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~Canadian Slave~


It had been two weeks since the haircut incident. Matthew was running around and laughing again whenever he was around Gilbert. There was a few times that Matthew had nightmares and Gilbert had to run to the next room to stop the blond from screaming. After about ten minutes of rocking the boy he would go back to sleep soundly in his arms. The first time he got Matthew back to sleep after a bad nightmare he saw his grandfather and Mary in the doorway with smiles on their faces looking at him.

Matthew was helping Mary clean the entrance way to the house. He was bored in the room so he found something to help occupy his time. Mary was chatting with him the entire time so it made the time fly by. It was almost lunchtime with the clock striking eleven. Mary had put a pork roast in a slow cooker when she woke up so it would fall apart by lunch.

All of sudden the doorbell rang, the chime permeating every room on the first floor. Matthew put down the cleaning cloth that he was holding and walked to the door. When he opened the door he was greeted by a bubbly brown haired man. The man was wearing a plain back suit with the jacket hanging of his arm and the tie loose.

"How can I help you, sir?" Matthew asked.

"I'm here to see Ulrich." The man said in a happy tone.

Mary got down from the ladder and walked from the other room, "Matthew, who is here?"

"Ah, so you're Matthew I heard so much about you." The man said before pulling Matthew into a tight hug.

"Ah Romulus it's nice to see you again." Mary said coming into the room.

"Mary you are looking well." Romulus said letting go of the boy.

"Where is Ulrich at?"

"He is probably upstairs in his office or in the dining room waiting on lunch because it is ready."

"Checking his office first it is."

Matthew watched at the man walked up the stairs, "Who was that?"

"Oh that he is Ulrich's…lover, you could say. Although if you ask Ulrich straight out he will deny it but I have lived here long enough to know what goes on behind closed doors. Why don't we go get lunch ready, yeah?" Mary said turning around.

Matthew just nodded and followed the woman into the kitchen.

~Canadian Slave~

Gilbert was currently lying in his bed with a full stomach. Matthew had cooked pancakes for supper and he had eaten his full until he could not any more. He impressed Mary with his cooking skills, Ulrich also. It was eleven o' clock and Gilbert could not fall asleep no matter what he tried so he opted to stay in bed in the dark. A light knock from the door took him from his thoughts.

"Enter." Gilbert said breaking the silence in the room.

The door slowly opened a tiny sliver to reveal scared looking Matthew. Gilbert sat up in his bed and made a gesture to come in with his hand. Matthew slowly opened the door just enough for him to get through before closing it again. Gilbert reached over and turned the lamp on beside the bed. The light gave a soft glow around the room. He looked back to the door where the neko still stood.

Matthew was wearing a long white nightshirt that went down to the middle of his thighs. His stuffed polar bear, Kumajiro, clutched against his torso. The soft glow of the light was giving his pale skin a slightly tan look. Currently his ears were plastered to his head and his tail wrapped around his waist making the shirt rise up, showing off more of his left thigh. When he slowly took an attentive step forward is when Gilbert noticed he was shaking.

Gilbert quickly threw off the covers he encased himself in and practically jumped off the bed. He quickly ran over to the trembling neko and engulfed them in his arms. Up close he could see Matthew's eyes were puffy and there were dried tear stains on his cheeks. Gilbert laid his cheek on the crown of Matthew's head and rubbed circles on his back. He felt thin arms wrap around his torso and heated hands on his shoulder blades.

"What's wrong?" Gilbert asked holding the boy close.

"I had a bad dream." Matthew said snuggling into Gilbert's chest.

Gilbert moved away from the boy's head and leaned down to kiss his forehead, "You're safe alright. You have nothing to worry about."

"I know it's just the thought though."

Gilbert rested his forehead against Matthews, "I know but I will do everything in my power to stop it."

Matthew looked up into Gilbert's eyes. Lavender met ruby red. Gilbert could feel Matthew start to rise on his tip toes. Soon he felt the boy's warm lips lightly brush his before the warmth disappeared completely. Matthew pressed himself into Gilbert's chest as his creeks burnt up, which Gilbert could not see.

Gilbert smirked to himself when he felt Matthew try to bury himself in his chest. His hands started moving down Matthew's back and stopped at his hips. For some reason Matthew's body felt like a woman's, probably because of the curves that graced his body. He felt Matthew tense up when his hands slid lower and lower past his hips until his hands came to rest on the firm globes of Matthew's backside. Matthew started trembling at the feel of hands on his ass, even if it was Gilbert. Gilbert's hands slid a little lower until they came to the junction between Matthew's legs and butt.

In one movement Gilbert quickly lifted Matthew into the air. The smaller man squeaked as he was swept off the floor. To stop the feeling of being dropped Matthew quickly wrapped his legs around Gilbert's waist. The new position allowed Matthew to look down upon Gilbert. He carded his fingers through the white hair of the man below him and looked straight down at him.

Matthew licked his lips before leaning down and planting a small kiss to Gilbert's lips again. When Matthew pulled away Gilbert gave a small whine making the smaller boy laugh. As a result Matthew placed another small but longer kiss on the albino. The position allowed Gilbert to walk backwards and fall on the bed. Matthew straddled Gilbert's midsection and came face to face with a very turned on albino.

Mathew started blushing madly and tried to get off, "Sorry."

"Who said I wanted you to go?" Gilbert said grabbing a hold of Matthew's hips.

Matthew started to get teary eyed, "I'm no good."

"Who said that? You know how crazy you have been driving me. The last two times we got close we got interrupted. Do you know how much I am going crazy from sexual frustration?" Gilbert said pushing Matthew backwards on onto his half hardened erection.

Matthew felt the organ beneath him, "Ah, Gilbert what about your grandfather? He might hear!"

Gilbert ran his hands up the blond's torso and started rubbing his nipples beneath his shirt, "All sound proof birdie. You can be as loud as you want."

"That's not the…uh…point." Matthew moaned. "Your grandfather is still here can't we…ah…wait until we get…ah…home."

"Sorry can't wait that long. You're just too good to pass up."

Gilbert flipped them over so he was on top and started attacking Matthew's neck with vigor. Said boy groaned as the mouth worked its way up his neck. While the mouth was on his neck Gilbert's hands were slowing creeping up Matthew's torso, passing over every inch of skin they could reach. Soon the shirt was ripped off him in one movement and the lips reattached themselves to his jaw bone. Gilbert's teeth lightly nibbled on the skin as he moved.

The neko's mouth was captured in a wet kiss. Gilbert licked Matthew's lower lip, practically begging for entrance. The boy only opened his mouth a little and Gilbert took full advantage of it, plunging his tongue in. He had to coax the other to play along in a game of dominance. Matthew moaned and played along, quickly losing the battle. He let Gilbert roam around his mouth, tracing every tooth and diving into every indentation.

Matthew had to pull away for air first. He laid there panting as Gilbert scanned over his body, hungrily. Gilbert looked like a hungry wolf looking into a clearing at a limp sheep. His ears were plastered against his head and tail motionless against his thigh. He was able to get a few seconds of calming down before Gilbert started his ministrations again.

"Gil…please stop." Matthew moaned as Gilbert attached himself to a nipple and rolled it between his teeth.

"You seem to be reacting to it pretty well." Gilbert said with a hand traveling lower to lightly rub Matthew's growing bulge in his boxers.

"But, but…" Matthew moaned.

"Do you want this or not?"

"I do, I am just a little scared."

Gilbert nuzzled Matthew neck, "Don't worry I'll take care of you."

Matthew decided to trust the albino and relaxed. Gilbert, feeling Matthew relax, started his ministrations again. He moved and sucked in the hollow of the blond's throat before moving down. Once again he took a nub into the mouth. Hands flew up and gripped his hair with a light force. His other hand would not stop rubbing the now hardened member contained inside the boxers.

The hand stopped its rubbing and went inside the boxers and pulled the article down. Gilbert lifted himself up on his knees and admired Matthew's body below him. All the wounds from a few months ago were nothing but mere scars now, most small but a few large ones. Matthew tried closing his legs, but was blocked by Gilbert being between them.

Gilbert touched Matthew cheek and wiped a tear that started to run. He ran his hand down the other's torso, caressing every curve and indentation before stopping at his hips. Slowly he bent down and planted soft kisses all around Matthew's abdomen, going lower and lower each time. Matthew moaned as the kisses went lower and lower. He quickly tried covering his member in embarrassment but Gilbert grabbed his hands before he could.

Gilbert stared at the weeping erection, "You are getting excited and we still haven't started."

"Stop, let me do something." Matthew said with his ears perked up.

Gilbert sat up, "What do you want to do?"

Matthew rolled over and crawled towards the other man with his tail swaying behind him and a glint in his eyes, "You'll see."

Gilbert was intrigued in what Matthew was going to do because of that look in his eyes, it was almost playful. He watched at Matthew reached out toward him and unbutton his pants while he used his teeth to unzip the zipper. Shifting into a sitting position with his legs open, Gilbert urged Matthew to continue. Mathew took the opening and slipped his hand inside the German's pants and pulled out a half engorged member.

Gilbert sighed in relief as his member was released from its confines. He groaned as Matthew gave the tip an experimental lick. Matthew planted small kisses down to the base as his hand traveled up and played with the slit before licking the large vein back up. His tail flicked side to side behind him in a playful fashion. The albino could not take his eyes off the exotic sight. He placed three fingers in his mouth and started making them slobbering wet. Matthew was too engrossed in what he was doing that he did not see the other's action.

Gilbert pulled the fingers out his mouth and used his other hand to pet Matthew behind the ear, "Why are you teasing me?"

"Payback," Matthew purred loudly.

The neko bit his lip before opening his mouth and engulfing half of Gilbert's member in one go and started bobbing his head. Gilbert gasped at the pleasure coming from the purring running down his hardened erection. He reached forward and messaged one of Matthew's firm globes with the clean hand while he snaked his thumb down Matthew's spine. He pressed a finger against the entrance and found it went in smoothly. Matthew relaxed his throat and swallowed the member in his mouth to the base.

Gilbert started stretching the neko's entrance making Matthew moan around his member. It was not until then that he realized that Matthew had a rough tongue like an actual cat and his engorged member was just grazing the sharp canines. With the bobbing of his head Matthew's tongue went from smooth to rough causing waves of pleasure to hit Gilbert. He could tell whenever he would rub against Matthew's prostate because the other would let out a keening moan.

Matthew popped off with his eyes wide open, "Nya!"

"That's enough of that," Gilbert looked down at Matthew. His lips slightly puffed up and saliva dripping out the corners of his mouth. "Why don't we get to something better than simple teasing?" He pushed Matthew on the shoulder with force that made him roll onto his back. Gilbert took the opportunity to crawl over the boy, "Do you trust me?"

Matthew looked away and nodded, "Yes."

Gilbert moved Matthew's legs so they were on his shoulders. He placed one hand on the smaller's stomach and guided his member into the other body. Matthew had to force himself to relax as he felt the large organ pushed pass the ring of muscles inside him. He could tell Gilbert was not trying to harm him by how slow he was pushing in. Soon he felt Gilbert stop as he was all the way in as he could go.

"Wa…it," Matthew cried.

"What's wrong?' Gilbert said kissing the corner of Matthew's mouth.


Gilbert smirked, "I'm bigger than Alfred?" Matthew quickly nodded his head. "Makes me feel honored, tell me when to move." Gilbert said nuzzling Matthew's neck.

Gilbert allowed Matthew's legs to slip down from his shoulders to his hips. After a few moments Matthew started moving his hips to get friction. Gilbert understanding the signal pulled out just a little before slowly pushing back in. The thrusting got faster and faster as Matthew's entrance got slipper from the pre-cum. With every thrust Gilbert tried aiming at the one sweet spot that he hit before.

Matthew's back arched at the electricity that coursed down his spine. Any talking from him became nothing but babbles and moans. His hands were gripping the pillows beside his head with brute force. Every thrust made what little air he was able to get leave him. His toes were curling and uncurling as the waves of pleasure hit him.

The albino shifted their position. He hooked on of his hands behind Matthew's knee and pushed it to his chest, leaving the other leg to tighten behind his back. The new position allowed Gilbert to go faster and harder into the small boy, earning more keening moans and screams. The squelching sound came from between the bodies as Matthew's body lubricated itself.

"Gil…I'm...gonna," Matthew panted between breaths.

"I'm close too," Gilbert said picking up his speed.

A few more powerful thrusts and Matthew spilled between their chests. As a result his entrance tightened around Gilbert's throbbing member. Gilbert could only hold out for a few more thrusts before the tightness finally got to him and he spilled inside the blond as he bit down on the collarbone in front of his face. Matthew's back arched as he was filled to the brim with the hot seed.

Both bodies stayed in the position, basking in the post orgasm bliss. Gilbert watched as Matthew's chest heaved and his tongue hung out his mouth. He pulled out and pulled his neko to his chest, still basking in the glow. His hands roamed over the stretched stomach, it almost felt like there was a child growing inside. Matthew wigged out of his touch and crawled on top of him so he was straddling his hips.

Matthew leaned down and licked the shell of Gilbert's ear and whispered, "More."

Gilbert licked his lips and started massaging the smaller's bottom. He was more than happy to oblige.

~Canadian Slave~

Ulrich grunted as Romulus pulled out. The man rolled off of him and took the condom off. Romulus shuffled to pull the blankets from under them to cover their sweat covered bodies from the cold room air. Ulrich knew there was no stopping this man from getting what he wanted so he allowed his body to get pulled into a strong chest. The strong arms that encircled him were always his safe haven, even though he would not openly admit it.

"Do you have to be so clingy?" Ulrich questioned.

"It's nice to cuddle after sex, don't you think?" Romulus said in his sing song voice.

"Whatever. At least you learned to use a condom after all these years."

"We are getting older, amor (love). Taking precautions is something we have to do."

"Don't think I am doing this too often, I am not as young as I used to be. How do you are still have so much force, you are almost fifty-five. You're going to break me one of these days."

"You hear that?"

"Hear..." Ulrich was able to get out before Romulus covered his mouth.

That was when he heard it. Moans and screams were coming from the floor below. Ulrich knew was what was happening. He had told Gilbert that the walls and floors were sound proof but in reality it was only semi sound proof, he wanted to know what was going on in his house so when he remodeled he did not get the walls completely sound proof. A sigh escaped him as he realized he was going to have to Gilbert a stern lesson.

"What's wrong, amor (love)," Romulus said pulled Ulrich from his thoughts.

"My grandson is an idiot," Ulrich sighed.

"Well, why don't we try getting some sleep?"

"What happened to all the stamina you were bragging about earlier?"

"I calmed down." Romulus pouted

"Oh the great Romulus finally is not sex crazed."

"I can do it again if you want."

"Not no, but hell no, my ass hurts. I am going to have a hard time walking tomorrow. Unless you want to bottom?"

"Eh? You remember what happened last time." Romulus said pulling the body next to him closer.

"Yes you wined on how much it hurt and you didn't know how I could take yours, even though I am smaller than you so it didn't hurt as bad as my first time."

"Can we get to bed?"

"Fine, I got work tomorrow anyways."

Romulus nudged his head into the curve of Ulrich's neck as Ulrich gathered the pillows below his head. Their shared body heat made up for the lack of heat in the room. The strong arms around his midsection and the heart beat on his back made Ulrich fall asleep in a few moments. Romulus stayed awake enjoying the feeling of having his lover in his arms after so long. It did not take long for him to fall into sleep also.

~Canadian Slave~

Mary had just gotten to bed around eleven. She stretched out her tired back and arms. Before lying down in her bed she went and took a fast shower, just to get the sweat from the day off. She pinned her hair up with pins on the bedside table. That is when she heard it: the moans and screams. The sounds were coming from across the house on the same floor as her. She shook head and opened the bedside drawer. Inside was a pair of earplugs. She had learned to keep them handy just in case.

"There will be laundry tomorrow." Mary said out loud.

She pulled the blankets back before snugging into the warm blankets and falling into a soundless, blissful sleep.

~Canadian Slave~

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