~Alex POV~ 2 Weeks later~

You know…..I had to wonder how I was part of this unit to being with.

"Man this is some freaky shit!"

I looked over at Diego who was looking at a flea that was talking to their fearless leader. Apparently the older brother was looking for him. I remembered what Kagome said about the two dogs not getting along and I had to wonder why big brother was looking for him now.

"This could only lead to bloodshed" whispered Kikyo to me.

I rose an eyebrow but didn't comment was I watched InuYasha argue with the flea. I looked over at the guys and I wasn't surprised to see their shocked expressions. Then again, we've been here for about two weeks now and things always went from freaky to scary really fast around here. Thank god that we have not ran until any demons up until now.

"Alright people, we might as well stay here for the night. Sesshomaru wouldn't be looking for me if it wasn't important" said InuYasha looking really annoyed.

"Man….I've been to New York, they have some big bugs there….but that is one big ass fucking flea" said Tank looking at the critter who was sitting on InuYasha's shoulder.

Kagome laughed; the fact that she could laugh out loud and talk again has made the dog demon less hostile towards me.

A small miracle in my favor.

"Ahw come on InuYasha, you and your brother haven't fought in a long time. Kikyo told me that the last time you two came face to face you had already transformed and that he didn't try to pick a fight with you" said Kagome placing a small hand on his forearm.

"I didn't change that much wench"

I saw Kagome's eyes flash dangerously "Oh…that is not a good sign" I whispered to Tank, who nodded agreeing with me.

Faster than I have never seen her move she had her husband flat on his back with her standing next to him her arms crossed to her chest.

"Stop calling me that!" she said "I swear will make another set of rosary beads for you if you don't knock that shit out"

I expected InuYasha to yell so when he actually cringed I swear that made my whole fuckin day.

"What's up with the dog?" I said to Kikyo

She looked up at me giving me a knowing smirk "InuYasha use to have a necklace that was enchanted and bonded him to Kagome. With one word she had power over his soul"

"What kind of power?"

"Well….in Kagome's case she choose the first word that came into mind when she first met him. Tell me, what is the word you would use to make a dog that is misbehaving to heal?"

I thought about it for a moment then shrugged "I don't know….sit?"

She laughed and nodded. My eyes bugged out a bit "No shit? So...what would happen when she said this?"

"He was forced to 'Sit'" she said giggling "Face first into the ground"

I couldn't help it, I knew that if he heard our conversation I would be black and blue in a bit but damn the visual was worth it….I laughed….hard.

I heard his warning growl; I looked over at him not able to stop the fit of laughter just yet.

"I'm sorry dude….it just sound so fuckin funny!" I said taking deep breathes "Talk about your poetic justice"

Kagome laughed "And you're gonna see it in person if he doesn't stop with the 'wench' crap" she narrowed her eyes on him.

I saw Rick move over to clasp InuYasha on the back "A word of advice sonny?" he said with a smirk "When in doubt there is one phrase a man must always know"

"Oh yeah?" said InuYasha with a grumble "And what is that?"

"It's the 'Yes dear' phrase" he said "A happy wife is a happy life. If you want to be happy then your wife must be happy so when in doubt just say 'Yes dear' and swallow your pride my boy because that will not keep you warm at night"


That pretty much translated to yes sir.

The group was sitting on the grass using the trees for shade as we talk strategy, taking inventory of our weapons and trained.

Kagome was with InuYasha as he showed her some basic evasive maneuvers when getting attacked by demons that she never got training with us.

"The key is to be quicker than the demon" I could hear him say to her as she nodded moving in to attack. InuYasha was gentle with her, if at any time he knocked her feet out from under her he would always catch her before her body hit the ground.

My eyes went over to Kikyo as she sat looking over the field filled with flowers, her eyes a million miles away as the strange floating snakes hovered above her. From what she told me, those were the demons that kept her alive, feeding her body with the spirits of young girls.

I couldn't help feel so depressed for her. Kikyo was such a delicate and soft spoke woman, always looking for ways to help that I felt a bit angry that she was dealt with such a sad fate. I then looked over at Kagome and sighed.

Yeah…I still loved her but it was getting easier to deal with. Every 'session' with Kikyo was helping and I suspected she was also getting closure from it too. She may not say it, but I knew she still had lingering feelings for the dog prince. Perhaps that was why we sought out each other's company; we knew what the other was going through. It was hard to talk about this sort of thing with someone who couldn't relate.

I heard InuYasha growl then moved to the front of the campsite, his hand on his sword.

"Look alive men" said Rick "I feel some major dark demonic powers coming close"

"That's Sesshomaru" said Kagome walking over and stood by InuYasha.

Santiago, Tank, and Diego got their firearms ready. I got my handgun out and clicked off the safety. I saw Kagome take out her black bow and notched an arrow but kept it lowered.

The demon that emerged from the trees was tall with long silver hair that looked like InuYasha's but that's as far as the similarities went. This demon had facial markings and a blue crescent moon on his forehead. He was strange looking yet demanded respect by the way he walked and carried himself.


Where all the demons in the dog's family line arrogant and powerful?

"Why did you want to talk me?" said the gruff voice of our leader.

The tall demon didn't answer immediately but then a short green looking toad ran out squawking to a little girl around twelve. The girl laughed and ran up to the demon and hugged him.

"I caught you Sesshomaru-sama!" she said then looked over to us and smiled "Lady Kagome! Lady Kikyo, Sango-chan!" she yelled out and ran over to Kagome who still held her bow and arrow in one hand so that she could hug the little girl.

"Rin, how have you been?"

"I've been good lady Kagome, Sesshomaru-sama has been taking really good care of me"

I raised an eyebrow as I looked at the frozen and cold face of the other demon.

"Can someone say creepy?" whispered Tank "What is that dude doing traveling with that little girl?"

"He saved her a few years back and been taking care of her…now shush" said Kagome. We had switched over to English so that the demons wouldn't know what we were saying.

"Rumors of a half demon with a group of strange humans roaming the country side helping and looking for Naraku reached my ears. I knew it had something to do with you little brother" he said then looked over at Kagome "You mated the miko" he said

I didn't know what to think but man you could cut the tension with a knife. I just hoped that this didn't turn into a fight.

~InuYasha POV~

I couldn't care less what my brother thought but the fact that he's been looking for me did not bode well for me. Half of the time I'm just trying to avoid the bastard.

He hates me, I don't give a shit about him, we meet we fight…..so on and so forth.

Truth is that I really don't know what the hell his problem is. I mean other than him wanting Tetsusaiga and him hating that we share the same bloodline…..I don't know what his whole deal is. I've fought him over and over again and he is still yet to kill me and now that I've gotten stronger…the possibility dwindled down a lot.

That still doesn't mean that we can't kick the living crap outta each other. Mime, but never kill….whoopee.

"Yeah, I mated Kagome" I said crossing my arms to my chest "How is that any of your business though?"

I watched as Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at me "Never before has a demon mated with a miko" he stated "They have been our natural enemies since the beginning of time"

I scoffed "My mate has never been my enemy and she sure as hell doesn't care about my demon blood"

"Indeed" he said "The mixture of demonic blood and miko blood will give way to a new breed of our father's might bloodline"

"Like I give a shit what you think anyways. Now tell me why you're here or get the hell outta here" I retorted getting tired of having to hear his arrogant tone of voice.

"InuYasha...watch your language in front of Rin" scolded Kagome in a low voice.

I looked over at her and rolled my eyes "Yeah, yeah" I muttered.

"You have four beings with spiritual powers" said Sesshomaru "along with odd weapons. You are stirring attention to yourself; Naraku is bond to hear of this and form an attack against you"

I still didn't see what this had to do with him.

"Well good, saves me the trouble of looking for the bastard, but again…what does that have to do with you?"

"You are adding a new addition to our family line. As of now, your pup is the new heir to the western lands until I take on a mate and sire a pup"

I stared at him, I'm sure the look of utter disbelief was mirrored on my face.

"Like hell he is!" I shouted "You never gave a rat's ass about me, always trying to kill me, calling me names cuz of my human blood. My son or daughter is not heir to anything other than the lands and gold that my mother left me"

"You are a prince InuYasha" said Sesshomaru walking closer "Whether you desire it so or not, your mother, while human, was a Hime and our father a great DaiYoukai lord. You may not wish it but that makes you a prince and with that title comes responsibilities. Responsibilities that I have to make sure you uphold"

"I don't have to do anything you say Sesshomaru, or have you forgotten all the times you tried to kill me?" I said sarcastically.

I heard a low whistle come from behind me "You two give sibling rivalry a new whole new meaning huh?" said the voice of Diego.

I looked back at him "You have no idea"

"You have strange humans following you" said Sesshomaru looking at the tall frame of Tank.

I knew what he meant. They all stood out and looked completely foreign.

I shrugged "There are not from around here. Anyway, so what now?"

"Rin needs human female companionship to train her"

I looked over at the girl that stood next to Kagome.

"You…need my mate to train her? In what?" I said baffled. How the hell did we go to from talking about my supposed 'responsibilities' to the west to finding his human ward a tutor?

"On how to become and act like a proper lady" he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I was going to tell him to go stuff it when I felt Kagome's hand on my shoulder.

"Hold on InuYasha" she said then looked over at Kikyo. Kikyo must have known what she wanted because she walked over and asked Rin if she wanted to pick flowers with her. It was scary how those two could communicate without words sometimes. I would be in serious trouble if they ever got together and conspired against me. I shuddered internally a bit.

Kagome started to make her way to my brother but I grabbed her arm before she could take another step "Just what the hell do you think you're doing?" I hissed at her.

"I'm going to knock you flat on your back if you don't remove your hand first of all" she said looking at my hand on her arm "I need to ask your brother something"

"Like hell you're getting near him"

"You're getting really close to getting another set of beads mate of mine" she hissed low at me.

"I see now why you had to transform" said Sesshomaru "you would not have stood a chance if you remained in our other body"

"Whatever" I barked out.

Kagome yanked her arm out of my grasp and placed a barrier around herself "There….happy now?"

"No not really but I guess it's better than nothing"

I watched her roll her eyes and walked closer to Sesshomaru. This have better be fuckin worth it.

~Kagome POV~

I wasn't afraid of Sesshomaru, haven't been in a long time.

I had the power to at least neutralize him and if Miroku, uncle Rick, Kikyo and I where to ever band together and try to kill him…..I'm sure we would be able to.


Something's changed about him and now that he's made that request of me….I was sure what it was but I needed to hear it from him.

I bowed to him "Lord Sesshomaru…..a word please" I said keeping my voice polite. I knew that he admired good manners and being a lord, he would be more than likely to pay attention to someone that spoke to him with respect.

He inclined his head and gestured to the field.

"What is you wish to ask of this Sesshomaru?" he asked after we got a little bit away away from the camp, so that InuYasha would not be able to hear our conversation.

"I cannot help but notice the underlining reason for your request to educate Rin on how to be a proper lady" I said "I have always thought that it was InuYasha's human blood that made you hate him"

He looked up to the sky "Many things have changed miko"

"Please my lord, if what you were saying is true, then we are now pack and family and since there are two miko's in our pack….it could get confusing. Call me Kagome"

"As you wish lady Kagome"

"Thank you my lord. As for Rin, I could see why you would be taken by her. She is an amazing child but are you quite certain that your feelings will remain? Three years may change your way of thinking my lord"

"There is no doubt" he said softly "My meeting her was never a coincidence"

"What about her human blood?" I asked delicately "I'm sorry to question your decision, it's not my intention but I'm trying to understand the change within you. You have always made it a point to insult my mate because he is hanyou. You do realize that any children born between the two of you would be hanyou as well"

He looked down at me "I am well aware of that fact"

"Then when am I not understanding my lord?"

He looked away and remained quiet for a long while "When I first met Rin, she was mute and injured by the humans in her village. Any other person would have grown bitter and perhaps harbor mistrust for others. Rin was determined to help me while I was injured and recuperating after I was stuck my InuYasha's windscar, no matter how many times I refused her help. She was even injured further because of her kind nature and her resolve to aid me. I found her dead in the forest floor a few days later; she had been attacked by wolves. Something changed that day. The thought of her pure light vanishing from this filth ridden world was not something I could accept. I revived her with Tenseiga and she chooses to follow me, a demon, rather than staying with the humans" He looked over to where Kikyo and Rin sat talking and weaving flower crowns "Yes, my pups will be hanyou, but I now understand why father choice to leave my mother for a human mate. Perhaps Izayoi gave my father what Rin gives me"

"And what is that?" I asked, amazed at how his eyes changed from cold and distant to warm and molten when he had spoken about Rin.

"Peace, warmth and love"

I smiled, little Rin managed to capture the heart of the most fearsome demon in all Japan….and she didn't even know it.

"Besides, InuYasha has grown in strength for being hanyou" he said his stoic face back in place "My pups will be hanyou but they will have my strength, I do not fear they will be weak by any means"

"Of course not my lord" I said fighting a small smile "Now…..does this makes you my brother in law now?"

He frowned a little "I am not familiar with that phrase 'in law' but yes, you are in every aspect a sister"

"In that case, I will be more than happy to train Rin for her future station as your mate" I then thought of something "but…..what will happen if all she ever sees you as is either a big brother or a father?"

His eyes lost a bit of their shine giving me the impression that the idea pained him in ways he would never say out loud.

"Then I will be my responsibility to find her a suitable husband" he said in a low voice.


That idea must hurt more than he was letting on. I then smiled, it wouldn't hurt to give little Rin a nudge in the right direction once she reaches thirteen now will it?

"I understand" I said "Would you mind if Sango and Kikyo helped as well? Our mannerisms are all different and we all have something to bring to the table"

"Yes, I have noticed you use strange figures of speech" he said looking down at me "You also dress differently. What have you been hiding little sister?"

"Hehe" I said weakly.

It took a good solid hour for me to convince Sesshomaru that I come from the future until the proof won out his disbelief.

"We will speak more of all this new technology in the future sister. If that is the future awaiting us then the west will have the advantage"

I giggled and nodded to him "I figured you would think that way" I said as we walked back to our camp.

I really liked him. I know it's strange since he had tried to kill me a few times but now that he's made peace I found I like his dry and stoic ways. Oh he had a sense of humor, if you didn't pay attention you would miss it but it was there all right.

Once we got close to InuYasha I could see that he was downright angry at me.

"What the hell wench?" he bellowed.

That's it! I seethed in anger and before he could apologize I zapped him with a small blast of my spiritual powers. Not enough to kill him but just enough to hear him hiss in pain.

"What did I say about you calling me that!" yelled at him "You call me wench one more time and I swear by all that is holy I will make damn sure you can't sire any more pups with me or anyone else for that matter!" I walked closer to him and poked his chest with one finger "Got that dog boy?"

I could hear the guys snickering behind him, I looked over at them and narrowed my eyes at them as well "Stuff it guys"

"Alright already Kagome!" said InuYasha holding out his hands "I will try to stop calling you that, but it's a habit, it's gonna take some time" he said.

"No InuYasha, it's because of that potty mouth of yours. As of right now, you are going to clean up that vocabulary of yours. I do not want my children to speak like barbarians"

He growled low at me "Careful mate, you are forgetting who is your alpha"

I knew he had the power to force me into submission so I knew when I was pushing it "I'm not challenging you, but I am tired of your lack of respect for me. You may think you're not doing anything wrong but I do and if I'm feeling like my mate is not giving me the proper respect then yes, I will challenge your word"

"Listen to your mate InuYasha" said the stoic voice of Sesshomaru behind me "You are her alpha but a pupped alpha female will retaliate if she feels her mate is lacking"

"Oh great, now I get the both of you gaining up on me" grumbled my mate before he looked over at his brother "You're giving out brotherly advice now?"

He looked away "Would you rather I try to kill you instead?"

InuYasha closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose "Oh I feel a headache coming"

I laughed and went wrap my arms around his thick midsection "Just accept that your brother is not here to kill you and will be joining us to defeat Naraku….isn't that what we all want anyways?"

"Whatever" he said in a sigh then looked at his brother and held out his hand "Truce?"

Sesshomaru looked at his hand and frowned then looked over at me "Another custom from your time?"

I nodded to him and watched amused as the DaiYoukai took InuYasha's hand awkwardly making my mate smirk at him.

"Don't worry….you'll get the hang of it" he said letting go of InuYasha's hand then looked over at the rest of the unit "We're camping out here tonight, looks like we got ourselves another member"

The guys stood up and walked over.

"Alright Sesshomaru, this is Tank" said InuYasha gesturing to each one "Santiago, Diego, Rick, Alex and you know Sango, Miroku, Shippo and Kikyo"

Sesshomaru rose a silver eyebrow at his brother "You are traveling with you past lover?" he said then looked down at me "And you allow this little sister?"

I could just imagine the look of utter shock on InuYasha's face when his brother called me his little sister. I chuckled and nodded to him "There is no threat, and she has become my pack mate. InuYasha's feelings for her is just one of friendship"

I looked up at InuYasha and sure enough his face as not recovered from the shock so Sesshomaru's next statement almost made him faint.

"Let us hope so, I will not have him dishonoring your mating bond"

"Oh gods" muttered InuYasha "I think I really gone and done it. I've gone crazy haven't I?"

I laughed taking his hand "Don't worry honey…you'll get used to it"



~3 weeks later~

I dodged the attack from another one of Naraku's demon minions pulling an arrow from my quiver and let it go. It illuminated the area and killed four demons. I could feel Rin shaking in fear behind me as I did my best to protect her while InuYasha and Sesshomaru got rid of the puppet Naraku sent.

Gun fire was heard as the guys disposed of the lower class demons easily while Kikyo and Rick used their spiritual energy to kill off the rest.

"I should never had left Phoenix" yelled out Diego "This shit makes the Grimm stories seem like fucking nursery rhymes"

"No shit!" yelled out Santiago then cursed when a demon wrapped it's self around his ankle "Sueltame pedazo de basura!" he said in spanish before shooting it dead.

It seemed that the more we killed the more demons would shoot out of the sky.

"That it!" I yell getting beyond pissed off after I saw a demon sink its teeth in Tank's arm. Tank yelled out in pain igniting a fury so deep within me that the air around me crackled with power.

I screamed out my frustration, my anger, my fear and my desire to see all of them dead. I felt the air around me swirl and charge, electrical currents came off of my skin in a bright pink color for a fraction. I concentrated on the demons and before I know what was happening they currents came off of my skin and shot out like a firecracker and purified every single demon in the area leaving the air clean again.

I fell to my knees feeling tired, spent and fatigued all of the sudden. My powers resided back into my body and I swayed. I heard my friends call out my name but it was like hearing them though a closed door; muffled and distant.

I felt someone's hands on my face, tilting my head up. I saw the clear golden eyes of my love and mate. I tried to give him a reassuring smile but darkness crept around my eyes and sleep claimed me.

~InuYasha POV~


I tried to shake her but she was too weak to do anything other than sleep.

Sesshomaru and I had just come back from killing off another one of Naraku's stupid puppets when the hairs in the back of my neck had stood on end.

Power….pure, raw power was starting to spill out from my mate's body making the air around her swirl like she was in her own personal typhoon filled with pink lighting.

Then that scream she let out purified and killed off every single one of Naraku's demons, leaving Shippo, Kirara, Sesshomaru and myself unharmed so it had been an attack meant only for our enemy. Never did I imagine Kagome having that kind of power. It was strong but unstable and it left her weak and vulnerable.

"Did you know your mate had that much energy within her?" asked Sesshomaru.

I shook my head "Nah, I mean sure, I always known she was strong and powerful, she's the Shikon Miko after all but not like that"

My brother stays quiet for a while, the guys from the unit coming over to see how she was.

"Is my goddaughter alright?" asked Rick, his mature face sketched with worry.

"She's used up too much energy" I said taking her small form into my arms "She just needs to sleep"

I felt the hand of my brother on my shoulder. I looked over to him to see his grave expression.

"Let us hope that Naraku does not gain knowledge of your mate's new powers. We will need the element of surprise if we seek to defeat him once and for all"

I nodded then smirked "Bastard won't know what hit him"

"Indeed" he said with a cold smile on his face "Let's leave your mate to rest. Tomorrow, we start her training"

I nodded and went over and put her down on her sleeping bag. I lay down next to her, holding her close to me. I growled low in my throat and nuzzled her neck. Her pulse was strong, so I was not that worried. That had been a lot of power she let out so it was natural that her body would want to rest, plus she was pregnant. I suspected that she wasn't, she would have still been tired but not to the point to knock her out like she did earlier.

With this power, we just tipped the scales back in our favor. I didn't like to expose my mate to dangers. Kami knows I almost lost her once, but now that she knew she had the chance to defeat Naraku there would be no stopping her.

It would be wiser to train her than to keep her in the dark and have something even worse to happen to her.

Dammit, I wanted to keep her safe forever. I never wanted her to get involved with all this crap and now that she was she was the only one who could purify the Shikon Jewel, save Miroku and every other person Naraku hurt.

Looking at her pale sleeping face I vowed that if she was indeed the only hope we had, that I would do everything in my power to keep my mate and pup safe.