Kira..." "Yes...?" "I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" Light rushed forward clocking L in in the chin. L smiled and kicked him onto the floor, both eying each other in the part of the crowded room that offered the most space. "Kira..." "Yes, Light-kun?" "DON'T CALL ME THAT!"

Light threw a heavy punch into L's stomach, knocking the air out of him. L returned the favor by landing Light a hard kick in the collar bone, sending the two flying on the bed, Light's head draped over the side of the bed. L took his chance, jumping on top of Light and grabbing his hands, panting and waiting for the angry Light to calm down. "You're... a- monster."

"I assure you that I am human." "Not human enough to refrain from murder." "Light, no matter how many horrible criminals I put in jail, new ones would resurface, all I want is to clean this filthy world." "Then the only murderer left would be you."

"Yes, but the second kira disappears, crime will rise once again." Light's breaths began to slow down to his normal controlled pace, "If you're not going to kill me, what do you want from me?" "Someone with the same intellectual level as I, would be good to rule the new world with." "Rule the new world?"


"That's ridiculous."

"So are you."

"How so-"

"You went to look for kira with your number on suspect for kira."

"Like you wouldn't do the same."


"I know I want to kill you and all but, can you please get off of me?"

"I don't feel inclined to." "A certain part of you feels particularly inclined at the moment." Light made a disgusted face and L stopped to think before he realized exactly what Light was referring to. A large smile lit L's face, "Of course it is, so close to you after all." "L get off."

L ignored him and began to rock back and forth before getting off Light, he picked the death note off his carpet, "So- Light-"