Hermione quickly remembered the life debt that she owed Lucius Malfoy.

The day of Regulus's funeral passed by in a haze, Sirius was like a zombie. Hermione and Severus were much the same; they had both worked so closely with Regulus. His funeral was a formal affair with everyone dressed immaculately. Sirius's mother had been on her best behavior, which wasn't saying much. She still got a few insults in at Sirius, who ignored her comment, which only enraged her. Orion silenced her with a glare. Sirius and his father had set up a time the following week to meet and talk with one another. The place would be at a neutral so they would both be more comfortable and on even ground.

"I don't think I can attend another funeral," James confessed flopping down on the couch; he loosened his tie and threw it on the coffee table. Lily sat down next to him, and placed her head on his shoulder with a sigh. The slightly darkened circles under her eyes told of her exhaustion.

"I agree," Sirius grumbled untucking his button up taking a seat by James. Elaine sat down on the floor in front of him and wiggled until she was between his legs.

"I agree times three," Elaine said, smiling softly when Sirius started rubbing her shoulders. Hermione smirked as she walked by looking at the pair, they were perfect together, and Elaine kept Sirius in line.

"If I never go to a funeral again it will be too soon," Hermione groaned lying down on the second sofa and placing her head in Remus's lap.

"I believe that was the last one we were needed to attend," Remus said running his hand through her hair.

"Good. I have been to too many," Hermione said sadly looking up at him.

"I know love," Remus agreed.

"Where is Severus and Richeau? They were right behind us," Hermione asked leaning up to look around.

Sirius coughed, "I think they went to play checkers." The sarcasm in his voice made it clear that 'checkers' was a euphemism.

"Smart arse," Hermione grumbled. Hermione was happy Severus had someone at his side to be his partner and equal.

"Better than a dumb arse," Sirius chuckled earning a smack from Elaine.

"Touché," Hermione sighed sleepily. "The trials will begin next week and the Minister made it clear he's ready to have them all sitting in Azkaban."

"They all deserve the kiss, if you ask me," James grumbled. "Hermione, what are you going to do about Malfoy?"

"I don't know," Hermione said rubbing her eyes. "I hate to even think of it."

"Well you have a week. His is the first trial." Sirius said reminding her.

Hermione groaned.


Hermione sat listening in on the trail of Lucius Malfoy, the only reason she had been allowed in the courtroom was because of her grandfather. Albus was on the Wizengamot for the Death Eater trials. Lucius entered the courtroom looking haggard but still managing to retain his normal stuck up pureblood self. Malfoy of course pleaded not guilty by cause of the Imperious curse. Hermione rolled her eyes when he said those words and watched as the proceedings bounced back and forth between the courtroom demanding questions from Malfoy.

"Mr. Malfoy, we have not heard one thing during this entire preceding that should save you from receiving the kiss," A member of the Wizengamot spoke up.

Malfoy lent into his lawyers ear whispering, when he leaned back he had a smirk across his face.

"My client has informed me he defected in the battle."

"Well Mr. Malfoy I hope you can present the witness," A woman spoke snidely. "Of this bold change to the winning side of the war. I now ask who this witness is?"

"Hermione Dumbledore," Lucius croaked out, looking Hermione right in the eyes across the room. Murmurs broke out across the room as the attention of the room focused on Hermione.

"Miss Dumbledore, would you please step down on the floor?"

Hermione stood nervously, and walked down in front of the Wizengamot. She faced them waiting for the questions to begin. Hermione caught the eye of her grandfather; he gave her a slight encouraging nod.

"Miss Dumbledore, did you see Mr. Malfoy's miraculous turn during the battle?"

"Yes, sir, I did." Hermione answered.

"Please elaborate."

"During battle, I was dueling Fenrir Greyback. He was about to kill me when, Mr. Malfoy saved my life from him. He helped more after that as well," Hermione explained clenching her fist. She had to stretch the truth to save him from the kiss. She could see the small smirk on Malfoys face. He was enjoying having to watch her defend him. Malfoy should be lucky they took her wand before entering the courtrooms.

"Well in light of this new information," the woman raised a brow still suspicious of the claims. "I leave this to a vote of the Wizengamot. All in favor of the kiss?"

Malfoy paled slightly at the thought.

Fifteen of the fifty members raised their hands in favor of the kiss.

"All in favor of life in Azkaban?" She asked again. The remaining members held up their hands in favor of a life sentence. Hermione knew some of them were still in the pockets of the Malfoy family.

"With possibility of an early release, if he is deemed able to be placed back in to wizarding world," A man spoke up from the crowd.

"A very slim chance," The woman sneered slightly at him. "Lucius Malfoy, you are here by sentenced to life in Azkaban with a possibility of being released. Take him away."

Hermione felt warmth come over her; she knew her debt was filled. Malfoy glared at her, "You owe me a life debt." He growled.

"Which was just paid, Malfoy," Hermione smirked. "Just think, you might be out in time to see your son finish Hogwarts, but only on good behavior."

Azkaban guards grabbed Malfoy and pulled him from the room.

"Next case!" The chief wizard called out, motioning in the next Death Eater. Hermione retook her seat to finish out the trials.


Hermione entered her grandfather's office, with a yawn she plopped down into one of his chairs by the fire. Albus took the seat beside her.

"I am glad you decided to come back to Hogwarts with me," Albus said with a smile. Pippy popped into the room and set tea on the table. Hermione thanked the elf as she popped back out of the room.

"Me too, we haven't had time to talk with one another," Hermione yawned; she grabbed her tea cup and took a sip before setting it back down. Fawkes began singing while they spoke.

"I want to say you handled the trail with Mr. Malfoy very well. I know your life debt to him was settled and now you can have a normal life with Remus," Albus paused for a moment with a frown. "Unless you go back to your proper time. If you even can."

Albus waited for her response, but upon not hearing one he looked over at his granddaughter to see her sound asleep. He chuckled softly as he grabbed a blanket and covered her.


Hermione opened her eyes and was surprised to find herself once again in her meadow; a look around revealed Remus waiting for her by the tree. His eyes found hers as a smile stretched across his face; he opened his arms for her. Running to him she jumped into his arms and hugged him as her lips instantly found his, kissing each other with a fierce passion.

Remus pulled back placing her on her feet. "You did it. You fixed the past."

Hermione frowned, "I didn't save Regulus."

"I know but not everything could be fixed," Remus said sadly. Hermione looked him over noticing he had changed. His hair had much less grey in it. The scars he once had across his face were gone.

"How?" Hermione asked placing her hand on his face.

"Like I said Hermione, you changed everything, I was given this wolfs bane potion at a much younger age because of you. The transformations took less of a toll on me," Remus explained.

Hermione's brow furrowed, "Remus, if you're from my past. How do you have these new memories?"

"I am not really sure. I guess where we're at I am the connecting point, holding both memories." Remus tried to explain sounding slightly confused. Hermione laughed.

"What happens now?" Hermione asked

"What do you mean?" Remus questioned pulling her back to him.

"Well, what do I came back to do, I did. Don't I have to come back now?" Hermione asked looking up to him.

"Hermione—" Remus began.

"I understand."Hermione said, just from Remus's tone she knew the answer she could not go back.

"Would you really want to go back and leave me?" Remus asked sounding a little hurt.

"No," Hermione said instantly. "It just— I will never get to see my Harry or Ron again."

"Well if I am not mistaken you will see Harry soon," Hermione glared at him, now was not the time for jokes. She didn't catch him glancing over her shoulder.

"Remus Lupin," Hermione snipped. "Now is not the time for jokes."

"Geez, she's still bossy as ever," Hermione froze hearing the voice coming from behind her. She had to be imagining it.

"I have to agree. You think after all that she wouldn't be so bossy."

Hermione knew she was not imagining it now. Glancing up at Remus, she saw he was smiling over her shoulder. Spinning around she found Harry and Ron standing behind her, she gasped as tears welled in her eyes. But she threw her arms around both of them holding on as tightly as she could; the two pulled her into them as she sobbed.

"Still a blubbering mess, I see," Harry said.

Hermione laughed looking up to him, "Hush I am happy to see both of you."

Remus slipped off going to sit by the tree.

"We've missed you too," Ron said with a smile.

"How are the both of you here?" Hermione asked

"You needed us," Harry answered simply. "So we were allowed to come."

"I have missed you both so much. I haven't known what to do without you both," Hermione sniffed looking both of them over.

"It looks like you have been doing Professor Lupin." Ron said laughing as Hermione gapped like a fish.

"Well, I—He—" Hermione sputtered out.

"Miss Stickler for the rules here fell for a Marauder. I always knew you had some Marauder in you, to be bad," Harry smiled at her.

"I would say she has had a lot of Marauder in her." Ron exclaimed with a leering wink.

"Ronald!" Hermione hissed outraged he would say that. The boys began howling with laughter, and she even heard Remus chuckling behind her.

"I hope I have made the both of you proud," Hermione said.

"Of course you have!" The boys exclaimed at the same time.

"Hermione, I will be able to have my parents growing up. You will never know how much that means to me." Harry said.

"I know but I will never see either you again the way I know you," Hermione sniffed. "You're my best friends."

"You will still see us Hermione," Ron smiled. "It will just be a little different, that's all."

"One question," Harry said raising a brow at Hermione.


"How in the world did you and Severus Snape become best friends?"

Hermione laughed, "He's not the same person we knew as a professor. He's a good friend to me."

"We know," Ron said. "We've been watching. He's very protective of you."

Harry frowned, "Hermione, we have to go back now."

"I know but I don't want you too," Hermione said her voicing cracking once again.

"Hermione," Ron said grabbing her shoulders looking her in the eye."We want you to move on with your life. Be happy, be happy with Remus. Make a life and a family together. Grow old together and forget this war, the hurt and pain."

"You both are really okay with Remus and me?" Hermione asked.

"Yes, Hermione, he is your match." Harry said pulling Hermione in for a hug as Ron pulled away.

"We love you Hermione," Harry whispered to her. "I love you. Promise you will be happy."

"I promise andI love you too." Hermione said closing her eyes letting go. Opening her eyes, she found the boys gone.

Hermione heard Remus coming up behind her. "I know it wasn't very long but—"

"You're right it wasn't but I have the closure I needed with them," Hermione said turning around to look up at Remus. In that moment she saw her future with Remus, he was the light to her darkness.

"I love you, Remus," Hermione said putting her arms around him.

"I love you too Hermione," Remus said.

"I think— I think I have to go." Hermione said.

"Why?" Remus asked placing a kiss on her head.

"They are right. I need to live my life and that means starting my life with you Remus," Hermione said looking in his eyes.

Remus smiled placing a kiss on her lips before he spoke, "Then wake up."

Hermione opened her eyes finally feeling the peace she had been longing to find. Hermione looked over seeing her grandfather behind his desk watching her.

"My dear Remus is waiting for you." Albus said with a twinkle in his eye.

Hermione smiled, she would fulfill her promise to her boys.


Ok, I really didn't expect this to go how it did, but it happens. This is where it ends. I was going to right more but I feel this is where i needed to end it. I hope you have all enjoyed the story. If you are angry about how it ended, well i am sorry. For those who have stuck with this story till the end. I thank you from the bottom of my heart you mean the world to me. I will have more stories coming.