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~Canadian Slave~

The Auction

Gilbert sat in a soft leather recliner with a touch computer screen on his left and a table with an authentic German bier on his right. He was sitting in a black hallway looking room that bent at a light angle, basically sectioning the one long room to three. Three panels of one way glass separated him from the white room floor only three feet below. In each section there were three chairs with a touch screen computer and a small end table for drinks. That is exactly what typical slave auction house looks like.

Gilbert looked to around to size up his competitors, nine altogether, to his left and right. He sat in the middle of room, to be able to get a better look at the 'merchandise'. The two sitting beside him probably wanted to get a better look also. Each man was strange in their own way.

On his right sat a hefty looking man with ash blond, almost platinum, hair and violet eyes. Something in those eyes told Gilbert there was something was wrong with this man, almost like a beast ready to be let out of its cage. By his body build and face structure, and a prominent nose, Gilbert came to conclusion that the man was Russian. He wore a tan overcoat that went down to his knees, which shown black slacks, and a faint pink scarf was wrapped around his neck. His hands were lightly gripping the armrests.

His right sat a flax blond man with the biggest eyebrows Gilbert had ever seen. There was a slight twinkle in his emerald green eyes. A white dress shirt was under a green argyle sweater vest and light khaki pants covered his lithe body frame. His legs were crossed at the knees and his fingers were intertwined on his lap, patiently waiting. One his right was a cup of rum was waiting to be drunk.

"Ladies and gentlemen in just a few moments we will start the auction. Let me please explain how this is going to work." A voice spoke through the speaker. "Different specimens will enter through the door on the back wall. The person that has the most money in his pocket will take home the creature. When the creature enters the room I will tell you details about it, I will not lie. On the computer screen will state the starting bid. It will tell you if you are the highest bidder or if you have been out bid. There is a minimum of one hundred dollars between bids. All bids are confidential from other bidders. Thank you for your corporation."

Gilbert sat there wondering what kind of creatures would be on display today. He had come here twice before and nothing caught his eye. The wait was killing him; he just wanted to get this show on the road! Gilbert wasn't looking for anything in particular, but he wanted something good. Slaves never come from high class places but there were ones that looked it. Some were new off the streets, while some were broken in and crushed down. Gilbert was hoping for someone that was new because he, for certain, did not want someone else's…plaything.

The lights in the room dimed and three boys entered the white room wearing nothing but a simple cloth skirt tied at the side and a black leather collar with a tag. Their bodies did not look nervous but their eyes did. One was a dull blond; the second was a bright blond, while the littlest's hair color was in the middle of the two. The oldest looked about sixteen while the youngest looked about nine.

"The first auction for today is a package deal. Their names are Toris Laurinaitis, Eduard von Boc, and Ravis Galant. There was only one previous owner." The voice said. "They are normal humans. Toris is the oldest on the right at sixteen on the right. Eduard is the second oldest on the left at fifteen. Ravis is the youngest in the middle is ten. You may start biding."

Out of the corner of his eye Gilbert saw a smile the Russian had on his face. Looking back at the room the three boys had left and replaced with an Italian. The voice said something about his name being Feliciano. He was lightly bouncing his feet making the cloth skirt sway. His head was down and he had a curl on his left side of his head. He was quickly shooed off.

The next person came in a tank pushed into the room by two men. First thing that caught Gilbert's attention was a shimmering gold tail. He had short black hair and pale skin. The announcer said he was a merman names Kiku Honda. Gilbert saw a shift of movement from eyebrows next to him. He had a smug look on his face, Gilbert kind of felt sorry for that poor creature if he got him. There must have been a bidding war between some people because the merman stayed in that room just looking around for a good five to seven minutes before he was wheeled out.

The person came in looked like the Feliciano guy but with darker hair and the weird curl on the right. He had his arms crossed defiantly over his chest and screaming out profanities, which made me laugh. This boy had stuff, which Gilbert liked, but he wasn't for him. The announcer said something but all Gilbert heard was Romano. He was quickly taken out like the other boy like him.

Gilbert was growing bored at watching the people come in then leave. Finally something caught his eye. A boy with shoulder length wavy blond hair with bright lavender eyes and pale skin, which was riddled with scars, stood in the room. The cloth skirt stopped about mid-thigh on him and the collar was a little loose on his neck. A pair of cat ears was the same color as his hair was tucked into his hair. His tail was tightly around his waist. He was about average build and slight muscles were shown beneath the skin. He looked more drawn into himself than more and all the others. There was a distance look in his eyes. At that moment Gilbert decided, even if he was owned before or not, he would have him.

"Matthew Williams, nineteen years of age and two previous owners. He is originally from Toronto, Canada. Both his parents were nekos as well. He is a fourth generation slave. You may start bidding now."

Gilbert quickly pressed the bid button but was quickly out-bided. This bidding war continued for about a good ten minutes before he got the top bid and won. Gilbert bought Matthew Williams for $41,700 and he was pretty damn proud. He was taken out the lights in the room came back on. Some angry talking was heard from the adjacent corridors.

"I apologize for the low amount of product but an incident happened and the others have been put on hold for now. If you bought a product please continue to the left and come to the wooden door. There you will be given the information on your product. Thank you for your time." The voice announced.

Gilbert made his way to the door with eyebrows in front of him and the big scary Russian behind him, he was not too keen of that idea. There were five other people with him but he really did not care, Gilbert just wanted Matthew. Before going down the stairs, a person handed Gilbert a manila envelope with 'Matthew Williams' written on it.

Gilbert walked down a stone hallway that was lined with cells on the left. The stone floor 'clicked' after every step. Looking into the one the cells there was an empty white single sized bed and a toilet with a sink with a mirror above it. There was a barred window letting in bright, broken up light. A little further of walking Gilbert noticed they were getting the merman out of his tank and drying him off.

Gilbert walked on until he came to the end of the hallway. Now that he thought about it Gilbert had no idea where Matthew's cell was. Turning to the left to go back he noticed lavender roaming up and down over him. One of the ears twitched on the person eyeing him. Matthew was sitting crossed legged on the bed, his eyes still devoid of feeling. In a split second his head went down.

"Papers please?" A handler said walking over to Gilbert.

Gilbert handed the handler the packet in his hands which the handler opened and pulled out the first paper. His eyes quickly scanned the paper and put it back, sealing the envelope again.

He quickly opened the cage and pulled out a blindfold, "Come on get out."

The boy just stayed where he was on the bed, which angered the man. The handler stomped into the cage and roughly attached a leash to Matthew's collar and tightly tied the blindfold over his eyes before roughly pulling him on the bed and onto the stone floor head first.

"Damn slave. Listen when you are told." The handler kicked him in the ribbed making him wince.

"Hey! The awesome me does not want him damaged." Gilbert shouted at the handler. He gave a huff before angrily stomping out of the cell, leaving Matthew on the floor. Sighing, Gilbert walked up to him and helped lift him to his feet. "Come on it's time to go home." Gilbert grabbed the forgotten leash that was dangling off the boy's neck.

Matthew kept up with Gilbert as they were walking back down the hallway, even though he tripped a few times. On the way back Gilbert noticed that the merman was shakily standing on two feet and was in the same predicament as Matthew, blindfolded and leashed. The eyebrow man had a hold of the leash and was talking to someone. The person eyebrows were talking to noticed him, bid eyebrows good-bye, and walked over to me.

"I was wondering who had bought Matthew." The man said. The man had blond hair and dark blue eyes. He was wearing black slacks, a red shirt with a black vest, and a black tie. He held his hand out, which Gilbert gladly took. "My name is Matthias Køhler, the owner, and you are Gilbert Beilschmidt. Be careful he can be a handful. He came in with his last owner about biting and scratching." He turned to leave but turned back around. "One more thing: don't take the blindfold off until you get home. He has a good memory and will run if he has a chance." With that he turned and left.

Looking at the boy behind him, Gilbert noticed that his ears plastered to his hair and the tip of his tail twitching in annoyance. Gilbert sighed and continued on the way to the limo waiting outside. After a little coaxing Gilbert was able to get Matthew in but he chose to scurry away from him and sit away from the doors.

"I…If you don't mind me asking…master, what…city is this?" Matthew said after about five minutes.

"New Orleans." Gilbert raised an eyebrow. "Why? Where were you last?

"I…I just wanted to know master. I was in…a city in West Virginia." His voice was shaky.

"Okay rule time. One: Stop calling me 'master' my name is Gilbert so call me that or Gil. Two: You will be expected to keep up the house. Three: Don't go digging in stuff that isn't yours. Do you understand?" Gilbert made sure to put the questioning tone in his voice.

"Yes sir."

About thirty minutes of quiet, the limo came to a stop. Gilbert started to make his way to Matthew who was on the opposite side of the window. Apparently he heard Gilbert coming and tried to cower away. Gilbert grabbed the back of the blindfold and Matthew tensed when his finger came in contact to Matthew's head.

"Don't worry, the awesome me will not hurt you just getting the blindfold off so hold still." Gilbert just poked at the knot.

Matthew relaxed just a bit, but said nothing. Gilbert was cursing the handler in his head for the damn knot. He struggled with it for a good five minutes before it gave way. Just as the blindfold came off Matthew's head quickly turned to face him and his eyes went wide with a blush slowly creeping on his face.

"What's wrong?" I said.

He quickly looked away, being successful in hiding his face. "I…I never meet…someone like you…before."

"My kind is quite unusual." Gilbert shrugged. "Being albino does have its drawbacks." He unclipped the leash from the collar when he noticed Matthew had an odd curl sticking out in the front of his head. Gilbert gave it an experimental tug and ended up receiving a light moan out of Matthew's pretty little mouth with made his entire face rival a tomato and Gilbert laugh. "You ready to see your new home."

Gilbert could not help but notice that when he said that his ears went up. "Yes." Matthew mumbled.

The driver came around and opened the door. "Then let's go."

Matthew stumbled out of the limo behind Gilbert. His eyes went as big as saucers when he saw the house and if it was possible his ears perked up even more. It was nothing much, to Gilbert, just a three story brick house with wooden paneling outside and some minor (major) modifications on the rich side of the city. To a normal person it looked like a plantation house, kind of miniaturize though, on a large yard, like all the other houses around. There was a high gate around the perimeter of the rich green grass.

Gilbert grabbed Matthew's hand which made him go stiff before relaxing a little bit but enough to allow Gilbert to pull him along, "If you like the outside come and take a look at the inside."

~Canadian Slave~

A buzz from the buzzer on the wall brought Matthew from his chore of vacuuming, even though he hated the sound. He pressed the button, "Who is it?"

"I'm looking for Gilbert." The voice had a think German accent which reminded Matthew of Gilbert's accent. "Buzz me in." The command was strict.

Matthew did as he was told and had the door unlock and opened by the time the man got to the door. "Let me…go get him…for you sir." Matthew said before turning and running up the stairs to go catch his master. When he arrived he knocked on the door before the door opened to reveal an annoyed looking Gilbert. "Someone is here to see you sir."

Gilbert sighed, "Alright, let's go."

Once they got to the bottom of the stairs Matthew was able to get a better look at the man. His short blond hair was slicked back and he had stern blue eyes. His muscled body was covered by a black suit. Behind him was a bubbly Italian that Matthew and Gilbert recognized as one on the 'products' at the slave auction.

Gilbert's eyes went wide, "Bruder!"

~Canadian Slave~

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