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In the heat of the mid-day, the sun sat high in the sky, hidden slightly by the bodies of the noon clouds.

Peeking behind the clouds' shoulders, the sun glanced down on the scene of ancient Egypt below. It watched the same scene it had moments before and decades before that. Below, Hebrew slaves endured callous labor, pain, and even death as the Egyptians worked them until their bodies and lives gave way. The sight was the same as before: an Egyptian guard slinging his whip upon the back of the slaves to work them faster and harder.

Nothing was different from the day before, which seemed to lose the interest of the sun. Suddenly, its light landed on a large litter adorned in lavender chiffon curtains, lifted by golden poles walking towards a large tent where the slaves were working.

Royal slaves lifted the litter, trying their best to hold tight to the poles that held the bed up. It was complicated with the constant bouncing of the ones inside. Inside a young woman, with dark tan skin and a body decorated in fine silk and jewelry sat on white cushions, her hair braided in long thin strands. Around her five girls sat, clamoring over each other.

"Girls," the woman said, leaning up from her lying position, "calm yourselves," she said with a serene smile. Her voice seemed to grab the girls attention.

"But mother," one girl said, pointing to two younger ones, "its not me or Neema or Azeneth. Its those two … those two ruffians."

One of the two girls she pointed to placed her hands on her hips. "'Those to ruffins,'" she said, mocking her older sister in a high pitched and pronouncing the word wrong. The other nodded and turned to the obvious older sister and pulling under her eye, while sticking out her tongue. The much older sister gasped softly and frowned.

The mother smiled and pulled the two younger sisters to her. "Kakra, Zesiro, girls. No wild playing. You don't want the litter falling over, do you?" she said, running a hand through Zesiro's short brown hair. Her dark brown eyes looked up at the three slightly older girls. "And Shamise, be kind to your younger sisters."

Shamise sighed and looked off, her arms crossed over her chest. She appeared to be 10 but with her head held high, it showed off obvious intelligence and sophistication. "Well, I am kind to my sisters. Neema, and Azeneth," she said looking to the other sisters who were busy either reading from a scroll or brushing their hair. She turned her attention to her mother. "Those two barbarians aren't my kin. They act like boys. Rather than the girls they are … or supposed to be."

Her mother frowned slightly. "Shamise!"

The twins giggled and Zesiro threw her head up. "We are boys," Zesiro yelled flipping up her silk dress showing her flat chest. Kakra laughed and mimicked her twin.

Her mother quickly pulled down the two girls dresses and quickly gathered all five of the girls close to her. She lightly ran a hand along Shamise's cheek. "Sweethearts, Shamise, Azeneth, Neema, Zesiro, Kakra, my dears," she said, sweetly running a hand over her daughters cheeks or hair. "You must get along. We are going to see your father at work. It will be a short visit but I still. Please be on your best behavior, dears," she said softly, fingers lacing through Kakra's shoulder length black hair.

Kakra smiled and nodded. "We will, mommy," Kakra said, leaning up and hugging her mother.

Shamise joined in. "Yes, mother," she said, snuggling into her mother's neck, "we'll be good. I promise."

Their mother smiled and pulled away from her daughter's hold. Suddenly, a deep voice alerted them. "Lady Irisi, we have arrived," a carrier slave said.

In a voice completely controlling and nothing like how she spoke to her children, Irisi snapped, "Well, set us down."

Obeying her order, the men slowly set the litter down with ease. Slowly the litter was lit by the sun as the slaves pulled back the curtains, revealing the sun-kissed sand and the overworked slaves in the background hauling sand along the heated sandy floor. Irisi ignored this and stared at a well structured tanned man, staring down at them. She smiled up at him and bat her eyes slowly, recognizing him completely as her husband, the Chief of Guards and General, Anpu. His skin was a hot brown, proof of his work directing while under the sun.

Anpu stared at his wife lovingly. He held his hand out for her to take hold of. She smiled and took her hand in his as he helped her out. "Come, I want the girls to meet the Pharaoh," he said with a smile as he looked at his children still on the cushion of the litter. He raised a brow at them with a fatherly smile. Like magnets, they drew up after him, faces highlighted and cheerful in order of their age. Shamise came out first, then proceeded Neema. Following Neema, Azeneth came with Zesiro and Kakra at her tail.

Anpu led them to the Pharaoh Seti, who stood tall and ever majestic under the large tent. He made a short respectful bow. "Pharaoh," Irisi said in greeting, nodding softly.

He nodded towards her. "Irisi, it is good to see you again. I have expectations that you will come and made a visit to your sister," he said, raising a brow.

Irisi closed her eyes. "I have been planning to see Queen Tuya, but my hands have been quite full," she said looking at the corner of her eye to where her five daughters stood.

Seti's eyes traveled to the five girls and he made a large smile. "My nieces! Come, let me look at you," he said, stretching his arms out for the girls.

Shamise stepped first, easing the nerves of her sisters. "Pharaoh," she said with a small bow. Her sisters quickly stepped beside her in a small row just how they had been lined up and made a small bow completed with a respectful greeting.

He stepped over to examine Shamise, looking over her obvious beauty. He grinned. "She would be perfect for Rameses, the perfect bride."

Anpu smiled. "Why not arrange a pre-marriage. Shamise is smart for her young age. Neema is a perfect candidate also. She's the perfect beauty. And Azeneth is serene and a peacemaker. If you approve, I would allow all my daughters to marry Rameses," Anpu said, stepping closer to the Pharaoh.

Seti smiled and made a deep laugh. "While all of your daughters are beautiful, I am awaiting more daughters from you that he could choose from," Seti said, looking towards Irisi's way.

Irisi froze a bit at the request. She clasped her hand in front of her, squeezing her hand tightly. Her eyes began to fog up and tears began to form. She didn't want to turn her back on the Pharaoh but she hated to have her secret thrown out, to have her pain exposed to the world. Irisi couldn't have anymore children. As much as she wanted them, she didn't seem to be blessed with them anymore. It had been 6 years since she had children and somehow, she seemed infertile. She loved children, loved raising them and teaching them. But she knew she wasn't well in health even at her young age of 26. She knew she needed her husband's name to be known. She had to at least become pregnant one more time and give birth to a son so their legacy could continue, but her body didn't seem to be prepared. And no matter how much her younger daughters asked for a younger sibling, she knew she couldn't fulfill their wish.

The trip back was quiet, at least for Irisi. The children clamored among themselves, speaking of marriage to the Pharaoh's son and how wondrous it would be to be a Queen of Egypt. Irisi couldn't seem to engage herself to this matter, instead she found herself lost in a world dreaming, hoping to one day have another child. She closed her eyes, picturing a young infant child in her hands. A child she could call her own. In truth, she didn't care if somehow she had another daughter. It gave her something to look up to, to raise a daughter all over again. It would be magical. If she did have a son, she wouldn't be able to see him. In Egypt, when the sons were old enough, they were immediately handed over to the father. How would that benefit her? She would only get to nurse him and nothing more. That would shatter her, break her already fragile heart.

Even when Irisi had came home, she couldn't take her mind off it. She lay in her bed, unable to drift into the comfort of sleep. Her mind stayed locked on the topic from earlier. She stared up at the ceiling, unable to stay in one position any longer. Irisi slowly crept out of bed. The moon was high in the sky, signifying the night was almost over. She walked out to the balcony, her sheer gown fluttering at her heels. Her eyes watched the night moon and the ever twinkling stars. Her hand simultaneously moved to her barren womb. How was it that her name meant 'Fashioned by Isis, the goddess of Fertility' and she couldn't even bear children anymore. It was embarrassing. And to make it worse, her sister had already gave birth to two boys. Rameses and Moses. Two. How many did Irisi have? None.

Irisi exhaled. Her eyes traveled out across the land towards the temple of Isis. It was late at night and normally worship began early in the morning for the goddess. She balled her fists. "Maybe the goddess won't mind if I come in a bit in advance," she muttered under her breath. She looked behind her to see her husband still asleep. Taking advantage of this, Irisi quickly shuffled to gather her sandals and a baggy hooded cape. She tossed it over her shoulders and snuck out the house to the temple of Isis.

The journey was long without her slaves and their strength and speed to carry her to the temple. But time to herself is what she needed. She needed time to figure out the right words to say, the exact thing to ask for and to thank the gods for all they had given her.

She slowly walked down the sand-filled streets of the Egyptian portion of Egypt, not daring to wander on the Hebrew side. She pat her chin, trying to think of what to say. She had rarely requested things from the goddess Isis, and now that she was, she felt utterly embarrassed and awfully nervous about it. "Maybe, I should say, 'Oh Isis, Mother Goddess, make me get pregnant.' Ugh! That sounds too commanding," she said, debating on what she should say. Thoughts raided her head, prayers she planned on saying. Nothing seemed to sound right. One prayer seemed too proper. Another seemed too easy going. However, once she reached the Temple of Isis, once she walked through the alabaster stone pillars of the entrance, it all seemed to come to her. She didn't need to be proper for the Goddess. She had to be herself, elegant and intelligent. She didn't need to be nervous. All she needed was to open her heart and let the goddess see inside.

Irisi slowly entered the temple, her body feeling suddenly light and controlled by something. She slowly turned towards the East and lifted her arms up at her high above her head, the fabric of her gown falling down like wings. "I am a daughter of Isis. I am a child of the goddess," she said loud enough for her voice to echo into the emptiness of the temple. And with that, she began the ritual.

Once the ritual was done, she began to head home, hoping that her prayers may soon be answered. Suddenly a loud cry filled her ears , stopping her in her tracks. She quickly turned around, hearing it in the distance of the temple. She stayed put, quiet for a moment thinking it was all in her head. Then the cry carried on and she knew she wasn't alone. Timidly, she slowly walked forward. "Hello, is anyone there?" she asked curiously. The crying continued accompanied with a whispering voice.

Irisi's steps were muted, careful not to scare off the hidden person. "Hello," she repeated softly, carefully making her way to the exit where the din had been heard.

The whispering voice seemed to grow louder as Irisi moved closer. She stopped, finally seeing a woman in a long baggy hooded robe. The person didn't seem to notice her, nor hear her silent call. The woman lay crotched on the ground, murmuring down at something, something crying.

"Um, hello," Irisi said a little louder, finally alerting the woman. A loud gasp filled the air and the caped woman ultimately looked her way. Their eyes locked for a minute and the woman quickly took off into the darkness of the night. Irisi hurried after her desperate to talk to the woman, to ask her why she had been there at such a late hour. She stopped at the pillar the woman had once been, her eyes searching the moon light area of the outside. No one. No woman fleeing the scene. No one. A light babble grabbed her attention. Irisi slowly looked down and in the darkness, she could see a dark basket slightly moving around. Something told her what it was but she couldn't help the curiosity that quaked through her. She had to be sure.

She slowly bent down to the basket, carefully removing the neatly wood knitted top. Irisi stared down at a squirming maroon blanket. Her hand moved over a maroon cloth, pulling it back. Her eyes widened as the moon's face stared down at the face of a child, the young baby. She slowly pulled back the rest of the cloth, examining the gender. "A …A girl," she said, softly, "a beautiful baby girl." The baby's face read such beauty, such perfection. Receiving a baby like this just couldn't be coincidence or chance. This had to be sent from the Goddess. Although it wasn't a boy, she was a blessing, a wonderful, beautiful blessing.

Irisi looked around, making sure that the woman who had left her was no longer in sight. When she saw she was still alone, she quickly picked up the child still wrapped around in the blanket. Cradling the baby in her arms, she asked the baby, "You're a little sweetheart, aren't you, little one? Why would you mother want to leave a little darling like you behind?" She slowly looked up and around again.

The woman doesn't want her, she thought. And she hasn't come back yet so that must mean - No! I can't take her. How do I know that her mother wasn't taking her to get cleansed,' she thought, contemplating on what she should do. If she was taking her to get cleansed, she wouldn't have left her. Her eyes moved down to the child, lost in the baby's hazel crystalline gaze. She smiled. "So … I'll take you to a home where you're wanted," she said to the child. With that, Irisi turned and headed home, the baby still in her hands.

When she finally made it back to her home, the night stars had started to vanish and the sky started to brighten. As soon as she entered, Anpu and their daughters looked up from their search for her.

Anpu raced over to her. "Irisi! Where were you? I told you not to sneak out at night. It is dangerous especially when you go alone," he said with a concerned frown, sounding more like a father than her husband.

She smiled and looked up at him, still holding the baby in her hands but with the blanket covering the baby's face from Anpu's view. "Love," she started finally looking up at him, "I was only at the House of Isis. And I wasn't alone," she said looking at the face of the baby in her arms.

Anpu quickly looked down at the blanketed object in her arms and his eyes widened. He slowly pulled back part of the blanket and backed up in astonishment.

The girls got a view of the young infant and gasped, rushing over to their mother to see the baby. Anpu cleared his throat, unable to contemplate his emotions. "Irisi, where did you get … Irisi, where did you get … that?" he asked, staring at the baby ignoring the other daughters gleeful chatter as they surrounded their mother, trying to see the baby.

"Well, it's a she and I found her at the temple of Isis. I was praying when I saw a woman abandon this child. I couldn't leave her there alone. Anything could have happened to her," she said soothingly, hoping that would win Anpu over.

"Irisi … we can't keep her. Just because you find an abandoned baby at a temple doesn't give us free right to take her. You have to bring her back," he said, sternly.

Irisi gasped and quickly looked at him with pained eyes. "Bring her back? But she was abandoned." The girls eyes looked at him, their gaze matching that of their mother.

Anpu tried hard to ignore their pained eyes but he knew they couldn't keep her. It wasn't that he didn't want another child it was just that the child wouldn't completely be hisand he'd never raised a child other than his own. She would only be the adopted child, nothing like his own daughters … She'd never be his child. And that wasn't just it. He also had already raised 5 daughters. 5. That was more than most of his other colleagues had. Yes his daughters were a blessing but it wouldn't be anything new. He had already known what it felt like to have a daughter and it just wouldn't be any sort of surprise with another daughter anymore.

"We just can't keep her. She's not ours. Probably not even royal decent. You have to bring her back. For all we know her mother might have been in a different state of mind and is looking for her this very second," he went on, hoping some how he could change Irisi's mind.

"Her mother couldn't want her. She left her by herself … alone. And even if she was in her right mind … she wouldn't be fit to have this baby. God knows, what can happen to her if I bring her back," Irisi said, looking down at the infant, who seemed to be drifting to sleep. She quickly looked up at her husband. "Please … Please, Anpu, let me keep her. I will raise her right. Please. I can't bring her back, please. She needs me," she begged, stepping closer to her husband. "And … I need her."

Anpu looked away, biting the inside of his lip in agitation. He hated this situation, having to choose over his own feelings and his wife's. He knew how much this meant to her and she would never forgive him if he rejected her plea. Taking a deep breathe, he spoke, "I will not take back my feelings towards this, Irisi. I don't like the idea," he said sternly.

Irisi frowned at his words and slightly looked away, knowing he was going to make her send the baby back. She turned around to the door and began to leave.

"But," he said, making her stop in her steps, "since you really feel strongly for the child … you may keep it." He exhaled and slowly walked away before his wife and daughters could praise him for his decision.

Irisi smiled as her husband vanished into the other room. She quickly looked down at the baby as her daughters gathered around her, reaching for the little one.

"Let me see her, mother," Neema stated, sitting up on her tip toes.

Kakra whined, reaching up and tugging her mother's gown. "Me too, mama!"

Irisi smiled and leaned down, so the girls could see the face of their new sister. They complimented her with 'Ooohs' and 'Ahhhs'.

Smiling, Neema whispered, "Besides myself, she's the most cutest baby I've ever seen." The older girl leaned her finger in and let the baby grab hold of it.

Zesiro frowned and looked up at her older sister. "Hey, you said that I was the cutest," she bleated with a pout.

The older sister smirked teasingly. "Sorry, you've been replaced."

Zesiro frowned.

Irisi smiled. "You all were beautiful, you still are."

As the four sister surrounded their mother, gawking over the new child, Shamise stood from a distance with a harsh stare on her face. Why did they need a new baby? She already had four sisters, and now she'd have another. Which meant trouble. And if the new baby wasn anything like Kakra and Zesiro, she'd have a problem. She hated the idea of a new child. And though she dared not say it aloud, Shamise already despised the wretched creature.

Kakra tilted her head to the side. "But … mother … what is the baby's name?"

Irisi smiled and stood up, looking down at the face of the baby. "Her name … her name is Nefertari …"


A petite silhouette sprinted across along in a dash of golden skin and glittering white silk. Leaping from dirt roof to dirt roof, the female glanced back. Her gaze landing on frail woman in fine silk and a perfect black wig chasing after her.

"Oh great," the girl muttered under her breathe, turning and leaping off of the building, landing in the sand that quickly dirtied her silk dress.

She quickly grabbed her ankle that had been bruised in her landing. She hissed slightly, running a hand over it in pain. "Damn it," she groaned a bit louder, biting the inside of her lip as she tried to stand.

This is gonna mess up my escape. Darn it! the girl thought to herself, ripping the bottom of her dress and tying it around her throbbing ankle.

"NEFERTARI!" the woman's voice rang, "Nefertari, get back here!"

The girl's eyes opened wide. "Uh-oh," she muttered under her breathe. She quickly stood up, ignoring the pain of her ankle. "Not getting caught this time." Nefertari quickly began her fleeing.

Sadly, unlike planned, the woman was close behind. "Nefertari! I know you heard me! Get back here," the woman yelled.

Nefertari continued further, the woman still at her heels. The girl laughed. "Yeah, I heard you. I heard you when we were back at temple. So nope, no way I'm slowing down, temple maid," she yelled back at the woman with a snicker.

The woman gasped and made a growl. She lunged forward to the young woman. "Its HIGH priestess!"

Nefertari laughed, not daring to slow down. "Um, it's the same thing, Nebt," Nefertari teased which only angered the woman more.

Nebt snarled. How dare she insult me? The wife of Anubis! How could she! That wretched little brat. I'll teach her a lesson or two, the older woman thought to herself. Nebt rushed forward, inches from Nefertari.

Seeing the closeness of Neb behind her, Nefertari knew she had to think fast. She scanned around them and noticed that they were in an alleyway that led to the main streets. And if that wasn't enough to help her getaway, she saw a group of large barrels near the exit of the alley. Another perfect item for her scheme and not to mention, in the perfect place to help her. Nefertari turned and smiled at Nebt, and taunted, "Come on, Neb, its only a little further. I'm sure you can catch me … in due time."

Angering her, Nebt stomped forward gaining even closer to the girl. Nefertari took advantage of this and quickly ran out of the alleyway, knocking down all of the barrels behind her for Nebt to deal with.

Unable to react, the High Priestess fell forward, crashing into the wooden tubs with a loud scream which seemed to amuse Nefertari even more. She let out a loud laugh and continued her run, just in case some how the thin woman rebounded.

Behind her, Nebt looked up to see the young girl running off. She scowled and yelled out for the girl angrily.


Nefertari grinned and continued to run, ignoring the scream of her name. She wouldn't respond to that. No. What Nebt forgot was one simple thing ...

Nefertari was wild child, never giving in to anything.

Nefertari was ... a Daughter of Egypt.

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