InuYasha gets hurt while trying to protect Kagome making her feel weak and useless, so she does the only thing that she can. She seals the well and leaves in order to train and make herself stronger. 4 years passes and now she's back to end Naraku's reign of terror…once and for all.

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Kagome cried out as Naraku sliced in to the half demon sending him crashing down into the hard dirt floor where he remained unmoving, blood running down his body.

He had flung himself in front of Kagome when he had noticed that Naraku was going after her. She had been too terrified that she froze with fear and couldn't move. Now he was too injured to get up.

Kagome crawled over to where he laid and cried as she saw so many gashes and cuts. What could she do? Never had she felt so useless in her whole life, here was the man she loved and she couldn't do a damn thing to help him.

She then saw an arrow piece though the trees. It had immense spiritual powers that spattered Naraku's barrier forcing him to snarl at the new comer and flee in a cyclone of miasma. Kagome looked behind her and saw Kikyo make her way towards them.

"Damn" muttered Miroku as he watched Naraku flee "He got away"

"Miroku" cried Sango as she ran to where Kagome was trying to apply pressure to some of the wounds to make the bleeding stop.

"We need to get him to Lady Kaede's village fast" said Miroku looking down at their fallen friend.

Kagome nodded then looked over to see Kikyo kneel down close to InuYasha and take out some herbs and apply them to the wounds as she muttered spells under her breath making her hands glow white, healing him.

"He will need further treatment but he will now survive the journey" she said softy.

"Thank you" said Kagome to the priestess meaning every word "Will you come with us? I know he would want to see you when he awakens" she continued softy feeling the eyes of her friends and travel companions on her.

They all knew how InuYasha felt about the undead priestess and how Kagome felt about him, for him though….she couldn't be selfish. Kagome knew in her heart that InuYasha and Kikyo where always meant to be while she was just there to complete the mission.

As she watched the cold eyes of Kikyo she how ever noticed how they would soften a bit when the undead priestess would gaze at her beloved half demon.

Kagome knew what needed to be done now; she just hoped that she was making the right choice.

Once they were back at the village Kaede said that InuYasha would make a full recovery but that it would take time. Naraku had injected him with miasma and even though he healed faster than a normal human, that much poison was potent…even for a demon.

Kagome looked at the faces of her friends and family then at the man she loved, she vowed to be strong…for him.

She stood up abruptly.

"I have to leave everyone" she declared shocking everyone "I promise you all that I will return. There is something that I need to do"

"Kagome" said Sango walking up to her giving her a hug.

"You can't leave Kagome! We need you" said the child voice of my little fox demon who was more of a son to me than anything "How will I sleep if you're not there?" he said with tears in his voice.

"Oh..Shippo, I will miss you and I feel horrible for leaving you, but I need to go" she said hugging him tight to her "I will come back for you…I promise" she whispered to him.

"Lady Kagome…will you not wait until InuYasha wake up?" said Miroku giving he a knowing look. I looked back at him understanding what he was saying; sometimes he was just too smart and observant.

"You know I can't" she said pleading with him silently to understand where she was coming from "and to make sure that he can't go after me" Kagome walked over to where InuYasha was resting and took off the beads around his neck.

"Kagome are you certain this is what you want" said Kikyo as she frowned at me. I nodded to her.

"Kikyo, I ask that please walk with me" I took my backpack and looked once more at the faces of everyone I loved.

"I will see you again" I vowed to them "Please let him know that"

I walked out with Kikyo and headed towards the bone eaters well.

"I know what you're going to ask Kagome….I don't think even I have the power to do so" she said.

"I don't want seal the well completely…just a temporary seal. Just to make sure that no one can pass thought it during that time"

"If I do this the seal will not open until the time set…can you live with that? What happens if you realize that this is a mistake?"

"That is a burden that I will have to live with..please Kikyo?"

"Why are you doing this Kagome? You know that InuYasha is more than happy to see to your safety" she glanced down "you were able to touch a part of his heart that not even I could…he will be heartbroken"

Kagome wanted to believe that was true…but she knew better.

"Kikyo, InuYasha loves you, stay will him, help him in this quest and you will see that with you here he will forget all about me"

Kikyo stopped and tilted her head at her reincarnation.

"If you honestly believe that, then you are a fool Kagome" she said coldly. Kagome looked back at Kikyo and shrugged her shoulders. She knew better and soon Kikyo will see that she was right.

Once they reached the Well Kagome took a deep breath and said once last goodbye…for now.

"Four years Kagome…that's as long as I dare to seal the well" she said then reached into her priestess robs and took out a fragment of the jewel shard "Take this with you, Naraku can't complete the sacred jewel if you take a piece with you. Once you return then it will be up to you once more to defeat him"

Kagome nodded "Thank you Kikyo" she said meaning it.

"I hope you know what you're doing Kagome, I'm sorry that we have not always been close, but regardless of everything…you are a part of me after all"

Kagome nodded and jumped into the well that will transport her back to her world where she would start her training.

**1 week later InuYasha POV**

I felt like I've had the holy shit beaten outta me.

Groaning I opened my eyes to find myself in Kaede's hut.

'What the hell?' I thought as I propped myself on my elbows and looked around me. How long was I out for? I thought to myself as I looked around sniffing the air.

Last thing he remembered was fighting Naraku; he had been trying to break through his barrier when the bastard tries to take out Kagome.


I tried to get up but my body wouldn't respond. I sniffed the air but the last traces of her scent where old.

I felt wounded. If I had been injured this badly I would have expected for her be near me for when I woke up….she always cared for me after all. I had a bad feeling now. She would never leave my side, I was sure of that. That only meant that something must have happened to her!

I forced my body to obey as used to the wall for support to get on my feet. I felt my head light and woozy.

'Whoa! How long was I out for?'

"InuYasha! Ye shouldn't be up yet" said Kaede walking into the hut with Sango and Miroku.

"Kagome! Where is she? Was she hurt? Why can't I smell her near here?" I said fearing the worst when Sango and Miroku exchanged grave expressions.

I fell down on my knees.

No…it couldn't be worse than in injury right? I felt my heart tight in my chest as I struggled to breath. She couldn't be dead…no she couldn't…I won't allow it! She belonged by my side and intended to keep her there.

"Calm ye self InuYasha. Kagome was not hurt, she is simply not here" said Kaede.

I snarled at her.

"Lies! Kagome would never leave my side while I was injured!"

"InuYasha, it's been a week since you been unconscious" said Sango delicately.

"That doesn't matter! Kagome would never leave to her era…not until I wake up! Now what happened Goddamit! Some tell me!" I felt desperate I was getting ready to run out of the hut when Kikyo entered.

I sat down abruptly. What in the world was she doing here? Now, don't get me wrong, I cared for the woman…but she was part of my past now. I realized this one day while I went to go check to see if Kagome was okay. She and Sango and gone down to the river bank to wash up. Sango had came back saying that Kagome wanted to wash her sweater before she came back. I had decided to go to make sure she was okay, that woman had a knack for attracting trouble like a magnet. I was shrouded by the shade of the trees so she hadn't seen me yet, but what I saw still sent shivers down my whole body.

There sat Kagome in a white cami and her dark green skirt, the sun was basking down on her while drops of water glistened off of her skin making tiny sparkles rain over her. Her midnight black hair was shiny with streaks of blue that fell down to her back in soft waves that begged to be touched. A gentle breeze had picked up sending flower petals to dance around her make her look like some woodland sprite, she was beyond beautiful. Then of course because everything good seemed to be attracted to her, a yellow butterfly had flown across her making her smile softy as she held out her hand luring the butterfly to her. I knew exactly who that little butterfly felt, I was so enthralled by the sheer beauty and purity that was Kagome that I too couldn't help myself but go to her. She looked at me then and gave a small laugh that sounded like bells to my sensitive ears.

"Look InuYasha…I caught a butterfly" she said softy looking at the little insect.

'You also caught me' I thought to myself as I watched her beloved face.

I shook myself from my memory as I looked at Kikyo.

"Where is she?" I said in a low voice trying to hide my apprehension. I need to see her face, to gaze on those piercing blue eyes that always shone with love for me.

"She left InuYasha" she said softy as she walked out of the hut.

I shook my head in denial. No. She wouldn't leave.

Damn her! How could she? I got up wincing at the pain of my wounds but ingored them.

"Well then I'll just have to go and drag her back. What she leave for anyway? Did she leave for medical supplies?" I asked thinking that maybe she had gone back to grab some stuff to heal him with.

"You can't go thought the well anymore InuYasha" said Sango softy looking anywhere but my eyes.

"What do you mean? I'm the only one that can" I said confused. What was she talking about? I scoffed as I walked out of the hut not caring that I was bare-chested.

I squinted at the sun but kept walking towards the bone eaters well. As I approached it I saw Kikyo sitting on the rim of the wood of the well.

Why was she here for anyway?

"You can't go though InuYasha" she said not looking at me.

I ignored her as I jumped anyways but there was no light to transport me to where Kagome was.

"What the fuck!" I yelled as I looked up to see Kikyo looking down at me.

"I told you"

I snarled as I leapt out of the well. Then I realized that I was missing something.

"What the hell! Where are the beads! There the only thing that can allow me to pass though the well…there my link to her! Where is it?" I said as I looked at Kikyo for answers.

"This was her choice. I warned her that you would react like this" she said almost like she was whispering it to herself.

"What are you talking about…Kagome would not leave without a way back to me" I said then I narrowed my eyes at her "What did you do? Did you say something to her to make her leave me?" I felt my eyes turn red.

Mate. Where is our mate?

I jerked suddenly. That was the first time that my demon regarded Kagome as its mate. Then I smirked.

'Yes, our mate' I whispered to my demon.

Of course she was my mate. It made sense why I couldn't leave her side even when I thought I was still in love with Kikyo. It was because Kagome was always meant to come here and become my mate.

"Where is my mate Kikyo?" I snarled making her gasp.

"So your demon has claimed her? She really does mean more to you now" she looked away "I had a feeling that she would be after I seen how you interact with her. Your never guarded with her, you smile and laugh with her around"

"Where. Is. She" I said ignoring her comments.

"Please believe me when I say that this was her idea. She took off your necklace and asked that seal the well for four years"

I gasped as I backed away from her like she was carrying some sort of disease. I couldn't breathe, couldn't think. She wouldn't do that to me.

"She said that she would always be with me" I snapped at Kikyo.

"You were injured because you saved her. In her eyes she felt useless, so she said that she was going back and become stronger. She promised to be back in four years, she will return InuYasha"

"That's not good enough! That idiot! I told her that I would protect her, why did she think she needed to get stronger?" I growled as I paced back and forth feeling like yanking my hair out. I wanted her back! "Reopen the well Kikyo! You have to unseal it, I have to go and get her"

"I can't InuYasha, I warned her that you would be like this, but she was so sure that you still harbored feeling of love towards me that she told me to say with you and that you would soon forget about her"

"WHAT! How could she think that?" I fell to my knees in front of the well that kept me from my mate.

"Did you ever made her thing otherwise InuYasha?" she asked softy as she turned to walk away from me "I will see you from time to time. Try and remember that she did this for you. She will return to you. I gave her a shard of the sacred jewel for her to keep after all"

I didn't say anything as Kikyo left me there, kneeling by the well feeling like I just had my heart ripped out of my chest.

"Kagome" I breathed.