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Arthur Pendragon, Prince of Camelot was to go hunting today he walked into his chambers to get ready after having to stand and say nothing whilst his father all but yelled at him for firing yet another servant. "You have only had this one a week, what was wrong with this one?" he had said and then laid into Arthur before he could open his mouth to speak.

Arthur saw Leon when he left the throne room and saw Leon. "Get the five knights ready Leon, we are going on a hunt and we will be heading east as I told you all yesterday."

Arthur was just getting himself ready as he now had no servant when Morgana walked into his chambers. "Morning Morgana. Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Arthur. I just came to check, you are going hunting today."

"I am."

"In which way are you going?"


"Arthur you must go west. I had a dream, a vision, over the past few nights it has become clearer, you will meet your destiny, your true love, the other side of the coin you both are if you head west. You will see all and you will know him as soon as you see him, you must save him and his family and bring them home to live."

Arthur knew Morgana's visions were always accurate. "You're sure of this?"

"Yes Arthur. Head west."

Arthur nodded and left his chambers leaving Morgana with a quiet 'thank you.'

Arthur arrived at the stables and saw Elyan, Lancelot and Leon stood there. "Where's Gwaine and Percival?"

"We can't find them Arthur, we have looked everywhere."

"Well where have they disappeared to? They know that there will be a hunt today."

They all got on their horses and Arthur saw his knights moving away. "No guys. We are heading west."

"But I thought-" began Leon.

"I know. I am to head west. Don't ask." he said at his knights confused faces before setting off.

They had been hunting for an hour and so far they had caught a few rabbits and a small deer. Arthur and his knights got off their horses and tied them up, deciding to hunt on foot before going back to them.

Arthur's eyes were wide, he was scanning the forest slowly as he quietly moved forward. Arthur paused when he saw a bush nearby, move. Arthur looked over his shoulder and signalled his knights to be ready in case the animal runs. After getting nods from his knights Arthur took aim and fired.

"Ow!" Arthur blinked in surprise when he heard someone yell and was about to move forwards when a naked Percival stood up holding his arm. Percival looked around quickly and Arthur watched Percival's eyes get wide as their eyes locked. "Seriously Percival. This is why you couldn't be found before the hunt, because you are out in the forest having sex with Gwaine. And stand up Gwaine."

Gwaine stood up, bringing a blanket up with him and covered him and Percival. "What are you doing coming west Arthur, you said you was going east."

"I know what I said."

"Why did you change your mind?" Percival asked, pulling his trousers up and then holding the blanket to keep Gwaine covered whilst he did the same.

"I didn't. Morgana did. She said that she had a dream about my future, saying if I head west instead I will see all and I will know him as soon as I see him. If this is what she meant then I wish I hadn't have bothered as I could have seen this back home."

"Arthur we're sorry, we just-" Percival began to explain but Arthur was no longer listening, a sight in the lake caught his eye.

Behind Arthur, Leon and Lancelot shared a knowing smile when they saw what had caught Arthur's eye.

There in the lake was a man bathing, his black hair all spiked up from just running his hands through it. Arthur's eyes moved from his pale neck and narrow shoulders, that pale and slender back that started to curve as it reached his bum.

The man turned around and Arthur saw his flat chest that held little dark hairs, Arthur watched mesmerized as the hands went down the abdomen past the hairs around his navel and Arthur followed the trail of dark hair as it disappeared under the surface of the water.

All the knights saw as the man started to make his way to where his clothes were. Arthur faced his knights before the man revealed all. "Turn your backs now or deal with me."

Straight away they all turned the other way, Arthur though continued to watch as the young man walked from the lake and wrapped a towel around him.

Arthur turned and saw his knights grinning at him. "I now know what Morgana meant. Can you all return to Camelot and leave mine plus three horses here please."

They all nodded and between them they took back what they caught leaving Arthur on his own.

Arthur walked towards the trees and started to quietly move through them and he again saw the brunet walk up to two women, the older woman of the two gave him a kiss on the cheek and Arthur watched as he whispered something to the younger one making her laugh.

Arthur froze when he felt something sharp against his back. "Careful boy."

Arthur cursed himself for not being more alert. He stood up straight and held his hands up so far. "I mean you no harm."

"How do I know that, where are you from?"

Arthur turned and saw an older man still holding his sword at his chest, his beard covered his face and his long dark hair to his shoulders hid some of his face but his blue eye shined. "My name is Arthur. I am a knight and I am from Camelot."

Arthur watched as the man studied his face closely before he seemed happy with the answer and lowered his sword. "Well Arthur. I'm Balinor. Come. I will introduce you to my family."

Arthur followed the man to the clearing to where the man's family was, who stopped what they were doing when they saw Arthur.

"Everyone, this is Arthur. Arthur this my wife Hunith, my daughter Freya and my son Merlin."

The two women smiled in turn but when it got to Merlin he simply stood with his head down and looked up at Arthur through his eyelashes.

"Nice to meet you all. Do mind me asking why you are living here?"

"Not at all." Balinor sat on the floor and Arthur joined him so he could listen to what Balinor had to say.

Balinor had told Arthur that their village was raided by Cenred's men and they lost their house and had no choice but to leave.

"Cenred has gotten worse over the years if he has resorted to attacking one of his own villages." Arthur said.

"Cenred raised his taxes, our village was the one that was struggling the most so he sent his knights out to attack the village." Merlin said as he sat next to Arthur facing his dad.

Arthur turned and faced Merlin and saw he had a cut on his left eyebrow, a cut lip and a red mark on his forehead. "They did this to you?"

Merlin nodded.

"What about your wife and daughter Balinor?"

"Me and Merlin protected them as best we could."

Arthur nodded. "Well you have been honest with me so I will be honest with you. My name is Arthur and I am a knight in Camelot but a knight isn't all I am."

"Who are you?" Merlin asked.

"I am crowned Prince Arthur of Camelot. I was out hunting with my men when I saw you and I told them to head back and leave enough horses behind. I could see that you was living here and I guessed you having to live like this was not through your own choice but because you had no choice and I was right. If you will. I would like to take you all with me back to Camelot and give you a home and jobs and hopefully have a better life there."

"Why are you doing this?" Balinor asked, looking closely at Arthur.

"Because from what I have seen you are struggling and I hate to see someone struggle and when I know I can help them then I do. Please, pack up and come with me back to Camelot. You will be safe there. My father does allow magic if it is used well so it is a peaceful kingdom and my father detests Cenred. He has made it known to Cenred that if one of his men step into his kingdom they will be shot on sight. I promise you that you will all be safe."

Balinor nodded and stood up. "I will just talk it over with my wife." he said and walked away.

Arthur took a small salve from his pocket and handed it to Merlin, their fingers caressing. "Gaius gave it me. I always have one whilst hunting, just in case, it will help the cut above your eye."

Merlin gave Arthur a bright smile and Arthur felt his stomach flip. "Thank you Arthur."

Freya walked over to her parents who were talking quietly. "Mum, dad?"

"What's wrong Freya?" Balinor asked.

"It's that knight Arthur, I remember now, he is the one from my dreams."

"Which dream love?" Hunith asked stepping forward.

"The one that leads to Merlin's destiny and a better life for us."

"You mean Merlin's love who he will meet and live a happy and full life with despite the challenges they face?"

"Yes father when I first saw Arthur he seemed familiar but now I have seen that image I am certain, it is the same image from my dreams."

"What image?"

Freya pointed to the clearing to where Balinor had left Arthur and his son and Hunith and Balinor saw what Freya had been seeing in her dreams. Merlin was sat beside Arthur, both of them facing each other and Arthur was holding something in his left hand whilst his right fingers were gently ghosting across Merlin's cut eye.

They watched as whilst they were doing this their eyes never left each others as their smiles lit up.

"It is just like my dream, watch what happens any minute now." Freya told her parents. All three stood and watched as Arthur put the thing he was holding in his pocket. With his right hand Arthur cupped Merlin's chin and ran his thumb across Merlin's bottom lip and over the cut. Arthur leaned forwards hesitantly and Merlin closed the gap.

As soon as their lips touched Hunith turned to her husband. "Pack up our things. We are going with Arthur."

After their things were packed up Arthur happily helped them carry their things to the horses. "Only four horses I'm afraid." Arthur said looking at the family.

"That's alright Arthur my wife and daughter will have a horse to themselves, my son is too thin to do more walking so he will have the other horse and I will walk." Balinor said.

"Merlin can always share my horse. I don't mind."

"Neither do I. I will share with Arthur father. You have the other horse." Merlin agreed.

Once all was set about the horses, Arthur helped Merlin onto his horse and told him to hold on tight which Merlin happily did and off they all went heading to Camelot.

When they arrived Arthur got some servants to take all of the luggage to his chambers for now. Once the last servant disappeared with a bag, Arthur turned to them all. "Right then I need to know if you have magic and what kind you have. You are safe if you have, my father allows it as I have already told you."

Balinor looked at Hunith who nodded before facing Arthur. "I am a dragonlord and have a bit of magic, my daughter Freya has a little magic like me but is a powerful seer and Merlin is extremely powerful with his magic but not dangerous."

Arthur looked at Merlin who smiled and nodded. "Right then. My half sister the lady Morgana has a little magic and has not long started to see the future in her dreams. My father is looking for someone to be with Morgana and help her with her growing power, could you do that Freya?"

Freya smiled. "I would be only too happy to help."

"Balinor we have a dragon down in the caves will you be able to look after him whilst assisting the knights with their training?"

"I will. Thank you Arthur."

"Hunith what would you wish to do?"

"I love to cook and try different things."

"Well we do have a very large kitchen."

"Really? Can I work in there?"

"If it's what you want."

"Oh it is."

"Then yes. What about you Merlin."

Before Merlin could answer, Freya spoke. "Merlin you need to stay as close to Arthur as you can." At Arthur and Merlin's confused look Freya explained her dream.

"That must have been what Morgana was on about. I was going to hunt in the east today but she told me that I would meet my love and destiny if I head west so I did and found all of you."

"Well if I am to be close to Arthur then how closer can I get then being his servant."

"No Merlin. I don't want you as my servant, you are much more than that."

"Arthur I need to stay close to you and I don't mind. I won't be doing much as I will use my magic."

"I still don't know Merlin. Let me talk with my father and then I will introduce you all to him."

Balinor, Hunith, Freya and Merlin who had all been waiting for Arthur in his chambers, all jumped when the doors banged open and a beaming Arthur walked in and walked straight up to Merlin and kissed him who kissed back before pulling away. "Arthur what's wrong?"

"Nothing. I have been talking with my father but before that I talked with my sister and with her help we managed to convince my father."

"Convince him about what Arthur?" asked Balinor.

"Well I told him you were a dragonlord and your title is in what you are."

"I'm not following."

"He want to see you all right away so he can knight you Lord Balinor and your wife and daughter lady Hunith and lady Freya. Freya you will be with Morgana a lot helping her."

"What about me Arthur?"

"Morgana told father all about her dream and wants to talk to Freya about hers and if you will accept Merlin you and I will now be betrothed. Lord Merlin and Prince Arthur to marry."

"Yes Arthur I do accept but we only met today we need to get to know each other."

"And we will Merlin. We will not be married for another year. Until that time we can get to know each other inside and out."

"Congratulations to you both." Balinor and Hunith said as Freya hugged a still stunned Merlin.

"My father does want to see you all and talk to you though."

"That's fine, shall we go now?" Balinor asked Arthur who smiled and led the way.

Arthur led the family into the throne room and smiled with Morgana when Uther stood up and shook hands with Balinor.

Morgana walked forward. "Freya?"


Morgana smiled. "I'm Morgana, you and I will be spending quite a lot of time together."

"I'll look forward to it. There is so much to show you."

"My son told me of how he found you and brought you here."

"Yes." Balinor said, glancing briefly at Arthur. "Me and my family owe much to your son as we now we do you."

"No need. We are only to happy to have you stay with us. It is a win win all round. You get to live safely here and live your lives how you wish and I am happy my son is finally settling down, Morgana will be getting the help what she needs and the dragon can be happy now we have a dragonlord."

After a couple of weeks Merlin's family was fitting into the castle life as if they'd been there all their lives. Merlin and Arthur went out for a horse ride every day and when they came back Arthur always had a smug grin on his face whilst Merlin was red due to blushing.

Morgana and Freya had become that close you would think that they were sisters.

Balinor, a week after they arrived released the dragon who took off in flight, happy of his freedom with the promise to Balinor to only call if Camelot was in danger. Making Uther happy that they had the help of a dragon should anything happen.

And Hunith, even though she was a lady spent most of her time in the kitchens, either wanting to cook something or passing on her talents to others.

"We have a royal visiting for a couple of days baby." Arthur told Merlin, smiling at the blush Merlin got from Arthur's endearment. "They will be arriving later on today and will be leaving the day after tomorrow."

"Who is he?" Merlin asked as he bit into an apple.

"From Odin's Kingdom. He is doing some travelling and father says he can stay for a couple of days as he passes through."

Merlin nodded. "We will have to get ready to greet him for when he comes then."

"We don't need to Merlin. I won't be there. It is just my father greeting him."

Merlin stood up and walked around the table to Arthur and sat on his lap, his left arm around Arthur's neck whilst eating his apple with his right hand. "What do you want to do today then?"

Arthur cupped Merlin's chin and brought their faces together and joined lips with that of his future husband. Arthur managed to open Merlin lips and delved his tongue inside, the tongue running on the top of Merlin's mouth and across his teeth before getting the bit of apple that Merlin had just bit off before Arthur attacked his lips and moved his head back.

Merlin sat watching wide eyed as Arthur chewed the bit of apple he bit off before swallowing. "Mmm, juicy."

It was later that day when Arthur had told Merlin that royal had settled in that Merlin said he would go and say hello. After getting directions off Arthur as the blond couldn't as he was in the bath, Merlin set off and ended up getting lost.

Being in this castle even after a month he still got lost and where he ended up he was sure he never saw this part of the castle before.

Merlin asked a passing maid who was only too happy to show him. After the maid walked away Merlin knocked on the royals door. "Hello? I thought I would come and introduce myself."

The door opened and Merlin paled when he saw who was on the other side. It wasn't one of Odin's men, it was Cenred's other right hand man and the brother of the man Merlin killed whilst protecting his family. "Ulric?"

"Got you." the man snarled as he fisted Merlin's top and pulled him into the room, slamming the door behind him.

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